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Had a steak today, so here is the pic, with some added tallow. My scale broke :disappointed:, so best guess is a bit under 2 pounds for the steak.

(Judy Thompson) #182

Oh my, where to start? I finished reading everybody, have been in every day to read but the time’s been broken up on this trip so I never got to the point of writing back.

We are halfway home from Taos New Mexico where we traveled on Friday to play a wedding, which was Saturday. A 14 hour drive which we took all in one day on Friday but we’re splitting into two days coming home. Canceled all my students for today so we could use it as a travel day. So not a terribly lucrative gig considering work lost from it, but a fun adventure.
We stayed 2 nights in a camp of vintage travel trailers in El Prado. Fascinating retro fun! I took my little electric frying pan and a dozen eggs, a lb of bacon and some ham (not good ham, I gave my share to hubby). Also a few packages of liverwurst and hot dogs. Then Saturday we went to a store recommended by the bride to get a rotisserie chicken and ingredients for dog food as I was running out. I’m getting really tired of pricey health food stores after decades of loving them, the vegetarian stuff is really looking sort of gross to me now. This little overcooked, overspiced chicken was like $20! Grassfed beef and turkey for Mimsy’s food was outrageous and bone meal was too but now I think I’m set for life on bone meal for dog food, lol :joy:
The wedding was one large extended family, all of them (like us) had traveled from Texas and most live within 2 hours of us! The wedding was catered by a restaurant called Plant Based Diner in Taos, a big Mexican vegetarian buffet (stunk to high heaven). Hubby will not eat Mexican and of course I wouldn’t have eaten anything there. The bride is a nurse practitioner and the groom a doctor. Very sweet people and complimentary toward our music though and we enjoyed ourselves.

The place is gorgeous. Sandy soil, scrubby low plant life, surrounded by high snowy mountains.
Here are some pics from the weekend.

The campground is Hotel Luna Mystica. They have 22 vintage travel trailers (and a nice website). I would definitely go there again if I had occasion to be in that part of the country. It was very cold there (20s to 40s), and windy. Tonight we stayed in Lubbock, it’s cold here too. I’m looking forward to being home in S Central Texas where it’s warmer!

(Judy Thompson) #183

@Shinita love your zoo pics! Is that a lemur? It hangs like a sloth. A petting zoo! Very cool. Your sunflower garden will be lovely too.

@Fangs loved your reasoning behind just the raw food pics, no time to snap pics once it’s on the plate! Haha I feel ya on that :rofl: Also glad Bolt is well, he’s like a miracle pup - you were to the point of digging a hole and waiting, then suddenly he was BACK! Now you just have to fight him for hamburger, ha! Sorry about his hearing though. Maybe he can learn a little sign language? My daughter is an ASL specialist, she’s advised owners of deafening dogs to train them with a little flashlight or laser light. Maybe helpful for Bolt?

@never2late You’re doing so well and listening to your body, it’s fun watching you evolve in this woe. I didn’t remember that you’d been through cancer, but when you have up sugar and processed foods the cancer receded? Did you also go through traditional treatments with NHS?

@Karen18 I love reading your life and seeing your yummy pics. I honestly don’t know how you had time for work, you seem to (comfortably) fill every waking moment. But you seem to be sleeping quite a bit better than when you were working.

@FrankoBear a great name for the May thread. Marbled… Can’t remember it all but it was nice.

We will be home tonight and defrosting something good for tomorrow! I love how a full freezer of food never goes bad on carnivore.


@JJFiddle: Yes, it’s a red-ruffed lemur :slight_smile: It has a long dark grey tongue, I saw it when it licked me…The others with the striped tail are ring-tailed lemurs. And while we have a word for lemurs, we call one “red vari” and the other (optionally) “katta” :wink: Sometimes I wonder why people want to call animals so many names but it can be fun.

From now on I really go for simplicity! We will see how successful I will be. Today’s menu plan is fried pork shoulder, tiny leftover pork shoulder and eggs (one boiled and then we will see). Oh and I have a little leftover jellied fluff dessert. A bit more gelatin made wonders, I keep this recipe.
I will focus on other things, not food, at least most of the time. Especially before 3pm. I shouldn’t even be here now at 1:30pm…


@Karen18, I so enjoyed reading your post about your dancing and dressing up!! Feels nice to put on ‘the fancy’ again I am sure :slight_smile:
Your pics of your food is wonderful.

can’t remember, I gotta say your chicken wing pics are so alluring to me. I got to get more and cook up a bunch. Are you cooking or buying these already done and just heating up?

@JJFiddle, girl your post about your wedding gig was fun to read. 14 hr drive…wowza. But a life adventure thrown into work, who could ask for more. Love the vintage campers!! I am so into RVs so I loved seeing those pics. Nice pic of you and hubby with the bride plus that darn cello is HUGE in that pic, seems to dwarf everyone :slight_smile:

Could not agree more the prices in some stores is maddening! $20 on a rotiss. chick? EEkkkk. Luckily our prices here are still low on those, like less than $10 for a nice fat rotiss chicken and I bought a whole chicken going in the oven tomorrow for $7 for a big ol’ 5.5 lb. bird. I am really thinking of adding back in more chick again into my meals. I do like it, always have. Found it less than stellar some days ya know when I needed to eat more for zc change over and survival, but now alot longer I plan I feel like more chicken can easily foot my bill on my zc needs.
Bolt can hear easily, he just can’t seem to audio direct where the sound is coming but I have to say he knows alot of hand signals so yea that does help a bit :slight_smile: Great post!! Enjoyed pics and chat on it all!

@Shinita, loved your spring flower pics and zoo critter pics. So the critter decided to chew on Alvaro a bit? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@FrankoBear, Homestead 1 and 2. wow. real estate mogul. Cool. Nice your little bro could check out the place. When ya go up in May are you like going up for the entire month to stay? But being like 2 hrs away? it is close enough to come and go easily without feeling like you are driving forever to get up there and enjoy your new digs!

@Naghite, beauty meat pic. 2 lb steak, eyeballing it works for me on weight :slight_smile: no scale needed LOL

---------------HIP HIP
today at 11 is closing on my parents lake home. A chapter I need closed. Get this off me ya know but will be so sad to close this chapter too. SO many fun times at that lake house for the whole family! So many great holidays and more. Time to set it all more in the past and set my eyes on my retirement future LOL retirement, how in the hell did I actually get this old? anyone know? :partying_face::100: sigh

Will be forced to eat out later. I might not eat but hubby WILL demand to stop somewhere just to eat cause…cause we are on the road…that means eating out…UGH…a habit I try to break him but he does find eating out at every chance as total entertainment still, I have SO let all this go…will see what goes down on food.

So not sure if gonna eat before I leave or not…gonna let this zc food day ‘just happen’. I do however got a big whole chick on defrost to roast tomorrow, but I need to get some other meat defrosted in fridge to have ready. Will go pull a steak package out and maybe a pork tenderloin to defrost…that was zc food always at the ready as I need.

enjoy your day ZC day everyone!!

(Karen) #186

Big huge slab of yumminess!:astonished:

(Karen) #187

@JJFiddle yep i wouldn’t have time for a job now … and it is so funny when everyone kept saying … what are you going to do with yourself when you retire? HA! They said same thing when Sian left for University … i have always maintained that i would be more than capable of filling my days lol and i have! Your trip photos are fab … i do like a bit of vintage. Cannot believe $20 for a cooked chick :astonished: a cooked chicken here is between £4 and 6 and thats a reasonable sized one too… plus of course if i get one from The Company Shop it’s usually about £2.50! Love that store lol but i am a cheap skate scroogie type of gal hahahah

@Fangs those wings were hot n spicy pre cooked ready to eat or reheat …i like mine out of the oven as it gets them nice n crispy. I have quiet a lot of plain wings in the freezer that i picked up in The Company Shop all nice and cheapy! The ones in the pic were reduced price ones too.
Glad you will be at the end of one lot of business. It is sad when we have to move on having spent many happy days with lots of good memories in a house. They hold such deep emotions within their walls. But one does have to move on and just hold those memories in our hearts :heart:

Up early today and stair running before CrossFit, which was one of those wods that looked easy in writing but you just knew was going to be a nasty killer and it was a nasty killer but one that i really enjoyed.

Went over to see Raymond after CF to walk through some Rumba steps that he had fogotten and then i was feeling pretty empty so came home and ate some bacon bits and a packet of lamb meatballs which were very nice and quite fatty… ate the lot. I so love this woe as i can be so greedy when i want :rofl: mind you i am using up a lot of energy these days so it is just the body saying …Hey don’t stop refuelling me! hahahah!

Had a welcome email from the prison today saying i was no longer required at the Coroners Inquest … Phew! I must have babbled on in such a confused state last week to the legal lady who was talking me through the procedures … she did say she was going to let the Judge know i had had a Stroke and memory wasn’t brill and would only be able to read from the interview notes at the time. So the Judge is apparently just going to read the interview notes. What a result. So i have booked on to wednesdays CrossFit session :smiley: can’t go tomorrow because i have my second appt at the back clinic and i am hoping he can resolve my neck issues this time as they weren’t fully resolved last time. My back has been okay though with all the weights at CrossFit since wearing the insert in my shoe. The hip balancing seems to be doing the trick yay.


It was just the start…
I was slightly hungry at lunchtime so I had a meal. I made sure I get satiated this time but just barely.
I needed more meat, had a tiny bit of Gorgonzola and a cheese whisp and eggy and milky coffees.
And my leftover jellied fluff dessert.
it was super simple from me but I probably can do better if I don’t have leftovers.

136g protein, 130g fat (erm, minus 15g or something as I got lard for later… and of course it’s very very inaccurate as the fattiness of my pork is anyone’s guess) and 15g carbs (the vast majority from milk). Good macros for OMAD, hopefully this meal keeps me satiated for 23-26 hours. Lunches rarely do but I ate mostly meat so maybe.

The meat was wonderful but I actually planned to stretch it for 2 days (using other meat options. I only have organs though), no problem, another slab is defrosting.
I was brave to use pork shoulder as my main food, it’s a tad too fatty for that but it depends. I had one of my least eggy day of the year…

574g meat (1.28 lbs/20.5 oz) for today. I could have eaten more but I was able to stop there. I definitely need more food for a proper meal even if the meat is fatty hence the extra items even though they weren’t much (still 500 kcal so not negligible).

I had my workout too. No walk as it was a gloomy day with drizzle and I had enough walk in the weekend so I didn’t push it.

I am not sure I won’t finish that tempting meat, one hour passed and I am almost hungry now anyway… But definitely could eat. We will see. I try to fast as I should.

No idea how much a rotisserie chicken here, I never bought one… But $20 sounds quite pricy… It’s chicken! Tender, crispy, nice, even very delicious when from a good farm or home and having some great spices on it but it’s still just chicken, not substantial, proper meat! Not like I would pay much for pork either when I can get it for cheap.
One day I will roast a whole chicken, I entertained the idea before but never did it.

(Judy Thompson) #189

Yes that chicken shouldn’t have been more than $6 but it was a “health” food store. Nearly $90 at checkout, mostly just the little bit of stuff I get to make Mimsy’s food if necessary. Turned out not to be necessary, she wouldn’t eat this morning (except a little of my eggs and sausage) so it could have waited. We’ll be home in just a few hours and I’ve got all the ingredients there! Normal cost of her week’s food is about $11-12. A lb each grassfed hamburger and turkey, 3 strips of bacon, a steamed carrot, and a couple teaspoons of bone meal. Food processored and frozen. Simple. Cheap.
This morning hubby walked Mimsy around the hotel and picked us up some sausage and eggs in the lobby. They had the usual breakfast sides but he didn’t get himself any, not even a biscuit .

He said, “I think I’m becoming more like you.”
Guess we don’t count the microwave mac & cheese he wolfed down lastnight :thinking:


I don’t even have any idea what that could mean. We don’t have such things or I am living deeper below my comfy rock than I thought. That is actually quite possible…

I am very very very perfectly satiated right now :slight_smile: I didn’t even drink more coffee :wink: I only had some with my only meal. I did good. Or well. But maybe both.


Go for it! very simple and alot of meat to eat leftover to use! I love whole chickens and they are super delish, you know all fight over the crispy skin on it LOL

@Karen18, yea I thought that was the ones you were buying premade but you super crisp to make them look so delish on that plate!
Wow on your being ‘done’ now and they will hopefully ‘finish you up’ and you start getting back money too right, and then your payments and all which puts you ‘DONE’ with the process right? Hope it all goes smoothly for ya fast.

It is wonderful to eat ‘all you need’ at all times on zc isn’t it? so freeing knowing every bite you are allowed, works for you and not against you if you need it and want it!!

@JJFiddle, oh yea our whole/health food places here are so pricey. I cringe just thinking of stepping into one LOL Killer is some ‘regular things’ like KerryGold butter in my local store sells for like $5 now and in the ‘fancy whole/health’ stores they are selling the same stuff for $8! come on :wink: I mean I know some ‘fancy products’ are gonna cost but when it is the same item with such a big price diff…store name matters for them to pick up easy money on product sales too. yikes.

Mimsy, hmmm, when you need another adopt me HAHA I know you poochie lives SO well!!

Hey your hubby is cool for deciding to delete things like a biscuit he would normally eat…he is walking your way, or he was still full from the mac n cheese he wolfed down the night before :wink: too funny…but hey one less biscuit eaten is a step toward better health so…more power to him!!

------------House sold. Done.

Now handle commercial land for sale for hubby’s mom and then tackle the ‘hoarder property’, yikes, and I gotta say all, cleaning up and finishing off another’s full life is hard to do. But we get thru it.

Hubby did want to eat out on way home. He picked Chinese buffet. OH MY :nauseated_face: I said sure, got a giant plate of delish peel/eat shrimp and I wiggled out a few pieces of the ‘least invasive’ chicken from a few dishes but truly didn’t finish that cause the sauce on them was just enough to make it so icky ya know…but I ate alot of shrimp and nibbled thru some ‘very suspect’ few other meat items LOL but never really can say I ‘ate’ that stuff. They had delish chicken skewers, said plain chicken so I grabbed one but real fast, chomping off 1/2 the stick I could easily taste sugar point blank…let that one go easily…but darn they looked so delish I wanted to eat a ton of them but no zc go too…So I did good tho and came home and later I finished day with a ribeye steak. Now that’s the zc ticket :slight_smile:


Oh yeah I need to figure out how to make it crispy but I suppose I just roast the chicken, cut off the breast and then roast for another hour… One chicken won’t be very much for me as I hate the breast so that is for Alvaro :slight_smile: Yep, we should do that soon.

4pm, I will have my hopefully OMAD meal soon, already feel the dizzyness, I just don’t have an appetite at all (and my belly feels pretty full, satiated and satisfied still). No problem, I am very, very sure it changes the moment I bit into my wonderful food :slight_smile:

I made sponge cakes and quiche for reasons but I only use them if I really need it. My focus is on my meat! I have a bunch of lovely fried pork shoulder pieces again. I offered some to Alvaro (there are leaner, no visible fat pieces, he can handle those… there are full fat tissue pieces and everything in-between) so he will eat some later. I just wondered about the fact that I made fried fatty pork so many times this far and it was almost always extremely tasty and poor soul never touched it. Unfair. So I am curious if he likes it. I don’t even made scratchings from it, even the lean pieces aren’t too hard or crunchy! He isn’t into crunchy for some reason.

I start to get hungry too :slight_smile: Good. I like when my urges are in agreement.

Everyone has cheaper prices than us… IDK about Kerrygold prices, actually, I tried it out ages ago, now I just buy the cheapest butter. $5 per pound? It is a tad below at the right place. Kerrygold is surely way, way above.

I still don’t know what health food places are. We just have supermarkets and the like.

I dislike Tesco because it can sell the exact same kind of butter for double price - way lower if you have their card.

Ouch, property troubles. I am thankful I don’t have those. And selling properties after Mom died went pretty smoothly… From the other part of the country, without a car, oh those were hard times.

Yep I couldn’t eat very plain at Chinese either. I used to eat much Chinese on high-carb, I had no problems with the sauces at that time… I avoided meat though (but I ate shrimps) so I hadn’t many options… Still, I like that. Well, here and there, I never liked to eat out often. With my current taste, IDK, probably wouldn’t be ideal… But as long as it has no noticeable sugar, I am fine. I remember a few such dishes, like my fav pasta with shrimp, not like I would want that now… As I never tried the meat ones, no idea about them. But maybe it matters that people here don’t like sugary meat…? Or Chinese don’t care and cook the same everywhere? But that’s not a good business attitude…

Maybe one day I will try it out again. Some meat dish should be quite edible I suppose… But I am sure some has sugar.

(Karen) #193


Chicken thigh fillets fried for crispy skins and belly pork in a curry sauce made of some curry powder and water. All very tasty
So far today and just about ready to eat something else … maybe a steak.

Been a busy day. Stair running first thing, read in garden, bath and off to back clinic. The osteo said he agreed with my own diagnosis of my neck issue that it is neurological… when i said i thought it may be my stroke he said i had hit the nail on the head … nerve damage or nerves not connecting, anyway everywhere he pressed to see if there was pain or soreness… there was none but the pain is very much there all the time. He was impressed at how well my hip balance was healing. I came away with thinner heel lifts for my right shoe and an appt for 8 weeks time. Did accupuncture and some therapies and cracked my back and neck. I am warming to him … perhaps not so much when he cracked my neck… it was loud and took my breath away lol.

I had an email from the No1 Gov at the prison yesterday … it just gets better, i tell ya!!! Now he is suggesting, after a telephone call to the civil service pensions, another Occupational Health Assessment … wait for it … on my current health condition!!! Lost for words!!! So i phoned the union i was subscribing to while in the service but they can’t help by representations as i no longer subscribe (cos I don’t work there any longer) but the guy was a sweetie. He said he couldn’t advise me but had i thought about requesting all the emails between prison and pensions and requesting the name of the person who authorised the IHR. If i went on the website for the information commissioner’s office i would find a template letter, oh and had i thought about contacting my local MP? :thinking::thinking::thinking: hmmmm no so this afternoon my time was spent wisely. I phoned the ICO and a lovely lady led me through the website to find the template letter, wrote and sent off the letter to the Prison privacy office, phoned and made an appt with my local MP at his next surgery on 20th May and then as i would only have a 20 min appt and my brain won’t cope with just 20 mins to get the story across, wrote him an email outlining the issues so he could appraise himself of my situation prior to meeting. Doubt he can do much but we will see.

Well now i will let it go for a bit… i sent an acknowledgement email to the Gov to let him know i am seeking advice … he doesn’t seem to think the prison has done anything wrong!

So food :thinking::thinking::thinking: come on steak …


I can’t follow the plot, @Karen18 but best wishes with this whatever. Sorry I am very tired and IDK what words to use anyway.

I mowed the lawn, well the weeds in front of our property. I did more than i thought I will I am so impressed… Now my arms are sore. Workouts can’t do it but using that handheld tool can…

Food. I ate at 16:30 first. I got satiated very quickly. So I ate again later. And it still wasn’t enough, apparently and tracking showed only 118g protein so no wonder. So I had a 3rd meal before 9pm. I tracked a great day, not like the fat can be accurate… But maybe it’s not far off.
The usual barely 130g protein, less fat and low carbs. Great.
I ate a pound of pork shoulder, a bite of… How can I translate this…? I can’t. It’s kind of some meaty head cheese without paprika. So it has meat from the head, skin, tongue, heart I think… Odd without the paprika. But very much edible.
Today was more eggy, I had quiche and sponge cakes. And lot of sour cream, that was nice not like the others weren’t.
I ate up all the fried pork and now I have no proper meat at all. So tomorrow will be egg, dairy, organ meat. It should be fine, I make egg stew already, we boiled 20 eggs on Saturday and while it’s a smallish amount, I should use them up ;). I have fish if needed.

I need meat shopping. Maybe on Thursday.

(Karen) #195

My ribeye Steak which albeit looked overdone was quite rare in the middle. Very tender and tasty.
Followed by some dirty scrambled egg, done in the steak fat with addd butter. No pic cos it didn’t look as nice as it tasted! I’m in bed now … 8.30pm with a sore head from all the concentration this afternoon :roll_eyes:


Mmmm, sounds good. My pan was all lovely after frying fatty pork in it, I gave the fattiest pieces another round (they were still soft, full with fat) so they became true scratchings… Yum. And I got a surprisingly big amount of lard out of those not so many pieces… Double win.

I saw it on YT again and I don’t get it. Meat and food costs. This time “people are forced into becoming vegetarians and vegans” was thrown in as well.
I am very sure meat is expensive in some parts of the world and the poor eats seeds and whatever plants they find and I know that fancy meat is expensive but just eating meat isn’t. Not in quite a few countries. It would be quite hard for me to find a cheaper woe for me than something very close to carnivore. I know I have the special thing that carbs just add to my cost as they make me hungrier (maybe not anymore but then I just am unable to eat them in more than tiny amounts, still not an option. okay if it would be life or death, I probably could survive on carbs as long as I get my high protein and high fat, of course. and it would be costlier) but I am very poor and I could go lower with my food costs. A normal people with a normal salary shouldn’t feel forced to eat plants. I am very poor and I rather feel the opposite :smiley:
And plant food is expensive anyway, I am glad I don’t need them. Some are still cheap and kind of useful in some extreme situation so I would know what to use then - not like they would work well but still. But almost all plants are expensive. And they give me barely anything. I am better if I buy cheap meat with that money… I thought about it a lot, calculated and everything. Focus on protein as it’s very important for me. Not even nutrients just the macros. Well amino acid profile is there too, complicating things.
Oh well. Let’s be glad I can eat cheap and my body handle the not fanciest carni items quite happily. It is elated my carbier times are over. And I don’t mean my little off times, they are quite nice among carni times (still room for improvement, of course, I aim to be better). No, my more distant past. When I didn’t even feel or know there could be better.
It’s just so weird to me hearing about forced to eat plants due to prices. It makes little sense to me under most circumstances.
Even most people complaining about meat costs buy so much unnecessary overprices stuff anyway…
Maybe it’s that? Poor decisions? I really should stop thinking about it.

(Judy Thompson) #197

I agree Shinita. I spend quite a bit less on meat than I did on vegetables.
I stopped buying Kerrygold because to me, Plugra is the same thing and quite a bit less. That, and I still use ghee instead of butter because of the post-covid taste changes. So the Plugra is just for hubby.

@Karen18 What!? does your current health condition have to do with anything? I mean I know but that physical should have been done upon retirement, not after 6 months of R&R! Yes this has been mishandled, it does sound like something the governor needs to be aware of!
@Fangs I loved - about how hard it is to close out the lives of busy people. Congrats on getting the house done and sold! Now just the difficult property to finish and you’ll be done. Hopefully y’all inherit enough to be comfy now, and make it worth your while!

It’s true that Mimsy eats pretty well. I’ve had so many animals who died of things animals oughta never get. I went to and studied up when we came to Texas as raw dog food is hard to find here - most raw feeders just throw their dog a whole chicken and have done with it! Mimsy won’t eat anything with grain in it, people constantly try to give her milk bones and dog biscuits but she takers them politely, then spits them out lol :joy:
The grassfed is just because it’s all I buy. Again, the post covid taste thing, I can’t stand the smell of commercial hamburger.

Today I air fried some chicken thighs and had an egg with mine. I couldn’t decide which to eat first, the chicken or the egg!

Tonight I had liverwurst and smoked cheddar.


Never saw Plugra here. I just buy the common one on sale :slight_smile: It’s not like I eat much of it anyway, I use lard :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Yesterday I had 3g butter in my eggy coffee.

Well… This coffee quitting doesn’t go well but I spend less on it so it’s something… I am pretty pleased with my eating though. Could be better but it’s mostly the timing, could be simpler but that won’t be that easy for me and I took steps already. My macros are perfect IMO. Minimum protein (130-135g as far as I can tell), somewhat less fat, quite low carbs (could be lower but it doesn’t matter. and it’s lowish as I mostly eat meat now. well in the last 2 days as I have no proper meat right now at all but I change that tomorrow. hopefully I can handle a single meal without! I have organs and fish and it’s time to embrace my love towards eggs again).

Lol. It was your big question then, not which came first (that’s obvious anyway as reptiles had eggs since ages before anything resembling a chicken got evolved. and before that there were amphibian eggs).
I don’t think there is a rule you can’t eat them together :smiley: Though I don’t think I ever ate chicken with eggs. Eggs suit red meat more, I use that pairing. Chicken can be paired by red meat though it’s for a meal, I don’t actually eat them together… Both are nice and fatty, not needing a balancing act.

Air fryer prices got drastically decreased here in the last year (at least the ones on sale in ALDI/LIDL, I never specifically looked them up), I doubt there is much room for going lower so sometimes I wonder about them… I never saw the results coming out of one… But it sounds a useful thing I guess. I will read about it more. If it helps with crispy, it might be my thing. I just dislike collecting too many machines, I barely can fit everything in my (not small) kitchen…
Once we got a fritteuse from Alvaro’s Mom, well that wasn’t a success story :smiley: I always had problems with deep frying, I liked the results but not the mess and all the oil I need to eat at some point (so I just fried everything in a pan, using the amount of fat I ate afterwards. it changed with my lard making from fatty pork a little but deep frying, I just don’t do it). As I don’t throw out food. We used it so rarely too. It didn’t last long, we just didn’t bother with it.
But an air fryer sounds good, solving all the problems I had with the fritteuse… And while Alvaro asked about potatoes, MY food has enough fat inside so the lack of fat isn’t an issue…

I may need a seed grinder and a whisker first but my half-broken ones still work so I am not in a hurry :smiley: It’s so annoying, the engine is fine but something simple broke. The whisker itself and the cups of the grinder. I can’t do anything with the whisker (I tried), I keep gluing together the cups and they work for a while… I have other ways to grind certain things so that eases the problem… Alvaro uses a lot of seeds and nuts in ground form so the seed grinder (coffee too but we never grind coffee) is used every day (when it’s not broken at the moment).
But the base gets worn where it connects to the cup so I suppose we need to buy another soon. It’s no big deal, I just hate throwing out basically working things, I am very stubborn like that… And the single whisker works, slower but it does. I have other ways to whisk egg whites anyway, it’s just worse cleaning wise. Of course I won’t use my own hands only, I get bored when using a machine already. Grandma was amazing, she volunteered to make cakes for weddings, that must have been some insane work… But Mom and Grandma were diligent ones. I am the lazy one with low energy. And a hedonist so I hardly can do things I really dislike.

(Judy Thompson) #199

Haha Shinita, love your study of which came first! Na I had the egg with it only because I like to have 2 complimentary foods on a plate instead of just one when I can. Shrimp is always good but once thawed I have to eat the whole pound and hubby eats very little of the shrimp. I like to cook up a couple different roasts at the beginning of the week, and a chicken too, and nibble on all of them all week - and I always steam 7 eggs in my little steamer so they’re ready to go. Late nights after work on weekends I usually do eggs and sausage for us both when we get home.

Hubby has gotten used to not getting toast or potatoes on those late night meals so a few eggs and the pound of sausage split between us is all I do for those meals. We work hard for the 5 hour performances (5 hours was unheard of for a performance most of our lives) and it’s so late when we finally get home.

All this traveling, we’re relieved to be home. We’re grocery shopping today. Time for another brisket! This time I’ll sous vide the 72 hours but then smoke 3 hours afterward. Should be yummy and last weeks.


I always liked to eat things separately, it was so confusing to me to have my protein with 2 side dishes as a kid… I always ended up running out of one and leaving a lot from the others… But then I ate the side dishes too, separately… Alvaro is the opposite, he makes sure every bite has everything. He often has 2 sides. I typically has zero except when I really need something with my meat, that’s usually egg but sometimes a fattier meat (lean pork with dry, fatty sausage is my thing).
My meals have many things but I only eat 1-2 items at the same time.

And now I don’t know what should I eat today. I had plans but they are fatty so I will eat a lot. But I have very few options for lean protein and it would complicate my meal. Oh well, I need a higher-cal day already I suppose. I want simple. My plan is egg stew and the almost head cheese with my leftover sponge cakes. Both are over 65% fat so my fat intake will be quite high.
I actually have no problem with much fat if I need it… But eating fat unnecessarily, just to get my minimal protein… I don’t want that.

I think I go for my plan, there is a big chance I will get bored of egg stew and can’t eat 10 eggs in that form… And then I can grab some fish. My jellied fluff isn’t bad either but I need to make it first then. Another day I could eat boiled eggs (I use 2 times as many whites but I can do 3) but my egg stew is mostly boiled eggs…
I just have no good lean options when I run out of lean pork. Even the fish can’t do much as no way I would eat more than a few bites of it.