Twelve Days of Carnivore!


Holiday time is here. Our zc challenge continues!

12 days of Carnivore :partying_face: but of course we know we are going longer than that and stay focused on our eating plan for the entire month and with great support on the thread get thru the holiday season in comfortable style and fortitude!

Jump in and chat and if you have any small goals you want to focus on this month or just cruise thru the holiday season in good shape, this is the place to do it!

Good Carnivore month to all!


food yesterday was

1 lb. ribeye steak. so tender, got a great one. yum

1 lb. jumbo shrimp

1 med. sized cheeseburger
tin of sardines

My focus for December is chill. Relax. I have no goals other than stay on plan. Eat well. Just truly cruise thru the holiday season in good form and not to put any pressure on me at all. Holiday time can be tough as the desserts and fancy meals flow around and all the ol’ timey family fav foods can be around us and tis the spirit to eat it all right? :wink:

For me it is just stay on plan. Just do my fine zero carb. Eat very well and don’t tweak up or change anything. I do that, I win. I do that, I cruise thru the holiday time and keep it easy on myself. Darn holiday time can be rough, but I don’t want to go there and will just settle into this month with ease and I will sail thru it.

Wishing everyone a great Carnivore holiday season!

(Ketoing to health & happiness) #3

December makes me so happy! I’m the baker in the family, I’ve been doing some research into using different nut flours and sweeteners to make some of the cookies I would like to eat! I’ve also been getting up earlier so I can get my workout in, and I LOVE it. I work at a hospital so coming home to do my workout has not been happening. One more goal for this month is continue finding new recipes to try for dinner!!
Merry Christmas and happy December!

(Elizabeth ) #4

About 10 days into a no salt challenge and I have lost 10 lb wtf? I think it’s a combination of drainage from a lymphatic compromise I’ve had in my lower legs since varicose veins surgery 6 years ago… And because the meat isn’t as interesting I’m eating about a pound a day ( plus fat trimmings) instead of my normal two and a half to three. I don’t expect this to continue but I’ll keep you posted… By the way I’m eating a lot more fat probably two to one just because it tastes better than the meat right now.

(Vic) #5

First meal of december. Porc and egg.

Wend for bloodwork this morning.
I told the doctor that I was doing a carnivore lifestyle. Last year and 2 years ago she didn’t know kept it to myself. Last year I got a compliment on my health improvement…keep it up she said. Wonder what it will be this year now she knows I eat no fruit and vegies at all?
Results tomorrow.

Her first response was as expected…variety is best… fruit is good for you…bla bla bla.


Happy Holidays back at ya!! December does hold an air of joy for sure for me too!!

Being zero carb eaters we would never do nut flours so we don’t chat those kinds of recipes here and such but I wish you alot of luck finding good new recipes for your keto lifestyle. When I was low carb eater long long ago I used this site: Linda’s Low Carb Menus & Recipes - Recipes ( She has alot of dessert and baking info using almond flour and more. You probably know this site but she sure has alot of recipes for lc people.


wow wow and another wow…I haven’t been on the zc forum to check in on ya with the salt challenge and HOLY COW E!!! That is fantastic. Your body is changing just from dropping that little salt you did use! Your appetite is asking different things from you cause you are eating different cause you are not salting…that is so truly wild on your experiment! I tell ya E, every day on this plan and we get surprised and more great changes…10 down is stellar, I bet you feel so much ‘leaner’ in that feeling ya know…10 lbs of fluid we probably don’t need in the body and it is leaving ya…I hope you truly are feeling so much better! That is just a wonderful update to read from you!!


you know when my kid had to go for some bloodwork and my Dr Suzanne saw how much I lost and how great I felt, she said, you still doing that no carb thing? Yup. She said you haven’t been here in years, how are ya and I said doing so good I don’t have to come see you for anything…lol…she ‘tried the veg is good’ spiel on me but it never worked but this time she said, keep up the great work! She has given up on me with eating, she won’t ever change me, but heck she never sees me…only reason then was my kid was feeling icky so I took her in and all good…but Dr Suzanne was like, wow Karen you look different and good and I was like, yup, all that meat :slight_smile: She gave me that sly smile and nodded knowing she won’t ever change me, don’t waste her breath on ‘diet choices’ anymore with this old gal.

I don’t know, you just made me think about that :slight_smile: I rambled on LOL

(Vic) #9

I must confess that Im ok with a little bit of fruit anf or veg.
Ones in a while I go more keto for a week or so.
I can never keep it up and always fall back in to carnivore. Its so easy healthy and tasty.


@Carnivoor, yea I did that for a little time while tip toeing into carnivore…til the day I said that little bit was useless to me cause all it did do was cause me grief and drag me more and more off plan. I can’t moderate at all. Luckily you can do that a bit but it never was something I could do and now, with all my zc research about fruit and veg, heck I don’t wanna eat that junk anymore LOL just me on that one with my personal journey. Anyone who can jump back a tad if they want and do well, more power to them for sure but I know I can’t be one of those who can walk 2 worlds :sunny: and thankfully the carnivore plan as truly given me so much, I don’t find it as a confusion on my eating plan in my life anymore.


On the first day of Carnivore
My big fat brain sent to me
An urge to eat
A partridge…

Dagnambit! We all should be eating at least one partridge today.

Instead I had,

5 slices cheddar
4 eggs a frying
in butter
1 cup of coffee
with some cream
Then, 7 hours later
2 slices bacon
refried beef brisket
3 thick slices
3 eggs a frying
3 slices cheddar
and a walk in the garden
to look at the new leaves
on the pear tree.

I need some clarification. Is it turtle or doves on the menu tomorrow?


OMG NOW I GOT that song in my head. Thanks alot FB! You devil you!!

Hey I got to say is that a true menu? Cause if it is I have to say you are not eating enough…relying more on eggs and cheese vs. more dense meat could backlash against you in a way…NOW JUST saying this cause in the end we carnivores have to keep the ‘dense heavy meat like beef, bison, lamb, pork and more’ as long as we do well on it as a very important factor in our eating. If the brisket was your only heavy hitter I truly hope ya ate a darn good giant sized mess of it :wink: just asking on it cause in the bitter end of zc and this plan, one must not rely on eggs, cheese, bacon which are ‘truly side dish items’ to the real meal of big meat and big seafood options ya know. They are so massively important for long time survival on this plan. OK enough of that rambling :pleading_face:

yea I would eat a turtle dove…no problem on that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Me and hubby are chatting Xmas dinner. He said rabbit. I said duck and then we both said some cornish game hens maybe? then we both said all 3? Why not? Tired of the usual steak and seafood options – we might just flash it up a bit for a good meal and way diff. than normal ‘just daily eats’ in our lives.

I want the 5 gold rings, sell them off and buy meat :scream:

(Laurie) #13

@Elizedge Thank you for posting about your salt-free success. I don’t mind the salt that occurs in cheese or bacon, or in whatever weird cocktail they inject into meat nowadays. But to me, adding salt at the table or while cooking makes the food inedible. Other than being overweight, I’m super healthy. Nice to hear from someone else who doesn’t think salt is the bee’s knees!

Congratulations on the 10 pounds lost.


It was the menu today because both Mr&Mrs Bear had work all day and that was what was left in the fridge. Dang it, I could have had some pilchards. It was 3 thick slices of brisket.

I’m looking forward to building up to 6 geese and their eggs and then 7 swans swimming IN BUTTER (that will take all day to get through). But I’ll ease in with 3 French hens the day after tomorrow. I don’t see any seafood on this menu. Maybe if the gold rings are actually squid? The lords-a-leaping could be a fighting fish like salmon…pipers… hmmmmm. But there is some dairy on the horizon. But I don’t do milk.

You said carnivore was easy.


yea, ok, I get it. Caught without food store backups. Happened to me alot ya know but then I got wise. I cooked more bulk items to rely on cause of my working the farm and more and never had time to ‘cook’ on demand as I needed it or didn’t defrost meat to cook…oh boy I had that hit a ton of times.

FB you know thru all this I can not remember your status and where you are at on your journey…like have you lost all ya wanted on your ketogenic path and hitting into carnivore to try and experiment on health etc? Or do you have alot more to lose ya want gone? I am just curious where you are on your path right now.

See for me I gained after my daughter was born at age 43. Yea one and only later in life, lucky miracle that little kid was :slight_smile: but after I got lazy. Ate whatever and all the time LOL I packed on about 75 lbs and I got off 60 now and want those last lbs gone just thru vanity and good thing is zc is giving it to me very slowly tho, but I eat so well thru life ya know each day that I just am fine with it. Hitting ‘more ZC Zen’ which is living life ‘good each day’ and I feel it physically ya know that I can drop the dieting lifestyle and just wait for all great results from my carnivore journey. So that is where I am kinda standing at this point, I just wish I remembered where your path was at this time. Give me some updates on ya if it isn’t too intrusive of me asking :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Carnivore is easy IF we keep the meat and great seafood in life as our focus and IF we gotta take those self care minutes in life for use to prep a bit, then yea we do it, at least I found it best for me that way.

(Kellyn ) #16

I fell hard on Thanksgiving and continued a carb and sugar binge for 4 days. I got back on track yesterday and weighed. I was only up 2 pounds. Then this morning I weighed again because I did not sync my phone to the scale yesterday. I am down 3 pounds this morning. So actually I lost a pound over the Thanksgiving holiday. Weird. Anyway, back to zero carb yesterday. It was not really that hard to get back on track. I’ve got some chicken thighs and hamburger meat to eat for lunch today and am currently sipping on my coffee with HWC. My dad, who was diagnosed with prostate cancer, finds out the results of his scans today and learns of his treatment options. I hope it is good news. I’ll let you all know.
I’m thankful to be back on the forum with all you wonderful carnivore people.


Hey all! I segued off carnivore a bit on Tgiving, but am back. Venison and fresh turkey was on the menu, but so was a whole lotta other stuff. We saved the grouse for later, and ended up with no duck. But, there was PLENTY of meat. I just got a little too tempted with some of the other things present.
Eats yesterday were:
Coffee with heavy cream & collagen peptides
Ground beef with a bit of shredded cheese. 4 slices of thick sliced corned beef.
3 eggs and almost a pound of turkey sausage - fried in butter

Not the least bit hungry this morning. I gotta work today, but, will fix up some more ground beef.

Glad you are all back and going strong!


So I put ‘me out there’ in a way on my accountability thread…Fangs!
Anyone wants to see me that is the place to go LOL

I am not an internet posting pic of my family type at all, privacy is key on this crazy social media thing but ya know, I just kinda wanted ya all to know me, ya know since others here have put themselves out there :slight_smile:


it is cool, as we transition it is hard not to do whatever.

thing is what ya said here is key. You did a baby binge and your body gave you a pass. Don’t think this is normal. It isn’t at all cause I been there, done that, you continue to work this cycle and then like 10 lbs comes on and you can’t lose it for like 2 months, believe me I did it…NEVER saying this will be you ya know…but that little ‘we got away’ with will bite you in the butt real fast cause I walked that walked and it stinks cause I literally pushed it cause I thought I got away with some ‘magical’ murder eating this way LOL It is never ‘hard’ to get back on track the first few times we do it but if you are like many of us, oh boy worse comes down the line when we truly go off a good eating plan and then who knows…for me it was push and then who knows, well now I know it was bad HAHA

just chat. What it was for me and I KNOW you are truly back on plan and will work it all out in good form.

and sending good vibes and prayers for the best options for your Dad!!

ahh that darn temptation. I know :slight_smile: SO happy you are back on plan and just doing your thing but don’t you work too darn hard!! :wink:
Happy to see you on the thread and going into the holiday season in good shape!!

(Edith) #20

We made those for Thanksgiving. I bought 25 pounds for grass fed beef tallow from Amazon and we deep fried them in our turkey frier. They turned out really moist. Then we spend the rest of the weekend deep frying stuff so as not to waste the tallow. I think I’m all fried food out for now.

I’m going to attempt making tallow soap with the rest