Twelve Days of Carnivore!


mushrooms are fungus but classified as a vegetable actually and it ain’t animal and no saying it enough times over and over from some people that a mushroom is more animal than plant is just stupid…not saying this to you at all LOL just saying it in general about mushrooms and the stupid stuff written out there in general about mushrooms in a carnivore lifestyle
I’ve read so many carnivores saying mushrooms are more animal and omg the dumb of it all truly!!! I can’t take it anymore :smiling_imp:

and again this post is not to you at all Vic :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:, you cool, it is the other pretend carnivores sucking down mushrooms saying over and over they fit carnivore. So many non-carnivores who say they are carnivore eating honey, mushrooms, and other crap say every excuse on the planet to pretend they are carnivore and fit into our lifestyle, but then tell true carnivores that we are wrong and I am so over it ya know. Yes I am ranting a bit :wink:

ok I went mad a bit in this post :partying_face::partying_face: WEEEeeeee, just a pet peeve of mine with mush and carnivore HA

Your meal is cool Vic cause you said you might ‘ketovore’ a bit thru Dec and that is what suits you and you are barely walking over any far line leaving carnivore at all with that plate ya know…so again, you cool on it all.

I just had to rant about the mushrooms cause this subject is over abused in the carnivore forums and it just irks the furball out of me LOL


I read that while mushrooms are not Carnivore, over 200 species of mushrooms are carnivores! They eat, snag, trap and kill live organisms using their little microscopic paws! :joy:

Some vegans have a problem with that. :grin:

I haven’t eaten yet, it’s only 5:30. I have been readin “Fat of the Land” this morning. Love it!

We are at the exciting part of the book where we talk about oral hygiene. Hey, my gums are in so much better health since I ditched all the plants. I am definitely a believer that a carb diet is disaster for our mouths.

I had one cup of half hot water, half coffee. Cutting back slowly and feeling :+1: okay.

Also found an exercise program that suits my temperament. I am happy about that. I am paying 15.00 a month for it. Not everything has to be free. Sometimes it is good to pay the creator without a “social media” middle man getting their grubby mitts in there. :joy:


Fungi aren’t animals, that’s what matters. Carnivores eat animals, vegans eat non-animals, non living things are okay for both if there is a reason to eat them (salt) :D. It doesn’t matter if something is plant or not in this, it matters that it’s animal or not. It’s trickier for vegetarians and if I think about it, the thing makes very little sense made from moral reasons, at least if it has much to do with killing animals… If we consume animal matter, we support killing animals from that species (there are some extreme exceptions but I don’t think it’s significant), it’s inevitable.

“Vegetable” is a kitchen term as far as I know, biology doesn’t know that, it matters even less. Some plants are vegetables and fruits at the same time. But yep, we use mushrooms in the role of vegetables… That’s why I don’t understand why would anyone think they are carnivore. They are like the plants used as spice. Not carnivore but tiny amounts fit many people’s carnivore woe. A few mushrooms or a few garlic slices in an almost only meat dish, it looks the same to me.

And human carnivores are way more strict than animal carnivores who eat plants and fungi just fine if they suit them :slight_smile: Some of them eat a lot. I don’t say many have no good reasons for it, of course they do.

Mushrooms have kitin. it doesn’t make them animals, of course but they are closer to the animals than the plants or something? I don’t think it matters, actually. Everyone should do what suits them best (or close to that, most of the times… sometimes some of us needs more freedom for mental reasons), labels be damned. I mean, I don’t think it’s the best thing to force ourselves into some woe even if we clearly feel better somewhere else.

By the way, I picked some very pretty mushrooms (the orange winter one), even Alvaro could walk to there and saw them in their natural habitat. I forgot the camera, oh well, next time. I put zero restriction on my mushroom eating, I just don’t feel the need or desire. Curiosity, yes, my bane but I satiated that before, I know the flavor of this species. I enjoy its look the best. And the fact that I found them! Winter mushrooms, it’s the first year I found such ones, I am still excited about this. Mushroom hunting (and photographing) is my hobby. We eat them too but it mostly means Alvaro. Just like in the case of our fruits. I am content with this.


it isn’t about labeling at all, it is always about being true to a plan you choose to try.

carnivore/zero carb eating and staying on plan as this plan is intended, animal kingdom products only, will produce way different health results than those eating in and out of carnivore, eating an LC plan or a keto plan or whatever plan one is eating…and that is the difference that needs to be remembered.

The results for health on a total elimination menu like carnivore is what ‘gets people the zc health results’ and changes to their bodies they will never achieve eating veg. or any other sugar free foods or ?

Never ever saying a lc plan eating veg/meat/desserts etc. is wrong for anyone. Everyone can shine where they want but if ONE WANTS carnivore health benefits as they are given by only eating animal kingdom foods and giving it true time on plan to get these changes and see the body healing…it is the only way to know what this plan is all about. Thru actual experience on this plan.

If someone doesn’t want carnivore that is cool. Many function on tons of plans out there that suit them with tons of different foods, but if one ever wants ‘real health knowledge of their body on carnivore’ and what the health changes will be one must do the plan. People who don’t experience carnivore in longer form on this plan will never understand what carnivores experience being on this plan full time and long term. Many ‘try to relate’ but they can’t and never will cause carnivore is truly a whole world of its own on your body and the changes that happen to each of us on a personal level.

Anyone can eat whatever they want…if they want to know the real zero carb carnivore eating then either do the plan or never comment about what it feels like to be carnivore, cause if ya don’t do it, ya don’t know it. And MANY are not carnivore but act like they are eating carnivore and give advice when they are not even doing the plan correctly LOL and this confuses real newbies who need zero carb eating in their lives to change their health. This is seen so much now out on ‘fake carnivore’ forums where they are eating honey, mushrooms, blueberries and also say they are ‘oh boy 85% carnivore and 15% I eat whatever I want’ and yea, that is really being a carnivore…NOT! ugh…and then give ‘carnivore’ advice when they aren’t even carnivore. Just f’s up the new people who require this plan and are here for a reason and want a real zc experience.

just commenting on just saying a label does mean something if one wants to do a real true plan then ya do it ya know…if one wants another path then do it.

Carnivores know what carnivore is…we eat animal kingdom products only and we hold this plan to obtain health benefits we don’t achieve on other plans. It takes a special breed to be a carnivore I think :slight_smile: but there are tons of us out there actually but if it doesn’t suit someone, then go back into the low carb eating world and find what does suit a person is all one can do.

There is nothing special in what I am saying here LOL
Eat the plan as intended or get off the pot ya know HAHA One won’t ever achieve what a true eating carnivore person experiences unless they eat this plan as intended…and like I said, if one wants other plans, cool…not a darn thing wrong with that but I think it is wrong to constantly pollute an eating plan that can help so many if that correct plan is realized out there and not tweaked and faked by others.

Now this is just the years of me being on zc forums and fake carnivore forums and of course, people ‘on forums’ can say whatever and eat whatever behind closed doors, LOL, but many of us are the carnivore plan and we do hold it very near and dear. I don’t know, it just gets annoying sometimes, most times I now never say anything when I read posts that are SO wrong cause it truly isn’t worth it out on the internet :slight_smile: but every now and then I gotta vent it out and rant about it like the ‘big mushroom stupidity’ that rolls out there in carnivore world HAHA

I know all plans get murdered out there, from carnivore to people trashing keto plan and others dissecting just a low carb plan and how wrong even that plan might be so I think thru the years I am more like, KNOW the plan you are wanting to tackle and then DO the plan as intended and then you have real knowledge based on a personal experience…I think my too many forums I visited thru the years just irk me sometimes on how so off base they are sometimes…but I have to say, this keto forum stays true to its keto plan roots :slight_smile:

(Laurie) #426

Biologically, fungi are closer to animals than they are to plants. But they are not animals.

(If interested, you can look up the terms eukaryote and opisthokonta.)


Does anyone here weigh themselves regularly?

(I have been a regular weigher-inner from way back. But on ZC…the reading is pretty meaningless compared to my leggings getting loose. I think I am gonna stop…)

(Karen) #428

I stopped weighing myself many years ago… about the time i started using a gym when I was 44yrs and have only used the scales at my works gym a few times over the years to get the full read out body analysis.

Even when my daughter bought some (when she lived at home) I still didn’t bother with them. I much prefer to go with how my clothes feel. Its so easy to get wrapped up in the obsession with weighing oneself.


:raised_hands:t2: Karen!

I can be pretty obsessive, but this particular data point is so useless to me right now - kind of like being obsessed with gnomes. Or Barbary pirates. :pirate_flag: :joy:

(Karen) #430

Well a good day again. Did my stair runs before heading to CrossFit class which was a bit of a humdinger!
Pleased with my performance as it was very respectable and feeling like I am getting back to pre lockdown level and after taking on this woe, meaning starting Keto and progressing to Carnivore.

Didn’t eat till a little after 2pm and had sauted roasted chicken in butter and melted cheddar. I have put 2 lamb shoulder pieces in the slow cooker too so that I have a choice of what to take in my pack up for lunch at work tomorrow.

(Karen) #431

It really is useless to everyone! Unless you do it like once a month to just to give you added confidence that the scales are going in the right direction I would say get rid altogether. You certainly look like you are going in the right direction Ella.

I think they are fine if one just wants to go around and say to everyone “I’ve lost x amount of pounds” But most people will let you know you’ve lost weight as it all of a sudden becomes noticeably . That’s when it is lovely to get such a remark or compliment. Of course then you have to deal with “well how much more are you looking to lose” and then “oh don’t lose too much” and then one wishes they hadn’t mentioned how much they lost! Bubble burst!

(Edith) #432

I agree to this sentiment, but this is a carnivore thread and the idea of this thread was to help people stick to the carnivore plan, not a carnivore-plus-a-little-plants plan. If that’s the case, one should be posting on the keto threads. I appreciated @Elizedge chastising me with that back in August.


I’ve seen some articles written by people who tried carnivore for a very short period of time or still ate plants and then write that carnivore didn’t work for them. It is very annoying.

I thought I was pretty carnivore with the little bits of berries I ate before I started the Slaptember Challenge. Boy, I was I surprised when dropping even the little bit of plants I was eating made a big difference. And you are right, unless going whole hog with carnivore, one really can’t comment about a true carnivore experience.

(Edith) #433

I weigh myself every morning. I find the ups and downs very interesting.

(Edith) #434

Boy, I haven’t seen you mention your Alfredo sauce in several months. Do you usually eat dairy? Your reaction with the stiff joints is one of the reasons I don’t eat dairy. Besides the itching, it gives me painful joints, especially my back.


The “Men’s Health” type articles are the worst for that. Some dude that eats meat sticks all weekend, gets diarrhea and calls up a plant eating “life coach nutritionist wellness instructor macrame artist” to reinforce the idea that a Carnivore diet is an insane cult.

But…it was the accidental reading of one of those dumb articles which referenced some OG carnivores…that led me to look them up, and make the decision for myself, “I’ll have what they’re having!” :joy:

(Vic) #436

Every day in the morning.
I love measuring stuff.
Blood pressure, heartrate, waiste to highth ratio, etc regularly.

Not that I call myself Carnivore at his time, its Ketovore for now.
I have accumulated almost 4 grams of cabs this month. For someone that eats about a 1000 grams of meat a day, Im not going to break any records here :grin:

Here is a picture of dinner,

Cured and uncured bacon + eggs.

I still have a bit of a unsettled stomach, groawling bowels and even a little gassy.
Could be a bit of bad bacteria.
Its time to kill most of my symbiotic friends and reset the bowls.

Fasting it is, no food tomorrow. :pensive:


yup, you summed it all up with one simple sentence. You write well VE! I tend to ramble out alotta words trying to say something just like your one sentence can say HAHA Love it!

and that is so true for so many. Now don’t get me wrong, some never notice a difference but so many people are quite surprised what little things they are keeping, like maybe a diet soda, or some berries or that occasional ‘take a tiny bit off carnivore just for the weekend’ and more just keeps them from truly getting full on carnivore benefits. I was one of them, like you I was like WOW…I was very extreme low carb but I dallied a tad into carbs still but never thought such a big difference could ever be obtained by dropping all that. I am a convert for sure :sunny:


yea I did drop the alfredo for a long time cause I got lazy in any cooking. You remember I am the ‘anti cook’ on the board I think, so many love the kitchen, I am polar opposite :slight_smile:

I think it was cause I eat very little cheese. Cheese is my only ‘dairy’ ya know with having some grated cheddar over a burger…that is usually it. No hwc, no other cheese other than cheddar on a burger, no yogurt or ‘raw milk’ or whatever dairy on considers good on carnivore.

So I think dropping that hwc and that parm cheese when I did eat it, wow, I felt it. Kinda like too much cause I did eat a good sized portion over my chicken and it was delish LOL but right now, back to just easy and clean eating for me.

I gotta say I felt the super stiff fingers. Surprised me kinda, I was one ‘who could handle some dairy’ but I think now that my ‘just a bit of cheese when I do a burger’ is about it for me, which eh, is fine, I eat so darn well with my steaks and seafood I can’t truly ever complain :slight_smile:

you get itching also from it, then you are very sensitive to dairy for sure. Dairy really can make or break so many of us.



I love the advice given by experienced writers, “kill your darlings”. It has become a sort of mantra of mine lately.

(Vic) #440



oh boy the big rollercoaster relationship ride with the ugly scale for me.

I weigh every morning since I went carnivore but before, on low carb, atkins, tried keto plan and then into very low carb I hated the scale truly and went on and off.

but I went every day on zc and my reason is this…I never friggin’ gain. No matter how much I eat in a day I never gain…now I 'might go UP a 1lb. or 2 when I know I ate too much ‘salt’ or processed stuff or eating things I don’t normally eat like scrapings off a pepperoni pizza slice and then I expect an UP but I know the next day gone and I almost get a surprise, a .2 or 1/2 lb gone and I live for that…that damn little bit of snarky azz revenge against the darn scale in that I am eating so much and so well and never hungry and yet that ‘snarky crap scale’ can not make me gain…muuuhhahaha

I know I have a disorder against my scale LOL but whatever it is I don’t know. But since going zc I love my scale. There are no gains now, just the same for all I eat and then a drop when it decides to give me one.

but in truth, yes I could walk away from it if I wanted. Go by body changes, clothes looser, and people noticing differences etc. without ever worrying about the scale but that darn thing does have some hold on me still.

OK, should I be committed? yea maybe :crazy_face:
Me and my scale, omg stand back and nobody get into this relationship, it could be scary for most :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: