TripleAAnimaliciousApril Carnivore


Here we go. New month of April for our Carnivore Chat!

Away we go :slight_smile:

----------------for me very simple zc month. Only focus. Just eat zc well, simple and don’t look back :slight_smile:

@OldDoug, nice truck you had! Leroy! too funny…I just call ours MegaCab. we owned many diesels thru the years and this one is wonderful, no issues, til now, of course it is ‘cheaper to keep her’ than buy another HA

@kib1, a staycation in the driveway :slight_smile: love it. But staying in the house is ok by me, I wanted the darn change of scenery to the coast and ocean. Can’t reenact that one. But I got enough work to keep me busy around the farm anyway.

--------------OK everyone, let’s talk ZC!


Considering only 2 potential carni months are left to me (and anyway, I need to change my whole life), I better get serious now!

No elaborated goals. I just want to do as many carni (later carnivore-ish) days in this month as I can without great efforts. No coffee, waiting until I really NEED food. Not eating just because it’s 3pm and my miserable life can use some joy in it (I have plenty of other joys anyway, why food is THAT super important?).

I don’t want to have stricter days (except that I will be very proper carni in the beginning. at least according to my definitions. spice and not sugary condiments are still okay, not like I use much). I am close to cheese now and anyway, I want to go longer than anywhere before so I think I need all my food groups. I typically automatically keep my dairy and processed meat items low anyway, that should be enough.

So I focus on my eating window now. It must be tiny. As it’s very natural to me as long as I manage not to eat without a good reason.

Today is pork day! Everyday is pork day for me, yes but today is more! :slight_smile: Alvaro’s (and a bit my) pork loin slab is roasting, I have smoked pork and a little leftover pork chuck roast… We will see. Yesterday got a bit wild in the end, Alvaro made a quite nice but carby fish dish I had to taste… And I am not good with moderation especially before a hopefully stricter month. So I start at a lower place I thought I would and it may take some days to feel free from the past carbs.

I am very very satiated now, no wonder considering my yesterday and that it’s only noon.
I am drinking tea as I need something else than water. I could do only water but that would use up too much something that I need for the month. Effort? Determination? Something not having a word? Probably the last one. I need to keep it almost effortless, all my efforts should go to not eating without a need… This is new. I wished for it before but I didn’t put enough effort into it. Now I plan to.
Fortunately Alvaro has his lunch early in weekends and I was very full at his lunchtime. So that trigger was powerless.

Gloomy day, I am sleepy but was up between 4 and 5am too…

(Stephan ) #3

For me I will be going into the second month of being completely carnivore.
Already partly happy that my IBS is better but other symptoms due to the adaptation from my regular high carb foods to ZC are still pretty annoying and feel pretty weak.

Still I completely stick to it. This month won’t be very different then the last one, I just wanna try to eat a bit fattier.
Today is a pretty crappy day with not enough sleep and several symptoms but well…tomorrow will be better.

Everyone have a nice day


@Stephann: I wish you a much more enjoyable month than the previous one was then! Even if the very first day isn’t so great yet. Hopefully it gets better soon!

Oh, fat. I should make sure my fat/protein ratio is right though it hardly can be bad on OMAD… It’s one of its zillion pros. No matter how fatty I eat, I can’t overeat. And my protein intake is good at caring about itself but maybe I will look at it after my meals and eat more if needed.

It’s easy to be optimistic with a fully belly… Still only 1pm and I have some temptations, purely mental, fortunately and I am freshly determined. I watched egg dish videos. Way too much carbs, obviously. Oh well, I can come up with some new recipes if I want. And I never even made poached eggs in cream. I planned that for today originally but I rather put my leftover cream into my kind-of-marshmallow (not my usual jellied fluff, I went back to the origins and change them again but to a less extent to keep the really fluffy texture, mine was a bit wet and not firm enough in the fluffy upper part), that’s a fun stuff.

But then I go for super simple. As much as I can. I need focus as it doesn’t come to me naturally, no matter how I enjoy simple dishes. I still can eat multiple of them for a meal.

(Stephan ) #5

thank you!

well I guess just try it step by step.
My dishes are reaaaally simple I just cook a steak every evening + some eggs and in the morning (even though I don’t quite like it) some ground beef and two eggs.
But to add for example cold butter on top of it still feels kinda weird, but just step by step.
I try to always keep a good outcome in mind and I’ve been to so many health struggles where I just cant take a life like this any more.

(Michael) #6

Welcome to the best group on these forums and the internet @Stephann

Pic from last night, I am actually getting into this high fat carnivore. I can visibly feel my testosterone rising fast, although tbh it is the lower protein no longer inhibiting production, I still like it. One 8 oz beef cheek, 3 oz sheep spleen, 0.75 oz chicken liver, 6 oz bacon, 1.75 oz bone marrow, 3 oz tallow with the bacon drippings poured over everything. 2425 calories on this plate, 80% fat.

(Stephan ) #7

That’s 2400 kcal? :open_mouth:
I actually thought it would be way less. where are all the calories coming from?


It’s very easy to make a multiple thousands of kcal plate on carnivore, fat is quite calorie dense for its volume…

(Stephan ) #9

interesting…when I think about my dinner with, let’s say 3 eggs and 10/11 oz rumsteak or ribeye and a bit of butter that’s really like nothing and that’s the most calorie dense of my meals a day.


@Stephann, you don’t gotta rely on eggs :slight_smile: you can pair any meat sources. I can do a 1 lb. steak or I can do like an 8 oz. steak and 2 big ol’ pork chops as my first meal :slight_smile: Eat what you love.

Wecome to ZC!!

Best way to roll if you need to eliminate food and heal/repair the body and ‘re-boot’ your health!

----------------for me today I got 1.5 lb. of pork chops first meal. Will be cooked in about 1/4 stick of butter…yum.
second meal I got a lb. of burger in fridge to eat…no butter etc for cook, just slap in pan, done…might eat 1/2 lb. burger, 3/4 lb. burger or eat the whole darn lb. for next meal and might add some cheese to boot, :wink: just wait and see what I want later.

for me on food for day I count nothing, nada, 0. I am not a tracker for any special reasons that I need to know, ya know, so for me I just eat. Eat what I want, zc, at all times and don’t give it another thought. Into year 6 of carnivore now, loving it truly! I am in zc zone that suits me best right now, just eat and thrive :sunny:

(Michael) #11

Tallow is pure fat, 28g times 9 cal/g gives 252 calories per ounce. I had 3 ounces there for 756 cal. Similarly with the bone marrow. Bacon is 87% fat, and there were 6 ounces there. The lean meats are more filling, but less calories.


Rock on N!! You are seeing results you are working toward, congrats!!

(Stephan ) #13

damn guys! Thank you for the feedback. I guess I really need to implement more pork chops or steaks and leave out the groundbeef maybe that will make things a bit better.
Is pork tallow okay too?
I live in germany and some things I have to adapt here unfortunately.

And @Fangs congrats on the six years! Keep it up :partying_face:

(Michael) #14

Rendered beef fat is tallow, rendered pork fat is lard. Both are good. Tallow is mostly long chain saturated fat, while lard is mostly mono-unsaturated fat. Again, both are good.


@Stephann: It’s not nothing at all. It sounds a decent meal if you have multiple ones - though it depends on the others and your needs, of course…

Meanwhile it’s 4pm and I still haven’t eaten :smiley: It’s fun :smiley: I was quite hungry when coming home from my walks but I have that with exercise around/after my normal mealtime. It showed me that I won’t skip today, I will eat soon.

I can put 2000 kcal into a small bowl, I did that yesterday when I made scrachings. Not like I can have any good idea, I just guessed something, the stuff looked like half pork shoulders, half fat tissue when still raw…

(KM) #16

I’ve come late to the discussion, why do you only have 2 months of Carni left?

(Doug) #17

“April is the cruelest month…”


Went to a country wedding. The farm catering was a massive beef smoker, with beef brisket, pulled roast lamb and pork ribs.


@kib1: Because June is a raging fruit season in my very nice fruit garden… Several of my favorite seasons overlapping and no force can keep me from tasting all my fruits. In moderation, of course. I mean it, I am good at little when it comes to fruit, since the very beginning of keto, several years ago.
Hopefully I can keep it keto most of the time and I suppose I will have several carni days too - but not all the time.
My fruit seasons end in December, that isn’t an easy month either so I will have another big chance between January and May in 2024…
November is a good month too. But June and July? :smiley: Never even tried to keep them keto, no chance. Maybe this year will be different, I have changed and improved, after all.

I need some proper training before the time comes. I believe that some pretty close to carnivore April and May would end up a way lower-carb June and July. Or not, who knows but there is a chance. I already feel on my off days that barely anything can tempt me. Apart from fruits but I don’t NEED them either and that helps quite much.

I am very optimistic but I know myself too much. But I will do what I can. It will be interesting. But I badly need more training.

And me having STUPID days like today doesn’t help! :frowning: I had a sudden food aversion when I felt starving, again. I hoped I left it in the past.
Oh well, fortunately I have such a big variety and so many ideas that I can handle such cases. It is merely very tiring.

I even had a coffee later, I felt tired and had a headache, it was almost 8pm already so it was justified enough to me.

This was the plan:

I ate the (not crunchy but nice, fatty, tasty) scratchings (half of the total but the other half is basically all fried fat tissue, this bunch was the meaty part) and eventually the pork chuck but pork loin isn’t my thing, after all, way too lean with a not tempting texture (as fresh ham isn’t actually fatty either but it’s lovely and juicy, a very different texture). I ate half, I will finish it tomorrow and figure out something else for myself.
The chicken liver was fine. I had more eggs and lots of cheese and even some salmon spread. I will track tomorrow.

Oh well I put this pic here too, it’s the roasted pork loin in the sun to bring out its colors :wink:

Pretty (it was lovely raw too, the meat went from pale pink to very deep red I usually expect from beef) but I just can’t handle it. So I need to roast my pork shoulder very soon. I hoped it will be fine with this and my leftovers and whatever else I have but nope. I need my GOOD, fatty proper meat staple.
And maybe I should start with more eggs. I still find it hard to eat some simple egg dish AFTER meat. Egg sounds boring then, works way better in the beginning and along with my meat.

Sorry being too long again. I am a tad upset/disappointed and emotions make me vent/express myself. And I am not concise on the best day.

(KM) #20

It’s ok, I was just wondering if the end of carni was for something bad. Glad to hear it’s not. And I do understand, I love to garden and had a nice citrus orchard going up til last year when I moved to a colder place. It was like leaving children, even though I was starting to be uneasy about all those tangerines and oranges I couldn’t / shouldn’t eat. Now I’ve got a new place with lots of garden space, but whatever will I grow??? I don’t want to raise animals. … flowers I guess.