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300g raw beef for breakfast at 2pm. But had two coffees with about 15ml cream in each before that. Then 2 baked lamb chops for dinner a bit late at 9pm, with some cold roast pork, and some cold leftover veal. That’ll do.


Sounds delicious FrankoBear. I am on the fence when it comes to eating beef raw, meaning I am wanting to do it, but not sure if it will be safe unless I follow some particular method, have read about a few. Like salting the fresh beef, then freezing it, then rinsing off the salt and eating it, or perhaps it would be enough to refrigerate it, I’m confused as to how you go about it. I bought fresh minced beef from my butcher, really fresh, and when I took it out of the bag and tipped it into my iron pan, I must confess I was tempted, so tempted to just try a small amount raw. But that nagging voice in the back of my head went, is it safe though? So I didn’t. Anyway, it was unbelievably yummy fried in beef tallow. Maybe one day I’ll work up my nerve to eat beef raw.

Love love love the taste of lamb. Grew up with it. Rack of lamb especially. Now I just get the minced lamb, and make patties/burgers, as it’s so reasonably priced, and tastes great. My body absolutely loves being a carnivore, the taste of meat, nothing compares to it, in my books.

I was watching a video interview with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon who looks very favourably on carnivore, is one herself I believe, and she also believes eating enough protein is vital as we grow older to preserve muscle mass. It seems I am eating a good bit more protein than her though, as I eat 500 grams of minced beef or lamb. Dr. Gabrielle Lyon doesn’t really see carnivore as a ketogenic WOE and I must admit I don’t see it that way either. It is a WOE rich both in protein and fat, for healing the body as opposed to striving to remain in ketosis. I don’t track, and I couldn’t care less about my macros. I eat till I’m stuffed, and the body feels good. It’s saying thank you each time. I have slimmed down even though I do not attempt it, and my engagement ring keeps slipping off my finger. But keeping my body strong and healthy and regaining my muscle strength, and doing away once and for all with my fatigue, is infinitely more important to me than staying in ketosis.


We visited the zoo and totally forgot the camera at home… We both used our phones, mine makes better quality photos but of course not really good ones. Oh well, it’s not too bad.
I try to behave and only show a few from the not very many :wink:

This one was very friendly, licked our fingers and even bit Alvaro… Very gently :slight_smile:

No canines and only one feline but many ruminants and birds. They promised snow leopards for the future.

And we had some shopping. A small but compared to that, costly one. I didn’t even know we need so many things but well, it’s always good to have more dairy and processed meats… And I did need my fatty pork, I bought 2 smallish pieces of pork shoulder with skin on it. Alvaro grabbed 1kg of Gouda, not like we don;'t have a ton of cheese at home but it lasts long and Gouda is his default cheese. And it was on a great sale! Only 70% more expensive than it was before the war! That’s a very big drop since last time.
We got some Brie and Gorgonzola on sale too. The latter was wonderful, we had some for dinner. I wasn’t a huge fan before but maybe I evolved or something, it was really, really good.
I bought and ate pâté, a small one as they all have problematic ingredients and I was choosy this time. I ate it, Alvaro curiously tasted it and decided that as he thought before, it’s not edible. I like it but want to make my own, better one.
I wasn’t hungry for a big meal and had my pâté and meatballs and other things so I gave most of the cheese to Alvaro. We ate at a nice wooden bench with a table (I only saw that one table, lucky we found it when we got really hungry and tired) looking at black storks and ibises.

Now I am tired and Alvaro is asleep since some time. It’s 9pm.


It’s a fact. Everyone needs enough protein all their life… :smiley: And it makes some sense we need a bit more as we get older and change nothing else…
Unless something changes, I will need to try hard to eat as little protein as possible all my life but we will see.
500g meat is cute, my protein intake is way higher than that. See my last 4(?) days over 180g. This is quite common for me though I have lower days, of course if I try hard or just manage OMAD with not very much effort, sometimes it happens… I need such times again.

Carnivore is keto to me as it’s low enough carbs but actually, I don’t care what is ketogenic and when I am in ketosis. I try to do whatever feels best.

You are right, we are different. And you could eat donuts by the dozen without gaining fat :smiley:
I am simply, overeating calories makes me fat. Well carbs trigger that, milk can help as it’s so very easy to drink a liter in some minutes and it isn’t satiating to me… But milk alone can’t be a problem as long as I avoid overeating. But it helps with it so yep, I try to be careful especially on non-OMAD days. There are many reasons for me consuming milk in moderation so I do that.
(But it’s a moot point as I am already fat and no matter how I eat, my weight does nothing. There is a slim chance though so I keep trying. But IF has the biggest factor and being close to carnivore. Milk isn’t that important I am very sure. Plant sugars are worse to me and I almost completely effortlessly lost fat eating plenty of those. Not high-carb level but still.)

Sounds good except it’s 6-8 hours instead of 2 hours for me, it depends, the time of the day is way more important for me. I wish to eat somewhere between 4 and 7pm. It’s somewhat flexible though.
But the sleep, yep, I need that much.
My SO eats 1-2 hours after waking and stops 2-8 hours before bed. 7-8 is very special, only happens on his hungry days when he isn’t working and he finishes his 3rd meal at 2pm. He never eats more than 3 times so that’s it, no matter how big his hunger is. We are totally different regarding these but we both have our natural rhythm (and principles in the case of him. I mess up anything if I fancy food) we better respect (not like we have much choice).


Hi Shinita. I’m not so sure about the donuts. Not that I would ever subject myself to that, I’ve always hated donuts. I only eat what my body gives me good feedback on. But yes, back on my HC/LF, before cancer struck, I did eat sugar. I was thin. I ate chocolate, biscuits and little cakes with my countless cups of tea, yes I know, absolutely horrid! And I paid for it. Quit sugar after the cancer diagnosis. It was a no brainer. It just goes to show how we can make terrible choices for ourselves if we are not (1) armed with knowledge (2) listening to our bodies. It feels like a lifetime ago now. These days, when I see sugary and processed packaged food, I only see poison. And what is even worse are the seed oils. They are virtually in everything. Every packaged food in the supermarket. How can people who don’t know about seed oils ever avoid the deleterious effect of them?


500g mince (ground meat) is about 125g protein. At 2g to 2.5g per kg of lean body mass is adequate protein for a trim 50kg to 60kg person. That’s my maths. Everything in ranges.


One of the artists that I follow posted this picture. I don’y understand? Who is Ali Wong?


Hi FrankoBear, I’m 5.2 and 51kg so that should be about right then, my body is very happy with my two meals a day which amounts to the 500 grams mince and 4-6 eggs daily. I always eat till I’m pleasantly stuffed🙂

Breakfast was a plate of 5 pastured eggs from the farm. All my meals are basically the same, but I love that simplicity. Will be cooking up a large plate of delicious lamb burgers later.

Have finally decided to close the dairy chapter in my life, as I feel I finally have the knowledge to make that decision, and not regret it, or wonder if I am doing the right thing for my body. It was like that with coffee too. The thing is, I was experiencing aches and my old joint pain creeping up and I was blaming it on caffeine withdrawal symptoms, and my bathroom cleaning sprays. But it’s the dairy. And my face agrees with that statement. I’ve been sitting on the fence for so long regarding dairy, having an on/off relationship with it. But I am finally, finally bidding dairy adieu, it isn’t for me. According to an article I found, supporting what Dr. Paul Mason has been saying, it isn’t for most people. But this too, I suppose, is individual. But just like with coffee, I’ve made my decision.

Wishing everyone a happy carnivore day.:+1:


@FrankoBear, ya kiddin’ here? gonna get any kind of answer from me? on this? Ali Wong? NO clue at all and won’t even take the time to look it up HAHA Maybe some of the other social adept carnivores can chat ya up on this person but this ol’ gal don’t have a clue on it and isn’t interested either to know why they tag a pic as BEEF, so addicting, I mean the background of the picture looks like a steak that is marbled, I get that part but is this lady carnivore? I don’t know :slight_smile: :wink:

Oh I asked previous above but SO many posts so fast maybe ya missed it? I asked if you are visiting your second property? just curious if you had work to do on it or are enjoying it in any way?

---------------------SO today for me is simple again. Simpler I keep it the better I thrive.

start day with some cheeseburger patties. dinner tonight will be more pork chops. Defrost some nice steaks for tomorrow to start out my week in fine ribeye fashion. OK easy peasy zc’y handled.


You wrote somewhere that eating a lot of carby food couldn’t make you fat so yep, it seems nothing can make you fat, you are one of the forever slim ones. Maybe extreme overeating could do the trick just like in my case but many people can’t do it. I could. It was hard work every day but I could… And now I can’t slim down. Not like I ever was slim since I was a baby. My Mom ate way less than me, worked more and had the same chubbiness to me when I was still very young and way below 70kg. Maybe the genes do something, I inherited a lot of them from my Mom, apparently.
I hated donuts too, well the stupid supermarket ones, not the traditional ones (but I never was crazy about those either).

I still very much manage to see lots of potential joy. It’s rare that I think it’s worth it though. And I can make so much better sweets/desserts - except wafers and biscuits (main thing is CRUNCHINESS here but with various textures. cheese wisps aren’t always enough for me), I need to solve that problem one day. I can do wafers but those are plant-based and it poses multiple problems, first of all, NO EGG! But eggs and crunchy, they don’t mix well. But it must be possible somehow… Sometimes I mix eggs with cheese but it has difficulties.
But yes, I have serious problems with ingredients list of most processed food. And I find it the worst when something has sugar. I don’t even need that sweetness and definitely no sugar. So I am close but certain products are still too tempting, it will stop at some point I am almost sure.

Seed oils? They are trivial to avoid, thankfully. For me, as long as I don’t eat nuts from a supermarket or raisins but that’s easily doable for me (I mean, most of the time. exactly zero for a year, that isn’t). It still bothers me as Alvaro eats both very regularly, they are highly important staples for him. I doubt it can harm his health, it’s a minuscule amount of what we both had in the past (my about 1 ton of sunflower oil, yeah. that was a lot) but still. If he wants to eat nuts, why he must consume sunflower oil…? :frowning: I wonder if it can be replaced with something else… Maybe one day I will have energy to focus on such minuscule things. There are zillion times more harmful things in his life, maybe we should work on those. But I do dislike that food industry puts unnecessary things into most things. It is very easy to avoid them but not for everyone and why one should do that when they just want the main ingredient?
Certain things are impossible to get in a one ingredient way, that’s bad. It’s easy for me as I get all my staples normally but as I wrote, even Alvaro has it worse and all his cooked food, baked goods, desserts are made by me or him…
Never liked food industry much but we do what we can. And trust our body to handle everything else.


Hi Fangs, My little brother just arrived at homestead #1 today with the farm report. He went and visited. it’s all looking good. He picked some non-carnivore autumn produce, and checked the place over. Mrs. Bear and I will get there in “Marble-ous Meat Munching May!.

Mrs Bear and little bro both ate fish and vegetables for dinner. I had most of a Cattleman’s rib steak. We all had some cheese before mains. Those two had it with red wine. I just drink rainwater from the tap. I had breakfast at 2pm today, bacon and eggs cooked in last night’s lamb chop fat.

Here is an autumn postcard from Bearville.

Looking forward to winter carnivore stews. I reckon winter is the best carnivore season.


It definitely is for me. Winter and spring. I still have a month left, hopefully the Last Chance will help me to have May better than the previous months.

I need to figure out carnivore stews! Or carnivore-ish but more carnivore than my normal stews… I wish for some stew-like dishes, no matter how lovely my simplest meat dishes are. I will experiment a little, soon. Not yet as I only managed to buy very fatty pork shoulder with skin and that calls for frying and roasting!
I can make some organ stews though…
And I plan a big egg stew. Alvaro has his own potato dish, it was my old fav dish ages ago but I quickly lost interest on low-carb. So I can make a proper egg stew, swapping plants with carnivore items (I did that before, I use sour cream instead of tomato puree). But it’s stew and that means onions, allegedly… The taste is one thing but it helps with the wet part. Stews with sour cream have it better but is that enough? I need to research carni stews.

I have special tulips now as well. Full and deep purple ones. And quite a few dozens of red and yellow ones :smiley:

(Karen) #173

Blimey just realised i’m a couple of days behind! :astonished: just spent last 10 minutes catching up on everyone!

Friday food

Plus some cheese. Up early for stair runs, still managing 100 plus flights so i am well pleased… i have to talk myself into doing them but some days my body just says … get on with it girl, i need to loosen up hahaha garden reading with coffee after meds and BP and off to CrossFit for a sh***y wod
Didn’t look much on paper but it was actually a nasty wod … my daughter asked how it went and i said it was quite hard, she was doing the 6pm class so i sent her a text at 10 past 7 asking how she found it and she sent me the funniest picture of her pulling a very sweaty knackered face :rofl: i replied with … ooops forgot to say how everyone finished with that killer sweaty face lol
I went to Lichfield in the afternoon to the tea dance and had a super afternoon. Danced my feet off!
Saturday food
The steak was eaten about 1245am with a starter of streaky bacon!

I was up early again for stair runs, usual routine and followed by CrossFit… teams of 3 so did it with my daughter Sian and a lovely guy called Barney. It was enjoyable but i had so much energy and had to keep moving through my rest bits on the rotation so was jumping about dancing to the music blaring out … my head is getting much more tolerant of the loud music which was unbearable for some time after my Stroke … thankfully. The wod felt good.

Had a restful afternoon and then off dancing to Sleaford in the evening. Had a super lovely evening and again non stop dancing. It was a sparkly night so completely glammed up and felt really good. Was wearing a dark grèen full length halter neck dress with sparkly jewels down the front and sides. Haven’t worn the dress for ages so it was lovely to dress up and feel so good. I always wonder if clothes i haven’t worn in yonks will still fit as nicely, especially when i am such a piggy with my food lol. The dress made my shoulders and arms look fab from all the daily push ups and delts work i have been doing. It’s amazing how transformation seems to just suddenly happen when you consistently do stuff. It doesn’t look like anything is changing and then one day… wham, it’s evident.

En route we passed the beautiful golden fields of rapeseed and i couldn’t help think how strange that something that looked so beautiful was so ugly in the body!

I was feeling very empty on fuel at the end of the evening so when i finally got home i knew i had to eat something … thought the bacon would fill the spot but noooo so had the big ribeye steak that i had defrosted in the fridge. That made me feel better, wasn’t sure i would be able to sleep afterwards but i actually slept pretty well and had a lay in this morning. We have an amazing body don’t we? It 100% told me i needed to refuel, i didn’t feel stuffed afterwards and it didn’t fuel me so much that my mind was too active to go to sleep!

This morning I was quite stiff in my lower back, hips and legs when i got out of bed and i could have just been very lazy but that was the body telling me start running up those damn stairs :rofl: felt so much better when i had done them … took me a good 3 tracks of my playlist to loosen up!
Sat and read outside … very wet from the rainfall last night but dry enough that my books didn’t get damp lol. Watched the London Marathon later this morning and WOW the womens race was amazing, so inspirational and so exciting at the end! I got a bit overwhelmed and cried … couldn’t help myself :sob:
Cooked up some bacon and then a packet of lincolnshire sausages. Split them in half before cooking and they were quite tasty… i don’t usually like lincolnshire but was experimenting with splitting them first again and it seemed to work well. They were nice and crispy on the outside… added a small knob of lard to the frying pan.

Loved all the posts. @never2late to write some interesting stuff :heart: did you say you live in UK ? It was M&S that made me think so xx


Nice wings as usual :slight_smile:

I had such thoughts myself… By the way, our sunflower fields are beautiful too.
I bought new seeds, it’s very very hard for me to avoid, the supermarkets have them and how could I resist? :smiley: So I need to figure out where to put my fancy sunflowers. They have way more petals than normal ones (and those already have a lot).

Yesterday’s zoo was tiresome for my body, I must be very low stamina… This is a beautiful day.
I finish the impossible to track items now (farm pork shoulder roast, way leaner than normal shoulder as I cut off most of the fat in the beginning… and I ate the meat of the chicken frames. generously leave some for the cats, I won’t have patience often for all those tiny bones… I put the biggest meat pieces into the freezer as it will work wonderfully in Alvaro’s next curry) and resume tracking (and carnivore, actually) tomorrow. But I won’t track my days separately, that’s very tiresome. I track a piece of meat and eventually I will eat it. And the lard I get from it too. Way easier. Having infos from separate days would be fine but not important enough for me to measure things way more times.


Hi Karen, WOW to your fitness regime, I am nowhere near, I feel like such a couch potato, lol. Yes, I’m in UK, love love love Marks & Spencer, but I’ve bought far too many of their dresses. Oh, your dress sounds gorgeous, and I’m mad about such things, and how good is it when one feels utterly fab in a fab dress. As to dancing I’m clumsy so it’s not for me. Stairs, everyday on my morning walk, are some stairs up to a railway bridge, and each time my legs bitterly complain up it. So gosh, again, nowhere near you in the fitness department.

Love your tulip photos Shinita, especially the deep purple ones. Purple is my favourite colour.

I’d post my food pics, except I got so hungry today I scoffed all my lamb burgers down, and only thought about taking a photo afterwards. Probably because I only had eggs for breakfast. Eggs don’t satiate me or make me feel anywhere near as good as eating red meat does. It really feels like it’s all my body wants to eat. It’s just divine the taste of beef and lamb to me.:cow2::sheep:

Found my old weights (0.5kg) after tidying. Thought I’d start with them again tomorrow. My arm strength, well my entire muscle strength really, is appalling, but the arms are the worst. And my balance is that of an 80 year old.


I have tiny weights too, 2kg ones but I can’t use them for anything, way too light.
Of course, zillion reps would change this but I would get bored to death… Though I have watched a video and then I decided I will use various rep ranges, it is allegedly very good but I have found other benefits… Still no more than 15 at a time.
I am weak as a kitten but better than in the past :wink:

I need to go back to my regular workouts (more regular than ever. never could do more than 2 full body workouts per week), some running, cycling… Tomorrow is workout day, maybe it’s good I did other garden work and no lawnmoving. But I really, really, badly need to do that in the most problematic part of not even my property as it is outside of it… It tends to make my arms aching. My workout doesn’t really cause aching. Alvaro is different, he is complaining (well, states the fact, more like) after some chest presses (he uses my weights but can do a few more) but he only does it sporadically. Way more than I do. I should do it properly even if my volume will be low compared to what people do per week.


I know Shinita, I’m embarrassed about those weights, they’re so ridiculously light I find myself wondering why bother with them at all, but they’re all I have at the moment, and paired with push ups, perhaps it’ll be an OK workout. I fell off the exercise wagon (apart from my 45min morning walks) and I want to climb back on again. I’m just not fit, but I would like to be. I have been listening a lot lately to Dr. Gabrielle Lyon regarding muscle preservation as we get older and how our muscles protect our bones, and I worry I could be susceptible to sarcopenia in that my muscles are so weak. But my bone density is at least OK, currently.


I consider those tiny weight basivcally useless for everyone (maybe not someone waking up from a coma or something) but it probably depends and I know so little :slight_smile:
You shouldn’t be embarrassed, use the weights right for yourself, it’s always the important thing. If one is weak, it happens, it’s already a big step to try to get stronger. But I woul;d think that you who doesn’t lay in a bed since ages, are a bit stronger. But IDK, really. I was super weak when I started, I used 2 and 3.25 kg weights then, okay not for everything as they are very light but for quite a few muscle groups! But some people are weaker than even me.
But whenever I look up what a beginner lifter should do, they always write huge numbers that I can’t dream about after YEARS of admittedly not serious lifting… But I got way stronger than I was.
I feel uncertain about these. I am just an extreme weakling among women? I can’t believe that. Maybe beginner lifters are tough young strong ones to begin with (or most of them) and it’s not for the average female…? Like, oh, bench press is pretty decent with 0.65 of your body weight as a beginner female! Yeah, I can’t even imagine I ever reach that and I put it some effort into it already… Even my SO uses my way tinier weights and they are hard for him (his weights, exactly but still hard. As they should be).

(Karen) #179

I am sure you mentioned once that you live fairly close to me, i’m Nottigham?

Don’t worry that you have low weights… you do you, just start off with what you feel you can do. I think that so long as you are doing some form of movement then you are on the right path. Movement really is key and as i have said before, if you can form a daily habit you are making progress. Body resistant exercises would do … push ups, squats, lunges, walking up stairs … you don’t have to run …literally just moving your body is good. The wall pilates looks a great workout and you don’t need anything but a wall or door to raise your feet to. It is low impact too which is great for anyone with joint issues. I just can’t bear the thought of mobility issues later in life and can’t stand the feeling of lethargy. I don’t want to get to the stage where i can’t reach to zip my own back dress zipper up as i haven’t anyone living with me to do it for me :rofl: i don’t want to ever find walking upstairs is a problem or bending down to put my shoes on without the aid of a long shoe horn! Or struggling to balance while i lift my legs to get my trousers or nicks on … it was awful enough struggling with my balance after my Stroke! All that helps to keep my motivation going x


I think those are very hard ones (maybe not stairs as long as they aren’t many)… I rather do my normal workouts, at least those are realistic… I find even kneeling push ups too hard. But core exercises are like that for me. (That’s why I need to do them but the easiest ones.)
Maybe @never2late are different, who knows?

We surely have our own weaknesses… Some less than others…