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Good evening. I’ve been reading but not posting (“lurking”).

FB what a scary week you had! Every day a new clue, you just waiting for the other shoe to drop - but when it finally dropped you knew immediately what to do and did it! Not that many people can actually learn from their experiences but you seem to have nailed it. Cute kangaroo too.

@never2late I wasn’t familiar with lipoedema until reading your post, but seem to have the symptoms. I should probably check into it with my doc. But the thing is, from articles and videos I have now seen, what we’re already doing is the best thing to do. Shawn Baker said, carnivore. Ken Barry too. I looked around. WebMD says only liposuction can help (not going there.) Maybe when the weight is all gone I can get surgery on the varicose veins which would help. But anyway, thanks for introducing me to that condition. I took the quiz, pretty sure I’m a member of the club!

Having returned on Easter to Texas from 10 days in VA (plus 6 days driving round trip), this was our 1st weekend back to work, as strolling musicians 5 hrs a night in 3 restaurants. I’m still not recovered as I taught yesterday and today and just finished.

This weekend we drive up to Taos NM, about 14 hours, to play a wedding in Saturday. We rented a vintage travel trailer to stay in there. They have about 8 of them on their site. We drive our Transit bus on the road. This should be fun!

I’ve had some trouble figuring out what food works with the temporary crowns on 3 teeth. Shrimp, chicken, raw to very rare hamburger, and eggs work best. A pork tenderloin proved to be too much. In a few months well go back and get the porcelain crowns put in and I’ll be back to normal!

This was a restaurant meal, of course I didn’t eat any of the side riff raff :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Good morning Judy. For sure, for us ladies with lipoedema and lymphedema (whether diagnosed or not) a ketogenic WOE appears (judging from science, anecdotes and our own N=1 experiments) the best thing currently, and we have the power to help ourselves by arming ourselves with knowledge and making informed decisions. The thing with science is that it changes all the time yielding fresh insights, new approaches and ideas, but because it can also be fickle, I always listen to my body more.

Like you, I don’t believe liposuction is the answer, it comes with its own risks. I have varicose veins as well, it’s a feature of lipoedema, and I am in the process of getting the veins treated. If you have varicose, and you are considering having liposuction in the future, (1) You’ll have to have your veins treated first, otherwise they could cause complications during the liposuction procedure, (2) The liposuction would have to be performed by somone who specialises in lipoedema liposuction.

Although there’s not much NHS can do (I live in the UK) they can prescribe compression which is beneficial and teach you lymphatic massage, although you may would likely need to be referred to a clinic specialising in lipoedema and lymphedema. But bringing your concern about your lipoedema up with your doctor is the first step. Sadly, not many doctors are knowledgeable about this. I was lucky. My GP, when I brought up my suspicion that I had lipoedema with her, she actually listened. And she knew about the condition, if not in great detail. She agreed it looked like lipoedema, and referred me to a lymphedema clinic where they are also knowledgeable about lipoedema. At that clinic a lady examined me and said, I was so different from any lipoedema lady she had ever met (because I’m slim) and she diagnosed me with the beginning changes of lipoedema rather than the most prominent features (caused by obesity and progression). What she did note is that I have the characteristic cuffs around my ankles, though still not very noticeable, and although I’m thin, my top half is a size UK 6 and my bottom half is a size UK 8. The difference between top half and lower half was noticeable, she remarked, and that my lipoedema features were made more prominent by being slim.

Now I’m going to share some lipoedema features with you she said many ladies she saw have, two of which I don’t have, so you can examine these traits in yourself. (1) A lot of lipoedema ladies may have a fat cap, you would be able to feel it if you touched your head (I don’t have this). (2) A lot of lipoedema ladies may have lordosis which is curved spine (I don’t have this either) (3) Lipoedema is often associated with hypermobility (This I’m pretty sure I have, but we didn’t discuss it at the time).

Another feature I used to have was that my legs were covered in bruises. But because I was already on a ketogenic WOE when I spoke to the lady, there were no bruises to remark upon. She did remark my waist is tiny. And this is quite typical of the lipoedema in the early stages. According to Dr. Ken Berry it’s to do with insulin malfunctioning, that it gives your body a signal to put weight on in really odd places, disproportionately. So you can be as thin as to count your ribs, but still have the same legs as before, which is of course, madly frustrating. In the end she gave me some helpful advice (showed me how to perform daily lymphatic massage) and prescribed me Sigvaris compression class 1. I opted for tights instead of stockings, black to go with my skirts and dresses, and I got prescribed two which would have been about £70 each. These Sigvaris tights have been most helpful, and it is possible it is because of religiously wearing them, and not the ketogenic WOE, or perhaps a combination, that all the bruises I used to have on my legs are now gone, and stay gone.

But here’s the thing about lipoedea that is the must frustrating part. It is not just a fat disorder (I have very little fat), it is a painful fat disorder because lymphatic fluid is trapped in the fat. So your skin can feel spongy in the later stages. Mine don’t. The little fat I do have on my legs, however, (mostly calves and on and around my knees) can be a bit tender. It used to be much more tender before I started a ketogenic WOE, but I still get that tenderness. In my thighs as well as the calves, and it comes and goes. That could also be the Tamoxifen. The other, even more frustrating thing, is that lipoedema is a loose, connective tissue disorder, and because of this I don’t do well running, though I am a keen walker. I am looking now into sources of collagen which are meant to strengthen connective tissue in food, as I don’t wish to take supplements. I believe there is a lot of collagen in animal skin, and bones.

I also would like to say, as you are probably currently researching this condition yourself, it is a very natural impulse afterall to wish to arm oneself with knowledge, don’t let the more extreme cases you see on the internet discourage you. Lipoedema does not progress unless there is weight gain/obesity. Sadly, a lot of ladies who were battling with their weight and addicted to carbs and ended up obese - and unbeknownst to them their lipoedema progressed along with their general obesity - end up with lipo-lymphedema which explains those more extreme cases documented on the internet. Often, someone who was morbidly obese and then had the gastric sleeve, discovers that the fat in their non lipoedema-related areas goes, but of course the lipoedema fat/condition remains, and is greatly progressed, so they end up looking very slim on top, but vastly disproportionate on the bottom. Which is why it is so important I think to raise the awareness around lipoedema. So many women don’t know about it, and sadly, likewise, so many health professionals remain clueless about the condition as well.

If you suspect you have lipoedema Judy I would if I were you bring it up with your doctor. This WOE has helped me so much so I do believe a ketogenic WOE is highly beneficial in treating both lipoedema and lymphedema. The other two things I have added to my arsenal are lymphatic massage and compression. The lady at the lymphedema clinic also reccommended various toning exercises like bicycling and water aerobics, preferably specifically designed for lipoedema. I just do walking for now. Your doctor may not be knowledgeable enough to diagnose your lipoedema, but he/she may be able to refer you to a lymphedema clinic where you will be met with knowledge and good support. Hope this helps, sorry for waffling on. Wish you the best of health!:slightly_smiling_face:


I got hungry early. Now I go for more meat as it’s more satiating and I don’t want to neglect meat as it happens sometimes and doesn’t work well.

I was starving on my walk (very insistent, suffering hunger but it’s still the soft fat adaptation one. I usually can wait but not this time, it’s rare but exercise at the wrong time manages to do this when well-fasted) but it got better at home and almost managed to wait until lunch.

I kind of ate twice but in 1 hour so I consider it one meal :slight_smile:

I still started with eggs as I had fresh soft-boiled ones and they need to eat right away :slight_smile: They were lovely. I even like hard-boiled eggs when they are still warm… (Warmed up doesn’t work. But fried in butter is nice, I have found that among egg fast recipes.) But I prefer soft-boiled ones. Or the impossible runny yolk, firm white kind that is theoretically possible considering the differences of the temps when the parts firm up.

I had a cute amount of pork and a chicken drumstick. It was nothing to me so I had more chicken, more pork, all my sponge cakes and whatever I could find (cottage cheese, dry sausage, piece of cheese). And drank some eggs as well. With cream. Coffee only used as sprinkle on top, the amount is negligible but vanilla and close just isn’t enough. Tried browning some butter in microwave, wasn’t very effective.

Now I am still not satiated but had to stop at some point. 160g protein so I suppose I won’t eat again… Hopefully satiation arrives soon, I’ve been hungry since 3 hours and it gets old.

I need some fattier meat, I balanced it out with other items but they aren’t so satiating.

So my plan regarding eating mostly meat to keep my first meal small enough when I get hungry early… Didn’t work. But maybe it’s all because I haven’t eaten enough meat lately. Okay then. I will keep trying.

Weather is on/off sunny now but no rain, radio says there will be lovely weather in the weekend so we can go to the zoo and have a nice time, yay! I really need to go somewhere else and see something new.


The zoo sounds nice Shinita. Today it was lovely and sunny which really lifted my spirits, first day I get to go out in just a light summer dress in what feels like ages, so I wore my favourite one with the leapard print.

Breakfast today after refreshing morning walk. After my plate of 4 pastured eggs and minced grassfed lamb which I made up into mini patties/burgers, I was pleasantly stuffed. Then had some sardines which tasted delicious just out of the can.
Tomorrow I’ll be getting some more meats from my butcher, I might try the pork belly since it’s free range if not too expensive. I tend to buy the minced meats because they’re cheaper. I have decided to eat dairy again. I ate some KerryGold that my SO bought yesterday, and I felt great. Today my skin looked better. Baffling. I will also buy the raw milk and drink it again because it was so good for my digestion. My roseaca appears to be calming down, and I can’t help but wonder if it’s because I quit coffee and caffeine. Since quitting coffee (have been off it for about 1 week, I should really have noted down when I quit) I’ve felt better, today I even felt great with more energy, the sunshine definitely helped. I even felt like putting on some makeup as my skin appeared so calm.


Yes it will be nice. Last year we visited two huge zoos and it was super tiring, way too many things to see, I can’t handle that well.
But this one is a smaller zoo. And this is spring, not super early either so I expect some babies :slight_smile:

I probably could be stuffed if I ate only once in every 2 days… Nope, won’t happen. I can’t even stop eating lunch…

I think about pork belly sometimes and it always seems a very bad idea to have. Way too fatty for a price of a better, meatier cut. And if it’s not smoked, what could I do with the skin…?
I think I keep my fatty smoked stuff and normal fresh meat like pork chuck and maybe shoulder. And of course, the cheap lean cut I use all the time… It was very enjoyable today.


Hi Shinita. I could never eat only once in every 2 days, or OMAD for that matter, but my body is happy with two meals a day. My body must surely be fat adapted by now because it can run entirely on fat, in fact it really likes it. I tend to scoop tallow out of the jar and eat with salt. And I’m back to enjoying lumps of KerryGold butter. Fatty pork belly used to be my favourite, so I thought I’d give it a go. My body does appear to want mostly beef and lamb, and eggs. But I thought I’d expand, and eat more fish (once or twice a week), and add some free range pork and poultry occasionally. My SO commented the WOE appears to have done me good as I’m looking and feeling healthy, and he’s being very supportive and understanding with regards to me doing this for my health, for my auto immune conditions, which really helps. My mum and MIL both think what I’m doing, eating only animal meat and saturated fat, is crazy.


I couldn’t either, maybe OMAD here and there but my mealsizes it would be good.

Today I kind of ate 2 in the end. I am still not satiated but I am bored of eating at this point. I ate everything I could… Wasn’t enough. I suppose it’s one of my rare Unsatiated Hunger days. But it never triggers an insane overeating like on carbs. There I stop after about 4000 kcal. And I have a worse hunger.

182g protein, 150g fat, 9g carbs. 1.4 lbs meat. 2MAD, IF 20/4.
Tomorrow I really make my meatballs with skin :slight_smile: They are fun and I need something fattier than my lean pork. I ate my chicken, good. I don’t think I ever had a low enough protein intake when I touched chicken… It suits OMAD more.

I planted my gladiolus bulbs and looked at my seed box. Oh my, I need to sow so many seeds tomorrow! Why do I have dill…? Lovely stuff but I need to buy a tiny packet of dried stuff and it lasts for years but I need to throw it out before it runs out. But nice in sour cream occasionally.

I still have daffodils but especially red, yellow and red and yellow tulips galore!
And I saw a jay in the garden today, even made photos with the 300mm lens. Eurasian jay is a very common bird here but I still appreciate every time I meet one. I have a feather, the fun one, striped blue :slight_smile:

To be fair, it sounded pretty crazy to me as well 10 years ago :slight_smile: I am not very judgemental (about things I don’t know and understand, at least… and many other things… I just mean if I know something is wrong, I can judge that very much) so I never talked against it, it would have been stupid. But it seemed extreme… And definitely not for me. I remember thinking that I go vegan earlier than trying it out. I was wrong but it was very surprising as I LOVED vegs and vegan food (I just liked eggs and dairy too :wink: it’s like egg fast dishes: some are lovely! just no one should expect me to eat only that for days. vegan food is better as I actually could eat it for 5 days. but it was after keto and my body found it too carby. it was merely low-carb as I didn’t try out pure gluten yet. it’s very easy to survive a plant-based day or two with a ton of gluten if one is me. what else could I eat? almost everything is too carby, nuts aren’t satiating and possibly too carby and I can’t live on fats but need very much protein. 160g gluten for my first meal helps. and then I don’t want it again for a long time so I am glad I don’t need to be a vegan :slight_smile: it would be a very miserable existence, no matter how colorful the dishes are :smiley: it doesn’t work that way).

I got carried away, sorry.
But meanwhile my hunger went away. Good. Satiation should come soon.


Hi Shinita, back on my HC/LF carnivore would have sounded crazy to me too. And when I started keto (12 October 2022) I also thought to myself I would never do carnivore, much too restrictive, but then my own body lost interest in all the carbs, fruits and vegetables and gravitated towards carnivore, and I discovered it made my body feel better than when on keto, as when I ate nuts and vegetables I had joint aches. Now I don’t have joint aches. I walked into this WOE with several auto immune conditions I were hoping to treat, though my lipoedema was my priority at the time (have discovered so many benefits since), and I believe it was the right decision. But yes, I’ve come to realise it’s not a good idea to share my diet with family members, as carnivore is some outlandish thing to them. And that’s fine, my SO is on a HC/HF WOE, and seems to be doing well. My MIL are vegetarian and my SIL is vegan. So what I’m doing must look pretty crazy to them. In the end of the day I follow my body in everything now, and the science less, though I am encouraged by successful stories of people who have reversed their ailments on carnivore, as I’m only human. The most encouraging interview I saw though was a woman interviewed by Dr. Anthony Chaffee, and she looked, sounded and moved like she was in her 40s or 50s. Well, she was 81. Crazy, right? And with no ailments, no medical issues, on no medications at all. Well, this is why I always say age is just a number. Though most of us are not as lucky as her. But I listen to Kelly Hogan too, she looks great, and she’s 43. I am 39 and will turn 40 late September, but I feel much younger. That woman Dr. Anthony Chaffee interviewed who was 81, pronounced her age joyfully, and said she was just entering middle-age. She was a rancher, had been working on a farm all her life and eating only meat. Just incredible how young she looked.

(KCKO, KCFO) #129

Perth is such a fun city. Loved our visit there. I am a huge fan of Black Swans. This is a great shot of one up close and personal.


Might be a story to add to the ZC resources. Thanks for mentioning it.

Dr. Chaffee, I think, has his medical practice in Perth (where the black swans are). I think I might look him up and see if I can get an appointment.


Hi FrankoBear, yes, that was the one, I was blown away as I watched it. It isn’t just that she looks so young for her age in the interview, but the sharpness of her mind, her passion and vitality! I mean I am 39 and sometimes I joke/complain about feeling like 80-90, but my energy is improving since quitting coffee and caffeine, but to have that kind of strength and that kind of drive, not to mention such amazing cognition, when most people I see around that age and younger neither look, nor sound nor move like that at all. Mind boggling.


Another sunny warm day, have just been and got a large tray of fresh eggs and raw milk from my favourite local farm. Made a cracking omelette for breakfast rich in raw milk and KerryGold, lovely, fluffy and buttery.

Hope everyone is enjoying lush Spring weather and soaking up sunshine. Nothing lifts the spirit like a warm sunshiny day.:sunny::blush:


Me too now :slight_smile: Farm life is back breaking work for me and now older when I think of alot of bending or stoop to get things done the back feels it. I tell hubby now I used to fall and bounce right back up…now I fall and stay the hell down HAHA I don’t bouce up anymore like younger years for sure LOL

Great food pics as usual!! Fingers crossed on rebate…you can buy more fancy pots and stuff for your pretty garden!! I remember what it looked like before all the hard remodel and work ya did…such a nice spot for you now K!

@JJFiddle, great post. yes long drive is actually very very tiring. being an RV person our trips are alot of drive time so I feel ya on that. Driving also takes concentration and work ‘to make’ it to your destination LOL
SO COOL on the vintage camper to rent…wedding gig!

Sorry on the teeth work and all, you know everyone on the planet hates dental work LOL but you got your food covered well!

Riff Raff! the side riff raff, just funny reading that and ya had me laughing over it!!

------------Simple zc.
got ribeye steak, almost a lb. to finish today before I might lose it in the fridge. Yea defrosted for hubby to eat but he kept wanting other stuff so I will hound it down today. meal 2…hmmm, kinda burger’d out. I got the meat in my house but might wander down to local smokehouse store later and see what seafood might be on good sale? I am getting crab legs on my mind again :slight_smile: regardless of what it will be for 2nd meal, ya know it will be zc!

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We have a few carnivore friendly places we can go to but they are expensive. The cafe has an open style kitchen so you can see what is cooking. All done on the griddle. I am sure the cheapo sausages will have a bit of gluten in hem but the bacon n cheese omelette is a good choice. I never have sides unless it is more bacon or sausages. We eat there fairly often so the owner has got to know my quirky ways but still looks with surprise that i don’t want chips and salad or veggies. He prices it accordingly too which is something that doesn’t always happen in other cafes. My daughter has booked the world buffet all you can eat for my birthday in June as we know i can pick and choose what i can eat plus my daughter can eat according to her PCOS and her hubby can just do him too so we all come out happy :grinning: … and full lol :rofl: the restaurant is pretty local and only a 20 min drive with a multi storey car park directly opposite. All is good.


I sowed 8 different seeds and I had enough for now :smiley: I will continue later.

Rainy days are over, now we have sunshine galore! All day.

And I strayed off because I got some irresistible compulsion to experiment with biscuits. And not even the carni ones as those are more difficult but I will go back to them. It’s a vegetarian keto day this far. I think. I am not in the mood to track. But it must be keto.
I opened another cheese package, oh I sooo love them :smiley: Maybe one day I try out what happens if I just eat eggs and cheese… I know it’s very good I use cheese in moderation in general but a single cheesy day could be fun. I have several kinds now :slight_smile:
Our raw milk arrives today as Thursday is the dairy truck day (and egg day too. fortunately Alvaro can fit the 1 liter egg bottle next to the up to 40 eggs in his backpack)… I am not in mood for milk (considering I opened TWO boxes of cream lately and still have more than enough considering I barely drink coffee now. yeah eating is challenging, I can’t completely avoid coffee too… or could but it wouldn’t be hedonistic) but 1 liter is so very little, we will do something with it.

I need some new recipes if I want to stick to carnivore at least for several days. Even though I like my simple dishes. I don’t like them enough to make a big meal of them and what’s more important, I often want something different. I have been thinking about it since some time, I need some spicier, wet dishes too, not just roasts and fried meat. And yeah I have my meatballs but usually with skin and I have very little skin so that happens rarely. I can do them without but it’s not so fun using my lean pork. And I don’t have fatty pork now :frowning: So I need some fun meaty dish and while processed meats work, I don’t want to depend on them that much. They are for accents and extra little bites.
I should make stews more often too… I am pretty sure I can do even lower with the onion :smiley: It’s only one tenth of the normally used amount and it’s still plenty for me :smiley:
But if only a little onion keeps me from pure carnivore (that I don’t even want to do), that is worthy of a celebration :smiley: So I really don’t worry about it. I just have this urge in me, to keep things as carni as comfortably possible. And I am not into onions anymore. It’s just a mandatory item for stews here. Helps with the sauce(?) too.
But I will come up with other recipes. Sometimes I find something in carnivore blogs too. They are way more useful than keto blogs since years for me as the keto ones are super full with vegs. And they even call the result “carnivore” sometimes, nevermind the lots of vegs and spices… Mislabeling is bad and pisses me off.

I have serious life problems now and I can’t even wake up in the morning. I should disappear, no one needs my super long texts and do something useful… :frowning:

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All good here … well i spent ages walking back and forth trying to find the tax office which had moved to a new building that i had passed by twice! :rofl: then when we found it there was a security man at the door who didn’t want to let us in! Eventually he ‘escorted’ me across the foyer to the receptionist who said they don’t do face to face anymore and i had to phone them … lordy lord … progress! So i left and when i got home phoned the number and had a 55min wait with that awful repetitive music but eventually got a customer service man called Ian who was lovely. Of course he said i could have used the website … no i couldn’t, far too complicated for my situation and he eventually agreed i would have struggled! Well the 55mins wait was well worth it as i do have a rebate owed me and it will do very nicely and see me through to the end of June when i get my first State Pension payment :grinning: i did say I would be provided for didn’t I! Trust in the power of prayer!

And … the Doctors letter was ready much faster than expected and i picked that up yesterday and it was such a good supportive letter so i will forward a copy on to both the prison and the pension people. So all good on the home front :grinning:

(Karen) #137

Food yesterday

Plus i ate a couple of cooked cold chicken tikka thighs and some cheese. The omelette was at the cafe… again … note to self … cut back on the meals out!

A very wakeful night, i was back downstairs at 11.30pm watching some mindless tv till midnight then back to bed. Then up probably hourly for a wee wee … that means a small wee lol​:rofl: at 5.24am i was awake and checked the workout for this morning that i was booked on and thought if i could get 2 more good hours in i would go… and i did, the nex time i woke up was 7.22am so i got up and did stair runs, meds, BP, coffee and books in the garden in glorious sunshine. Bit of a chill to the breeze but not enough to stop me sitting out. :slightly_smiling_face: @Fangs oh yes still enjoying and appreciating my lovely space :smirk: best move ever … lots of dosh but absolutely worth every penny and watching blooms emerging from last years planting has been very satisfying. Will have to add some other plants before long for the pots that just had the annuals in but thats okay, it will keep me occupied won’t it?

Went to CrossFit this morning and had a great session. Just did it for speen rather than weight as i stil have the neck and shoulder issues so i am doing what suits me and feel good wth that. I got through the whole wotkout and had time to start over again so did a further 60 cals on the erg and 52 out of the 60 abmat sittups before the time cap sounded! Feeling good and fit again which is an amazing feeling that i absolutely love … nothing worse than feeling lethargic and ughhh!

Eaten the 3 remaining cooked chicken tikka thighs only this time i fried them in some butter to heat and crisp up the skin.

they were very tasty … Waitrose … good food from there but pricey so it was good to get them in The Company Shop reduced price.

Small Sirloin Steak for later in the day and may have some sausages with it… will decide when i know how hungry i am :grinning:


Working in the city. The usually clean autumn air is full of bushfire smoke from prescribed burning of the forests. Burn the forests before they burn mentality. Human lunacy. We had a solar eclipse today. Eerie midday light.

Baked beef ribs for two nights. Start the day with a mug of warm beef bone broths. Have two coffees at work to see me through to OMAD meal and catch up with my mum.

Back home to the countryside tomorrow night.


Alvaro brought 50 eggs and no milk (he forgot the bottle. I told him it’s fine, we don’t need milk now, we have cream!), saw a stork (it’s always a joy even if it’s a normal one, not the elusive black kind) and I finally learned what happened to the hens of the egg lady.
Maybe 2 years ago she said feeding them is too expensive, she won’t keep hens anymore… We were sad, we liked her eggs and at that time we had no other source. Now the greengrocery has good quality eggs in huge amounts but still, we liked her eggs :slight_smile: And rabbits.
But then years passed and we still got eggs. Well, the old hens got killed already but she got some hens in smaller numbers producing more eggs than the old ones. So it still works out for her and we get our eggs. 50 is a lot, I don’t even remember when we got so many, it’s usually 20-30, lately 40 with 0 weeks here and there.
So we have about 130 eggs right now. Nice :slight_smile:

I wondered if I can keep today vegetarian but I don’t think I have the mood for it. I had a boiled egg (and another’s white) fried in butter and more cheese :smiley: It is definitely a cheesy day… But now I really miss some more proper food. So I will have meat for dinner. And tomorrow will be a proper day, at least that’s the plan. Lots of meat, various ones and poor meatballs I keep postponing (I am not sure it’s proper English here).

I sowed 3 other seeds, I really had enough… Why is it that exhausting, IDK. Mentally, I mean, it was nothing physically. I do need to figure out what to put here, I barely have space but even when it’s done, I just can’t do the whole job in 1-2 sessions.


Hi Shinita, I definitely can’t manage a single vegetarian day. The butcher was closed today as I had mistaken their opening times, and so I’ve run out of meat. My 6-egg omelette fried in grassfed butter and with the raw milk to make it extra fluffy and creamy, was delicious, just sadly nowhere near as satiating as meat. I had another can of sardines in my cupboard so I ate that, and again fish can taste nice, but does not satiate me like meat. Nothing beats eating beef and lamb. A day of just eggs, cheese, milk and butter would be disastrous. Eggs are great paired with meat though. My SO and I bought a tray of 30 eggs from the farm today. Tomorrow I’ll go again to the butcher and stock up on my favourite minced beef and lamb for the week, I cannot survive without it. I was never born to be a vegetarian.