Twelve Days of Carnivore!


I went keto after caring for my dad and watching him die of Alzheimer’s Disease. He didn’t recognise me and kept thinking there was an intruder in his home. I got to know the local police very well. So, yes, part of it is to learn and try to avoid the disasters of one’s ancestors.

But going carnivore comes from some ancestral lines and modern media. My history goes back to barbarians and vikings. I love the way they are portrayed in eating. I love that Vikings TV show. It feels like watching a family gathering. And when I was a kid, I did not read books, I read comics. One of my favourites had a feast at the end of every story. Everybody in the village ate a wild boar each.

(Vic) #483


The plan was to make a hot dog with an omlet, pork sausage and a little bit of ketchup or mustard.

Along the way I had a change of heart.
The omlet, eggs and full fat cream was to delicious to screw up with some plant extract.
So I ate it as is. Don’t know why I woke up thinking a carnivore hot dog was a good idea. Its like paying homage to the all mighty junk food hot dog.

Eggs, cream and pork sausage is like sex on a plate, pooring ketchup on it would be a crime.

Good thing I didn’t and enjoyed it as in the picture.


@Carnivoor Mustard is something I confess to thinking about fairly often. I get a reaction from it that is a little like a high, a little like an allergy. I have asked people, “Do you get high from mustard? Euphoria, increased heart rate, etc?” And they always say, “What the hell? Mustard? Ha. No.”

I guess yellow mustard was my sex on a plate. :joy:

Salt update, on about Day 3 I had soreness in my hamstrings as though I had really worked them. I had not. So I took 1/4 teaspoon in a cup of warm water and the soreness went away at once.

I am going to keep the food unsalted but use salt as a supplement when needed. Why though?
Just to discover the baseline of how much I need. Why not. :joy:



I am sorry about your dad. That must have been so hard for you.
What was your father’s diet like, if you don’t mind me asking?


let’s trade. I will take your 107 off your hands and you can have my 50 deg. weather, ok? LOL Hey I know 50 is ‘not cold’ but to me it is like a freezer when one wants the 90s and hot weather to swim.

Enjoy that ocean FB! I absolutely love reading your posts!

So glad you got your troubles under control…hard work and any moving around in those high temps can surely throw off alot of balances in your body. You know, many have troubles with snow shoveling here in the snowy climates, and here you are digging shovels into sawdust mountains in super hot weather! You be good to yourself and don’t over do :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Had me laughing big on this Vic!!! but yea it would be a crime :slight_smile:
your ketchup is like my minced garlic. I always loved a tiny quarter spoon of minced fresh garlic while cooking my steak til one day it was like, yuk, it was sweet tasting and I dumped it. Every now and then I think, ahhh, what would some minced garlic taste like on my steak? But I am scared to bother using it cause I don’t wanna ruin my steak HAHA so I don’t bother.

You too? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:
Have me cracking up!!

good post. It is smart to ‘use salt’ as needed, I like that and like ya said, knowing you and your requirements as a baseline etc. is good.

------------good carnivore morn all

We are very close to our holidays and our challenge is eat well great zero carb foods, hold plan, and say no to crap icky foods cause it ‘tis the season’ and that is no enough of an excuse to eat junk LOL I have a feeling everyone here is very tight on their zero carb journeys ya know…I don’t think anyone is gonna go off the rails into crazy land. I think every person on this thread knows how they want to eat for their health and has a very firm footing in knowing what they want, how they will eat and change their lifestyle into one they want to hold onto long term. You guys are such a bunch of great zc people!!

food yesterday was

2 big chicken breasts
can of tuna
few leftover pieces of steak
1 beef stick

Got me some cravings…what a pain. Had to ‘candy/chocolate’ shop for Xmas stuffers for hubby and kid. Saw all kinds of ‘old loves’ of mine and darn if I didn’t wanna eat all that crap! I didn’t buy it tho but omg I had it in my hands tho, saying, come on, it is the holiday, this one time----you know trying to come up with a ton of excuses to buy it LOL but I wouldn’t cause in the end my brain says this stuff is poison so I just can’t ever justify eating it…but darn, monkey see, monkey want ya know. ugh…

so many displays in the stores that catch my eye and I had to get outta there and when I finished up and got home, ahhh, back to normal again.

got me a nice 1 lb. NY strip for later
will pair up with some lobster I bought as an xmas prez. for me…oh yes I did and will eat that today later.

ZC all the way :slight_smile:

(Edith) #487

I started a no supplement experiment almost two months ago. It seemed to go okay once I adapted to less salt. But, as I mentioned earlier, I started feeling terrible: aching body, anxiety, air hunger, increased heart rate, terrible sleep.

I got myself back on the magnesium and calcium supplements and within a couple of days I was feeling much better. Within a week, I was doing great. All symptoms gone and sleeping really well.

In hind sight, I realize it was an oxalate dump. I’m thinking that not taking the Mg and Ca to help bind with the oxalate made the symptoms worse.

I’m a member of the Trying Low Oxalates Carnivore group. They are pro supplement because of the problems caused by oxalate dumping, whereas the people on the Zero Carb Health group are anti supplement. I’ve realized I need the supplements for now.

I gave up Diet Coke which always went right through me. I’m thinking it took a lot of electrolytes with it. I’m hoping that no longer drinking DC will help keep my minerals balanced more easily.

So, with all that being said, yes, I do believe Mg deficiency due to oxalate binding was the cause of my heart palpitations a few years back. That combined with my Diet Coke consumption. Low oxalate diet and now carnivore (the ultimate low oxalate) have helped a lot. I rarely have the palpitations any more. I seem to need about 350-400 mg / day. I do need more when I dump.

I will add that eating high histamine will also cause me to have palpitations and raises my heart rate. Actually taking an antihistamine helps with those symptoms. Do you consume a lot of histamine containing foods by any chance?

I’ve considered trying cod liver oil. I haven’t gotten around to it. I am eating liver: beef about 100-150 grams a week or chicken livers (via pate) about 250 grams a week.

I heard about it on a Peak Human Podcast. After a brief glimpse, it seemed like too much work. I don’t want to have to supplement more than I have to, but I may add the cod liver oil at some point.

Just a thought: I would imagine swimming in the ocean provides your body a fair bit of minerals.


I have been thinking about the hedonic treadmill a lot. Particularly since reading ”The Hacking of the American Mind” and I should even read it again, like today.

Our happiness set point never increases and even diminishes if we keep going for quick hits of “pleasure” or dopamine. The boost of happiness is gone as soon as the snack is. But we spent the money on it and that’s what it’s all about, right? :wink:

Gratifications > Pleasures
Serotonin > Dopamine
Accomplishments > Treats

Right on @Fangs for keeping your money, health and sanity.

Whenever I see treats I think about my mother-in-law suffering on the couch with her “little somethings”, can’t walk, yeast growing on her skin, untreatable UTIs.

Other people may say, “Have a little! You are no fun!”

No. I’m not fun.


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Wow, so many interesting thoughts posted here, I can’t respond to them all!

I believe the ocean is healing. I used to go for a quick dip (about 1 minute) daily, and it cured my hemorrhoids.

I go into hiding for the month of December, partly because of the food temptations and pressures. Be strong, everyone. Some of us can be a bit flexible, but for the rest of us … It’s easier to just not go there.

(Vic) #490


Pork chops kooked in heavy cream

(Edith) #491

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to wish my Carnivore family a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I really enjoy sharing my carnivore experience with you all and receiving your insights in return. Stay healthy!



I remember in the early 1970’s eating lots of egg breakfasts, with rye bread and tomatoes. Glasses of whole milk. We had goulashes, stews, beef mince meatballs, roast meats, bbq sausages and steak. Lots of potato in various forms and always with butter. He drank a lot of black coffee and smoked two packs of cigarettes a day.

In the mid-70s, I know we kids switched to processed cereals breakfasts with fruit and low-fat milk. Salad sandwiches for lunch with margarine and a sliced of processed meat. Dinners became pasta and rice based, with only occasional traditional European cooking (probably when dad insisted). Mum went full on with the high carb low fat and, for a while, Pritikin. I remember if dad was looking after us, and it was rarely, for breakfast he would cook a mix of fried potatoes in butter with bacon, eggs and onion. That’s where his eating preferences were. We ate a lot of chocolate and packet biscuits and icecream. He was not a heavy drinker, but when he got together with his brothers, it was beer.

He had 6 older brothers. The eldest died from heart problems (arrhythmia that needed a pacemaker). My next oldest uncle is still alive at 94, but he has dementia. My next uncle is still alive at 92 and he is just going along fine. Those two uncles never changed their diets as far as I know. My aunties always fed them traditional German cooking - high fat, meat, potatoes, dairy, fermented vegetables, dark rye bread. All food cooked from the base ingredients. Two other brothers died of rapid Alzheimer’s dementia (<1yr progression). My other uncle is in his 80s, but has lung problems and is developing dementia. Those last 3 uncles were farmers. Robust men. But when they retired to live in country towns their wives switched them to ‘healthier’ eating as recommended by their doctors = low fat, high carb. It was because they weren’t doing daily manual labour anymore and didn’t need the cooked meaty breakfasts and lunches.

Dad was pretty much fed by his wife (my mum) and later, after a divorce, by his new partner. These ladies were full converts to the 70’s food pyramid (it might have meant less cooking and kitchen time?) and still eat the same (my Mum has type 2 diabetes), they are broken record talking about moderation and low fat.

Dad ate a base standard SAD diet from the mid 70’s onward.


On the Twelfth day of Carnivorfest
My true love fed to me…

A long drive to the city,
2 cold beef sausages
Remnants of a roast chicken carcase
It may have been a French hen
and a black coffee in a cup (not a pear tree)

Tonight is family Christmas Dinner
There will be meat
My sister-in-law doggedly makes a brown rice salad every year :rofl:
Then she takes it home with her
She doesn’t get that we are barbarians and vikings

Sleep well all.

(Edith) #494

According to that article, the Vikings did eat bread.

(Laurie) #495

But brown rice salad?


Oh God @FrankoBear! THE LENTIL LOAF! And the unseasoned baked white fish night after night…most vintage diets come around again, but I think that Pritikin, with its bland lean proteins, and saltless grains would be a pretty hard sell these days.

It’s the worst of non-fat vegan commune food plus little scraps of chicken or fish, “just as a condiment.”

Luckily we survived. (Though I may have been a couple of inches taller had I not been fat and protein starved through my prime growing years! :joy:)


food yesterday was

10 oz NY Strip steak
few slices taylor ham
3 cheeseburgers

I used just a tad of melted cheddar I grated off my block and I don’t ‘feel anything’ at all like I did when I scarfed down that alfredo sauce for stiffness. Huh. Maybe the hwc involved? not sure on it but I know right now, my little bit of cheddar is my safety net on dairy so far so just holding on that as my usual.

Doing well. Feel great. Just zc’ing along :slight_smile:

Everyone needs to think of their New Year Goals if they have any for when we start January 2021 for our challenge thread…we want to come in with a bang and maybe have a focus to our year. I will think about mine and at that same time, we need to name January!! Any and all thought for our January kickoff would be appreciated. Something like JanCarniBlastoff or ??

Lets crush out this year in fine Carnivore form!!

(Laurie) #498

I sure felt better when I quit whipping cream. Cheese is no problem for me (although I have cut waaaay back on cheese since meeting you folks!).


No Plants = Smaller Pants January. :joy:


darn that had me laughing :crazy_face:
Smaller is a good thing for our overall body health obvy, so yea, I can see it :star_struck: good one Ella

oh oh NP+SP+Jan…only us zc people will get it ya know for that title HAHA carnivore code…so cool…a private message for us zc people…wow that is sounding wild.

(Vic) #501

Brilliant :rofl: