TripleAAnimaliciousApril Carnivore


Late breakfast, after a refreshing morning walk enjoying the misty rain. Always makes Nature smell even fresher. Now the sun has come out too. First meal: Lamb liver and patties made from minced lamb from my favourite grassfed butcher.

Followed by a plate of eggs as was still hungry. After these two meals for my late breakfast, I am absolutely full, but will probably have some more lamb patties/burgers later. The beef tallow I bought from my butcher has been a great success, really great to cook with and I like scooping out some and eating as a snack, sprinkled with salt. Been having some lovely days in Spring and there’s still a little left of the cherry blossom trees though their flowers are vanishing, but there are so many other beautiful trees, shrubs and flowers to enjoy too. Looking forward to Summer though, my body loves that sunshine and heat that comes along with it, and really lifts both spirit and energy.


today got a nice ribeye steak planned as first meal later.
2nd meal, not sure, probably burgers.

I seem to not be a fan of my cheese as much anymore. finding I just don’t find ‘cheese’ as appealing as the old days :slight_smile: I actually like that :sunny:

being in a busier mindset and handling stuff around here I gotta…then with weather getting so much nicer and hotter!, I feel like food focus is lessening tons. I also love that :100:

Onward ZC I go


Hi Fangs, our bodies go through such amazing changes on this WOE, I haven’t been eating cheese for a good long while now. But I’m madly into liver at the moment, just hope I’m not overdoing it as I’m eating liver (beef or lamb) daily. It’s nice isn’t it the ease on this WOE that although we love our food and we eat when we’re hungry, we can also just forget about it and go on doing more useful things. Not like back on HC/LF when you suddenly think to yourself: I’d like a treat. Just such freedom and relaxation, and of course, less cooking which for me, being rubbish in the kitchen, is a great boon🙂


I blame HCHF that I want a treat on every woe now…

One day I will make some disciplined carby experiments, I suspect more and more than carby meals make me extremely satiated now (not in a perfect way, more like I feel I overate despite not eating a ton. not something I intentially want to do but sometimes it happens anyway). But it’s for later, I had 3 days perfecting my recipe (it isn’t perfect yet but very close and super irresistible even when I am a bit too satiated as it turned out) and now I am pretty serious about doing carnivore-ish until June but I said such things before, we will see.
Today I take it easy as I plan not eating anything. Best way to ensure I do carnivore but of course it has a serious time limit :D.
I have no food now so no temptation and I feel extremely satiated still. My stomach isn’t full, it was 21.5 hours ago when I finished my modest dinner, after all but I never cared about the state of my stomach, not even when I actually felt anything about it (quite rare. my stomach almost always feels the same).
I have like 6 weeks, I should make this time count!

Sunshine, headache (I slept a bit much I think. it’s bad as nothing works against it beyond waiting 20-something hours being awake and definitely not lying down)… I was miserable enough to make coffee, well I have priorities, 1. carni, 2. fast, 3. no coffee, 4. no tea while fasting, I can’t do them all when I have headache… Now I never think coffee could help with my headache (only ~20 years ineffectiveness and I learned my lesson, my hope is very stubborn) BUT it is nice and make me feel better still :wink: It raised my horrible mood too.
Maybe I lick a little salt, just to be super safe. I don’t think I ever could really need it on a short fast but it can’t hurt.

Oh, stomach growl. Sometimes it comes in the first 24 hours.

I am in the phase where I like to think and talk and read about food :slight_smile:
I feel okay (no appetite, no hunger, no “need for fuel” sign, no temptation. perfect) so I have no idea if I will lose my satiation today or not. If I will eat, I plan some very fatty, very simple, lowish-cal meal. Well as big as needed but a serious fat focus tends to lower the mealsize.

No cooking for today and it seems Alvaro accepts pork loin (from the pig farm, it’s in the freezer, roasted) for tomorrow. Yay. It makes my life so easy. He finally had enough of the usual carby food that lasts for 4-5 days and it’s almost no effort to make and I have very vague ideas about what a high-carber may eat. And I cook for Alvaro since… No idea, somewhere below 20 years? I am bad with time things. But every time I change my woe, I feel a semi-transparent wall comes between me and the old ways. High-carb is so very far from me I just don’t know normal dishes like that. At least not ones Alvaro eats and I am willing to make :wink: I usually make low-carb dishes but even those are far from me now except the carni ones, of course. And he eats just a few of those. Not keeping vegs at home (with few rare exceptions… but we usually don’t even have a tiny onion :smiley: how things changed) doesn’t help things when Alvaro decides he wants vegetarian food. So I tend to make cheesy eggy stuff then. Oh indeed, quiche, that is an option.


Oh, guess what!!! Alvaro just came and told me that the mayor invited him to a Facebook group. Apparently our village will have a farmer’s market soon!!! :smiley: In mere weeks! YAY!

I was used to the big village Grandma lived (population 17000), there was a pretty big and great market there but our tiny village (2000) had nothing. Not even the nearby tiny town (5000) though it has a few stalls a few times a year or something. We have the dairy truck visiting with raw milk, that’s something but a market… :heart_eyes:

Not such a bad situation we have. Nearby pig farm (2 villages away), beef farm a bit farther, tiny farmer’s market 2 villages away (with pig farm items, we can get our smoked pork from there on Saturday or in the pig farm shop on Friday), dairy truck, good prices in the small supermarkets, 2 butchers (one is very rarely open though)…


Hi Shinita, it certainly sounds good to me to have those options, we are both fortunate to live near farms, butchers, and with access to farmer’s market if we so desired. I am still full after my first meal of lamb liver, lamb patties and eggs. But I may still eat some more lamb patties/burgers later. I also ate some beef tallow straight out of the jar while I was cooking with it earlier. So that probably added to my satiety. Was binge watching Dr. Ken Berry videoes on youtube while I was doing housework, just left them on to listen to, and he interviewed this women Kelly Hogan, who had (at the time she was interviewed been carnivore for 13 years), I couldn’t believe her transformation. Of course I’ll never have a great transformation as was already lean when I started a ketogenic WOE, and well, I still have lipoedema and lymphedema though it’s better than it was, but it will never entirely go away. But I’m convinced now that carnivore for someone with my auto immune conditions, is the absolute right thing. Dr. Ken Berry is knowledgeable about lipoedema, and sees carnivore as the best way to treat it though it’s not a cure. Well, a good thing I am loving the food, I really feel blessed to have discovered this WOE🙂Dr. Ken Berry also interviewed an optometrist, Dr. Lisa Wiedeman, who has been carnivore for 14 years, I have been watching her videoes as she has her own youtube channel, I must say I find them really interesting. She’s the reason I decided to quit coffee, tea and all manner of caffeine.


I still have lots of daffodils. And more flowers :slight_smile:

I need to mow the lawn (though it’s not the right term :smiley: it’s the road and the weedy parts around it, just outside of my property, it’s a mess in spring) but we have rain almost every day and when there was some way, I rather did other garden work. I don’t like cutting the grass but no one else does it and it’s not THAT bad doing a little at a time (tiring though), I just tend to procrastinate especially now that I am not used to doing it… And have other things to do. But my tiny veggie patch is dug up and I sowed everything. I only need to plant my 10 gladiolus bulbs tomorrow, just a few minutes. I hope they will be utterly beautiful, I bought a mixed set.

Food wise, I ate after 25 hours. Loss of focus, I too easily get it and not fun. I never stand that for long and I never should.
I tried some fattier egg fast style thing first then after 3 eggs I got bored of it and had some sausage and smoked pork ribs too :smiley: 75% fat is already a very unfortunate percentage for me but paired with 83g protein and not so satiating items, no proper meat? I was way too hungry 1 hour later so I ate more (a little pork roast among others) and felt wonderful afterwards :slight_smile:
Maintenance level calories but only 100g protein :smiley: 2 hour eating window between 8pm and 10pm. Not so bad but I will do way better soon I suppose. I can use way better items. Like some proper meat… I got out the usual small green ham slab and 2 small chicken legs from the freezer but I have other meats too eat if I get hungry before it gets ready. I always make sure I don’t cook my meat too early as pork is just too irresistible and mess with my lunch skipping, it’s usually challenging enough. Not today as I was more determined and more satiated than that.

But I enjoyed my food. I checked out egg fast recipes and found some great ideas. I won’t use so much fat though. I even have cream cheese now, I don’t even remember if I ever bought such a thing (except mascarpone but people usually don’t think about that when talking about cream cheese, it seems) as it’s not a common thing here.
I did some “lazy deviled eggs” :smiley: I just poured the “mayonnaise” on my halved boiled eggs. One yolk, 10g lard, lots of mustard, I dislike too fatty things :smiley: It was so very tasty but my lard is already tasty, I rendered it out of my farm pork shoulder when I fried it.
My soft sausage isn’t so great but edible. I will figure out which brand to buy, this is a specific kind of sausage, very popular but there are worse kinds. I never found one that tastes bad, per se but this one is meh, not very flavorful and this type of sausage must be very flavorful. All type of sausages if you ask me but I don’t expect so much from the cheapest, most watery thing that still works in certain dishes. But this kind was my favorite :frowning: Except the fresh stuff that needs to be baked or fried, that is the best especially when home-raised and made with skill, not with a ton of marjoram (I never forget that otherwise great one with about 10 times as much marjoram I would have liked if I wanted any herbs in it as I didn’t… Barely felt the nice pork flavor below the stuff, ew).
I will try new recipes from the ones I have found today.
Some egg fast recipes are great for me as I love eggs and dairy. Some rare ones even can work as they are, with all the added fat. But not for every dish of the day. Only one. I want my meat anyway… Meat is good. Way better than adding a ton of fat and cheese, meat satiates and satisfies me more. But each to their own.

I like waiting until dinner at least (when I can do it easily), I need to do it anyway (at least most of the time) to avoid overeating but I am in peace until my first meal too, being satiated or not but being without hunger, it’s neat. And it makes experimenting easier as some important factors stay put or only subject to a tiny change…

(Michael) #108

Eating TMAD, so bit of a large first half. 40 oz with bone in rib steak. Gotta show pics of my steaks


A kangaroo out in the yard this morning. Another one has just arrived as I type. Feeding on a green flush of sprouts after some autumn rain in the past week.

Staying on plan but loading the electrolytes.

The hints that something was brewing were, some uninvited hand cramps. The cramp is interesting. It’s where the muscle at the base of the thumb contracts the thumb toward the palm. Like you would hold your hand to animate a sock puppet. I might call it the ‘sock puppet cramp’. Mrs. Bear recognises it as ‘the claw’. She sees it particularly in women who do hot yoga and deplete themselves of electrolytes in a hot yoga class by therapeutically sweating and often drinking too much plain, fresh water in response causing the washout.

So, what happens on ZC carnivore. We get in the groove. No hunger. Eating at our intuitive frequency. Insulin response stabilises and lowers. The kidneys do not retain sodium, and that salt expulsion drags the water out. Liver glycogen is lowered and that releases water into the blood stream increasing blood pressure that creates a hydrostatic release of ‘body water’. A double whammy. And as the water leaves it drags body salts, electrolytes, with it. The kidneys do try and retain sodium as an essential electrolyte for cell functions and can sacrifice magnesium in its stead. So, the waterfall electrolyte loss may favour magnesium salts loss.

Hand cramps, then some extra nocturia (peeing in the night). Collecting the signs.

Last Thursday I had an important meeting with a government official. It was a stressful build up as I worked hard to get clear the information I needed. Stress hormones attended the physiological mix. As I drove to the meeting I developed heart palpitations. I knocked them down with some magnesium tablets. The meeting was long and went fine. But I knew I was on the edge of potential atrial fibrillation.

On Sunday morning, signs #3 and #4, I woke after a night where I had some muscle aches while restless sleeping, like after an exercise workout, but without the workout. I also had a nightmare that I was covered in tiny, biting mites. Let’s call that a skin prickling sensation in a half asleep state. When I was properly awake, my eyes were quite gluey, and I spent some time wiping ‘the sand’, the crusty glue from my eyes. I told Mrs. Bear. It looked and felt like an oxalate dump.

Then Sunday night, I couldn’t settle. Some heart palpitations that turned into atrial fibrillation (AF) at 1:30am. I had been taking my normal supplements and having daily salty beef bone broth. But I still flipped. So, I got up and went through my home treatment plan for an AF episode - salty bone broth, oral magnesium to gut tolerance, hot shower etc. I did not need to take the heart medication (betablocker) this time. So let’s class it as a moderate episode. No visit to hospital. But the broken sleep, and the chest pain afterward, wiped me out for a day. The aftermath, and I have noted it before, is more painful and disabling post-COVID.

Anyhow, back on deck. 12 hour sleep last night. Body said OMAD yesterday. A fast seemed what I needed. My ‘recovery’ meal was 2 lamb chops, 4 eggs, half a 200g double brie, and a salty beef bone broth drink.

I imagine people reading this would be thinking, “Why are you doing that to yourself? Why give yourself a ‘heart attack’ with that ZC carnivore diet?” Fair enough, that’s a superficial understanding, and a pertinent question. The way I see it is that I am prone to AF and the diet is correlated but not directly causative. If the cause is the perfect storm of physiological electrolyte depletion combined with an oxalate dumping episode, which in itself may be concurrently threshold triggered by reduced oxalate in the diet, then these are management issues for my case. It does not prove the diet is bad, I think.


Knew it!


I think lipoedema is important to discuss, so I was looking for the interviews with Siobhan Huggins and, along the way, found this recent Diet Doctor article. It does speak toward following the carnivore diet in a ketogenic way, due to the positive responses to ketogenic eating.

I think Siobhan Huggins’ research into lipoedema is worth looking in to. Siobhan has presented at low carb conferences on the topic, and those talks would be a good think to search up on the topic, I think.

Here is a recent YT podcast episode with Siobhan.

(Robin) #111

Mr. bear, you never cease to amaze me.
In my mind, your diet is what has helped you to learn how to handle a condition. Not the cause of the condition.


Hi FrankoBear, I am familiar with both Siobhan Huggins’ work as well as Amber O’ Hearn’s work, as to the articles, I’ve read them before. I’ve pretty much researched all I can find about lipoedema, and I was pleasantly surprised that Dr. Ken Berry mentioned in an interview he was familiar with lipoedema and he mentioned having talked with Siobhan Huggins. I understand from all I’ve learned from Siobhan Huggins that a ketogenic diet is the best way to treat lipoedema as it halts the condition, stopping it in its tracks, which is not a cure, but still reassuring. I am not like most lipoedema ladies. And it bothers me that the awareness around lipoedema currently is tied both to obesity and extremity. As I have been keeping the same weight for many, many years, experienced no progression even back on my HC/LF WOE, but always known my legs just weren’t right. As I got as low as 47kg at one point in my 20s (I tried both vegatarian, then vegan and became ill), and I could count my ribs, but my legs were the same. I’m 51kg now, and slim, but my legs remain a frustration, but I’m too old (39 and will turn 40 September) to have a cow about it, it is what it is. I will continue to research it though, as I believe new research can yield new insights into the condition for sure. Dr. Berry appeared to think it was due to insulin malfunctioning, signalling the body to store fat disproportionately. I have very little lipoedema fat, but what I do have, lymphatic fluid is trapped in the fat, so causes swelling, I predominantly have these lipoedema features on my calves and on and around my knees, so am lucky in that respect. A ketogenic/carnivore WOE has certainly helped with the condition, my legs used to be covered in bruises and now I have not got a single one. That to me is significant. But where I still have the swelling, on my calves, there can still be some tenderness. But it’s so, so much better since my HC/LF WOE when the pain was affecting my mobility. I enjoy my daily walks now and always look forward to them. All I do for exercise is walking. And it gives me great enjoyment of life🙂


Looks delicious Michael. I haven’t been eating steak in years, as I get minced meats and make my own burgers, is cheaper that way. But on my birthday I will definitely splurge on good quality steaks and treat myself to a birthday week of steaks.:slightly_smiling_face:

(Karen) #114

:astonished: i have turned green!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Fab post, enjoyed reading about your Roo neighbors coming for a visit. Does Billie chase them if she gets the chance? :slight_smile: My little dog is a maniac for chasin’ squirrel and rabbit in my backyard/pasture area. Of course both ARE way faster than him HA

Love what ya said. Not a cause for AF but of course when ya read on AF so many issues come into play on possible cause. Of course biggest being a real physical heart defect making this issue but then it gets blurry on the ‘why’ one can get hit.

But ya know, you have SO improved your handling of your med situation. But one also to be wary of as you on with your life. Cause and effect. Cause and effect is what made me walk toward carnivore on my heart PVCs truly. Caffeine and fake sweeteners were might biggest nightmare, not a doubt. I dropped diet pepsi and fake sweeteners and my PVCs improved SO dramatically that I ‘basically fixed’ me in about a week from truly having massive issues with them as the became worse and worse. Scary times on this stuff but one thing, cause and effect. Kinda like, hmm, that truthful saying…we are what we eat but we also have a few things to take into play…how the electrolytes are used and our stress/weather effects like high heat, big sweats and our physical use and more…good post FB!

I remember your ‘going to the ER posts’ long ago and how that even made your episode and life worse ya know…but now you ‘feel you’ and feel things coming and jump on handling what you can! I find this truly amazing on how you are handling this issue, finding out so much about you in the journey!

@Naghite, beauty meat on that plate! I like how you eat SO carnivore and so well!!

-------- keeping it zc simple. today is a good 1 lb. ribeye steak for first meal later. Second meal, not sure. Brain going toward shrimp but ya know I don’t even care about my alfredo sauce anymore, I am kinda dumping dairy just in this journey. Still love cheese on a burger mostly but other than that, cheese is not a focus anymore like before. I do like that. Meals even more simple :slight_smile: 2nd meal, eh, come up with something.

have to hit little smokehouse store near me and might find some marked down meat. I do have a big ol’ chicken to roast for family…might do that today and just hound down chicken tonight…we shall see.


My late breakfast after my morning walk.

Grassfed lamb burgers and lamb liver, and a plate of eggs, fried in beef tallow/dripping. It is a good fat for cooking. I like buying especially the beef and lamb from my butcher as their cows and lamb graze in the fields surrounding their estate. It just makes me happy to know I am eating happy animals. And I love the taste of lamb and beef. Got some more pastured eggs from my favourite local farm, am missing their lovely grassfed raw milk, which made my stomach feel really good, as in better digestion, no bloating and a flat, firm stomach). Am only avoiding it and KerryGold (which also I didn’t have any digestive issues with), to see if it makes a difference to my roseaca. Well, it hasn’t. I know that’s much too early to say, but in fact, my roseaca looks quite a bit worse since quitting raw milk and butter.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Beautiful flowers Shinita, your garden is a delight.:slightly_smiling_face: Nature is certainly filled with beauty and it’s so good for us to soak it all up, brightens our days and nourishes our souls.:hibiscus::rosette::tulip::cherry_blossom::deciduous_tree:

(Karen) #117

Hi everyone
Yesterday was the usual scenario first thing only without the CrossFit. Food was an inside out cheesy bacon omelette, sirloin steak with mixed seafood lightly fried in the steak juices and some french butter and followed that later with the remainder of the pack of mixed seafood that i had drfrosted as it had been in freezer long enough… pethaps a little too long … ftird in french butyrt with grated cheese thown into the mix. Ate some more cherse later and also going off it a tad bit. Early-ish night. Didn’t venture out during the day but did some weeding of the pots and managed to get all the patio done before my back was telling me to stop. Had to wait for a phone call from the legal team for the inquest next week and was on phone for just over an hour … far too long for my head!

Up early this morning after a bit of a wakeful night. Stairs meds BP coffee and books in garden before out to CrossFit. Good sesison.

Had to dash to doctors to pay for the docs letter. I rang them yesterday to seenif it was ready for collection (organised it a week past thursday) only to find that they don’t type it until it’s been paid for… in cash! Oh my gorgeous doctor ommited to tell me that!!! Note to self don’t keep him talking too long in future!!! :rofl: so i have to eait another week now … ah well no big stress about that.

Stopped at he cafe round corner from surgery, all very convenient, had brunch and a cuppa tea. Only just remembered the photo before it was too late. 2 sausages and a bacon n cheese omelette.

ate it slowly and it went down well.

Steak for dinnr later got to go to Tax office now and hopeful for rebate :pray:


Most people probably can’t imagine how much happiness I get from every little bud and sprout and millipede I see :smiley: Spring is so great, I have many plants I eagerly follow, every day happens something these times! Winter is so long and I get reminded how great Nature is when spring comes again… I don’t forget it fully, obviously but it’s still so different to see and feel it and the changes are new and nostalgic at the same time…

Little sunshine, little gloom, headache and lack of activity for me today. Except gardenwork and stationary bike riding, of course :slight_smile:
Oh it just started to rain…

I wanted food very early and almost managed to wait until lunchtime, thankfully I was already hungry at that point. It feels wrong to eat when satiated and almost… I blame the low meat level of my last days. Yesterday was properly carnivore and I still had only 0.42 pound of meat, not even a third of my calories came from meat. Yeah but I started it egg fast-y and had not much proper meat… It was an experiment and necessity.

But today it was different. But as I started to eat before my proper meats were ready (or not too hot), it was low-meat again. No problem, my dinner will be different!

My first plate. I ate it all and 3.5 more sponge cakes. Most of them had cheese and some even sour cream so they were crustless quiche muffins :slight_smile:
We (well I as Alvaro already ate his share) have a lithuanian hard cheese now, super flavorful, very parmesan-y! I can’t tell this, Grana Padano and Parmeggiano Reggiano apart but they are all in their own price range. We have nice sales for GP and Parmeggiano Reggiano but this cheese was barely over a proper Gouda price and it’s amazing!!! Great for my sponge cakes.

I only had a drumstick and a bit of pork roast from these, I was satiated already:

Everything had an extra trip in my pan :slight_smile:

I had creamy coffees as well.

My meal felt substantial but cute sized. Barely any added fat, no egg milk…And as usual when I feel that, it was almost 1500 kcal. Oh well. Not perfect but not bad, I usually have a 3 times bigger first than second meal on TMAD. And with my pork, I will have my minimum protein, a similar amount of fat and hopefully enough meat to make me satisfied (over a pound in total so it should be fine). I still can’t expect any fat-loss as I eat too much for that (though it feels so little… compared to my desires) but we will go there eventually. Like when I start to get more active. I just can’t see myself eating even less, I already challenge myself a lot. I may need EF but not much luck with that yet.
But I shouldn’t focus on that.

I am actually pretty chill now, with my full stomach. And the chicken wasn’t as fun as last time, probably because I ate some (from the same bunch) only mere days ago. Good. After a while tender chicken is very irresistible to me and I don’t even like chicken much. It’s just fun here and there, soft meat, crispy skin, a tiny flavor from the meat and big flavor from the spice, fatty and protein rich.

I hope still no one has real problems with the thing below my plate, with breads, seeds and wine on it :slight_smile: I consider my aluminium tray very ugly and I think I am right (though it’s nostalgic and fun) and I don’t have a better paper thing (no idea the term for it, not even in Hungarian). I will try to buy something more interesting and new, these are ages old. I have a cherry one (huge cherries with water droplets) and an “everything but especially sweet fruits and chocolate cake” one so this one is still the best I think. Some meat with green stuff (or just vegs and flowers or something) would be nice and even non-carnivores wouldn’t miss green things on the plate, hopefully :smiley: I like plants, they usually are nice to look at. I just don’t want to eat most of them and I wouldn’t include a tiny leaf even for decoration.


Nice food pics Karen, getting hungry just looking at them. I don’t eat out, but if I did I would worry about what was in the food, how it was prepared and cooked, as I can’t have anything with gluten, and I’m avoiding seed oils. I only accept the cooking fats: tallow, butter or lard, but that’s me. I’ve pretty much given up on the idea of eating out, I don’t know what kind of place would only serve carnivore food. If you’ve found such a place or several near you, you’ve struck gold.

Shinita, I’d love to try your sponge cakes, they look really good.

I think this WOE teaches us to be grateful for our food more. I see every plate now of food as sacred, a moment to cherish because nothing tastes so good as when you’re hungry. But also every bite we put into our mouths makes our bodies sing. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of beef and lamb, though I also include some fish, like mackarel and sardines for the DHA. Not sure how much I am getting from the grassfed muscle meats and organs I eat, but figure including sea food is a good thing. I have noticed my butcher stocks free range pork and poultry, so might sample some of that, though a while ago I went off all supermarket pork and poultry and didn’t want to eat it anymore. But perhaps free range pork and poultry would taste completely different. I go again on Thursday to see what meat I can get, it changes from visit to visit, sometimes they’re highly stocked in beef, sometimes just lamb. I might try their minced turkey meat and make some patties/burgers from that. And I might get my hands on some pork belly.

Still coffee and caffeine free and no longer have any withdrawal symptoms. But if my roseaca just continues to flare up like it has, I am going to reinstate my precious KerryGold grassfed butter, and local grassfed raw milk, as both were very good for my digestion, and I worry where I would get sufficient calcium. I have come to think my body is healing one thing at a time, my lipoedema and lymphedema symptoms are much improved, I used to have many bruises on my legs, now not a single one, the skin on my hands is smooth and it used to be really dry no matter how much I moisturised, and I have been feeling much better in myself. My blepharitis has also been getting better over time. If my body decides to deal with my pesky, facial roseaca last, or not at all, then so be it. Healing is a journey for life.


@never2late: I love my sponge cake muffins but they tend to be a tad wet on the bottom :frowning: Whipping everything (even the yolks) very well helps but my actual mixer is in bad shape (it’s young but apparently its quality was bad)… And even so, at least the last ones get a wet bottom, not a fluffy one. The top is always fluffy, that’s fine. That’s why I tend to add things for the last 4-6 pieces :slight_smile: Usually cheese. The quiche ones are wet everywhere but in a good way, not a lovely fluff on a not so nice wet/fried omelet bottom :frowning:

I looked at the label of Alvaro’s nuts… 3.5% cornflower, rapeseed and palm oil… :scream: (And 19% carbs but that’s cashew for you. Never liked it much as it’s way too sweet for me.)

I was quite hungry at dinnertime but I got bored of meat in little time, good thing chicken is so easy to eat. I really think I need some new recipes for my leaner meats, roasts aren’t good enough. But it was okay, I ate most of it. And more eggs and creamy coffees (I added eggs to make it at least vaguely satiating) and opened my last box of cottage cheese… 160g protein, a bit less fat, almost a pound of meat for today and I am still hungry. Sigh. But I ate enough I guess so I probably will get satiated in 1-2 hours. I just need to stand the current state for a while.

Poor Alvaro runs all week as we have rain all the time and the forest isn’t suited to cycling. At least he won’t be cold, the temperature is way above freezing so he runs in t-shirt and shorts :slight_smile:

I don’t run ever. Except a wee bit downhill on my walks, I can’t resist that. But it only works in the small town, I don’t like to run down from our hill, it’s more or less steep and the road is horribly bumpy.
I couldn’t do my workout due to my headache :frowning:

Alvaro wants to try an emulation of a good old nostalgic food item (about as far as carnivore as possible). A company bought another one and pushes for a less tasty, not nostalgic item so they simply stopped making the good one. But someone made something similar. We must try it out! Or rather Alvaro must. I am super bold and optimistic so I try to try not to try it… But he wants it so we will buy it. Maybe he can hide it just like he did with the coffee jar… I have my limits. I don’t want it so if I don’t have it around me, it should be fine.
I need to be good, we probably will get a new Australian parcel and avoiding temptation is very tricky there. Not impossible though… I guess… But there is always something, I need to learn to handle these.

We are hopeful the weather gets good and we can finally visit a zoo on Saturday! We need some shopping too, I almost run out of sour cream and dry sausage. And I would like some pork jowl for fatty experiments if I will be brave enough to risk overeating fat more than usual.
And I need some fatty pork already, I have no lard and I want to fry some lovely fatty pork. The local supermarket used to have 70/30 pork and it was so great for fried pork and making enough lard for weeks but I can’t find it anymore.

Tomorrow I will make meatballs with spice and pork skin again. That’s lovely so even if I won’t be in the mood for leanish roasted pork, I will get enough meat to eat. I have another chicken leg too. I can get some lard and chicken fat from the oven pan to fry the meatballs I think… I really need fatty meat asap.

Meanwhile I stopped being hungry. Yay.