Twelve Days of Carnivore!

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Yep, I know there are complex sugars but as people usually say “sugar” when they think of simple sugars (or not even that wide meaning), I usually use it that way too.
Even my body feels simple and complex sugars (and fibers too, actually) VERY different. So it’s important for me, not liking feeling bad.
But (simple) sugars feel somewhat similar. That’s why I don’t really care if I eat animal or plant sugar, I need to be careful with both. I stick to animals when I comfortably can because it’s a fun thing and I can write walls of texts here… I like to experiment, to try out things and I still am in this beginner phase. Oh and because I strongly prefer the animal sugars, taste and creaminess wise (they make the best desserts… they and eggs). Except the fruits, they are so wonderful a little goes a long way. And I enjoy them very frequently, I just don’t eat them most of the time. They are good for so many other things (cherries are wonderful models. I restarted painting and they gave me just the perfect amount of challenge and much joy. apples are popular but I always went for onions instead. but cherries are even better).

I probably have some anti-carb addiction then? Physically. (It’s not very bad but I would be in a big trouble if I had to eat much carbs every day as I wouldn’t have any other option. I would survive but I want to feel my best.)
And I want to eat everything I fancy if we consider the not physical things? But I prefer the non-carbs as they are nicer, tastier, better most of the time (there are exceptions and my preferences change). But I eat things I don’t prefer too, for variety. And I eat things I don’t desire or need sometimes so it’s complicated.

Not all, many plant matter have very much protein or fat too (how on earth could be vegan ketoers otherwise?). But even if it’s the common case and they are mostly carbs, why would it be a problem for me? Amounts and frequency matter.
But I don’t eat all plants anyway. I pretty much avoid vegetables, for example. And I am not into grains under normal circumstances, my food tastes better.
Oily seeds were my old friends though… I will decide about them at some point (I have two big favs. I am fine without them quite surprisingly but I love them and I have zero reason to avoid them due to their tiny carb content, I can say that much for now). But most of them permanently disappeared from my diet (it was quick but I very genuinely lost all interest, they aren’t so tasty anyway but had their role on my vegetarian keto). And I lost my peanut (legume but at least honorary oily seed) addiction (that was a good thing regarding my body decided it doesn’t like it. sometimes these things take time, I get more sensitive), it’s one almost instant benefit of trying carnivore in my case.

Oh and I NEVER would put more than some very little decorative vegetable/mushroom here! It’s a carnivore thread, I am wild enough without that rude behavior!
I make these pancakes even for my high-carber SO. I can’t even make floury things except 2 items but messing with my perfect pancakes? Never.


A Mom they can rely on for help when required! :slight_smile:

I love old school-ness too :sunny: None of the hype and the who knows what fake info etc is behind it dragging along their info for profits and more, the old school Docs were in it to win it and help. Newer stuff is all about how much money you can make off something I think, not all, but alot!

I wish I had your personality on that one Ella cause just saying I am done and over something and walking away is just a great strength! Your coffee is my carbs LOL I was scared to walk away from carbs cause first of course they are addicting and who ever wants to let go of an obsession and then it was like…what if I do stop all carbs? what will life be life? believe me it got on my nerves til I jumped in and did it and loved it of course…might be your coffee is the last to go and ya just wanna ‘keep something’ ya know?? But you will drop it if you want, you sure sound like you got the right strength to do it when you want! Cool

I think like you, every dollar saved somewhere else is meat or seafood on my plate :partying_face:

@Carnivoor, nice pic of your plates!! Yum

-----------------wow, Dec is flying thru now. The big holiday is trucking toward us at warp speed it seems to me now, and boom, day over and heading into 2021. hey, next year right? everyone hoping it is a ton better than what 2020 turned out to be :sunny:

food yesterday was

1 lb steak
finished off pork ribs
2 chicken breasts
tin of sardines
about 1/2 cup of taco meat

I gotta say that taco spice is not sitting well on the tummy but I still like the taste a bit…til I don’t and then I am so over it LOL

Just zc’ing and doing well.

Family wants to hit an Italian restaurant for Christamas Eve. I looked up the menu and they have shrimp scampi plain, for appetizer (with some bread but I wouldn’t touch that obvy) and I can get a choice of a few steaks on the menu so at least I am covered. All sides to meal would go to the family to devour as usual.

Being just the 3 of us my 15 yr old daughter said lets just focus on Xmas dinner and be good but lets go out for Christmas Eve just to do something, get out of the house, ugh, OK I can do that. I tell ya guys it pains me to no end to pay like $30 for a steak I can buy and eat for less than 1/2 that cost and that shrimp scampi appetizer, like $10 for 6 small shrimp…come on LOL but I will suck it up buttercup, go out and enjoy the holiday season but ya know my mind has flipped that eating out is just not that enjoyable to me anymore, where in the old days, of course I was addicted to all that restaurant food. I don’t miss my eating out restaurant addiction actually HAHA

Carnivore on all!!

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The perfect Ketovore meal. :yum:


I finished “Strong Medicine” - very of its time.

If one reads it, brace for some casual sexism, racism and classism. But as @Fangs says, the old doctor wanted heal. And he did. The book was written only so that everything he learned in his practice would not die with him. He definitely wasn’t trying to build a supplement empire or sell “coaching”.

My favorite part was how zero bs he was in prescribing his patient’s diet. (No drugs) Funny, and very direct.

(And he always wanted his female patients with diabetes to have beautiful shoes that fitted them well, damn the cost!)

My least favorite part was that Dr. always prescribed a strong “demitasse of coffee” with each meal. :joy: Not helpful!

He strongly recommended “The Fat of the Land” by Vilhjalmur Steffanson. (The book about the foodways of the Inuit) So I am going to have a go. The book keeps coming up again and again in my reading. Anyone read it?


yea it is wild reading about old fashioned culture and more and you can only laugh a bit thru it…diabetic ladies must have great shoes…that slays me HAHA

here is Fat of the Land:

It is a good read and a longer one too LOL


Each morning NoFUN - controlled feeding window.

Got to 2pm again today before feeling like breakfast.

Summer is a time for easy fasting? Winter is a time for carnivore feasting?

Broke fast with 3 fresh eggs and middle bacon omelette with some cheese on top.

Lamb chops and prawns and smoked salmon and blue cheese for dinner.

Found a local Swiss-style cheese that I reckon I might prefer to Jarlsberg.

This is the sixth day of Carnivore, second time through.


Inspired by “Strong Medicine” I had a half hour of exercise before meal. The Dr. recommended getting fully dressed and having a brisk walk outside. (He recommended women have a visible police whistle around their neck, “and leave your pocketbook behind! You do not want to get beat up!”)

(I did Pilates in my jammies in the living room instead.)

Per his advice I did not salt my steak. (And it had barely any taste at all.)


Hospital :frowning: I was waiting for 2 hours in front of it (well my jacket was thin and anyway, I obviously walked too) and it’s not nice even on an average winter day when there isn’t even frost… Alvaro had an appointment and they said if he comes in at 11, he probably will be in earlier than his time, 11:45. Yeah, sure. He waited almost 2 hours.

Whatever. It’s over for now. We did some shopping (quickly as we had 2 expensive vaccines and those need to be kept cold) and now we have a whole duck, some turkey drumsticks and 1kg chicken liver. And some salmon. So I doubt I need to buy anything else than chicken and pig liver until late January. I have more meat than ever AND we get out 10+ kg piglet soon. Yay! It’s a piglet and it’s from the nice farm, not from who knows where! I am curious about the taste!
I will experiment. I started already, kind of. I ate no cheese today. Did it happen in the last months I wonder… I don’t remember. But now I have sufficient supplies to do that. I like cheese but I mostly ate the amount I ate out of necessity. I can’t live on meat for sure and never plan to. And if I have very meaty days, I need different kinds too.
But today I only had pork shoulders as meat (and some of that disappointing but edible sausage sticks. half a stick, 9g). This piece is quite fatty especially on the top and that part was easy to cut off so it is the definitely well done part and the other part needs more time in the oven. Alvaro complained but managed to find leaner parts so it was okay. He came a long way too since he stated eating meat every day is wasteful and he wouldn’t do that. He ate pretty much pork for both of his meals today… For him and for a normal person, I only know he ate 220g for lunch (raw weight) and probably not much less for breakfast…?
I ate 400g pork after my soup (it was warm and soft, definitely no challenge, to put it lightly), my appetite still was there but it subtly felt enough…? So I started to eat other things afterwards. I still had leftover pancake batter anyway.

I made some plans, tomorrow will be sausage (the kind that must be made in the oven) and maybe later but soon turkey drumsticks (fowl meat is tender and adds a nice, cheap variety, I like to pair it up with pork). Beef stew and salmon for Christmas Eve and roasted piglet for New Years or a bit earlier (probably both, it’s a lot of meat).

Alvaro finally ate up all the chocolate he received in December (about 1.5 tables for lunch… One all alone. How on earth can someone with almost my sweetness need, I mean the level of desired sweetness in sweets, eat that? I would need a TON of black coffee to endure and I wouldn’t enjoy it, probably), hopefully it will calm down my December sweets eating tendencies, it was a bit too much lately. I managed not to go crazy but it wasn’t ideal at all. I don’t even like to eat multiple carnivore sweets for the same meal, it’s abnormal… And I don’t even have much mascarpone anymore (I have a mascarpone phase now). But I bought a lot of whipping cream, it’s something. And sour cream is good dessert too. It surely will be helpful with OMAD.
I plan some really proper carni days in the next days except tasting the not-sausages especially the blood one. I love blood sausages but they all come with lots of rice here (so possibly I don’t even like them now, I ate it last time… maybe 1.5 years ago? not at home, we only bought 2 rabbits a year at that time). Wikipedia doesn’t know that for some reason but Hungarian blood/liver not-sausage has lots of rice. Maybe some local variants have something else (and of course, there were no rice used in the old times when Hungarians didn’t even have it) but I only ever met the rice ones. A little bite once in a blue moon is enough for me, I strongly prefer the sausage, after all. They are almost always baked together, the 3 different kinds of stuff. The 3 usual one as I read about using lungs as filling but I never met such a thing (and I am very fine with that).


Doesn’t matter, you are doing great!! Full on commitment and compliance sometimes takes several times, heck for me more than several LOL so you keep on keeping on!!! Just say one thing, I will FINISH THIS YEAR ON CARNIVORE…ain’t long ya know and when you do…boom, big challenge accomplished :slight_smile:

and I will finish on carnivore with you, along with a bunch of more of us on the thread!! WOOO we got a final final challenge, all in zc for us til the new year…and then well, nothing changes HAHA…we stay zc :crazy_face::partying_face: but we still got bragging rights!! :heart_eyes_cat:


dropping salt is probably a great thing and it truly truly will take time for that flavor to come out without salt…takes a while for our brains and tastebuds to change out. So you keep on holding onto trying your no salt and see how it does for you!!

Dr. recommended full dressed huh? No sports bra only and a pair of short shorts, OH MY HAHA

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Only 13 more days left in the month. So tomorrow (Saturday), you can start counting from 12 backwards! Best wishes.

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Is it? 250gr of your body is salt, its very important to maintain that level.

Not enough salt is bad for you, way more bad then to much salt

Eat salt to taste, and better a little to much then not enough. To much salt makes you thirsty, guess why and where the excess salt goes.


That is in another thread. :joy:


Mmm, salt… I think my pork was less salty as usual. It felt like that but it was nice. My saltiness perception isn’t stable and I have no idea how salty my pork was (not excessively, that’s sure,
only salted the outside and I usually add salt later but now I didn’t) but the main point is that I felt it’s not as salty as I usually like my food but it’s still good that way. It’s new.
And a bit like sweetness. I often feel something is less sweet than my old desserts (no wonder if my sweetener is the lactose in my dairy) but it’s fine and often definitely preferable.

I am sure I will need salt my meat for a looooooooooong time but maybe not as much as before. Not like I ever needed really much. I wrote before that eggs are fine without added salt. I prefer adding a very tiny bit but that’s it and no big deal if I don’t do it.

Oh well, my body will tell me what to do.

But many carnivores don’t use salt. It seems the food contains enough? I don’t know how and what happens if they sweat a lot or drink a lot though… I can only tell my own experiences.
I never felt it’s not enough - except possibly 2 times in my life. When I first went keto and reached ketosis and when I had an extended fast (technically, that was keto too and it was first…) and reached ketosis and stayed there (I supplemented nothing as I had no idea about such things, it’s not like we are teached anything about nutrition at school and from day 3, maybe? things got a bit more interesting. it’s logical I needed sodium. it wasn’t a big deal but still, I felt something and probably that).
So these are quite special. I don’t worry about low sodium but if I get dizzy, I will know what to do, I am kind of sure that is the sign for me.
Too much is very bad for me, I get sodium aversion and stop salting anything. And it was probably significantly below the recommended amount for ketoers (if not, the pork farm I love brutally ignores regulations).
I am thirsty if I eat too much salt without consuming enough water at the same time, to the point that it’s impossible not to drink the required amount as long as I have any access to water. I take thirst and hunger very seriously, I can’t stand them. But thirst is usually way more demanding and it sounds right and healthy.
I am aware it’s just me. I don’t say others shouldn’t try to eat 12g salt every day or something. I just do my absolutely best to go near that (except when I got curious once), I keep it around 5g as far as I know but I don’t measure (I did it once). I should feel what I should do.

Oh sorry I wrote much more than I should have again. It was a tiring day and it’s so relaxing to write here… I will do some of my other hobbies next time.


Red meat has sodium and potassium in perfect balance.

If that is all I eat, I will be okay for sodium.

The danger…or problem…would be eating less meat because of the lack of flavor!

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Ah, @FrankoBear, you have no idea how many times I’ve quit Diet Coke and it never stuck. One of these days it will for me and for you. :grinning:

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Well, today was kind of a pig out day:

Breakfast: two eggs, 4 slices of Canadian bacon

Lunch: two McDonalds double hamburgers with bacon (no bun of course) and some leftover pork chops

Dinner: My husband and I polished off 4 pounds of wings. I ate as much as he did. Whew!

We also ate later than usual. Definitely, won’t need breakfast tomorrow.


body only needs like 114g of salt per day for the physical body to function but of course hot weather, exertions, personal health issues and more do dictate salt and how personal it is to us but even many zero carb eaters never eat salt at all and they function perfectly, talking about 15 yr plus zc people so? Salt is very personal, many can dump it and do very well. Not all but many so they way to know if it is for a person is to do it and see kinda thing.

I for one love salt. I have no intention of dumping it ‘just yet’ :slight_smile:

even with this info: No matter which type of steak you prefer – sirloin, tenderloin, flank or a roast cut – you’ll only get 45 to 55 milligrams of sodium in a 3-ounce cooked portion.------------with us zc people eating a good portion, definitely more than 3oz we are getting more than enough sodium in our meat/seafood but again, salt is very personal…but many find they do best off excess added sodium.

It is almost impossible for a person to go ‘into low sodium’ intake on carnivore IF they eat properly.

So to me this one goes either way on a personal level.


feels good tho right to have that ‘full eating day’ with no bloat, feeling great, knowing you are so satiated and content and kinda feel that ‘allowance’ to have a pig out day in fine form :slight_smile: glad you ate so well today!