Trouble finding lite salt

(Ivy) #1

What product do you use for lite salt?

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French’s NoSalt. I mix about 1/2 & 1/2 with Redmond’s Real Salt.

(Ivy) #3

what are the minerals/nutrients content in that?

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Google them. NoSalt is potassium and Redmond’s contains 60+ minerals. For trace minerals also check out DOM. You can search this forum for DOM.

(Whitney) #5

I mix Himalayan pink salt for sodium and NuSalt for potassium. I used to use Morton’s Lite Salt, but stopped for two reasons:

  1. it has dextrose (sugar) in the ingredient list
  2. it is iodized, and you can overdose on iodine in salt if taking large amounts (like while fasting) (and I get plenty of iodine from other sources (shrimp, fish, dairy).

(Ivy) #6

We can consume mineral oil safely?

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(Ivy) #8

Where do I find good buys of meat online? Haven’t really had much luck

Do you have a list I can refer to – of fatty cuts of meat or what cuts I should focus on ?

(Old Baconian) #9

Ribeye is supposed to be one of the fattier steaks, pork shoulder is also pretty fatty. Duck also has a lot of fat.

(Ivy) #10

site is not for orders from USA

(Ivy) #11

Ribeye is what I was thinking. Does this mean ribeye for 8 weeks or? Where can I learn about my meats?

(Todd Allen) #12

I mix my salt with potassium citrate which is more alkalizing than potassium chloride as I eat fairly high protein which was making my urine too acidic. Citrates are also good emulsifiers.

(Ivy) #13

whereabouts do you get it

(Ivy) #14

what serving size do you use per day? whats the best product to get?

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Here’s what I’m using, which I buy at my local Choices Market:

If not locally, you can purchase on The water/minerals of this product are from the same source as YHB - coast of Taiwan.

(Todd Allen) #16

Amazon has many choices for potassium citrate. I get it as a powder as opposed to pills as it tends to be cheaper, doesn’t have unwanted fillers, I can control dosing and I like using it mixed with salt and as an ingredient when cooking. It’s also available from many supplement sellers and specialty food shops. I can’t say what’s best as I’ve only tried a few brands and didn’t notice much difference. I adjust my dosing based on checking urine PH and am currently using somewhere around 0.5-1.0 teaspoons daily but it is mixed in with my salt which I use to taste at each meal mostly unmeasured. I also supplement with magnesium citrate and and a little calcium citrate which I also cook with but don’t use as salt as their flavors especially the calcium can be less agreeable.

(Ivy) #17

wow. thanks.


Try salt first, like redmond’s or pink himalayan and salt food to taste. If you still notice issues, get some other choices mentioned in this thread. Lite salt has trace dextrose to help bind the iodine. I do one or two 1/4 tsp of that per day and then pink himalayan salt more liberally throughout the day.

You can get lite salt at the grocery store in the US.

I’m guessing you might need a magnesium supplement before you would need potassium, but everyone is different.

(Ivy) #19

To confirm NuSalt or NoSalt is lite salt?

(Jane) #20

How about making a trip to the grocery store and read the labels?

Or do you not go grocery shopping since you keep asking about buying meat online?