Twelve Days of Carnivore!

(Heather) #522

For sure! Hubby and I went out for dinner for our 25th anniversary back in August. I came home with such a stomachache that night from the seasonings on the steak. Blech!

Eating at home works best for me. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Vic) #523

Your unfortunate adventure is exactly why I go Ketovore at the end of the year.
Seems it has more effect on you than me though, small amounts of carbs/plants don’t affect me.

Lucky me untill now no such situation has crossed my path.

Todays dinner:

Steak and oysters
Cheese for dessert

(Daisy) #524

Well this was a successful Christmas for me! My in-laws invited us kind of last minute to come to their house for Christmas dinner and I was very nervous about that. But it went amazing! Much to my father-in-law’s dismay, his wife made the ham with no sugar because of me. So I got to freely enjoy it with no guilt! I also brought down my own deviled eggs and liver pâté, plus the other carnivore cheesecake fluff for myself. I forgot my phone when I went down, so no picture of dinner, but breakfast was sausage, eggs, butter, pork jowl, and bread cheese.
image image


An unusual day for me.

1 pound of bacon
5 eggs scrambled
4oz of roast pork plus the fat caps stolen from 3 other pieces.
14 oz of prime rib

And two cups of coffee and lots of salt.

I don’t feel unwell or guilty or anything really.

Maybe just a sense of accomplishment over my first
Zero Carb Christmas. :wink::cut_of_meat:

(Edith) #526

@Fangs, I hope you felt better today.

I was a pig and did a lot of nibbling today, but it was all carnivore except for a few pieces of fruit. My oldest daughter made my younger daughters Christmas treats which I tasted. I really can’t stand the sickening sweetness at all anymore. I did have a lot of bacon and aged meat, so I am puffy and bloated this evening, but otherwise feeling fine.

Tomorrow it will be back to normal.


On the thirteenth day of Pork Belly Crispness
My true love fed to me…

A family get together
12 around a table
Outside in a suburban summer backyard
It was 40’C
We had water misters and fans
2 fillets of crocodile tail
4 king prawns wrapped in prosciutto on skewers
Ham on the bone
Salmon baked on a cedar board
Chicken legs and wings
Slow BBQ beef brisket
Cold boiled eggs, if you wanted
Lots of different cheeses
Locally grown walnuts, macadamias and pecans
The others had some salads

Mango for dessert
I had an Italian espresso
No holiday heart arrhythmia
Then outdoor cinema on the lawn
‘‘Twas a Disney family heartwarmer
The leftover people ate leftovers
Some collapsed in carb coma
I wasn’t hungry
Drank sooo much rainwater!
Now back at home in the countryside
The fun is finding all the nocarbs
In the take home care packs
The bulk of the family is Italian

Happy Holidays to you all.

I like reading the festive feast challenge day stories.

Today is 14th day, second time round of the 12 days of carnivore. It’s a cooler day and we are 300km south of that hot, summer city and suburbs. Back near the beach and among the shady farm trees.

3 hour drive south. To the remotest part of the known world. The pandemic is an echo.

3 egg omelette with Jarlsberg and cheddar. Meat was leftover roast chicken carcass picked over. Long black coffee over ice.

Leftover chicken wings, nuts, and cheeses for a small evening meal after a day of lifting and shifting, getting the farm ready for holiday visitors escaping the city.

They will bring more Christmas feast leftovers and the ideas that they will start their healthy eating with salads, fruit and low fat pledges. That means all the meat for me! Is it bad that I don’t talk unasked about ZC, and reap the food rewards?


This is actually one of my planned ZC resolutions for January. :wink: To leave others to their otherness and do my own personal best protocol. :raised_hands:t2::cut_of_meat::dove:


@Redrobins----fantastic pic, love the big smiles! And you know I just adore those Carnivore Queen Ts!!

@Ketodaisy, so happy you had a great time and very cool you got that ham without a sugar coating on it!

@Ellacosew, love your unusual day of eating :slight_smile: I also would be one to steal the fat caps off other pieces LOL, I have done that! Hey that is too delish to pass up right?

@VirginiaEdie, yes I so understand your aversion to sicky sweet. I am the same. It is so overpowering and the taste hits nice for a second and then ya just say, omgosh, I can’t even think of eating something that sweet. I also am thrilled it is ‘back to normal’ and all this food focus is gone, gone, gone!

@FrankoBear, ----love your 12 days post! ----they will start their healthy eating with salads, fruit and low fat pledges. That means all the meat for me! Is it bad that I don’t talk unasked about ZC, and reap the food rewards?---------Nope and another nope. They go weeds and low fat, you grab all the great meats/seafoods you can at all times LOL beauty of others eating weeds is that we get what the body really wants, animal proteins and great fats! Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time!!


food yesterday was

5 slices bacon
12 oz NY strip steak
some delish beef short ribs
alot of peel/eat shrimp, yum

Our Christmas dinner was so plain. So delish. So clean ya know. No crazy seasonings and no weirdo tastes LOL I honestly didn’t realize how important my food is to me to be prepped and prepared exactly as I want. This dinner out showed me the full extent of this importance in my life. I want my food. I don’t care if I ‘sound like a whining baby’ cause it is a super priority to me truly. My food I feel wonderful and thriving and awesome, other stuffs, omg I go down down down so my new going into next year, is my eating out is gonna be severely flagged. The hubby is just gonna have to roll with this cause he loves eating out, I am so over it all. I have no desire one bit to go to restaurants any more and ya know, restaurants are a social thing to do obviously, but when dragged out and I gotta go :slight_smile: then I will be on such high alert about what food I order, or none if need be and just drink water at the table…been there, done that LOL

Like VE said, back to normal. I am so over food focus. I am so happy the big holiday time is passed now and going into a new year with my personal food I wanna focus on and do my eating my way.

Feel great, bloaty and more is gone. My dinner last night was wonderful and no carb comas for the family, all I made as sides was a few roasted taters and made ONLY 2 dinner rolls, 1 for kiddo, and 1 for hubby and hubby was like, huh? where is more rolls and I was like, opps only made 2 and he frowned and kid of course, 1 was enough…but everyone focused on tons of ribs/shrimp and I also made them crabmeat stuffed flounder so they ‘had enough carbs’ in their meal for the holiday but also I ‘limited’ their extra carby side crap. Hubby actually felt good after dinner vs his usual carb coma.

So holiday time went well and now onto new focus for me.

Carnivore all the way into the new year and beyond :slight_smile:

(Edith) #530

Yup, that’s exactly what happened.

Maybe that will help him move closer to your way of eating.

If you did, they would probably think you were nuts and killing yourself.

I hope this keeps improving for you.


boy @VirginiaEdie I wish hubby was on board. I doubt it will ever go down. I had him ‘kinda low carb’ when I went very low carb back in the day but it didn’t last. he is a ‘bread lover’ and yes he is one who ‘can’t live without’ and then when I went zero carb, he saw how well I felt and how much lbs I lost fast and he jumped on board…for like…2 days HAHA He couldn’t do it. Has no focus on it ya know.

Well I am waiting for that day he becomes like his mother. Raging type 2 diabetic cause ‘they love their bread’ and when that happens, I am gonna be so interested to see if he ponys up and drops the bread and more and cleans up his act with food, or if he isn’t gonna bother and just rots away. It is sad to think all this but I swear I see it coming.

oh well…I say it is what it is cause adults are so ‘hard to even bother’ helping, even the ones closest to ya I guess :slight_smile:

(Vic) #532

It is bad. I do the same thing, hide it to avoid conflicts (had some bad experiences with vegetarians).
Unfortunately for those who live in pain and could be inspired.

The familie get together meal is heaven on the table

(Vic) #533

Lunch was meat loaf at a friends house, no dinner planned as I’m joining an illegal family get together with lots of meat fish and cheese snacks.

I’m not allowed to see my sister, parents and other people I love.
I totally had it now, I’m done…no more masks, hand washing. Give me covid19 please and all bright lights can go fxxx themselves.


Sorry Vic! I can hear ya had it and enough is enough! I get it!


One of the best things about being zero carb is not giving a flea’s butt about ketones or macros or calories. :cut_of_meat:

I have no idea if I am in deep ketosis or fat adapted or any such a thing. I feel good and all I want to eat is red meat. Roar! :tiger: (Or Rare! As the case may be. :joy:)


Amen to that!

-----------food yesterday was

12 oz NY Strip
slices of taylor ham
2 small leftover beef short ribs
1 big chicken breast

Feeling well and just cruising ZC as usual.
Nothing new to report. All well in my little corner of the world right now!
Hope everyone is feeling great also!


I’ve posted a few times about how I was not that interested in eating steak, having eaten it too much earlier in the year - I felt I’d overeaten it.

Since going keto > carnivore, I’ve happily eaten it every day without getting bored, and I’ve ditched chicken etc in favour of more steak.

The other day, I had steak for both meals. It’s not that I don’t like other meats, but I’m perfectly happy eating steak and each time I open the fridge and assess what’s inside, I think, “Huh, could have another steak,” - even if I ate one a few hours earlier.

Has that happened to anyone else? I was wondering whether it was the nutrient profile of beef or something.

(Edith) #538

I find myself not finding other meats as satisfying and now use them as side dishes.


You are in the biggest and best social club of zero carb eating there is…the beef people LOL

we all focus and find our path to beef once we HOLD this plan…yes we eat bacon and chicken and pork and more but in the end, when that body changes more and more, we ALL gravitate toward beef.

My day starts with a 1 lb. steak…after that meal I eat as desired and alot of times yes it was another steak :slight_smile: but being longer on plan I tend to ‘eat whatever’ I kinda want as my meal cause NOW I am more nourished and healed in that I don’t ‘require that second steak’ alot of times and can pick and choose ‘less in that other meal’…but yes you are fine, you are right in the total normal walk of carnivore and that to me is music to my ears!!! You are doing just what should be done being into carnivore and you are literally walking that path so many of us have walked!

I truly loved reading your post! Beef truly has that ‘protein/fat’ ratio that is non agressive like pork intolerance issues can be for some, or any fowl we know is ‘way less than amino acids and more that it gives us’ vs. a hoofed animal so yes, you rock it out…you eat that steak and smile and enjoy the heck out of it at all times!

Wonderful post on your progression thru zc plan…so cool!! :slight_smile:

(Vic) #540

I drift in and out of it, sometimes beef only for weeks and than back to a variety of every animal food I can get my hands on, it changes all the time.

Todays dinner:

Sea snails, liver and brains.

(Edith) #541

I’m sorry to hear you are having such a hard time. I just remind myself it is a blip in time.