UK Low Carb Beer - **3.6g per bottle!**


(Rob) #1

Came across this today… 2g of carbs per bottle!

I have not tried it myself yet, but apparently good with a slice of lime and has a taste similar to Corona.

Delivery is free when you order 3 x 24. Might be something you want to club together for with a few other local Keto people so that you don’t have to order 72 bottles at a time!

Drink Responsibly! :wink:

(Vijay Bhakta) #2

Will see if I can find it out and about tomorrow - failing that, it will be a 4 pack of Brewdog Nanny State which is about 2-3g Carbs a bottle.

On the flip side… In my mind, I correlated low ABV with low Carb, found these guys online… and asked them for the Carb content on the 2 I liked the look of.

This is what they came back with…

Carbs Tantra 15 per 100ml and Kosmic 20 per 100ml… Currently in bottles of 500ml

I queried, and they confirmed the figures were grams per 100ml. !!! give that a pass then.

(Steven & Kellie) #3

There is also “Skinny” beer, i got it from tesco

Full Strength - full flavour - fewer calories
89 calories per bottle
1.3g sugar
2.97g carbs
0.3g fat
Gluten free
Suitable for vegans
Pack size: 330ml

It tasted like the cheap beer you buy when on holiday… acceptable… but not something to take home with you …

(Sophie Wilson) #4

Drink responsibly is the answer.
Drinking beer has its advantages and disadvantages.
Alcohol Makes Your Heart Go Faster: New Research May Link Binge Drinking To An Accelerated Heart Rate

(Vijay Bhakta) #5

Will give this post a little bump as I recently contacted a number of craft breweries to ask about carb content in their beers. Had a range of responses from fantastic to fobbing off, but will put down what I have got back here for all to read.

Said "If you google carbs in Brewdog Beers you will be able to see the results, Myfitnesspal is probably the most commonly used one, " - Not happy with that response, I hold some shares with them so will pushback.

Said “we don’t test the beers in terms of carbs so we couldn’t say I’m afraid”. - I suggested that the LC movement is growing so maybe they should start doing so

Said “We are working on getting that information together to add to our website. We will update you when it’s ready!” - so will wait and see for them

Northern Monk
Asked me to email their production manager which I have done, still awaiting a response back

Still waiting a response

Still waiting a response

Said "I’m afraid that I don’t have access to a list of all of these specs for our beers. But I’ve been researching a bit and in general, Lagers have the least amount of carbohydrates, then it goes up, pale ales being next in line, then IPA’s, Porters, Stouts etc. "


The carb content if our beer varies considerably depending on the style.
Our driest core beer, Calypso, typically contains about 1.5g/100ml of carbohydrates.
Yu Lu contains 1.9g/100ml.
Soundwave and undercurrent contain 2.1g/100ml.

The sweeter beers in the core range, Liquid Mistress and Broken Dream contain 3.8g/100ml and 5.5g/100ml respectively.

Some of our one-off batches can be even higher; Bourbon Milkshake was 14g/l.
Generally speaking, the less sweet a beer is the lower the carb content.

You should also note that although alcohol does not count as a carbohydrate, it is very energy-dense; about 7 calories per gram or 5.5 calories per 1% alcohol by volume. For reference, sugars, the main carbohydrates in beer only contain 4 calories per gram. So you should keep this in mind if you are also counting calories as part of your diet."

I then followed up with a massive thank you and then engaged on a discussion around Keto as one of the responders brother has just gone Keto, so I pointed him to the dudes and this forum.

I will update as I hear back from the others or send more requests out.


Hi all, I heard conflicting views on the carbs in Marston’s Resolution so I tweeted the brewery directly, their response was “1.3g per 100ml”. This beer comes in 275ml bottles (slightly smaller than the normal size of 330ml), which gives you around 3.6g carbs per bottle. Still pretty good, and the taste is nice too (or at least as nice as you can hope for all things considered).

I’ve had the Skinny Brands lager too, it’s ok for a bit of refreshment whilst doing the BBQ and so that you don’t feel left out, but it’s not exactly got a deep flavour profile.

(Rob) #7

Good man! It’s still pretty good at 3.6g per bottle, especially when you’re out in the sunshine working on topping up the old Vitamin D. :slight_smile:

(Vijay Bhakta) #8

I am having trouble finding the Marstons beer in the Preston area.

(Rob) #9

The closest I could find for you is Lytham St. Annes…

Bargain Booze Select Convenience,

8/10 Whalley Place,
St Annes,

I’ve bought some from there, so they definitely carry it. It may also be an option to talk to the staff at your local Bargain Booze and see if they can get it in for you.

(Rob) #10

n.b. I have updated the topic title to reflect the revised carb value as found by @Keto_Tom



I tend to buy it online by the box at

Haven’t seen it in a supermarket so far

(Vijay Bhakta) #12

Just posted a thread on carb calculators with a link to a Brewdog recipe book which helps you work out the carbs in each of their beers.

(Frank) #13

I brew all my own and therefore know exactly how many carbs per pint I’m downing. This woe has certainly cut my consumption way down. Abstaining for the month of August as an example.

(Carly Lyczba) #14

Thank you! I’ve ordered a case today, looking forward to trying.


I have a good friend who owns a brewery, small may it be, but he brews excellent beer, and has good sales. . Next time i see him I shall bring up the interest in low carb beer. Watch this space.

(Vijay Bhakta) #16

Nice one. I think a new wave of Brut IPAs have the potential to be low carb. Had one at Brewdog Tower Hill yesterday and according to the OG and FG they quoted, 12oz comes in at 1.7g. If that is true then this would become my new goto. Only problem is, it was a small batch brew they did on site, but later that day I had another from cloudwater so need to check that ones figures.


New top spot for me goes to Brewdog Vagabond. 4.5%, 1g carbs per 100ml, 330ml bottle.

So that’s 3.3g per bottle, plus it’s gluten free! Winner.

(Vijay Bhakta) #18

Is that the Pale Ale ?

Looking at the latest diy_dog (their recipe book), it has an O.G of 1.045 and an F.G of 1.011 which the beer carb calculator (which brewdog pointed me to) shows as 15g Carbs for 340ml (12 fl oz)

Can you post a pic of the front ?

(Andrea) #19

I think it’s the Vagabond, the gluten-free beer. It is rather tasty.


That’s the one, vagabond! It’s an American pale ale