Twelve Days of Carnivore!

(Edith) #402

I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t been able to see your son. I would imagine it’s important for your son to stick to his regular routine as much as possible. I can only imagine how you feel.

My granddaughter is having surgery the middle of January, so we’ve been staying away. If she gets sick, the surgery would have to get rescheduled. She’s not quite one, so we miss a lot of changes when we don’t get to see her. Sigh.

I just remind myself it’s only a blip in time. I just want us to all stay healthy.

(Vic) #403

Ok, sounds reasonable.
I have experienced salt deficiency ceveral times (SAD diet. Working in hot temperatures, tropics and sweating a lot).
I get leg cramps, its not a big deal, a salt tablet and its gone immediately.
Never have any muscle cramps, your probably good for it.

(Vic) #404

Yesterday evening I was at a friends house.
They know I only eat meat so they cooked this 800gr rib eye steak with a considerale amount of fat.
Its was a bit more than I usually eat in a meal but the steak was so good I eat the whole thing.

While I was slightly embarrassed they where amazed. Told them that I eat about 1kg of meat a day and that is how I lost 26kg of weight and how I became healthy again.
Regardless af being overweight an metabolicly ill they were not inspired, or maybe they will be after a some time. For now they are believing 100gr of lean meat a day and a whole lot of carbs is healthy.

New goal for 2021, tell more people about keto and carnivore.


Ahhh…so tough when little ones when they need medical attention and I feel for you guys on that. Hugs!! It is hard! Wishing everyone for the best outcome and sending prayers all goes well for your family!

yes I so agree everyone has their own wake up call one day and I was one who didn’t wanna wake up :slight_smile: but I got on board cause one day I was huffing and puffing walking down to the barns, feeling so sluggy and ‘out of shape’ I was like…omg I have to do something, and my walk into low carb, into Atkins, into what Keto plan was about and then into zero carb.

You did the best thing, put a bug in their ear and who knows when someone might jump into better healthy eating. ‘real better healthy’ eating lifestyle!

That steak sounded delish!

---------------good carnivore morning

yesterday food was

1 lb NY strip steak
few leftover shrimp
8 slices taylor ham
1 cheeseburger patty

I lost 1/2 lb. on the scale. HIP HIP. My usual ‘not much’ but I got something off the scale and NOPE I don’t use the scale as a real indicator of my health but darn I love never seeing it go up and I love seeing a tiny bit still come off even tho I eat so well in my day!!

Zc’ing along in good form. All quiet on this front!

(Vic) #406

Lunch, roasts beef.
Just a crust, practicality raw on the inside.


I met people with 100g lean meat eating tendencies… it’s so not my world. When I stopped being a vegetarian, I ate much meat at once, maybe 3 times a year but if I actually eat meat, I want to use it for satiation. Not to decorate my 10 eggs (I need something to get satiated. if I add carbs, I need to eat more fatty protein but I actually never went over 12 eggs, I need a bigger variety).
Some dishes are fine with little meat but they are rare.
I had some odd days lately but they were surrounded with meaty ones. 20g, 600g, 100g, 420g… I had such days lately. The 20g was a very low-cal day, it happens and the 100g was the one when I finally had eggs again if I remember correctly.
Even Alvaro eats about as much meat as I do now… 100g is a tease, I would rather skip that experience unless it’s a very flavorful little extra after lots of other animal protein. I can eat beef stew like this I imagine (but small fried pieces work too), maybe because I use cheaper cuts and they are chewier? But it’s substantial and very satiating too. But more is needed if I want to use it as a big help for satiation. 600g in an elongated meal surely wasn’t a challenge even in the beginning. well, that was a separate day, it’s still too much for every day. But it was enough for a whole day, I was completely satiated for long.

But people are different, it’s fine. If one is thriving and lead a long healthy life without meat or with little meat and lots of carbs, I see no problem with that.

I looked at sodium data… Eggs have pretty much compared to meat, it seems… I didn’t know that but I never cared about sodium much as I automatically eat the right amount.
I know eggs have too little calcium and magnesium. I don’t care about potassium, I never felt the need and whenever I looked at data, it seemed wildly impossible to get it from food and I don’t take supplements without problems…

If I just keep doing what I am doing but better than in December (this month is always my worst but it was way, way worse in the past. I had my most memorable carby overeating days in December until 2019) I will be quite okay I am sure.
And I expect my next December very different. I can’t imagine it’s avoidable.

I dislike this new trend that most packaged food must brag about its own healthiness. When I was a kid, we didn’t have anything like that. Then certain infos popped up, it’s fine… But now it’s not just “it contains vitamin E” or something (not like it’s informative alone) but that it’s so totally can be a part of a healthy lifestyle, almost no matter what it is (though chocolates usually say we shouldn’t eat more than a tiny amount. Worse things have no problems with telling they are just perfect). It was on the package of dried dates today, Oti visited again and brought some. I can’t imagine why, probably because it’s holiday season but neither Alvaro or I can’t really do much with it. Well, he can eat it but it’s not part of his diet.
But fatty meat is totally horrible and we all must buy lean one and making it into a dish without using much fat. I wrote about that before, I’ve read that in a supermarket paper next to all the fattiest pork, beef , fowl stuff they so love to put on sale (as people love them too and buy them). It was so odd. There are lean meat too as some people are into them (even if they dislike the lack of fat but well, sacrifices must be made… poor souls. except if they really need lower-fat) but most of the meat is quite fatty, I can’t even eat the fattiest kind alone.

These are so, so wrong.

Congrats! :smiley:
Slow loss would be superb to me, it’s my plan for 2021.


love it! delicious picture for sure! I want it :+1:

I am the same. I love HOT food and that crispy delish sear is a must and then I am set on my meat! And scrape that pan til it screams with getting every bit of juicy from it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

------------I defrosted a 3.41 lb. chuck roast for the crockpot. Hubby wants a beef stew type thing happening but I will definitely eat some of that meat. Not my fav’d way of cooking it but of course I am not ever not eating some HAHA Waiting for the house to smell like heaven :sunny:


thanks S…that is what zc is now giving me. slow changes. longer I hold on plan and eat well the body changes on its own and I do nothing, but eat delish LOL yea it might take time to get off my last vanity lbs I want gone, but I don’t care, I eat so darn well and am happy that I can wait it out, for a lifestyle and lifetime on this plan :sunny:

I lost nice and fast when I started and got the majority of lbs off and I am super happy about that but the last darn lbs are always a pain but I won’t ‘change or manipulate’ my eating at all to force those gone cause I truly want ‘natural way’ to kick in and just let it happen ya know…and it is :slight_smile:


I had my meal. (I am not going to call it OMAD anymore.)

It was a fatty ribeye, about 1.25 libs. I “cauterized” it. :joy:

No added fat in the pan. No salt. It was more palatable today, but most of that added flavor was owing to the pools of fat within the steak that were left untrimmed.
(Unlike yesterday’s “Dieter’s Special” that had been stripped of all it’s fat edge.)

I ate it with my hands, Fat First! Thinking about the animal it came from. Being grateful for it.

It took forever, y’all! :joy: I had to take a little mini break and do some chores midway through.

Day 2 Conclusion:
Without salt I ate about 50 percent slower, and 50 percent more mindfully with 50 percent less “enjoyment” in quotes.
Let’s just call it palatability.

Still reading, “The Fat of the Land”. Thanks @Fangs for the link!

NSV: Got to sleep without melatonin last night!

NonV: Had a cup of coffee this AM. :woman_shrugging:t2:


yea you have to take ‘fat of the land’ in a time warp text you are reading like other ol’ timey stuff!!

You had me laughing, you cauterized your steak and hit that delish fat first…I hear ya on that!

Your taste will change to where it flips, you will love your food without added salt, just some time under the belt to make that happen, and it will!! You are rockin’ this plan Ella and experimenting a bit on yourself with no added salt and more…love it and love hearing your changes and reactions!

and screw OMAD…I am SO SO sick of ‘dieting terms’ when ‘real life food nutrition’ never had a ‘dieters term’ put on it :wink: :+1:

you are changing now…there is no ““IF”” in our lives. There is no OMAD! There is no eating if hungry cause we ‘must diet’ and hit some useless numbers from some useless calculator!! and more…US ZC PEOPLE are so over just that and you are hitting that mark, running right towards the super simplicity from it!! cool!


Thank you so much for the cheerleading! Offline no one knows what I am doing. :shushing_face:


no one needs to know anything you don’t wanna tell them :slight_smile:
I am super private in what I do in life, just me type personality, so when I went ‘all in’ as a massive lifestyle forever, I had to tell hubby and kid just figured it out and the rest of any contacts in my life?? family and all…hey it is what it is and I don’t even chat ‘what I do’ for food ever…questioned, I just wing it…lie sometimes, just say this is ALL I want and other times just say not well to ‘whomever’ is asking LOL

Do you at all times and never apologize for doing just that!! true freedom ya know! Do life as you need at all times and it all works out in the long term wash :wink: Your health and well being first is key, get that any way ya can LOL I do!

(Karen) #414

Yes it is so important to keep everyone safe. I had an email from my sons care home and they tell me he is very settled and happy at the moment so I am thankful for that and for the fact that what I am doing, or not doing as the cee may be, is in fact the right thing.

I do hope your grand daughters surgery goes well and according to plan. That must be worrying for you and your family. Hopefully it won’t be too long before you can see and hold her :heart:

(Karen) #415

Had a busy day today, a lot of running around.

Did my 100 stair runs (up and down) then off to my CrossFit class which i really enjoyed. Then over to see my daughters new house that she and her hubby moved into yesterday. They had gone out… she had forgotten I was going over and left her phone behind. They had gone to buy a washing machine and dryer and then to collect her 3 kitties from the cattery. As I was driving away she phoned from her hubby mobile apologising most profusely and I could hear she was mortified that she had forgotten! So I popped over to see my dance partner special friend for a cuppa then back across daughters again!.. for another cuppa. Oh and we are all in bubble!

Then home for fuel as I was starting to feel a bit hungry. It was about 2.45pm and so first meal of the day was a huge beef ribeye butchers steak which was gorgeous and much bigger than I thought it was when I bought it yesterday. With that I had 2 mediumish lamb sausages again very tasty, 2 extra large fried eggs and a little bit of streaky bacon. Once again my photo wouldn’t upload grrrrrr. Followed that humungus meal with an ounce of mature cheddar.

Not sure i will need anything else to eat today but will probably still manage to savour a bit of goats cheese a little later … because I am a piggie !!!

(Karen) #416

YAY I did it.

The ribeye just seared and blue inside

(Vic) #417



Love the story about the friends and the delicious massive Fred Flintstone steak.


Vic. There are a lot of posts in the forums about being excited and spreading the word about ketogenic eating to find that most people don’t want to hear about it. Maybe tell them if they ask?

(Vic) #419

Thnx for the advice Frank.
Think I will do that :+1:


food yesterday was

some chuck steak I cut before I crockpot’d the rest for hubby’s beef stew.
did a fast hot pan fry and kept very rare and it was delish! Being it is a cheaper cut I will definitely buy some smaller chucks to slice thin, fry at warp speed the way I like and eat that baby up like a shaved steak or something.

3 chicken breasts in homemade alfredo sauce, heavy on the fresh parm cheese…had a hankering, yum but I paid with having stiff joints this morning, especially my fingers :frowning: Haven’t had my alfredo in a while, it effected me a little, ugh. That is fine, I mostly dropped it from my life cause it is ‘to me’ like work to make it HA

few chunks of crockpot chuck roast that was fixed the way hubby loves, in a brown gravy with onions etc. and I have to say, after those few big hunks I did eat, I got indigestion a tiny bit…had to be that gravy. Not bad, but I felt it with a tad of heartburn.

too much crazy, yea alfredo sauce and bit of gravy is crazy in my life :wink:

Feel bloated this morning for sure.
alot of water today and eating very clean. just steak and naked burgers. leave the dairy alone and just get rid of the bloat. I don’t like it one bit :slight_smile:

all going well tho. enjoying zc as usual.

(Vic) #421

My ketovore lunch.
Turkey wrapped in bacon, more turkey and mushrooms.
A large cup of broth to go with that.

Technically muchrooms are not plants, is it right to call it a ketovore meal? About 2grams of carbs