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Hi Judy, me too. I only eat grassfed beef, and lamb, from a grassfed butcher in my vicinity. It does both smell and taste different, and is much leaner, so I will be buying some grassfed beef tallow/dripping to fry my meals in and dip the meats in, as without dairy I’m not getting the animal fats. Is it only beef you eat raw? I am curious about eating meat raw, as I’ve read about the benefits, how much more bio-availble the food is, but also I think I wouldn’t mind it as raw grassfed meat smells good to me. And several of the youtube carnivore doctors says they eat their meats raw or close to raw. I was just wondering how you go about preparing the meat? I thought only fresh meat could be eaten raw and not frozen? But then I read one is meant to freeze the fresh meat anyway (for about 15min) after first covering it in salt to kill bacteria and parasites. Then take it out of the freezer, rinse off the salt and it should be OK to eat. I’m currently looking up recipes. But one of the carnivore doctors I listen to, Dr. Lisa Wideman who has been carnivore for 14 years, said in an interview with Dr. Ken Berry she ate raw beef mince out of an Aldi pack of ground meat. The butcher I go to have a lot of really good quality fresh meats, and though a small part of me is still on the fence about eating meat raw, a much bigger part is becoming very keen.

(Karen) #82

Yesterday was up early again stair running then books coffee etc and then to CrossFit. Good workout which looked a bit boring on paper but it was easy for me to follow as when there are too many exercises i sometimes get a bit confused and end up doing the exercises in the wrong order lol The situps and wall walks were every minute on the minute during the 15 min erg workouts i did beter than i expected.

Then off to hair appt and followed that with brunch at the cafe … 2 sausages and bacon and cheese omelette.

Home after a wander around charity shops and rest. Late had 2.5 slices of topside beef with emmantal cheese slices. It cheered the cheese up with some added english mustard … such bland rubbery horrid cheese :expressionless:

Dinner was fried chicken breast… a bit dry as it was cold cooked breast so th butter i fried it in moistened it a bit.

This morning i got up just after 8 so a bit of a lay in and on with stair runs. It takes about a record track for my quads to ease off … so much erg and leg work at CrossFit … but then its fine. Did the usual coffe, books, meds and BP then fund out the dancing this afternoon had been cancelled so the days routine changed accorsingly. Very cold in the house today and wet on and off outside. Felt i needed to eat a bit earlier at 11am, probably due to feeling so cold. Fried up the 3 remaining cooked chicken breasts… a bit dry again but not wasted, they needed o be eaten today.

Off out this evening to the local theatre where one of our CrossFit coaches is performing lead role in a comedy musical. It has had very good reviews so far so hopefully he still has his voice after shouting at us lot this week :joy: taking my daughter and SIL too.

No sure what i will eat later but have stuff in the fridge.


Hi Karen, sounds like a nice daily routine, I like making a routine of pleasant habits myself. And I too eat more and eat my meals sooner if it’s cold. But I’ve also noticed an increase in my appetite since quitting coffee and caffeine, I’m on day 3 without and both yesterday and today I was hangry before my breakfast at 10:00am. So quitting caffeine is definitely having an effect on my appetite, but then caffeine is a powerful appetite-suppressant, so that was to be expected. I eat 3 meals a day now, not 2 and may bump it up to 4. As I believe eating to satiety is important. My WOE consists of grassfed beef, and lamb, fish once or twice a week (can of sardines or pack of smoked mackarel) and I’m hoping to also add some good animal fats. You inspire me to be more active in my day with your great activity level.


Hi Shinita, I think our palate, our appetites and tastes change a lot on our WOE. I remember when I was mad on fatty pork from the supermarked as it tasted so incredibly good to me, both hot and cold, the fat off the pork shoulder and pork chops was delicious. But then, one day the fat on the pork chop didn’t taste so good to me anymore, but off somehow, and bacon started smelling off to me while it was cooking, and tasted off whenever I ate it, and this also happened with the chicken from the supermarket, it began to taste off to me. Would free range pork and chicken from my butcher taste different? I don’t know. But I went from eating predominantly pork and chicken and barely any beef, to craving beef and lamb, and not wanting any pork and chicken. Yesterday I had some smoked mackarel, that was good. And I will experiment with other meats from the butcher. But it is clear to me we change so much on our WOE, and will likely continue to do so.


An April postcard from the Bear Woods.

You guys rock. It’s so nice to come back after some busy things happening (nothing bad), and see everyone trundling along (except @Fangs who deserves a big Bear Hug!). Probably not a hugger.

Tonight there was a rib eye steak that weighed in at 1.2kg, over 2 and a half pounds. I still don’t know the conversions. Let’s say, about half a small cat. I only ate about 600g of meat, and was done. A playing card size slice of pan-fried halloumi on the side. This morning was 3 pastured chicken eggs with 2 slices of middle bacon = eye plus streaky cooked in lamb tallow from the previous night. I grated a bit of Jarlsberg on top. Pretty much just staying on plan. 2MAD, alternating beef and lamb at night, but adding fish when I find it.

We have had a few days of wintry weather with rain off the ocean. There was a Category 5 cyclone that hit the north of the state. That system sucked up cold winds and rains from Antarctica to hit us here. We have had a few days of log fires, and remembering how good the carni foods taste cooked over a wood fire.

Still having 2 coffees per morning. Have tried some psycho-active mushrooms (yes, they are carnivore) and found it has helped my long COVID brain in terms of concentrating and getting work done. It’s autumn, so also tried some psychedelic mushrooms, people use them to treat adult diagnosed ADHD. Oh dear they improved my concentration. I didn’t get trippy (like the time on a surf trip to Bali in the 1980’s), but eventually finished off with a dull headache. So, the Lion’s Mane mushrooms are better for the mental effects of improved concentration I’m chasing. The pic below are the magic mushrooms, the psychedelics.

This (below) is Lion’s Mane.


I remember eating raw beef mince as a kid growing up. My mum would try cooking meatballs. She would make the meat balls by mixing beef mince (ground beef) with raw eggs and salt (and some spices). I would steal them at that stage as they tasted better than when they were cooked.

The raw beef I eat these days is traditional air-dried beef as South African biltong. It’s a great way to eat raw beef if you don’t have any histamine reactivity problems (as it is aged beef).


Yes, it only means the plant/spice here. But I named it for the color :wink: But it sounds cuter in Hungarian IMO :slight_smile: But Ginger is nice too, I call her both. Our cats often have multiple names. Like the oldest cat is Caroline “Cloud” Aida. She got Aida as both Caroline and Aida has the same nameday, the 2nd of February. It’s Karolina here though, not Caroline :slight_smile: Our language doesn’t like odd, not Hungarian sounding things or where the spelling differs a lot from pronunciation. Sometimes it can’t be helped but only those are exceptions. It was pretty painful to me when they tried to make IT words (like byte and file) Hungarian, it looked horrible just changing the spelling but the new Hungarian words for them was often silly too… They didn’t stick, only the good sounding ones. I just use the English ones as always. But I use English more than Hungarian nowadays and often need to search for Hungarian words. Sometimes for the English but only if it’s a rarely used one. I even think in English maybe half of the time. Maybe more.

@never2late: I know you change super quickly. I don’t. I even like many of the carby dishes I liked 20-30 years ago :smiley: But that changed the most, I lost interest in most carbs since my first carni trial. Well, losing interest doesn’t mean they don’t taste the same :slight_smile: But even my taste is changed here and there, I remember writing about that lately somewhere, probably in one of your threads…
Low-carb and keto gave me new habits but couldn’t make nearly such a big change.
But fatty pork is my fav for life. I always loved it, all my life, during my vegetarianism too, I knew it’s the best tasting food in existence for me. At least if it’s good, home-raised pork, I still don’t know how can I love even cheap supermarket pork now but it is extremely delicious. Most of the time, I am not always the same and the meat isn’t always the same either.
But there are phases and changes, yes. I even learned to love leaner pork (still need a fat layer on it)! But it’s tender and juicy and tasty, what not to like? I never could eat very (too) much of it, that only works with fatty ones but I do like both kind. More the fattier one but the lean has its uses and charm.
So I will eat fatty pork and eggs for life, I am quite sure about it. And I am not sure about much since carnivore messed with my experiences and “knowledge” about my own body! :smiley:
And I cling to my desserts too, I can’t just lose it. It would be nice if I could have days without any but it’s like quitting coffee or worse… As I actually had no coffee weeks before. By the way, caffeine does nothing to my appetite but drinking coffee easily shorten my fasts due to my strong inclination to put stuff into it (milk, cream, egg)… So no coffee is really good for my OMAD plans too. I decided to try and not to drink coffee until 4-5pm at least if I can’t just quit it…

I don’t eat raw meat (if cured ones don’t count) but if I would, that would be from the beef farm, it’s always very fresh and it’s a good farm. But it’s safer not to eat raw meat and I strongly prefer well-done meat, no matter the cooking method so I probably won’t. Meat is extremely nutritious cooked to oblivion too, well I probably don’t get much Vitamin C that way but that’s easy to get from elsewhere. It’s not like I do true carnivore with no supplements. As my other carni food doesn’t contain any Vitamin C.

And I know it’s imperative for me not to do that when it gives me bad macros. And I don’t have fixed macro goals (except for protein. 130g is my target as it’s the lowest I have a chance to do). But I need to stay hungry sometimes and need to eat way over satiation sometimes, it’s how things work for me. But if one has it perfectly fine, yep, not a bad idea to eat until satiation. It’s what I do when things go really well.

@FrankoBear: Nice photos! Apropos birds, I saw the first stork here 2 days ago! The village has 2 nests, we only checked out one.

14:30 and I haven’t eaten yet, finally a day that started okay eating wise. I am very, very satiated and I am baking so I have my food joy anyway. I fried some hake fish.


Day 3 of no coffee, tea and caffeine. No neuro stimulant whatsoever. And feeling tired but no headache today. My breakfast and lunch today.

Fresh farm eggs and grassfed ox liver. Smoked mackarel fillets fried in butter as have yet no replacement for butter in form of other animal fat. Looking to get some beef tallow/dripping Tues from the butcher. Liver was overdone and fish skin slightly burnt, but hey ho, am dealing with a caffeine free body and brain. Feels chilly in the house so that and no caffeine has definitely made me more hungry. Will eat my water buffalo burgers later. Am looking forward to losing these caffeine withdrawal symptoms, I have been consuming caffeine for many, many years. Back on my HC/LF WOE it was green tea and also breakfast tea, and since starting a ketogenic WOE it’s been coffee. Looking forward to (hopefully) have some energy again soon.


This is a local swan on the Swan River, named after said swan, the local First Nation’s language name for a swan is Marli, with the city of Perth in the background. No, not Scotland.


FrankoBear, that is a fantastic swan pic!


Wow, what a great photo of a great swan! :smiley: Very exotic to me as our swans are white :slight_smile:

(Karen) #92

Yesterdays food later in day… some anchovies and beef burgers with that awful cheese on top … ruined the burgers.

The comedy musical last night was amazing. More professional than Am Dram! Dancing amazing, singing floored me, comedy actually had me laughing, fab-u-lous. Standing ovation at the end. Too loud for my head but worth the pain. Our CrossFit coach was awesome playing lead role and what a voice!!! Got home about 1045pm as it was local thankfully and was in bed not long after.

This morning up early stair running, BP, meds, coffee and books then to CrossFit for 6x6 amrap WODs in teams of 4. Fab session and certainly felt we had worked out! My Sian was there and we teamed up with 2 other girls.

Bought 10 mature cheese slices on the way to take Raymond out for a brew. Ate 5 for my Brunch then ate the other 5 after i had dropped Raymond back at his place on the road driving home. Got home about 2.20pm and cooked 2 peri peri chicken dogs. Not brill but filled a hole.

Out dancing this evening, fairly local and won’t be a late night. Couoke of sirloin steaks sitting in the fridge to eat before going… may eat one … may eat both!


Rainy day with random short sunny times…

I have no appetite, it’s great, I go for EF on Monday and try to fast as much as possible anyway. As I MUST eat way less. And fasting is nice. As long as I don’t get seriously hungry or weak. I am fine now. I got hungry 3 hours ago but it’s not the annoying type, it’s WAY easier and more enjoyable fasting than eating. It won’t last for very long though, I feel it. It’s perfect as I plan to eat.
But I am perfecting a recipe I started last weekend now so I don’t do carnivore at the moment. But hopefully I finish it this weekend (even if not, I stop that. and drinking coffee too. and eating lunch. I am getting really, really serious).

So I go soon and fry my poor lean pork. I ate off the nicer, fattier outside and ended up some boring lean inside, not very tempting even when hungry but a little time in a pan with some lard and it will be quite nice fresh. As it’s tender and juicy and tasty, I just can’t handle too lean and not properly fried things (soup is different but boiled meat is inferior too).
I have fattier items, of course but I probably could pull off not eating so much for this single meal.


Breakfast: 4 smoked mackarel fillets eaten cold out of the pack. It had an odd effect on my body, causing bloating, whereas beef and lamb definitely doesn’t. So I’ll be taking a break from fish. Today I plan to go to the butcher and should be sorted with meat for another week. Hopefully I will get some beef tallow/dripping as well.

Nice food pics Karen. Wish I was good at dancing like you, I’m incredibly clumsy. If I try to dance I bump into things, as I was born without grace. When I was a kid I wanted to be a ballerina, oh well. I’m more like the bull in a china shop.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Shinita, I like fattier cuts too. Back when I was eating pork I would always chew off the fatty bits and put the lean pork away for later until I got so hungry I would eventually eat the lean meat too. Now I eat lean grassfed minced beef and lamb, and it tastes really good to me. But fattier cuts taste even better. There’s very little fat, I realise, in the minced meats, so tallow will be my go to fat source, and possibly ghee.


I only do this with the lean cuts like pork thigh (fresh ham. but it’s called thigh here) and I always eat good, enjoyable meat (unless it’s a worse slab, the liver last time or I don’t like anything at the moment but all of these are rare). I just pair up my very lovely but too lean meat with some sausage or something. But some sauce helps too. Or I make meatballs from it, that is very good and properly fatty.
If I have a nicely fatty meat, I eat the fat and leaner parts together. Chuck is perfection as I wrote a few times, at least the average one. Sometimes it’s too lean or a bit too fatty but I can handle that, I just add something else or give the lean part to Alvaro.

Sometimes I specifically want leaner meat, never totally lean but leaner than usual. Sometimes it’s just my actual taste but I choose that when I ate enough fat but not enough protein as well.



4 of my pastured eggs fried in beef tallow/dripping. Delicious, and for once I didn’t burn the eggs. My subsequent snack of lamb liver was well over done, but still tasted nice. Will taste even better I imagine if paired with the frozen minced lamb I also bought from the butcher, but I’ll let that defrost in the fridge over the night, and I’ll have a cracking breakfast tomorrow, and I’ll take care not to burn the liver then. I definitely think it would taste better less done. I don’t think it would pair up well with eggs because of the strong lamb taste, whereas the ox liver does and tastes different, more sweet. Both these meals were very filling so the grassfed beef tallow/dripping lends satiety to a meal for sure. I went and got more pastured eggs from the local farm, and I longed for their raw grassfed milk, but I am staying away from the milk and my precious KerryGold to see if it will help with my roseaca. It does seem like my body is going through a lot of healing already so I just need to be more patient with my facial and occular roseaca. The same with my blepharitis. Have been paying attention to Dr. Lisa Wiedeman (an optometrist who has been carnivore for 14 years) and her lectures on eye health and the potential reversal of eye diseases on carnivore, are very interesting.


I wonder how much fat can I pull off in my scrambled eggs… Doing something vaguely reminiscent of an egg fast (but with WAY less fat and maybe various dairy items, even dry sausage) is what my plan B for fasting Mondays… I usually use 10g fat or less for 3 eggs, I wonder how far other people go… The egg fast thing is a great recipe to make me hate food but really fatty food still works unusually well for my satiation so it might not be a bad idea to go for something in-between. I tried to remember how I ate on my fat fasts (I enjoyed them way, way more than my 9 hour egg fast), not like it matters as I did vegetarian keto at that time but it’s just so impossibly fatty without even having pork jowl…

Today we had a tiny sunshine here and there but still a gloomy day. I have very many tulips now though and still many daffodils. All cherries, sour cherries and plums (except the cherry plum) are in bloom, the big cherry tree is the prettiest as that is the biggest with the most flowers.

(Karen) #98

Up early this morning, just after 7 though i had been awake from earlier. Did the stair runs, BP, Meds,Coffee and Reading in the garden to the background bird song before my daughter picked me up and we took my son Ben out for a walk at Colwick Park and then for lunch. I had a 3 half sausages from a vendor as we walked around the park. They were very nice considering i usually just like cheapo type sauages. These were similar texture to Cumberland. Lunch at a cafe was a cheese omelette which was yuk and bland. I am certain it had been mixed with milk as i could taste it and it was flat and i could hardly taste the cheese and also i ate it in seconds and felt I hadn’t eaten anything! My daughter had the same only with onions and cheese and liked hers. I hate milk and had i known they would use milk in it would have asked them to make it without. Yuk yuk yuk

Had some proper cheese when i got home … that i could taste … then cooked up another Sirloin Steak … very nice.

May cook up a couple of burgers shortly. Feel in a munchy mood. Must have been all the lovely fresh air walking around the Park.


Shinita, your garden always sounds like such a joy, nothing cheers the soul up like pretty flowering trees in spring, and flowers. On our family walk today we smelled ramps, they were everywhere. Their intense smell of garlic was enough indeed to keep any vampires at bay. Plants are both so decorative and entertaining, how utterly dull and sad the world would be without them!

I’ve given up on fasts. I ate an early breakfast today also, and when we got back home from family walk and playground, farm and butcher, I was really hungry. But after my lunch/dinner of pastured eggs and lamb liver, I am definitely now full. But fasts, no can do. I have to have those two meals a day, but at least I no longer eat three meals, that was just while my body was adjusting to the lack of caffeine. Day 4 of no caffeine, and no headache, feeling less tired, and more hydrated.

Karen, I totally get the munchy mood, it’s just very nice to eat when you’re hungry, and feel satiated. And the food on our WOE tastes so good, it always feels luxurious to me. I do get hangry on carnivore, didn’t happen as much on keto and when I was drinking coffee my appetite would just go away. But once I’ve had my meal my body gives me a huge thumbs up, thanking me. And my two meals are enough.


Sorry MIA a bit here for chatting zc stuff :slight_smile: Just so darn busy I am in that head snaps to the left, get’er done, then to the right, this has to be handled, then wait, I still got a ‘get this TO DO list’ handled LOL

Got alot of stuff handled for my parents estate and the ducks seem to be finding their row and staying in line now.

Today was simple. 10 slices bacon, 1/2 lb of pork loin, some cheese/salami and a tin of sardines. To me this is almost a ‘scrap food zc day’, lol…but it is all I want lately. Don’t want big honkin’ steaks. Weather is warming up and appetite going down.

@FrankoBear, anyone who offers me a big ol’ 30 oz ribeye steak gets a hug from me, a big ol’ bear hug :wink:, come empty handed at me ya get a scowl and a growl :crazy_face::partying_face: