Twelve Days of Carnivore!


Obviously. I never said otherwise.
If someone wants to know how they feel on carnivore, they must do it. The other people’s experiences may be useful but say not much about how we would feel on it. And we may extrapolate from our experiences on a different woe, it may be even close to the truth - or not. You said that, others here said that and even trying it for shorter times, extreme low-carb is nothing like just being in ketosis with plants to me too.
I thought about the people who tries too hard without any need. Maybe most of us here didn’t make a jump that was brutal. My approach is very hedonistic but apart from that, a gradual change is what worked for me, I couldn’t even do keto right after high-carb (I tried. gave up on the first day and it was the best I could do. maybe I should have try a tad earlier again…).
We humans are complicated. Even if something IS the ideal for us, doing it too hard may be damaging mentally, emotionally, possibly physically because they can’t do it right then.
There is the sickness(?) with the own name where people focus on health too much or rather too wrong? Just because someone ditches plants, they won’t be automatically free from the chance of a bad mindset.

Yeah, that’s bad. Me as an ex-vegetarian wasn’t fond of people who ate meat and talked about being a vegetarian and even a vegan… Not like it matters if I ever was a vegetarian, I dislike such things anyway. I didn’t ever need much advice about any of my woe, I am a stubborn experimenting type (of course, it’s nice to know how others work, it should be similar to how we work to some extent, even but no bad advice can ruin my woe and health) BUT I was misunderstood due to other people with the same label but with a different eating style (that went against the one damn rule we had) and it was annoying sometimes.
And anyway, if someone decide on doing something, do it right - or if they fail, don’t say they are doing it. And people who really give advice should be know what are they doing as they influence others. The others should just talk about their experiences if they prefer but if possible, not in a way that says it’s the One True Way. I saw that way too often.

I still have no idea what “85% carnivore” means (well, it’s a bit like 85% vegetarian or 85% virgin, okay maybe not but I was, like, 60% carnivore on vegetarian keto then? not like I know what percentages mean, it was just a number but it’s… it’s not that at all)… Whatever. 85% is very little, no matter how we look at it and for me, it feels nothing like 99% carnivore (as I notice differences right away or almost right away, even I can tell this in my own case. A significant amount of plants easily messes up everything)… And people experienced that 99% and 100% is different too so… It makes no sense to me. And it’s no carnivore of course. (It’s a bit simpler to be a vegetarian, there are no allowed amount of meat there… Well most cheeses are not vegetarian so no, that’s not simple either in the end… Humans overcomplicate anything anyway, we are very good at that.)

I wouldn’t experience what a carnivore experiences anyway as they aren’t me and I eat differently unless a woe is VERY specific… That’s why I try out things myself. The experience of others (and eventually myself) that even some plants can mess up things were very helpful. In many cases we experience similar things to others, that’s why people can help each other with their woe. But we won’t all experience the same. We are on different part of our journey too, that’s the 3rd factor in my list that explain differences… Veterans can talk about their newbie times but maybe they come from a very different previous woe…


Whenever I remember it in the morning.

It’s very nearly always 72kg (it’s my 2020 weight… except maybe the beginning of the year? I don’t remember. it’s 72 since many months) so I don’t feel a huge motivation for it but I am curious and sometimes I can’t surely say my weight didn’t change… So it’s nice to check. And if I did weightlifting in the previous time, I may wonder if a bigger number means good or not…

I find my pants more reliable myself.
(My pyjama bottoms slip down now. I suspect the rubber got old… :smiley: My normal pants show I didn’t changed for the better since spring.)

Interestingly, Alvaro loves weighing himself whenever he remembers. I mean, right away. Last time I told him it’s not informative to weigh himself in the evening… I only do it in the morning - except when I am really curious about the not informative number but I can’t explain that.

I roasted chicken and turkey legs today. If Alvaro doesn’t figure out something, he will eat meat for 8-9 days straight, at least. He seems to be fine with it. Since he came home from the hospital, I didn’t made any vegetable dish (well, legumes happened, they aren’t vegetable to me) and he is seemingly fine with roasted meat… I wonder what will happen later. It’s nice I don’t need to worry about making something non-meaty for him. Our woe is way more compatible now, from the viewpoint of me as the person who does the cooking (my relatives have it easier when I visit too). It’s a very big benefit though not among the most important ones. I sacrifice convenience even for joy let alone health and energy but it’s nice I don’t need that now.

Of course. Help them. I just say some people force themselves into a woe and that’s bad. My thoughts wander. I didn’t see it happening here, fortunately.

The keto threads are no good to me, at least if it’s about food items. They eat very differently from me, carnivores feel closer though I live in my own personal chaos in December and I definitely need carnivore as a direction anyway. I try to be scarce, it rarely happens but I keep trying. And I talk about carnivore related things as much as possible. Mushrooms were mentioned and showed so I talked about them, I love mushrooms. I don’t even discriminate, I love many poisonous ones too, well that’s a true carnivore approach as we surely don’t eat those… But I don’t bring them up all by myself again, at least that is the plan.

(Daisy) #444

Man, I got super behind in here! It was a very busy week! Here are some platters from the last few days
image image image image image image image image image image

(Carnivore for the win) #445

Looks good. I love ground beef with butter. It’s my favourite meal, especially cold, when the butter and beef fat have hardened.

(Vic) #446

That all looks delicious again :+1:


For those here who are ZC, what is your “why”?

For me, it is my older female relatives. Diabetes, osteoarthritis, diverticulitis, obesity, cognitive decline, cancer. My mother in law cannot stand or walk because her joints are eroding from inflammation.

Her diet is “normal”.

This is why I chafe at, “everything in moderation” and “we are all so different.” And why I am attracted to the wisdom of Zero Carb.

My mother and my mother-in-law eat what they are marketed to eat. And they get the same end result as almost every other human who prizes carbs.

As Mary Oliver wrote,
“Isn’t it true that everything dies and too soon?
Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one Wild and Precious life?”

I am going to die. Inevitable. But I refuse to live with horrible dietary diseases then die because of a one-way love affair with carbs.

I haven’t eaten yet today. It is still early. I did have my cup of “dirty water”. 1/3 coffee 2/3 water.

Reading “Fat of the Land “ I am at the part with the interminable descriptions of pemmican…(not relevant to my interests :joy:) Gonna do some meditation and some red light therapy.

Then eat a mess of Great Value burgers. My “Pemmican”.


food yesterday was

14 oz NY strip steak
some taylor ham slices
1 med. naked hamburger patty

Carnivore, carnivore, Carnivore all the way! Ohhh what fun it is to eat a big azz steak today!!! and I am gonna do just that too :slight_smile:


wow my mother in law is the same. had that darn type 2 diabetes and Dr said eat less bread, watch carbs etc and you can even get off the pills. Nope. Onto shots. Dr said this is not good, change your diet to lower carbs and nope…then had to take shots…now she is a mess. Nearing 77 and she is wrecked physically, rotted on the inside literally from sugar. Very sad. Has like 15 dr. specialists on hand and sees so many drs all the time it is just crazy and scary. One like 8-9? meds and some bad tough ones too…ugh… But it is what it is, all choose their own path for sure. All of my hubby’s side of the family is fatter, diabetic, and have ‘some illness’ ya know, no one is healthy at any of their ages…ugh.

My mom is 92, truly eats in moderation and is only on one small BP pill and she is rocking fine for her age! Mobile and still drives…yes just a little up to the close store with my brother in the passenger seat. But ‘not real driving’ if ya get my drift. But she is doing SO well and I PRAY I got her genes for sure. Dad passed at 86 quickly from lung cancer but he was ‘never sick’ in life. Diagnosed and 7 weeks later he passed but up til that last time, he was rocking life in good form. My 2 brothers are healthy and me too with no med issues to fight thankfully. So hoping all the better genes come my way LOL

For me it is addiction. Carbs make me fat, sluggy, sugar rots me and makes me ill. Must abstain. Can’t moderate at all, my body won’t allow it.

Only on extreme low carb did I ‘do ok’ within reason, only on ZC I am thriving literally. I thrive LOL

Plus I am a firm believer as I researched veggies/grains etc. that the low level toxins in them is working against your body, never for your body. How do I know some of all that research is applicable? Cause I am living the life and know when I eat XYZ I get heartburn again, I get gut and bathroom issues and more…no one needs to tell me that veg/grains etc. ain’t carrying crap in them, they are for my body :slight_smile: So with my belief style from that research and body experiences about how plants work against us, yea I can easily say zero carb eating is me and I am a zero carb eater.

I won’t go backward from my plan ever. I got my lifestyle, I am sinking into it with a smile on my face and move forward each day just loving my Carnivore lifestyle.

Yes I am a big promoter of this plan :wink: WEE!!!

(Laurie) #450

I’m “relaxed carnivore”; I eat some dairy and processed meats. Why am I, uh, almost zero carb?

A few months ago I began having strong negative reactions to some grains and some vegetables. Rather than figure out which ones might be okay (for now), I just quit them all.

Less urgent reasons include the following:

  • Plant foods constipate me somewhat.
  • Some are expensive, and/or inconvenient to store and prepare.
  • Some (e.g., nuts) are addictive.
  • “Low carb” plant foods constitute a slippery slope toward high carb ones.

(Vic) #451

After failing to loose weight by restricting calories.
Seeing a colleague loose weight by eating nothing but whole chickens. Up to 2 pieces a day.
That didnt make sense. Consulting my good old friend SCIENCE revealed to me that humans have been eating meat for millions of years, and thrive on it.
So I started a ketovore style diet in 2018, nothing but meat an 1 piece of fruit a day.
It worked and I lost 26kg fat.
A side effect was that I became healthy, I was well on route to being a diabetic and also a heart attack. Not to mention the arthritis I had and dozens of little things all disappeared.

Healing was not the intention, I didn’t have a forum like this one. It didn’t even occur to me that I was sick. My impression was that I was getting older.

Ones I learned that being fat was just a symptom of food poisoning and that I was healing because of the meat, I dumped the idea that fruit and vegetables are healthy, so I became a carnivore at the start of 2019, almost 2 years now.

Depending on the definition of carnivore even 3 years ago.

Now I do ZC to be and stay healthy.
That is why I do it.


Laurie, I think we have to invent our own terminology for, “I don’t eat plants”.

As @Fangs said upstream, writers like Paul Saladino are working hard to turn “Carnivore” into a “create your own adventure story”.

With honey and berries, cucumbers, avocados, supplements and etc, etc, etc.

(Vic) #453

I did a carnivore version with 1 piece of fresh fruit a day. It worked fine, no downsides for me.
Im shure its a good way to do ketovore. Better than SAD.

(Vic) #454

Today’s food was:

None, just water, coffee , 1 cup of bone broth

Sorry, no pictures


That is why I used the ZC term. To connote “no plants”. As opposed to “carnivore”

Maybe I should say ZP. :joy: Zip. :wink:


Yesterday was 30 days of Carnivore for me. Can’t believe how good I feel.

Here’s to many more. :partying_face:


:star_struck: Wow! Congratulations @Septimius !!! Yay!!!:raised_hands:t2:

(Laurie) #458

That’s good. I’m glad you feel good!

(Vic) #459

Welcome to the ZP feel good club.:sunglasses:

(Edith) #460

Well, you asked for it! Lol!

Both my parents are very unhealthy. Years ago, my dad developed chronic pancreatitis. He’s been taking digestive enzymes for years. He used his problem (and I believe some mental health issues haven’t helped) to severely restrict his diet to mostly junk: very high carb, low protein. As a result, he has all kinds of digestive issues, his teeth are rotting out of his mouth, his fingernails are peeling away, and dementia is setting in. The man is about 5 inches shorter than he was in his youth from bone and lean muscle mass loss. My mother has high blood pressure, psoriatic arthritis, and cysts that grow along her spinal cord which have caused her to become paralyzed from the waist down.

I will do whatever I can to try and avoid the problems they have. I believe I was heading down the psoriatic arthritis path until I quit all dairy. If I eat dairy, it gives me painfully itchy, scabby bumps on my head and back. It also makes my joints hurt, especially my back. Staying dairy free, low carb, and low histamine, help with most of those symptoms.

My back is still a problem. I think I’m seeing a pattern to when it feels its worst. I believe it really acts up when I am dumping oxalates, because when the dumping symptoms go away, my back feels better than it did before the dumping started. That gives me hope that eventually my back trouble will become just a minor nuisance or who knows, maybe go away completely. Wouldn’t that be nice!

The thing that I worry about the most following a no plant diet is the fact that I’m restricting what I eat so much. The fact that my dad severely restricted his diet, and fears I may follow in his footsteps weigh heavily on my mind. Logically, I know that eating meat, seafood, and eggs is way healthier than what my dad does. My diet is nutritionally complete, his is not. But I do believe he felt he was doing what was right for himself when he initially started his dietary restrictions, just I as think I am doing right by myself with my dietary restrictions. Again, logically, I also know what I’m doing has a fair bit of science behind it, but those worries do nag at the back of my mind.

Oh, one last thing. Every woman on my mom’s side of the family had her gallbladder removed by the time she was in her early to mid 60s. I’m 54. It will be interesting to see if I go to the grave with my gallbladder still intact. wink:

@Ketodaisy, do you actually eat the entire chicken foot? If so, how do you prepare it? I just bought some to use in broth.

(Edith) #461

Gosh, there are numerous little problems that I used to have and I would think, “Oh, that’s just the way it is.” Then I found out that just by changing what I ate, I didn’t have to have those problems.
It’s truly amazing the effect food has on us. It’s its truly amazing how food doesn’t really enter peoples minds where their health is concerned. And, it’s also truly amazing how many people don’t even want to consider that their health problems are caused by food.