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I didn’t eat the Steak just sausages. I fried them in lard having sliced them in half first. Much nicer done that way… got that idea on Sunday while out with Ben and Sian walking. So i had 4 sliced sausages and enjoyed them that much decided to cook 4 more only i ended up with burnt offerings… still very tasty though! :smiley:

Doubt i will eat anything else, i ate some cheddar earlier and fortunately have none of that left! :joy:
@never2late i can’t imagine running out of meat … i kee my freezer well stocked but i understand where you’re comig from about the eggs n fish not being satiating enough. I find the same with chicken n turkey. Yes red meat is def the better option.


@never2late: I could do a vegetarian week but I would need to plan well and it wouldn’t be so comfortable…
I probably could do a year if I had to (IDK, some meatless apocalypse?) but that would require retraining myself and to like vegs again… Or IDK. Is vegetarian without vegs healthy enough for me…? Oh well, it doesn’t really interest me at this point.
Of course it would be mostly animal products as a vegetarian too but I always depended on eggs and dairy a lot. Vegs were just joy and I suppose I got some nutrients that way but for satiation I ate fatty protein sources.

Meanwhile I had my dinner and second dinner as I got hungry again. (Before a nice bunch of meat I was at 140g protein so I suppose it’s my 3th 180+ g protein day in row. I just can’t help it.) Now I almost run out of meat (I LOVE this lean pork now, not even boring lean parts. just lovely lean parts but not a bad amount of fat too! and when it comes to lean parts, I have the stuff on the bottom of the oven pan, yum), good thing I have liver, tongue and if I fry it, heart. Tomorrow will be fine and I go shopping on Saturday.
For some reason it feels off even when I eat low-meat for some days. I just don’t get satiated and satisfied by my other carni food properly. It probably makes sense, I must miss out on some nutrients… But the nudge comes super early. But it’s my body. It is supposed to work just fine for weeks without any food too but I can’t skip a single day. It wants its meat too. But I couldn’t live on just eggs and dairy and little else anyway even if it would work nutritionally. It would be just way too boring.

Yeah eggs aren’t as satiating as meat for me either. I think I should be careful with eggs. They add up way too quickly and while they are satiating (my most satiating item on low-carb and vegetarian keto), not as much as I need. But I so love eggs. They are so easy and versatile and everything… :slight_smile: But I like meat too so with some new recipes, I hope I can do it better. I managed to focus on meat more than on eggs in the last days. My timing was off (too many meals), I need to work on it…

Not quite for me but an interesting experiment :smiley: I just would it blow when I started to add this and that to make it varied and interesting enough…
But I may try it one day. I have ideas. It surely would need some serious planning and the right time. And I would need to justify the experiments. If I don’t see the point, I don’t like to challenge myself.
By the way, egg fast is even worse. And I can’t do it but some can, amazing. But I keep remembering someone’s experiment with ONLY eggs for a MONTH! Or what but it was something long and I think it was a month… I couldn’t do a meal. Maybe a meal, sometimes. A small one. And I do love eggs. But need more variety.

And yep, red meat is the winner. I feel fish not so substantial but it’s not like I ever ate much of it… But it feels not good enough to satiate me (even remotely nearly) alone. Fowl is horrible at satiation too (but I love the tenderness and the taste of turkey. and it’s fine in its minor role). Pork and ruminant meat works similarly well and fat is interesting as the fattier cut doesn’t make it better after some point but maybe it depends.

Running out of meat was a tad scary (even thought I didn’t feel it with my very nicely satiated and satisfied belly :slight_smile: ) even with all my organ meat and leftover pork (and egg and cheese. I am low on non-cheese dairy), I don’t want to eat fish again… So I got out my chicken frame from the freezer. A tiny soup with some meh but tender and ridiculously cheap meat (like $1/kg) will be a nice first meal. I will add eggs. Maybe later liver dumplings too, I did such things once and the recipe is still on my fridge (best way to ensure I will find it later, I have lots of recipes on it)… And the cats will be happy with the small bones and the meat even I don’t bother to get off (Alvaro hates meat with many small bones so much, he would just give it all the the cats. but he was happy when I could give him meat for his curry, that was from chicken frames too and it worked well. it’s a spicy thing, even that cheap chicken works in it, why to use perfectly fine pork I can just roast and eat with joy? :smiley: maybe a very meat based curry is different - I plan to figure out how that works very soon - but for his more vegs than meat kind it was a good idea. and the dish evolved from our original vegetarian curry. poor thing, we liked it but it wasn’t a satiating, complete meal at all and it took a lot of effort to make it on open fire… that is moderately fun though and we badly need every excuse to burn wood, we always have way too much).

Why do I write this much? Nice topic, yes but I kind of wrote everything I should have until now. Today was very much about food, there are such days. I baked and experimented and very much enjoyed my food. I may need interesting meat recipes but a simple pork roast still can be the best thing ever at the right time and in the right amount. Especially in the evening for some reason. But I live more in the evening. Everything is better then.

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@never2late thank you for the wonderful study on lipoedema! I doubt my dr would know anything about it, so if I were to look into medical guidance I would just find a specialist or clinic myself. Here, on Medicare, a primary doctor isn’t even technically required!
I think my 15 months of zero carb have helped with the leg pain though. I can only barely remember that pain in my legs.
I wanted to thank you though. I’ll write more tomorrow as we’ll be on the road all day and I’ll have plenty time.


Lovely, almost summery morning today and caught sight of a glorious cherry blossom tree on my way home from the morning walk.

My performance level today, however, was rubbish. And I mean that. It seems going a whole day red and ruminant meat-free (because I’d run out) and eating only eggs and sardines didn’t make my body very happy. I was also more achy than usual yesterday. And during my walk I just felt my fuel tanks were empty, depleted of everything. I never feel like that when I’ve eaten red meat. Anyway, I stopped by the butcher and stocked up for the week. Bought some frozen mince (lamb) and some fresh mince (beef). The fresh I cooked up today, it was 500 grams, with a view to making it last today and tomorrow. Well, my suspicion is it will all be gone by the end of the day, blooming delicious! :yum: I was snacking on it while cooking it up. Will buy more fresh beef mince on Thursday. As once cooked up, it will last 7 days in the fridge, and just as delicious cold, I reckon. My breakfast: 100% grassfed, fresh minced beef (from happy grazing cows I see in their fields) and pastured, fresh farm eggs from the local farm. It was absolutely what my body needed after a miserable meat (yes, I know fish is also meat, but in my books it doesn’t really count) free day yesterday. Messy food pic, but I don’t care. I’d already eaten a good bit when I thought to photograph it.
Wishing you all a lovely, meat-filled day and hoping the weather where you are is sunny and bright🔆


Hi Judy, that seems a sound plan. Glad to read your leg pain is mostly gone since starting a ketogenic WOE, that’s the same as with me, it mostly all went (inflammation, aches, tenderness) but there is some inflammation left which hasn’t gone. But then healing isn’t done in a day, a few weeks or a few months. It takes years. And involves finding out what works best for us dietary wise and exercise wise on our very individual paths. Beyond what we’re already doing, I suppose it’s looking out for anything left in our WOE that could be inflammatory. Fish doesn’t seem to agree with me. Beef, lamb and eggs agrees aplenty. I’m still on the fence about dairy. The raw milk my body appears OK with, I’m not as sure about the KerryGold butter, so I only use it in my cooking now. I’ve given up coffee, tea and all manner of caffeine and this was surprisingly easy to do, so perhaps my body thought it wasn’t needed.

Other things you could do, beyond lymphatic massage and compression (I used to hate the idea of compression, but it has proven so beneficial), is deep breathing exercise, supposedly it helps the lymphatics. I do try to do this, but tend to forget. Sleep, exercise, level of stress, are probably all factors that have an impact besides our WOE. The thing to remember is there is no need for lipoedema ever to progress. It may not be cured, but you can stay at the stage you are, maybe even experience some reversal, and never progress to where mobility and quality of life is concerned. First step is to obtain a diagnosis, look into vein treatment if you are considering lipoedema liposuction at one point especially, keep your lipoedema areas well moisturized and massage them ideally twice daily (morning and night) to optimise lymph functionality. I always tell myself when I feel like complaining, hey, I’ve got legs, and the ability to walk in the lovely countryside, I don’t hurt anymore like I used to and my hip doesn’t freeze up anymore, this is fine. My body goes, absolutely. You can handle it.:+1::slightly_smiling_face:


THAT is insanity LOL a tax office you can’t have access but glad you got it handled :slight_smile: Our DMV (division of motor vehicles’ is becoming ALL about ‘do it online’ or don’t bother. I tell ya, they are useless now cause if you go into it and ask about how to get this handled on car registration and more it is ‘do it online’ we don’t do it in person anymore. My gosh.

Super happy your finances are working out so well for you!!!

@FrankoBear, safe travels to your wonderful country home!!
Hey, you guys been heading up to your second property and enjoying it?

WOW on that egg count and do you guys still have milk bottle service?
that is almost non-existent around my location now.

------------HIP HIP HOORAY. my parents lake house is SOLD and closing is on Monday. Finally got that off me. Emotions on selling is tough for me but I need this ‘off me’ ya know and move forward. Just a fun great chapter of my life closing. It is ok tho, I will get thru it all and keep on looking forward as we all got to do!!!

Then we got hubby’s mom’s ‘hoarder’ property to deal. Don’t even get me chatting on that…ugh. Still not sure on any health issues like the colon cancer the Dr ‘thinks’ she has…she is doing testing but it is all being delayed cause the tests involve dyes and being put under and her kidney function is so bad they don’t wanna chance dyes and they don’t really want to put her under? I tell ya…just wild times and more emotions flying around.

But Bolt the dog is ok. His audio is so off. I whistle and he looks the other way. I think he might have double vision and more cause I say ‘squirrel’ and point and he looks so damn confused. the seizure meds have warped him but he is doing ‘fine’ so far. Another crazy situation in life for sure. But no pain and no ‘big death defying’ issues so we are letting him just cruise along. I am in constant battle with him for who gets the hamburger HA I buy alot of burger cause that little azz dog can hound down alot of burger. Been feeding him more raw burger now then nuked a bit…he loves it raw so…hey give him what he wants!

Hit little smokehouse store yesterday, found me a pk. of chicken wings marked down. In the oven they went, ate 2…got 4 leftover to eat today.

This is geared at me today…2 lbs of pork chops.image000000%20(73)

So 2 lbs pork chops and finish off last 4 wings. Sounds like a zc day to me :slight_smile:


what I find funny weird about me is I take pics of my food before cooking.
ya’ll take pics of cooked meats on the plate to eat.

see I can’t wait once cooked LOL

Once it is ready to eat, I inhale it, I forget about taking a pic :100::crazy_face:

my focus is always on eating that bad boy zc food :partying_face:

I think I am the only one doing this :star_struck::roll_eyes:

Once I smell that meat cooking, BAM there ain’t no photo op in the future, it is eat it up and then I think after smacking my lips, darn I shoulda took a pic of it finished :wink: :sunny:

just something I noticed about my pics vs the pics you guys post…WEE
too funny!


Hi Fangs, I totally inhale the food when it’s on my plate. But I take before pics for fun, they’re never very pretty, mostly sloppy and messy, lol.

Watched a fascinating interview Anthony Chaffee had with a tough as nails, sharp as a tack, rancher. She looked to be 40-50, but was 81 years old, saying she had just entered middle age. What a wonderful way to look at life! Wish I could put in the link, but am typing on my phone. Just mentioning it as you’re a farmer, and I was thinking to myself watching this woman, perhaps it’s her WOE (carnivore for 65 years), perhaps it’s, in some part at least, lucky genes, or perhaps it’s that all her life she has worked on a farm, used her muscles, breathed in the fresh, unpolluted air of surrounding farmland and Nature, that all certainly sounds to me like a really good recipe for health. If you search Rancher and Carnivore for 65+ Years! You’ll find it, I certainly found it very inspiring.


yea here it is.

saw it already, been circulating fast on my other zc sites :slight_smile: will put over in our ZC info and video thread too!

great info to mention Never!

one thing is I love how she says for like $250 on a grocery bill the person in front of her in line has NO FOOD in her basket and checks out paying ALL that money on NO food…so true! Real truth and like her we all see this at every grocery trip we all make…couldn’t agree with her more on this one!


Our big cherry tree is done at this point but I had a walk next to an orchard. It has sour cherry trees. It looked amazing and there were zillions of dandelions below…

I saw a swan in the pond as well.

Not really but the dairy truck only sell sour cream and yogurt in cups, the milk is in a big container. One still can buy it without an own bottle but they sell a plastic one then. Regular costumers bring their own bottle, usually plastic. We bought a glass bottle several years ago so we use that :slight_smile: It has “I love dog” and “I love cat” written all over it with funny stylized drawings, I love it.
Yes it is a bit… Historical? IDK if one can call it nostalgic as the bottled milk era was way over my time and not necessarily in this country but probably yes just in the cities or something. My family had their own cow until they had land… Then there was still raw milk to buy and people used milk cans with a handle, first from the same material as pots, I remember a plastic one from my childhood (but it was some strong plastic and easy to clean).
The common milk came in bags from the supermarket (we had holders for them and people made very ugly doormats from the plastic bag cut into shreads… even Mom did it. now we have boxes), buying raw milk using our own containers was a rare thing but it happened here and there.
So this is special :slight_smile: But exists, how wonderful. The dairy truck visits all the nearby villages regularly, it stops for 1-2 hours in the middle of the village and sells dairy. It’s popular. It’s good that we can catch it after Alvaro finishes work if we go shopping a bit first…

I have read about a meat truck too but never saw it.

We didn’t need the 50 eggs badly yet as we bought the usual 90 not long ago, I counted 133 eggs today. Not a huge amount (I had 250 once, well that is a tad much in summer as it turned out) but feels safe.

Sometimes I make a photo when it’s raw but meat is so much prettier when very well roasted if you ask me :smiley: Except when it’s nicely red and marbled, the contrast is properly there raw. So obvious where is the fat! Then I roast it and I just see a big brownness (I turn the pieces and they get covered with the stuff in the bottom of the oven pan) and sometimes need to cut it up to see where are the best parts… A proper big fat layer is still visible but just barely.

Sometimes I don’t make a photo as my food is ugly (or I use yesterday’s plate and it’s dirty. well, got dirtied by the meat that was and is in it, mostly but still). Sometimes I am hungry and eat the food… Sometimes it’s just the zillionth pork roast of the year, nothing particularly interesting (though that doesn’t always stop me). Making a photo is extra effort. I prefer making flower shots and I neglect even that lately, the few I do aren’t good either.

I can wait, usually because I cook around/after 2pm and rarely get properly hungry until 3pm. So I have time for a shot. I cook for Alvaro and when I don’t need to actively do and it’s just waiting, I do this and that. There is always doing the dishes or clean up some part of the kitchen but I plan and assemble my meal too. Not always but sometimes. And make a shot - and eat something else, partially. Or everything but a bunch more. So I never can do this “I show you my meal before I eat it” pics. I can eat and if I have enough leftovers, I can put it together again and make a shot. I did that a few times.
But I can’t make good photo pics for reasons. Bad light (I basically never have direct sunlight in my kitchen. maybe at dawn in summer) - so sometimes I make outdoor shots, not much motivation and my photo skills aren’t so great either. Oh and using a proper camera is problematic as it’s depth of field is tiny. I love such shots but I rarely can make it right with food. Flowers are so much more easier. Even hummingbird hawk-moths are and they are difficult with their super high speed. Blur due to that is one thing but the depth of field is still so tiny…

I am bad with age and the video I saw was very blurry but she definitely looked over 60, not even a little though some 60 years old surely look older. The neck shows a lot too, I don’t have such old woman neck yet :stuck_out_tongue: That would be a quite bad thing at 46 though maybe some has it. I saw a 18 years old girl with super saggy breasts once. Not like mine now, like my Grandma’s at 70-80.
But not looking super young is fine. Health (body and mind) is the main thing, attitude too :wink: Surely many people don’t even live after a long life in this way less than ideal world. I don’t understand how hateful people can live long, it sounds something quite stressful and bad, I take a drastically different route :smiley:

Considering she may live for 40-50 more years, it would be odd to consider her age “the end” or something :wink:

And what you mentioned, those are all important factors I suppose… I have good enough genes and try to do the others right…

Ate my leftover pork roast (except the ones in the meatball, I still haven’t fried it but will do soon), almost a whole pork tongue (I left the lean tip to Alvaro as usual) and this and that (mostly eggs and cheese as I have those and little else). I keep my egg intake lowish now and I managed not to overeat cheese today yet :wink: I was a tad hungry at lunchtime so I ate then. Not a very joyful meal, the food was good but sometimes I focus on refueling and my appetite is lower. It’s fine occasionally.

I need to pack something for tomorrow. I don’t have many options so I take some sponge cakes, meatballs and a lot of cheese with me, hoping it will be enough. Maybe we will buy some sausage before the zoo too. At least 3 supermarket visits are needed so we do one beforehand.


That would certainly be true if those ‘foods’ were vegan, vegetarian, or foods with long ingredient lists, highly processed and stuffed with seed oils. The fact that seed oils are in virtually everything is alarming, and most people probably don’t have a clue. On my part, the only real foods worth eating are animal based. But plant-based vegan and vegetarian diets are still immensely popular. The problem particularly with vegan food I think is all those unnatural, processed foods full of seed oils a vegan might consume in a day and think, hey it’s vegan so it must be healthy. Of course, the other problem in eating only plants, is their general lack of bio-availability. And there is a limit I think too how much you can supplement, given it’s synthetic. But it’s all down to what works for each individual. Meat works for me. Especially red meat. My MIL are vegetarians, and my SIL vegan. My SO and our children are HC/HF. They are doing very well. So it all comes down to us being individuals and walking our own paths. But to completely avoid sugar, seed oils and processed foods would surely benefit everyone.


I agree.
Except I still don’t know what “processed” is. It probably doesn’t even have a definition and everyone thinks about something different.
I like to buy simple things. I don’t care how many ingredients my food has but they should be normal. It usually doesn’t happen with many ingredients items but sometimes it happens (like spice mixes. not like I don’t make my most important spice mix myself… but I use others. very very rarely, a tiny packet lasts for several months). And even if my processed items are important and pretty good, I wouldn’t depend on them too much. My main food should be fresh (freezing doesn’t count, its time almost stops then) meat and eggs. (And not cheese, I never had such a phase… )


I am terrible at judging peoples’ age too, Shinita. I’ve always been told I look young for my age, and on a really, really good day (requires a good night’s sleep which isn’t often, a nice dress, my roseaca being calm, my favourite red lipstick) my SO has said I could pass for 25. On a less good day, but still feeling healthy and dressed fairly nice, 30. I’ll be 40 in September. I’ve decided my birthday will be a celebration of life, and being on the path to better health. Because although I look young for my age, because of my low energy levels, I find myself complaining I feel like 80. Then, when I came across this video of this extremely youthful 81 year old, well, I felt put to shame. It’s not just how she looked. It was her congnition, the very sharpness of it! And the way she spoke, never once losing her thread (happens to me a lot). No feeble voice, no sluggish movements. A fully functional brain. And at 39 I am dealing with low energy, sluggish (if I haven’t slept enough), and daily fatigue and brainfog though it’s better now than it was, so I was absolutely blown away by that interview.

Got hungry for my second meal so ate my patties/burgers as I made extra this morning, cold from the fridge. Such a delicious treat.

Wish I could eat cheese without my roseaca flaring up. But the raw milk my body appears OK with, and the KerryGold butter, though I only cook with it, alternating that with beef tallow. I don’t do well with pasteurised dairy. Sometimes I miss whipped cream, so I looked up how to separate cream from raw milk, but it would be wasteful. As I’d end up with a very small amount of cream, and watery milk I wouldn’t enjoy drinking. So scrap that idea. Perhaps for my birthday in addition to steaks, I’ll order some raw grassfed cheese and cream for myself, as I plan to have an indulgent birthday week of excellent food, as opposed to buying more dresses I really don’t need from Marks & Spencer.


That wouldn’t be a problem for me as my milky drinks have lots of water anyway - but they would bring a lot of carbs. I don’t really care about carbs on carnivore but still. Oh but Alvaro uses milk with at least the same amount of water in his pudding, okay, he would consume that :smiley:
But unless your raw milk is super fatty, the cream part would be really little… I can live without cream (not like I tested for long :wink: but I had lactose free year(s), this cream consumption of mine wasn’t always my reality and I barely drank milk in the last decades except the last few years), butter definitely helps when I need some creamy, borderline cream flavored stuff :wink: My jellied fluff (the “marshmallow” recipe I totally changed) happily accepts butter instead of cream, I do the same with coffee (or whatever I drink at the moment that has calories). No cream? Let’s use eggs and butter! It works well for me. Or if it’s quiche, I use sour cream. But yep, I need dairy, I can merely skip cream for quite a long time.
And not so very long ago I barely ate cheese… How things change… I have a very cheesy phase now.

You can get raw cream?! I can’t. I had a problem with it but then I realized cream isn’t THAT important - but I love it so my hedonistic self learned to enjoy the UHT stuff…

If I manage to do something with my life so I won’t think someone should kill me to get rid both the world and me from this pitiful existence (sorry, it is relevant right now, I really do my best to be cheerful here and not super dark), I might have steak then… it’s a dream for my birthday since some time, probably since I tried carnivore but it never happened. It’s not a big desire, I really love my pork. I am just curious and there is this steakhouse with normal and big steaks, eggs and bacon as a side dish…


Hi Shinita, yes I can get hold of raw grass fed cream, but not locally, so I would have to order it online. The same with raw grass fed butter and cheese. So I would only buy these items for myself twice a year at most, birthdays and christmases.
I don’t know how much cream is in my raw milk, but it tastes creamy, for sure. If that cream was taken out, I wouldn’t enjoy what was left. It appears to be good for my digestion, the raw milk, but I can’t have any conventional or pasteurised dairy.
As to “doing something with life” as you wrote, well, Shinita, you have a beautiful, lush garden. :cherry_blossom::tulip:You live in beautiful, lush surroundings. :deciduous_tree:And, you are healthy, illness free.:+1:Those are blessings never to be taken for granted. I hope for that for myself one day, to finally be off my medication, and to finally, finally consider myself illness free. Because of this WOE, I believe that is a possibility in the future.


I am aware about zillion great things (I even appreciate mostly clean water and sunshine. and that I live in a world where people still didn’t mess up Nature COMPLETELY before dying out or something) but if I lack a few very basic things, the good parts alone can’t make me want to live. We need many things and if one is missing, it’s bad. It’s good I have hope. Not much but it’s stubborn.

And my garden is messy and thorny :slight_smile: But kinda pretty now :wink: I have zillion red tulips at the moment. I need some other colors (I had yellow ones too but that’s about it). And I have no energy and my eyes and teeth are bad, I have a few minor problems as well (like weak nails and silky but split hairs). Well I am healthy otherwise and I am very very glad about it (I had no idea the average person is so very sick when I was younger) - though what it matters? Something who can live should have gotten it. I even have a high IQ and it’s quite useless. But I really don’t want to talk about it. I am good at that. Well it’s easy when one has no social life.


I tracked. Today I had my usual 180+ g protein in 2 meals. I am quite satiated right now, I had no hunger problems today.
My travel food is tiny but what can I do? I try to fast as eating 1000 kcal typically makes me hungrier than not eating anything but maybe I can buy something or eat my food on the way home.
I wondered about very calorie-dense emergency food but I am only butter and that alone isn’t that appealing and it could melt too. It was easier on mere keto.


Hi Shinita, I eat about 500 grams minced beef or lamb a day, and then usually have 4 eggs, but I don’t know how much protein they would be, as I don’t track. I’m sure I get plenty of fat from the beef tallow.

I hope you have a lovely time at the zoo Shinita. All I can think in terms of food to bring would be cold meat, cold, hard-boiled eggs, and cheese. Well, that’s what I would bring, I make sure my fridge has some cold burger/patties in it, which are great to pack for outings. I don’t eat cheese anymore (because it’s pasteurised) but when I am out and about I will happily buy a packet of sliced gouda or edam and eat them, if I have nothing else. But burgers/patties are much better for satiety. Or in your case, as your favourite is pork, some cold pork chops or cold pork shoulder or ham.

This is making me hungry actually writing this. Since quitting coffee I find I am having my first meal (breakfast) much earlier. After that meal I can go until late afternoon/evening, with a small glass of raw milk inbetween. It really does appear to be helping with digestion. I do listen to what Dr. Paul Mason and Dr. Ken Berry say regarding dairy, but I do think it’s different when the milk is raw as (1) it is certainly not fattening to me, which is often used as an argument. (2) it helps with my digestion rather than cause constipation, another argument against dairy. (3) According to Dr. Mason dairy is a culprit for triggering auto immune responses in the people susceptible to auto immune diseases. This could be true in my case as well, but currently drinking raw milk seems beneficial as it appears to be improving my gut. It may be enough for me to simply avoid pasteurised dairy. I am hoping this is the case. I can live well without cheese, butter, cream, and just enjoy their raw, healthier cousins once or twice a year, since I can’t source any of it locally. It’s much more important to me anyway to just have plenty of good meat at hand, those days I run out of meat and only have eggs to eat, are miserable.

Of course, if I do run out of meat it’s because I ate much more than I planned, as I have a meat budget, so if I want to eat a good bit extra meat on one day, I am aware it’s going to be only eggs the next day. But with good planning, this usually doesn’t happen. Well, I have many eggs. Picked up a tray of 30 eggs almost a week ago, and will pick up more on Monday. I find when you pair some minced meat with eggs, the mince lasts you longer, as both are so filling. So 250 grams minced beef or lamb say, and 4 eggs for breakfast. And 250 grams minced beef/lamb made into patties burgers for my second meal. Beautiful simplicity, and it never gets dull for me.


:bear: Bear enjoys listening to Panda :panda_face:

Getting in the diurnal rhythm

  • Eat after 2 hours from waking
  • Eat at least 2 hours before going to bed
  • Stay in bed for 8 hours
  • Try for 7.5hrs sleep

Seems simple enough.

And compatible with ZC carnivore.

Don’t wait until “I think I May Carnivore


Hi FrankoBear, will look Satchin Panda up. I get up about 6:30 or 7:00 and usually don’t eat until 10:00, and my last meal is usually 16:00pm or 17:00pm after which I don’t eat until the next day. I eat two meals a day with some raw milk inbetween. I didn’t attempt to do IF, it just happened that way naturally. But I’m sure intermittent fasting is a good thing for most people to be doing as it allows their digestive systems to rest.

Breakfast was a plate of 5 pastured eggs and ground grassfed lamb turned into mini patties/burgers burried beneath that mound of eggs, lol. I use beef tallow predominantly to cook with.

Second and last meal (dinner) a platter of lamb patties/burgers. Delicious. I believe in eating until pleasantly stuffed. :yum:

I’m still on the fence about dairy, even raw, having listened to Dr. Paul Mason who states it is a trigger for auto immune responses for those susceptible to auto immune diseases, but I am drinking it for my gut and it seems to be good for my digestion, and also because it’s a really good source of calcium. Both Dr. Paul Mason and Dr. Ken Berry claims (very strongly) milk also will make you fat, but raw milk doesn’t affect me that way. I am currently drinking two small glasses a day, morning and afternoon, but I’m sure I could drink a half a bottle daily and not put on any weight. We’re all so different. Dr. Paul Mason listed 6 foods that could trigger auto immune responses and these were:

(1) Dairy
(2) Coffee
(3) Fish and seafood
(4) Pork
(5) Eggs

I’m sure all these foods Dr. Mason listed are highly individual, even for those susceptible to auto immune diseases.