Twelve Days of Carnivore!


God yes. This.

I HATE dealing with hospitals, doctors and medicines with the fire of 1000 suns. I will do anything to escape that fate that I can.

I can’t imagine making the bargain of taking a shelf of drugs just so I could keep having sugar.

But then, I remember that addiction is addiction…


wow, good post and good thought on some impressions so many of us do have, cause I was just like you, never ‘knew about healing’ the internal body was more important than a focus on ‘losing weight’ til I hit the zero carb forums and learned about all that…heal first, then the rest follows and it sure does :slight_smile:

I so agree cause when I read what problems your family is having I get it ya know…I don’t want to be the med issue person and have my days controlled by med issues…I am one to do anything now for health also. I hear ya on that VE, right there with you.

but restricting to higher carb and ‘no junk’ isn’t the same as our zc plan and you mentioned reasons like we are nutritionally complete vs. the other eating ways people try…I think we have so much more science and research available to us and know how to search etc…I know my mom and dad didn’t ‘do the net’ :slight_smile: so we have it so much better with our understanding of how we should proceed for better health then our older gens had for sure.

I love reading everyone’s stories and info about it all.

(Daisy) #464

I use it in my broth, then I either air fry it or fry it in fat on the cast iron. Then I cover it with salt and I eat the whole feet up into the leg until the bones are too hard to eat. If they were soft enough, I’d eat them all.

I went keto to lose weight. I did initially lose weight, but then my eating disorder took control over my life and I gained it all back and then some. I could never get a handle on the eating disorder while on keto. So, I took it the step further into carnivore. To lose weight. I (again) lost a few pounds initially, but let “influencers” convince me I was “doing it wrong” and started tweaking. I gained weight back and still haven’t really lost weight. I have however, gotten control over my eating disorder, through the process of 1. Cutting out sugar, 2. Going keto, then 3. Going carnivore, I’ve healed or put into remission almost every single health condition I had, gotten off all medications, and improved my mental health by a million. That is my why.

Today was an unintentional omad. I was running around like crazy and just wasn’t hungry. I tried Judy Cho’s at home iodine test and according to that, my iodine levels are very low. I did order a supplement to try, but in the meantime I am incorporating more iodine rich foods into my diet. My hope is to get it to a healthy level with the supplement, but then maintain appropriate levels through diet. So you’ll be seeing more seafood on my platters going forward.
Shrimp, eggs, chuck roast, cheese, pâté, broth, and unsweetened Greek yogurt.

(Vic) #465

First meal after a break of 42h

Mix of pork and beef with eggs


That was a fab why you are doing carnivore KD!! More power to you :slight_smile:

yes, enjoy that seafood and remember that eggs are a big source of iodine and I see them on your plate so eat up!

@Carnivoor, very nice pic of your plate!!

----------------good carnivore morn

food yesterday was

12 oz NY strip steak
6 slices salami
1.15 lb. ribeye steak
can of tuna

enjoying my food but that second steak and tuna put me into ‘oh so full’ mode LOL Woke up super not hungry…very content feeling. Will be interesting to see what I eat today, might go a bit into ‘eating lighter’ since yesterday’s food was just so nourishing ya know…I shall see what interesting stuff I find to eat today. Can’t handle another steak right now, hmm, maybe a few pork chops?

All good in zc world here. Just waiting on Christmas to roll around and be done and head into the new year :partying_face:


It’s a new day!

Yesterday I ate a total of six Great Value burgers. I like them best now just cooked a bit on the outside and very rare (but warm) on the inside. When I was pregnant with my 17 year old girl I was tested for toxicoplasmosis. And the test showed I had a prior infection. Good news is that you can’t get it a second time. Have the rare ground beef!

Bad news is that the result meant I still had cat box duty. (My then husband would not change his cat’s box.)
More good news, I have a different husband now.

I did not finish “Fat of the Land”. I could not get through the pemmican chronicles. Of which there were three long chapters. The tldr is that the Inuit loved eating animal brains, but they typically threw the livers to the dogs. If they ate the livers themselves - it was under duress, and it meant that the next step was eating the dogs. :grimacing:

I read another quick book instead. Something called “Don’t Jog, Eat Bacon”. A marketing ploy. The real plot of the book is, “ Do Kettlebell Exercises, Eat Sardines Packed In Olive Oil.” :joy:


To misquote Ghandi, “I like your Christ, but not your Christmas.”
I have always found Christmas to be unnecessarily burdensome. SO MANY extra chores and duties and putting things up and taking down. Why?

I am just going to set the table like a civilized human being and serve prime rib. Eating with the family will be my concession to the day.

Having said that I do understand that for those who love the Winter Holidays this is a particularly challenging one. To them I say, “courage my love, better times are ahead.”

(Edith) #469

I find that very interesting. Could it be because the livers of the types of animals they ate were just too potent with vitamin A? I know that polar bear liver, for example, is just too rich for people to consume.

(Edith) #470

That’s why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. The only expectation is a good meal.


You got it exactly right. Just too much Vitamin A. It would make them sick.

The sweetest thing was that they prized fish heads above all. So those were set aside for the children. :blush::heartpulse: (They also encouraged the kids to chew tobacco. So they weren’t perfect either. :joy:)


yea Fat of the Land is long and long and long but such great info in it when ya go for it, but yea I get ya on that read :slight_smile:

best is the info AFTER the book when they ‘went back to regular old eating’ and they did tests about how SO MUCH BAD changed for their life in ‘testing results’ and ‘med issues’. Yea back to the crap they started to suffer.

Sad when artic explorations had to eat the dogs and ??? people like the Donner party for cause thru excessive winter conditions, but you see ‘tropical strandings’ as pineapple and coconut do better thru survival time but at that same time the ocean offered SO much food that one could access, also ya know in that they got the extra protein where fishing in an artic/or wintering high in alpines etc is all about the meat only and harder to obtain. No coconuts, or blueberries, or whatever to eat ya know that is available.

Life rotates on animal protein…we walked from that and see those big results right even going worse? fake chem sell me products and GMO veg/fruit and of course never saying meat is not effected thru antibotics and hoof to plate but in the end, the less destroyed process is the animals actually.

ok ranting a bit LOL I love this chat HAHA
Enjoying your ZC chat time @Ellacosew!


Older I get the only ‘best fun times thru holidays’ was being a true kid time and never being asked to provide LOL

I am now older and off that darn path and finding I don’t require anything from holidays to that level anymore or expectations or whatever, and just do me :slight_smile: Thankfully the kid is now heading into 16 yrs old and is ‘looking forward’ to her life to come and doesn’t care about as much ‘here in the family’ now :slight_smile: Ahhh, now life just chugs along thru so many phases!!


I am only 22 days down the path (approx), and I feel more and more attracted to the idea of less and less.

I see this tendency with everyone on this thread. The path toward the essential.


and so 'f’d up with life ‘thru global contact’ ya know.

in that think ME and NATURE and what ‘was natural’ back then and if we got that gumption to walk from that…omg life will be lived in all its glory ya know.

yes again, I am so over the moon on what zc gave me :heart_eyes:
I can only hope all find it but life is rough on that individual basis, just shows character and strength on who can change thru what??

I say rock on for yourself as a ‘start point’ and all changes with our health and well being on our life’s approach :slight_smile: So different, but so ‘complete’ and ‘right’ ya know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Living it and loving it :sunny: but won’t suit all cause ‘they are not hear yet in their own journey’ but once experienced, ya can’t ever got back!’

yes I am that poster zc person for the truth HA

(Vic) #476

Just a beef steak
On sale cheap grain finished.


It is lovely. The jus looks delicious!


cheap all beef is delish if we love it :hugs:
never ever discount your food as less than, cause I sure never do…ya want it ya eat it, you buy it you enjoy it, and WAS it delish? hope so!!

(Daisy) #479

I had two first foods today, making and eating. Rabbit and pork jowl. Both were super delicious!! I also bought a standing rib roast to make prime rib on Christmas Eve. I have never made that either!

I had some sausage, eggs cheese and butter for my first meal, then rabbit with butter, pork jowl, liver pâté, the most gelatinous bone broth I’ve ever made, and yogurt.
image image image

(Vic) #480

Last night I had a strong beer while snacking on cheese and salami.

Looking it up this morning, the beer contained 12gr carbs. (Duvel 33cl)
The cheese and salami good for a whole lot of fat, more than 1200kCal.

Not ZC.
Being honest to myself is important, so I need to disclose it here.
Yesterday was a ketovore day with 12gr carbs. :grimacing:


The 11th day of Carnivorfest
And my true love fed to meee…

Hang on, hang on, before we get into the meat of this post I have to tell you that today is a very hot, big blue sky day here. Christmas is going to be a shtonker, probably 40’C+ (forecast is 107’F +). So, it will be a 4.30am dawn beach swim (despite the white sharks that turn up every summer), then hanging out in quick dry swimming togs all day. Cold meats and copious volumes of sparkling cold rain water, or warm tea. All that ingested. The thing I want to share is that the rural coastal area in which I live (Wadandi Boodja, in the language of the first nation’s people: The country and songlines of the saltwater people), is fantastic for growing avocadoes. They are magnificent and all my family will get at least one for Christmas (celebrated Dec 24th as we are Euro heritage).

This tree piccy is of a local mistletoe, a hemi-parasitic native tree. They are in full bloom now and we white people have appropriated them as “Christmas” trees. The indigenous term for these is moodja. Also known as the Kaanya tree. Kaanya meaning, recently departed. They are also known as the ‘tree of souls’ or the ‘ghost tree’, as they are where the spirits of deceased beings wait before they move on to the next place. So, they have huge cultural and spiritual significance, and a much better and older story than decorating a tree (where is that from?).

So, on the 11th day of Christmas…

3 fresh eggs
cooked in an omelette
at 5pm for breakfast
mixed with some pilchards
all done in butter
with Jarlsberg cheeeeeeeese.
One cup of coffee
Iced long black

400g fillet steak planned for dinner
with two cold beef sausages
and I’ll seee how I feeeel!

Does anyone take daily cod liver oil? I used to.

@VirginiaEdie Edith, Merry Christmas.

Did you ever dive deeper than magnesium and oxalate binding as a possible root cause to your heart palpitations?

I had heart palpitations last night. Yesterday’s food was one cold roasted hen. It was a hot day and I was digging in a sawdust mountain, collecting substrate for our composting toilets. The temperature was over 100’ F. I drank lots of water and cooled down with an ocean swim. But probably lost a lot of minerals through sweat, plus at day #10 that is usually oxalate dump time for me on ZC. Brought it all under control with lots of oral magnesium and salted beef bone broth.

Scientists have gone deeper and shown that magnesium is dependent on copper and vitamin A (cod liver oil, seafoods, especially molluscs), animal sourced, bioavailable organ meats…

Have you heard of ?