Twelve Days of Carnivore!

(Karen) #542

Its harder when they are closest to us xx

(Karen) #543

Had a super day at my daughter and son -in-laws yesterday, boxing day. Had a super xmas meal starting with king prawns and langoustines, with a garlic butter dip. Gollwed by the huge leg of lamb from the butchers. Ot was beautiful, tender and juicy. Cooked to perfection so i had plenty of it and brought some home at the end of the day. There was still half a leg left for my daughter and her hubby. Organic pork sausages from a friends Dads farm and pigs in blankets. Very nice and when i got home i had another slice of the lamb cold.

Fab day full of laughter just what the doctor ordered.

Today i have made stock from the turkey carcass that i got from butcher and there was so much meat left on it so i blended that and had it as soup. Also had half a turkey thigh oh and chicken sauted in butter this morning. And i fancy a bit of the cold lamb leg as well. Picky mood today.

Im thinking i may have to freeze the other meat from the butchers as i dont think i can eat it before its past its use by date!


On the 28th day of canivorfest
My true love fed to me
a beautiful summer day
A black coffee with cream
A morning at the beach
With 2 dogs and family
The wife sister’s family
All my family came home sunburned
I did not apply sunscreen and had no sunburn
Breakfast at 4pm (for me)

4 egg omelette
I guess I eat eggs more than steak
Picked over the cold roast chicken
To make the omelette meat
Fried in butter, add 50g Jarlsberg
Add 50g cheddar
Mug of salty chicken stock

Tonight is crayfish
There will be cheeses…

They try to feed me bread and crackers
There are chocolates and Christmas sweets waiting in ambush.

I had some cold beef brisket last night and a chicken thigh and leg
The brisket had a spicy rub
Also had some biltong made by our South African friend
It was sliced and coated in coriander seeds.

Had a bad night of spice fuelled reflux just like @Fangs had
Felt hungover, but had no booze
I don’t feel like drinking alcohol on ZC
So, the long gap to breakfast was welcome.

(Vic) #546


Leftovers with cheese and duck liver patè.

It is going to be the only meal today, yesterday I was overeating.


So happy you had a great time and that food list is stellar…I am jealous over that great meal :slight_smile: My freezer is my best friend I think HAHA

omg you ‘got herbed’ also!! coriander taste I never liked anyway, so that would have taken me down anyway LOL but I feel for you…when we don’t know the spice/herb combo people use on food we can truly take a hit with the tummy…no doubt about that. I find my ‘limited little’ spice/herb I use is ALL I can use, I can’t trust something other people made. I tell ya it isn’t worth it at all…the feeling is miserable.
You will come around pretty quick, nice thing is the body does flush itself out pretty fast :wink: Sorry ya got nailed FB!

--------------food yesterday was

12 oz ribeye steak
2 big cheeseburger patties
almost 2 chicken breasts

I ate that all in one sitting almost. I didn’t eat til around 2 in the afternoon and then the steak did not hold me, I went for burgers and even then after eating that, about an hour I was starving, so I cooked up 2 chicken breasts and could only power thru 1.5 of it all. I was full then :slight_smile: I will finish up the chicken later today as a side to my other ribeye I have defrosted.

Hit store later. No great sales I am seeing but I need some beef and chicken in the freezer. I hope I can find some markdowns or something so I can restock a bit. Low supply of beef in my freezer scares me LOL
I also like stocking so I can limit store runs, so sick of the grocery store ya know.

wow new year is on its way!! cool! ZC ON!

(Edith) #548

Has anyone thought up a name for January’s carnivore challenge?

(Vic) #549

The one from Ella.
“No Plants, Smaller Pants January.”


On the day after Christmas I fasted. Not because I ate a lot on Christmas. I was just waiting to feel hunger.

Yesterday I ate the last of the prime rib, the end cut, a can of sardines, and 4 over easy eggs.

This morning after I took out the garbage to the curb, I looked in the outside refrigerator and some of my ribeyes had defrosted. Yes! I missed you so much! My loves! :cut_of_meat::heartpulse:

It is not an inexpensive meat, ribeye. But at Walmart it isn’t prohibitive either. About 10 dollars a pound for Angus. I cooked one up in the cast iron with no added fat in the pan. Crusty on the outside, rare in the center. Amazing. The fat tasted so good.

Going forward, perfect days would be one ribeye, one can of water packed sardines (for Omega 3) and two pastured eggs for eyesight.

Every so often skipping a day of eating so that I can experience hunger and the joy and gratitude of food.

Yesterday I read two books. “Digital Minimalism” on my iPad, ironically. (I am considering taking January off from all optional internet.) and “Project 333” which was not for me. Way too touchy feely on the subject wearing “only” 33 clothing items for 3 months. As though that were some pioneering, psychologically challenging thing. (Hand on forehead, long dramatic sigh! :laughing:)


I am going to have to think about clothing in about a month or so. I had to buy new tee shirts. XS. I am NOT XS, I just don’t like a lot of wearing ease in my clothes, especially knits.

Goals for January:

  1. Never dispense dietary advice! That knife can cut both ways. I want to eat in peace, I have to let others eat in peace.

  2. Focus. I hope Zero Carb will help with that. January will be a month for reading fat challenging classics like “Middlemarch” and “War and Peace” not wasting my hours screwing around online.

  3. Buy a few items of clothing that fit nicely.

(Heather) #551

That’s me today. I had a huge chicken breast w/ butter for breakfast, then a 13 oz ribeye shortly after, as I was still hungry. It’s only a few hours later and I’m starting to get hungry again.

The last couple of days were lighter eating, because I just wasn’t very hungry. My body’s going to catch up today! That’s the beauty of carnivore! Eat when hungry, don’t eat when not. Love it!


yea I was asking for recommendations and I said something like JanCarniBlastoff and Ella said, No Plants, Smaller Pants Jan…heehee, it is cute for sure!!

If ya got a suggestion throw one out there but if it is cool the No Plants, Smaller Pants seems to be the contender!!

loved your post!!
I also love my sardines. I eat them alot as a dessert type situation. I just bought another 2 tins for my sardine stash while at the store…when I hit down to like 3 tins left I buy up 2 more…I am never without sardines around HAHA

It is refreshing to feel true ‘good’ hunger and not some ‘under nourished eating carby junk’ hungry feeling. Real hunger is a truthful signal to us, but that carby hunger of being malnourished eating crap sure is a different beast. One I don’t miss :slight_smile:

Focus…hmmm Ella I believe ZC is already helping with that cause at this point your goals and little life changes you are making seem awful darn focused to me…happy for you! Clarity on zc is a wonderful thing!

boy that’s the truth…when we get so satisfied, so nourished our hunger levels drop and we can cruise thru on lighter fare, but then BOOM, when we need to eat we eat :slight_smile: and that truly is a perk of zc that I love on this plan…sounds like you are rollin’ along in fine shape Carnivore Queen!!

------------so thinking hard about my January challenge to me…I want overall ‘well being’ in my life. That balance. winter time I shut down. I kayak, bike, hike, horses, barn work on the farm and swim like a maniac and move and move outside, during winter, shut down cause I won’t go out in the cold. I hate it that much.

my January is indoor exercise. Focus on truly doing a morning routine and moving my body. I want flexible and fluid and endurance ya know. I am getting older for sure at 59, but I sure ain’t that darn old at all HAHA

I will be going into the new year with new focus for sure. Something for me and my ‘overall well being’ I am striving for and I think keeping up some movement thru winter is crucial for me. A little juice in the joints, reasonable exercise tapes, I ain’t gonna be no high intensity crazy jumps and burpees or anything like that, I am doing walking miles tapes with reasonable arms involved and some high powered ‘classical stretching’ dvd which I have to say, I thought would be a cake walk, but omg this retired ballerina has some stretching routines that will kick the crap outta ya and you barely even move much but her routines are sure an overall body workout :slight_smile:

yup, time to drag those dvds out of the drawer, time for me to move.

just chatting what I am aiming for come Jan…hope you guys all got some small focus you want also! Nice thing is as our health improves on zc we can tackle and make life changes we want easier, as we heal we start to want to move, to thrive and have clarity and be more engaged in our lives. Our improved health will give us so much more in our lives ya know :slight_smile:


Miranda Esmonde White! I just discovered her, and signed up for her Essentrics streaming service! I am on that train with you sister! :raised_hands:t2: @islandlight tried some of her videos on YouTube yesterday. I wonder if we are all going to start dressing alike too. :joy::raised_hands:t2::butterfly:

(Edith) #554

I like this sentiment. :heart:


wow that is wild. I’ve had a few of her dvds for years in my drawer and let me tell ya Ella, these ain’t easy stretches…yea easy but hard as hell, need your core and strength for sure LOL she is a killer even on the beginner tapes LOL I do like her tho!! that is wild, can’t wait til ya try some of her vids. We can be tortured together HA


I have been doing Classical Stretch about a week for 22 minutes a day but the DVDs are available on the streaming service too, so I should definitely have a go. :blush:


cool, I definitely liked her. she seems to put alot into her routines which is nice, not over the top full speed and crazy, I like ‘quiet type’ exercise :slight_smile:

(Vic) #558

A 3 course lunch

Eggs, coquilles and beef steak


food yesterday was

leftover chicken breast
2 cheeseburger patties
12 oz ribeye steak

woke up this morning with a sour tummy. Huh? no clue why. I ate nothing out of the ordinary, drank only water so?? took no aspirin, no sinus meds or anything for any reason so it is interesting to wake up to an icky tummy. Not sure on how I will eat today, got no food interest at all.

Have to run kiddo to eye doctor appt. Then we will hit the big ‘super grocery’ store that is near that place and see if there are any meat deals. Other than that, I won’t be doing much today, I just woke up icky sour tummy and feeling like a slow slug?? Again? Hmmm LOL Not very bad at all, but I know what great feels like and I woke up not feeling great :wink:

OK…on with the day, see where it leads!


Yesterday I ate 2.5 ribeyes. My personal best. :cut_of_meat::blush:

Listening to piano concertos, reading “How to Think Like Shakespeare”, fixing to do some Essentrics soon. I tried an “Intermediate” glutes workout by an instructor that was not Miranda. It was too hard for me y’all. :joy: I only made it halfway through.

So, that’s a strong message from the Universe. Add “Glutes” to my January goals.

I refined my Internet Diet goals. I will still check in here, I need the support. Quit all other optional internet. Amazon stays, and the New York Review of Books.

I haven’t really left the house much since February when friends in HK advised us to shelter in place.
I go to the UPS store for my business and come right back.

If life hands you sht make shtmonade. That’s my philosophy. Half a league, half a league onward.

Having said that, these are strange and stressful days.
Sour stomachs, insomnia, irritation.
These visitors will stop by sometimes, uninvited.
And leave again. Eventually. :raised_hands:t2::tiger::cut_of_meat:


I love your personal best…best you felt so good eating all that great meat!! I know beef is my key most best feeling food I can eat, my body loves it! So glad you are enjoying your ribeyes so well!!

Whew…yea quit other stuff, but you stay here to chat with us!!

I did the same. I don’t do much on internet but I got ‘out there’ a bit with searching diet stuff and all into sites and in the end, I whittled all the stupid stuff out of my life and went down to only ‘necessary’ sites that help me, not wig me out LOL I think less in technology is a big plus in my life, being older I can say that and have that type of personality, now ask my 15 yr old…oh boy I am a dinosaur and technology and a phone attached to your hand is the future HA


Exactly! I NEED to schedule my on-line activity and be specific on what I seek.
Otherwise it’s nearly equivalent to those who snack, eating sugar all day and consider that a reasonable response to modern life.