Trouble finding lite salt

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The best way to learn about meats is to visit the grocery store and look at all the meat packages.

Lean meats will be red or pink, depending if you are looking at beef or pork.

Fatty meats will have lots of thin and thick white stripes in them - that is the fat

Buy one, google how to cook it and eat it to see if you like it or need to try a different cut of meat.

Do you grocery shop?


No, lite salt is a mix of sodium and potassium. The others are just potassium, then they create their own mineral combination with those and salt of their choice.


NuSalt and NoSalt are both potassium only, LiteSalt (Mortons) is a sodium/potassium mix. Potassium only tastes horrible if you try to use it like salt on food.

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I mix Redmond Real Salt with French’s NoSalt at approx 50/50 proportions. This masks the off taste of the potassium salt and includes all the trace minerals in Redmond. You could do the same using Himalayan pink and any potassium salt.