Twelve Days of Carnivore!

(Vic) #502

Xmas snacks


Good morning!

I have been up since three.


Two 75/25 beef patties
Two over easy eggs (for eyesight)
Two slices of roast pork loin from my husband’s dinner last night. Not my meat of choice, tbh. If it were not for the fat cap it seems too lean for what I am into right now.

Inspired by @islandlight, I did a 75 minute abs workout before meal.
It was yoga/Pilates abs. Fluid movements. No jumping around or straining. I can exercise again later today, I have plenty of energy for it. (I say that now.) HA!

I never liked the quote attributed to Einstein, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”
(Yet, isn’t that the essence of Scientific Method?)

I always want to say in response , “The definition of Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle is, by observing a result you change the result.” I want to. I am not that big of a pain in the ass. (?:woman_shrugging:t2:)

It turns out I am vindicated. Einstein never said that. It appeared first in the “Basic Text” of Narcotics Anonymous, published in 1981.

My goal for the rest of December is to keep doing the same thing and continuing to expect many different excellent results!

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2nd round of snacks.

(Karen) #505

These look delicious @Carnivoor

(Karen) #506

Are they mussels ? Look scrumpious

(Edith) #507

Actually, that is still one result: good health. :grinning:


“A definition of sanity is eating consistently well for good health.”

I think Einstein would co-sign that one. :blush::wink:

(Karen) #509

Well i have finally caught up over the last few days … one only has to miss a day and there are 40 odd fresh posts!

Well after my 100 stair runs this morning at 7.15am I went to CrossFit for the 12 days of Xmas class. Think of the Xmas song 'A partridge in a pear tree and you will get the gist of the workout today AND they had asked us to do fancy dress or Xmas attire. So off I go in my little Xmas outfit and santa hat and walked in the only one dressed up!!! :open_mouth:

So after the gruelling workout u had to quickly change and get to the butcher to collect my xmas order before he closed at midday. Massive long queue and a 45 min wait to get into the shop but all worth it as I came out with a bag full of goodies.

1 x 7lb leg of lamb for boxing day meal with family.
(I am working Xmas day,)
2 x massive beef short ribs (I’m sure i asked for small)
2 x lamb breast rolls
4 x steak burgers
8 x pork Lincolnshire sausages
2’ x steak burgers for my son in care home
2 x thin pork sausages for my son

Then rushed my sons food and xmas pressies over to his care home and then to my dance partner friend Raymond to give him his lamb shoulder and spend some time chatting. Then had to whizz to my daughters with the leg of lamb ready for her to cook for us on boxing day.

Then to the supermarket for cheese selection and they had reduced their turkeys, all sizes down to £5 Yesss! What a result. I bought 2 whole medium sized (serves 6 to 7) and an easy carve turkey wrapped in bacon which is now in the oven as I could only fit the 2 whole turkeys in the freezer. I will give one to my daughter.

I was ready for getting home after a successful but fairly expensive day.

Lunch was a little portion of ham, not my fav meat but I had bought it reduced for Raymond and was starting to hear my tummy rumble as it was 1.15pm

Dinner was 1 steak burger 2 sausages 2 fried eggs and streaky bacon and it was delish.

Feeling happy now.

Happy Xmas to everyone and happy carnivore meal. I have already sorted mine with my daughter, she knows what I can eat and is happy to do what I want. Trained her well :wink:

(Vic) #510

Raw Oysters .

(Karen) #511

A dish i have never tried but I will one day, always fancied trying oysters.

(Vic) #512

Main dish, meat loaf with cheese, wrapped in bacon.

Althou I gave myself permission to eat Ketovore, there is to much nice food on the table, no room for plants.
Xmas dinner turned out to be ZiP




(Vic) #514

My children insisted on dessert.

I’m gonna explode soon :grin:


I couldn’t stay away for longer but I will be scarce again I hope :slight_smile: My food addiction is worst in December and it’s good not to think about that in front of the computer as well.

By the way, we had beef stew today and it was very very delicious. Simple store-bought beef. Alvaro cooked it on open fire! it always does good to the flavor. It felt very substantial. It is a small stew and we both have a mild meat aversion so we didn’t have much. But that was really good, what was it, 9 months since I ate beef or any ruminant meat? Not counting a tiny bit in some of my (mostly pork) sausages…
We surely will buy this cheaper cut regularly from now on.

Great thinking.

I believe I have very good genes, living a long healthy life using a normal diet and much activity is normal in my family…
But I want to live long (Guiness Record breaking would be nice. it’s 122 years now for women I guess but it probably will be a bigger number then I reach that age) AND active (well for an elderly one. I surely need to be able to walk) and healthy. I don’t even want to go near doctors if possible, actually. And you can’t do this half-assed, eating wrong…
And it’s not only that. My body feels the effect of too much or the wrong type of carbs immediately. I don’t get unwell under normal circumstances but I want to feel my absolute best. And the problems aren’t just those subtle, barely noticeable physical ones… I changed a lot mentally or how should I put it. Carbs mess with me. They make me hungry and uncontrolled at the same time. Sometimes it’s no big deal and sometimes it’s a tiresome evening, me on my almost impossible mission to get satiated, satisfied and get my peace back. It gets better with time but I lose patience and expect better from myself as time passes.
I have nothing against most plants. Except the carbs. (And I hate almost all green leaves, all my life, even when I was a huge veggie lover.)
Ketosis was a small change but if I go very very low with carbs, it’s a completely different world, it solves most of my dietary problems right away, it’s quite amazing. And there is no downside. For the little time I manage to do it, I just stray after some time and my life quality immediately drops almost always and I come back eventually, usually very soon. December is still the worst month carb wise for me (this one is way better than the one 2 years ago and all the others before that but there is a huge room for improvement) but it seems meat helps even in my off times (well of course but it’s more that what I had expected).

I thought about 2020… I started to flirt with carnivore last year, maybe in December? It was surreal and well, I just tried it a bit… It was nice but 2020 brought the big changes… More meat (I had to dropped my idea about eating only farm meat), more energy… I expect even fat-loss in 2021, I am very bad at that :smiley: But my overeating definitely wasn’t as severe in 2020 than in 2021 (it happened on my carbier days. I had high-calorie carni days but they were isolated ones, I don’t consider that overeating, my body doesn’t work in 24 hours, I know that very well)… And overeating is bad. Unhealthy, it makes no sense, it hurts my pride, it’s so wrong and weak and problematic… Carnivore simply makes this problem completely disappear. While doing it. It has some effect even I stray but it deteriorates quickly at this point.

Family… I wrote here a few times about Alvaro’s Mom who is kind of my Mom too at this point, mine already died (I am quite sure her actual health problem were psychosomatic. she was quite healthy all her life except in the end). Quite obese, has diabetes, smokes, always has some extra health problems… She has a strong spirit and no one can keep her from being at least a bit active but no one could make her to eat differently… She kind of avoid sugar, she follows doctor’s orders this much and that’s about it? She eats lots of meat, it’s something… I just hope the worsening of her condition (as I can’t expect it to get better or stay like this as she ages while keeping most of the baggage that made her like that in the first place) won’t be too quick. I can’t change her dietary habits, I am glad if I can do it with mine and I theoretically have big power there… Sigh. Sigh for her, I am sure I will be fine soon and I am healthy enough at this point while my diet is better than ever.

My aunt is 86 years old, she is far from healthy but it’s mostly due to her old accident when her pelvis and wrist got broken. And maybe some asthma but I don’t know about it being very severe, I surely never saw anything of it, she just mentions it sometimes. She can’t walk much but she cares for her zillion plants and flowers and her spirit and mind is great. Thankfully she doesn’t smoke anymore (I understand doctors have a stressful life, she spent half her life at the hospital and it’s no exaggeration, she worked way after normal time for retirement and she spent all the holidays in the hospital, we visited at Christmas and I had to go to the hospital if I wanted to see her… so I get the stress but seriously, what is this with the zillion smoking doctors? or any sane, smart person? paying for destroying our own health? awfully stupid if you ask me)…
I don’t know anything about her diet, actually (except what I can guess looking around in her pantry but that’s not much). I never saw her eating in the last decades. And I spend days in her house every year… She never eats with us. But she probably eats “normal”, surely rarely and little. Once I talked about my diet, she mildly disagreed but it’s not important, I probably would disagree with hers too though I am not overly critical if it’s about someone else’s diet if I don’t even know if it works for them. We need different diets. But some points are more or less fixed.

I talked a lot about my SO’s diet here. Alvaro is a high-carber for life unless something interesting happens but he can’t even try a low-carb meal unless it’s cake. Well, he is health-conscious and thriving on his woe so it’s all good, it would be more comfortable for me if our woe would be more similar but now that we both eat meat often, it’s way easier than before. And his health and well-being is the important thing. Not like I could influence him more than what I already do (he went from having a meaty dish 10-20 times a year to 10 in a week in 2020? something like this) but I don’t even want to. He knows what he is doing. Or feel or something. He seemed to be fine before but now that we added meat, I feel even better about his woe. I can’t really expect more changes from him anyway.
But we will see. I never say never, life surprised me a few times before, even I surprised myself…

I still don’t know what my final destination is but it must be very low-carb. So at least close to carnivore most of the time, I see no other options. It seems a better fate than a year ago :smiley:

Indeed. It’s known that one is tired and maybe bloated after a feast.
And we can’t all feel energetic and very well anyway…
Yeah, sure. I wish my poor body could taste low-carb earlier. Extreme low-carb wouldn’t have worked right away, I tried. But low-carb was great, everything got better, even the taste of my food and I already only ate good tasting food… I had plenty of nutrients all my life, I don’t know about their absorption though. And too much food is tiring.

And yes, people are strange. It’s so obvious food matters A LOT if it’s about our health. We consume the building blocks, the source of energy…etc.! Toxins too, sometimes. How on earth wouldn’t it be basic?
But our sensitivity is quite different. Some people are quite fine on various diets while I am sensitive to my macros and zillion other things. Survival without real physical problems is one thing, feeling right is another.

To harm my body just to keep harming my body? :smiley: It sounds bad to me too.
But I am sure most people don’t think about it quite like you or me.
And indeed, addictions, compulsions may be way more powerful than the strength of someone’s will. But thinking long and deep about our health (if there aren’t too obvious signs already) may help with that…

Me too. I don’t do those things but I had a very traumatic Christmas once (I was a fragile, lonely teen at that times and it didn’t help)… And I’ve read not only my Mom was too enthusiastic (in the wrong way) since then, several times. People tend to forget what really matters. Quite sad.
It’s so great I do whatever I want on Christmas. As long as I don’t want too many things, I can be pretty obsessed with some sudden idea. I want to eat too many things too frequently, it’s an old mild problem of mine even with my multi-course meals. Carni helps as my options are limited enough that way (I don’t know many meat dishes and why to complicate my life? it was roast for months, soup too lately, now it’s stew, not exactly carnivore but close enough for me).

Nope. But it has VINEGAR so I love it. And I felt so special eating my tube of mustard as a snack…
Well, getting high from mustard is still more logical to me than being happy just by eating chocolate… I don’t care what is in it, it never made me ANY happier. Nice taste, that’s it. But vinegar, mmmmm. That’s much more. But still nothing that special as mustard for you, it seems.
And I am very choosy about my mustard too. I can’t get my usual anymore and I will stop using it.

It’s not really the sweetness in my case, it’s the strong flavor. I always loved it and once we made some roast with garlic slices, they got roasted too and their flavor was so strong and awful, unnatural smelling… I avoid garlic since that time (especially on my roasts, they don’t need spice anyway) except my bbq spice mix has both garlic and onion, among others. I probably won’t be able to use it for long but it’s okay for now in tiny amount, it matters what dish, I tried it in a meat soup (no idea why. my normal meat soup only has salt), that was a bad idea…
It’s surprising how quickly one can change. It was quite sudden with the garlic.

(I think you are fun :smiley: But first of all, smart to make the right choice.)

I feel I want to scream. It is my room 101. It sounds utterly horrible. I wasn’t a choosy kid at all, I ate about everything but no one ever tried to keep me from eating high-fat. And I hate cereals with a passion (in the few minutes per year when I realize they exist. it’s a bit more often on this forum), why would anyone eat them, I still don’t understand… I tried it once and it was bad. The chocolate ones were better but those are sweets, not food… (My sweets are food but not when I am hungry.)

I think I send this monster now. I didn’t even write it in one sitting…

(Daisy) #516

Yesterday’s food: rabbit stew (rabbit, the buttery broth it was cooked in, plus some extra butter), then meal 2 was shrimp, eggs, bread cheese, pâté, bone broth, and pork jowl : image image

(Daisy) #517

Today, I made cookies with the girls for them and our neighbors. I did go ahead and make myself a dessert for tonight and tomorrow night. Hopefully I won’t regret it, as hwc triggered a monster last time. But it was just hwc, cream cheese, vanilla, and lemon juice. It was very tasty. But the pride of my day was that I made prime rib for the first time! And it turned out so beautifully!! For breakfast I had eggs and sausage, liver pâté, broth, and pork jowl.
image image image image

(Vic) #518


Pheasant and deer.



food yesterday was

4 thin cut pork chops around 11am

dinner out around 7PM
6 oz sirloin steak
chicken breast
shrimp scampi

Dinner destroyed me!! The steak at the Italian restaurant was ‘tuscan-style herb coated’ and I said NO. Plain steak. Very rare. Came cooked perfect but must have been cooked on grill with ‘herbs’ cause omg it had this weirdo herby taste to it. ugh.

chicken breast had some herb goat cheese on it. So overpowering I scraped that off and ditched it…but when eating it I found it had a thin layer of herb goat cheese stuffed inside it…yuk.

Shrimp scampi, how can that get screwed up you ask? HA…6 nice shrimp came submerged in some thick gooey yellow overpowered garlic and lemon weirdo fake I swear sauce. I ate one, omg gross. I wiped the others off in a napkin and finished them off.

I ate as much as I could before I started to truly get icky. I kept my mouth shut and said ‘all was great’ on my plate cause the hubby and kiddo were so enjoying their pasta stuff and I just didn’t wanna ‘ruin xmas dinner’ so I sucked it up buttercup LOL

I knew I was gonna die and I did fast.

In the car driving home my guts started rumbling. All the taste was herbs herbs and nasty herbs :wink: Tummy was getting indigestion and little bit of heartburn but the guts…omg the rumbles and gurgles!!

Yes it was inevitable…got home and had to hit the bathroom fast. 2 more trips after that. I got bloated up, passing gas and more…yuk, that food went right thru me like lightening.

All night I had gut rumbles and these little mini like hot flashes. Did not sleep great at all.

I tell all ya zc people, never ever friggin’ again :smiling_imp:

This morn I feel icky but ok. Bloated up and gut is more quiet rumbles and should come around thru the day I am sure. What went in came out real fast LOL

HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL and my best part of the holiday right now is I AM EATING at home only! WEE…got beef short ribs for later along with lobster and shrimp for me and crabmeat stuffed flounder for the family.

I know how I want to eat and I am telling ya, restaurants do not cook food the way I want it or can stomach it at all. Home cooking, simple, plain, fresh, no chemical fake whatever in my food is the way I wanna roll :slight_smile:

oh well…soldier on is all we can do! If I never taste another herb in my entire life, it will have been a great life HAHA


(Laurie) #520

Sorry about your misadventure, @Fangs ! This is why I don’t do Christmas. It always gets “ruined” somehow.

(Heather) #521

Merry Christmas to everyone and thank you to everyone on this forum for their awesome support of us carnivores!