UK Low Carb Beer - **3.6g per bottle!**


(John A Buckwalter) #21

No one loves beer more than me but according to the literature I’ve read metabolism of alcohol on your liver really sabotages ketosis. I like to have alcohol once in awhile but according to the literature I have read it’ll stop fat burning for 1 and 1/2 to 3 days as long as you know what you’re getting into.

(Vijay Bhakta) #22

Cheers Tom.

I would be very surprised if the carb content was that low for this particular beer. I am a brewdog shareholder and we have a very active forum where I have been initiating discussions around low-carb and no-one has suggested Vagabond as being the answer. I will share both pics and see what the official response back is


Perfect, thanks. It’s always possible they got the carb count wrong on the label…I hope not though!

Let us know what you find out

(Vijay Bhakta) #24

Hey John. Yeah, read that too, but life would be duller without a bit of beer and booze every now and then :wink:

(John A Buckwalter) #25



As in it knocks you out of ketosis? I’ve not experienced that, other than when I drink alcohol full of carbs that is. Gin and slim for example… stix still turn purple

(John A Buckwalter) #27

I guess some systems are more sensitive than others. It is almost as if all I have to do is think about a drink I get kicked out of ketosis. In some ways I consider this a blessing, at least that is what I tell my self.

(Vijay Bhakta) #28


Heard back from Brewdog after a bit of chasing. Not good news. Incorrect Labelling which has now been corrected.

“Vagabond does contain approx. 150 Kcal and approx. 15g per 330ml.”


Like most other things in life then that are too good to be true :frowning:

Good detectoring!

(Vijay Bhakta) #30

Still have Nanny State, decent taste but low alcohol.

Or start looking out for brut IPAs. They are lower carb

(Mick Wyatt) #31

Appreciate this is lager not ‘beer’ but I’ve just discovered my local morrisons is selling Skinny Lager at 3.0g per 330ml, so about 6g per pint. It tastes OK as far as lager goes, I’ll definitely be getting more, I’ve really missed lager since going keto a couple of years back and this gives me a decent lager option

(Kirsty Docherty) #32

Really impressed with Sirens response

(Scott) #33

In the states I am waiting for Dogfish head to release their low carb IPA.

(Karl Urban) #34

Old thread but Wild Brewery might be worth checking out, they do some crazy beers that aren’t that malt-heavy: