Under a year to lose, kept it off since

(Natt) #21

You are half of your max👍🏻

(Penelope) #22

I’m with you! I’m pushing 55 this week and it took me 30 solid years to find the way to eat healthily for my metabolism. It’s a new world! You’re changes are truly amazing! Congratulations!


This!! I’m with YOU on this! I am most definitely okay with my extra skin, AND my gray hair, because I feel like I earned both of them! I’m 62+ pounds down on my short frame and I am a 59 years young female and I say I am thrilled to have extra, loose skin! I’m vain, but not vain enough to wish I had retained the extra fat that at one point filled up the newfound wrinkles! You’ve done an excellent job! Thanks for posting!!

(lullit) #24

No you are 48 yrs young! The most important thing is that you are healthy

(Viveca Park) #25

I say better late than never. It beats being 66 like me. However, I was thin as a kid, but gained later & got trapped in yo-yo dieting for decades. I’ve done about every diet and even though some worked well, other than 100% raw vegan diet, I always felt deprived.

I’m with you—this isn’t a diet—it’s a way of living & no hardship at all! I also do intermittent fasting.

Congratulations on your success!! You are 48 years young!!

(Jon Morgan) #26

I was 63… Better late than never.

(Joyce Ivy) #27

Dr. Eric Berg & Dr. Jason Fung both suggest fasting long term for autophagy! This they suggest, should help with the extra skin and wrinkles!

(Karl) #28

Maybe - but time seems to be doing the job as well.

(gayle) #29

I SO LOVE YOUR REPLY!!! I’ve lost 60 pounds and over the years have gone up and down 60-80 pounds at a time. so loose skin is here. But skin can change. Like you said it is about living! your skin is the biggest living organ. less superficial fat and there is no weight to hang with it! I agree, what you can hide with clothes is so much more rewarding than what you cannot hide at the Doctors office! I just turned 56 a few days ago and my husband brought home a compression undershirt and waist trainer, then gushed about how proud he was of me without them on!!! Congrats on your powerful journey and all the people lovely enough to have you as their inspiration. I for one am inspired!

(Karl) #30

Yeah. It’s funny, an article popped up on my Google feed about this very topic today…


It really makes me wonder how many people justify staying big by claiming the loose skin thing is worse - looking. Because man, it is NOT a problem lol

(Rob) #31

I wanted to say in the public thread but didn’t want to pollute it given it was for public consumption…

How much did you pay the fat guy for his picture? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s inspiring. I hit 48 next year and I’d like to have this kind of testament.

PS your public shots are even better than this one. You look less gaunt. But no cat :grinning:

(Raj Seth) #32

That’s ok since he is half the man he used to be

(Leah Ann Garza) #33

you and me both! 46 and finally know what a carb is!

(Hermie) #34


(KCKO, KCFO) #35

Ahh, I was 66 yrs. before I learned to eat properly and I’d been trying for over 35 yrs. So don’t feel bad. You’re a young’en compared to me.

And you look so freakin’ awesome in your current picture. You don’t even look like you’re related to that guy in the before shot. Rock it onwards.

(MyLove MyLife) #36

Fantastic Job!! Congrats!!