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Stupid leftover coffee brought cream, then a bite of meat and half a deviled egg… In the morning. Why I have such crazy days lately…? But now I will patiently wait until proper hunger and go for OMAD in the future. I avoid coffee until eating, it triggers eating way too easily. Not as bad as broth/soup (my perfect gateway food) but it’s risky. Good I want to quit coffee, at least for weekdays.

Today I eat leftovers: deviled eggs, various pork roasts, fried chicken liver, maybe some smoked pork ribs…
I have cream and my no coffee policy, I have ideas but I depend on Alvaro too… Easter reminded me of the existence of egg liqueur so I made some. It’s carnivore-ish enough for me, well my recipe is almost just creamy yolk :smiley: (I looked at the original recipe later, I used 1/25th of the rum and 1/6th of the cream and didn’t bother with whisking it over heat. I liked mine :)) It’s a dessert, I don’t want it to be super alcoholic… And I don’t get why would anyone sweeten it even more. I tasted it and promptly made a dessert for Alvaro from it… I mostly just was curious if I can make some, I didn’t want such a thing now (and considering I had egg liqueur only a few times in my whole life, I don’t need or miss it at all, I just like eggy things, a tiny alcohol is fun and 200ml cream is such a huge amount that I never have an idea what to do with it unless I put it into zillion coffees). So I barely consumed any. It was a bit too salty for a dessert for me, I often have this problem with eggy desserts. Egg has so much sodium, I feel it. But it gave me new ideas.

We still have many daffodils but no new ones anymore, tulips are coming! (There is a tiny red here ;))

We got rain and my photos didn’t happen when we had sunlight and some got blurry, but I have more…

I wasn’t really hungry today (didn’t track but surely didn’t eat much) and didn’t touch the liver. Made a bunch of sponge cakes and enjoyed some smoked rib with it. Yum. Alvaro better tastes it before we run out! But it’s salty fatty smoked stuff so I use it in moderation :slight_smile:
Could have been a better day (it wasn’t pure carni and I had 3 meals in total and there was the coffee too), hopefully tomorrow will be right. But I walked 12km at least, my workout got abandoned too soon though (but it seems I am in good shape) so I need to do the whole thing tomorrow!

Weather forecast says tomorrow will be sunny (I plan to go to the village to buy 90 eggs) and then 2 rainy days so I better dig up the second half of my tiny veggie patch, I wanna sow a few things more… Today I sowed the cornflowers :slight_smile:

And I felt something is missing so I just ate some more meat. Tomorrow I will need to get out something from the freezer…


@Shinita, love the swan pics you post. I love swans cause they have that ‘haute air’ about them, they ain’t no duck ya know :slight_smile:

@FrankoBear, loving that surf n turf, no doubt on that. staple of mine for many years, enjoy that great meal.

-------------omgosh got hit SO busy. so many posts, but I am brain dead, don’t know if coming or going in that finishing off my parents estate issues, then we got my hubby’s stuff for estate and his mom happening, with her ‘possibly being sick’, who knows but testing is going down and kid going into college and financial stuff happening I am dealing…I am in retirement, doesn’t the world know this? LOL I want my days to be mine but don’t seem to be happening that way :slight_smile: :wink:


this was my on sale rack of ribs, family snagged a few but I got most.
eating ribeye steaks, ribs, and bought salami cause thru the busyb times I might need to rely on done deal and I do love it, so yea hounded down good bit of salami.

I tell ya, I got 0 focus on life cause too much to handle right now too fast…bit easier but who knows right…it just comes and comes and comes…oh well, one thing I do is eat ZC thru it all, that sets my life in good order :slight_smile:

chat up later ya’ll…keep the zc lifestyle going strong, we all got this!


The swan was from @never2late but I see swans here too :slight_smile: We have this big lake, after all.

I planned a day, ouch, fatty. But I may not eat all the sour cream, the mascarpone must be used up already, good thing I made ice cream with it. I never want ice cream but we can eat it and it’s doubly useful today as I needed 6 egg whites for Alvaro’s cheesy baked fluffs. My big amount of ice cream uses 6 yolks (and 60g mascarpone this time).

I already ate at noon (cheese, egg, smoked pork ribs from the farm, yum) because I felt like it. It happens so rarely I didn’t want to resist. I plan a big late lunch and that’s it for today. I will bring a photo later.

Great sunny day just like promised, I dug and weeded and whatnot. It’s nice to be in the garden (several times a day but not too much each time :wink: I do the same with cleaning, those big seasonal things, I never ever would do them) and I better use this day before we get our who knows how many rainy ones.

(Karen) #64

There are a lot of magnolia trees in full bloom here and my litle magnolias that i planted as twigs last year had a few blooms a week or so ago :slightly_smiling_face: i have just been watching what buds again this year as i am not sure ehat will come though and what i will need to replace … another year of novice ‘trial and error’ i guess. I can’t be so frivolous of plants until my pension is sorted and i start getting an income. I do have a number of tulips, dafs and other spring flowers blooming and where i planted the bee bombs last March there are lovey flowers popping up again :grinning:

My succulent that resides in the bathroom … it had babies which surprised me but today i noticed the buds and one has opened in to flower. :grinning:

(Karen) #65

Oh the length of time it takes to get the estate dealt with. I am sure the solictors just eke it out as long as poss … plus, as in my mums case, some of the beneficiaries didn’t bother opening their mail from solicitors and had to be nagged to open it as it required a signature!!! Lordy … as soon as the realised the estate wouldn’t be released until return of signatured docs they rushed around looking for the letters … deary dear! Hope yours is resolved sooner rather than later xx

(Karen) #66

Up early again this morning and stair running. Back on it without issues 100 flights straight off. That first day i only managed 14 flights and was heaving after the first 4! Within 4/5 days it was back full force 100 straight through. The body is an amazing piece of equipment! Habit is keeping it consistent. Still doing push ups and shoulder work but not always the full 100 when i have been worikng my shoulders hard at at CrossFit and i have been back to consistency with that too. Feel the mojo is back with avengence! I guess Spring has something to do with that … i do suffer with SAD during the winter months.

Read my books wth my morning coffee and then to CrossFit. It felt harder today but i knew it would as i knew i hadn’t eaten enough yesterday. I went low on the strength workout as my neck is still giving me jip. Back to osteomyologist next Tues see if he can make an impact on it this time. The lift in my right shoe appears to be helping as no tweaks in my back today with the deadlifts.

Came home via The Company Shop where i picked up some more cracked black pepper chicken wings… they crisp up lovely in the frying pan. I ate the whole pack !

I have some pork loin chops in th slow cooker for later.
Will catch up when they have been devoured.


Nice food pics everyone🙂Shinita, those flower photos you posted are lovely. This is day 1 for me of no caffeine and am feeling a bit tired, but otherwise alright. Had my first meal, oxliver and eggs around 10:00am, usually never eat that early, but felt hungry sooner than usual. This, I’m guessing, is an effect of quitting caffeine. But as usual, after the meal I was pleasantly stuffed and not at all hungry anymore. It’s now 15:00pm, I will have my second/last meal, my water buffalo burgers/patties, at about 16:00pm. It will be interesting how I go on without caffeine in my system, but so far so good👍

(Edith) #68

I gave up caffeine last fall and haven’t regretted it one bit! My body is MUCH happier without it. I do admit, I still use it as a tool on long drives but that’s maybe twice a month right now. Good luck!!!


Hi Edith, I don’t doubt your body is much happier caffeine free🙂I am looking forward to feeling better off it too. My WOE is a more strict carnivore, as of today, free from dairy, except butter which I still use to cook with, but will replace this with beef tallow and lard from my butcher when I’ve been and got it. This is to give myself a proper chance to heal my roseaca which I believe is a barometer to my internal health. I had to pour out my raw grassfed milk this morning as it smelled off, the farm told me to keep it in fridge only for 5 days, but I’d gone over that time as I’d been cutting down, and since forgotten. Oh well. Enjoyed my water buffalo burgers for my second and last meal, my SO wanted to try one, so that one I made sure was well done. I prefer my patties to be pink inside. I enjoy my liver best pink inside as well. And raw meat smells nice and fresh to me now, I think I am developing a taste for raw meat. I’d love to try steak tartare in a restaurant once, though I never dine out. I’m a bit more apprehensive about attempting to make this dish at home. I suppose I could ask my butcher next time I go if they have any fresh beef cuts suitable to make beef tartare, but even then I’d be cautious. Currently reading up about it.


Oh lovely :slight_smile: I like succulents even when they aren’t active… One of mine brings quite fetching flowers every year, it spoils me :wink:
I bought a tiny… Dianthus, apparently. Super common flower, we always had several kinds as a kid and I loved them all. This one is 2 different kinds of purple, I will try to make a shot when there will be proper light. I saw its kin at the greengrocery today, for almost doubled price… I got mine on sale in the city.
I have so very many flowers but it’s never enough :smiley:
I would love late tulips and tiny plants with zillion super tiny purple flowers, I see that in different places and they look so good… But I have stupid grasses. At least there are many daisies, I missed them in the beginning (others had them everywhere and I only had a few) but I sowed them and they are everywhere now including my veggie patch. They will stay, I love daisies and my vegs aren’t so impressive anyway… I do try harder this year though. I bough some yellow carrot seeds, it’s allegedly super delicious and fruity… I try my best not to talk about my few vegs but this one is so special… I can’t resist. Flowers or unique vegs? I want them. I already collected almost all the fruits I wanted, I only want strawberries with hot pink flowers. And purple raspberries. But flowers, they are needed every year. I never have enough crocuses, for example.


I have blooming tulips!!! :smiley: Yellow and red ones!

And I had the worst meal since ages. It can’t be my food, it must be me. I strongly disliked the defrosted chicken liver (it resembled me to something rancid but it wasn’t old! it was fine before I freezed it! maybe it’s another dish I dislike defrosted) but ate it somehow… Didn’t like the farm pork shoulder (it still seems beefy to me, it’s so weird. not in a negative way but it is. color and texture is beefy, taste is porky)… Liked the smoked stuff but I didn’t want to eat much of it… And I used a little coffee on the ice cream as I found that not nice either but it’s egg and mascarpone so I could eat some. Ate more mascarpone and sour cream and maybe it is enough for today. Surely as I ate a lot of cheese too, that was okay.

Tomorrow I eat freshly made chicken thighs and fresh pork roast, it should be good!

I am in such a bad shape, I just walked a bit (2 hours) yesterday, cycled a similar distance today and I am so very tired :frowning: Especially my legs. I used to walk way more… And my biceps exercise went not so well either.
But I did gardenwork, it’s something.

(Michael) #72

Lot of ground these days, been a bit since last pic

(Judy Thompson) #73

Hello, been a few days but I’m keeping up.
@Fangs you have a lot on your plate! Hope your pvcs have subsided. Thinking of you.
@Karen18 retirement suits you! You’ve got it down. It WILL be even better when you’re actually being paid!
@Secondlife great to see you! Glad you’re doing so well! I’m jealous of your raw milk and cream. I had farm dairy, eggs and meat for years til we moved to Texas - have not sourced any here yet.
@Shinita such beautiful pics! The egg liqueur - interesting. I’ve never seen that.

Bumping along in my ZC life here, carefully avoiding anything too chewy with half finished dental work. So, eggs and bacon and today I had sausage at a restaurant in nearby Boerne. Venison and country sausages, because I don’t like spicy anymore.
Nice to be on an easy eating schedule these days. No hunger, no worries, all very smooth and easy.
Just got half a sausage pic by the time I remembered to take it. And some boring egg pics. Unfortunately these will be the norm for awhile.


(Karen) #74

Yes Judy being paid woul feel like my birthdays and xmas’s had all come at once.

The pics are far from boring … they look yummy and make me fancy some. I am just about to eat my 9melette and sausages… only ordered 1 sausae but it has turned up at the table with 2… now did i pay for 2 or 1??? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


@JJFiddle: Ooooh nice sausage photo :smiley:
I need to buy some sausages, I only have my dry one I pretty much ignore due to the lovely smoked ribs from the pig farm…

I did it again, about 200 kcal at noon, why am I doing this…? Well I am in the kitchen a lot, it’s the main part of the bottom floor. I mostly just drank egg milk. I needed another flavor and realized I should have caramel eggy milks if I want to avoid coffee and cocoa even when I miss these (they scratch the same itch, I easily skip coffee if I have cocoa and vice versa)… So I browned some butter :slight_smile: I hadn’t even cream or milk, just butter and my egg milk. Nice. I need to salt it, how wonderful, it means I can keep it even when I will start to feel my egg milk too salty. The only salty dessert I like is salted caramel and this is vaguely that. I always loved caramel but it pretty much disappeared from my life during my low-carb years. (And got prominent on my wildest off days.) Keto caramel is lovely but tricky to make homogenous. But if it’s for a drink, I don’t need that special smooth combination of butter and cream :smiley: Why I haven’t think about this earlier…?


Not my fav macro lens, no sunshine… I am okay enough only with this flower pic to show it:

And here is Gyömbér (ginger in Hungarian but it only means a color in English):

In this photo her missing eartip isn’t even very noticeable… She is very photogenic. It’s way more apparent irl.

My planned lunch:

Looks tiny… But I ate some more before and have something else even until the roasts (they are in the oven now but they take a lot of time).

The stipy thing in the middle is the fabulous and for some reason, cheap smoked rib from the pig farm. It’s amazing, I enjoyed it immensely even yesterday when I was unhappy with almost anything else. It’s salty but not overly much, I am just unable to enjoy it all alone but it’s fine. Hence the sponge cakes, they help with salty, fatty food and with many other things.


It wasn’t enough. I had a tin of mackerel (my fav tinned fish :smiley: too bad it came with non-carni sauce but I only ate a fragment of it that stuck to my fish and talked with Alvaro about him eating the rest if I put it into pizza with some hake I need to fry anyway. fish is one of my emergency food and having my own is the best. except I prefer mackerel over hake but spices help a bit and I do eat mackerel sometimes. hake is cheaper, I can eat more of it at once - not like I want to, it’s tasteless hake - and it’s carnivore. good for emergency last bites when I am hungry but doesn’t have my other food or run out of ready to eat meat for the day) and half a boiled egg. And milk. Thursday is the dairy truck day, not just egg day and Alvaro brought a liter of milk and 40 eggs (now we have 130, that’s a lovely amount, enough for 2 weeks). I suppose we will have a liter of milk every week for a while. I except my enthusiasm dropping a tad but 1 liter a week is so minuscule, I used to drink this amount for breakfast in summers (probably not every day though), along with a ton of food. So we probably can keep it for a long while, I merely won’t feel sad whenever it runs out.

But it still wasn’t enough, now I am waiting for satiation to kick in. 1 hour passed, it didn’t happen yet but I am not really hungry so keep waiting. I will track later and figure out if I need more meat. It’s quite possible…


Day 2 coffee and caffeine free. Yesterday I was tired, today I have a headache, can’t remember the last time I had a headache. Enjoyed a small snack of water buffalo patties/burgers. Later ate a few more patties/burgers and a couple smoked mackarel fillets out of the pack as was still hungry. Was absolutely stuffed after my breakfast this morning of liver and eggs. I’ve begun eating breakfast again, as without coffee/caffeine in my system, I need that first meal earlier. But once I’ve eaten it I’m fine. Will inquire with my butcher next week when I go to buy more meats about animal cooking fats which I will replace with dairy. I’m looking to replace the butter I currently fry my ox liver in with beef tallow/dripping. Am keen to try their minced venison meat. I think it’s great they offer a variety of grassfed domesticated animals, and game minced meats because it makes them more affordable, and I can make my own patties/burgers and salt to taste. On my birthday which is in the autumn I will buy something more fancy, like a rabbit, as I’ve never tried it, but for everyday I am more than happy with buying affordable grassfed organ meats, and minced muscle meats. My only concern is I’m not getting enough animal fats because grassfed meat is much leaner than grain fed, and I hope the beef tallow/dripping will solve this.


I had coffee because I was a miserable one with a headache. It didn’t help so I had a pill too. I hate eating pills but I was in no mood to stand it if there is a chance to make it go away… We had rain (more like on/off drizzle) but tomorrow we probably will get more. I want fresh air. I did things on the terrace and even in the garden but it wasn’t enough.

I had a chicken drumstick for dinner. I wasn’t hungry even for a second today but I wasn’t properly satiated most of the day either…

Oh how can I resist the rest of the small chicken leg? :smiley: Is 278g small? Maybe not for a chicken but it’s a small bird so yep. It is to me.

I tracked. 150g protein for yesterday, over 180g for today (yep, chicken does that and eggs add up soooo easily. and there was the fish, just a few bites but brings macros). Fat is ~185g for both days. And I had so very little fatty meat, today even so little sour cream… I thought it will be better. But I ate much cheese (just a tiny bit every time, it added up, cheese isn’t satiating to me so I can eat lots of cheese whisps in my big eating window. I could do it in a small too). Yep. OMAD. Let’s focus on that from now on.

I feel pretty well with enough meat in my belly though :slight_smile: Chicken works well for dinner if I had a proper lunch. But it brings way too much protein and fat for a tiny snack (considering I don’t need any). It’s just a few tender, easy to eat, enjoyable bites.

IDK what happened to me, I didn’t like chicken so much, I just appreciated the tenderness. But the local supermarkets have nice tasting chicken lately… Or I changed, who knows? Maybe both.

The cheese must go (mostly). I eat my several eggs and meat anyway, I can’t fit the cheese too.

I kind of miss meat (as I didn’t have my fresh pork roast today) but I try to resist until tomorrow. I almost used up my own block of cheese. Not like we don’t have a lot more but I can stop a bit then.

0.56 pound of meat yesterday, 1.22 today, it wasn’t particularly high in the previous days, yep, I need some proper meaty day. My tiny slab of fresh ham has a very impressive lovely little fat layer on it. And Alvaro has his chicken leg so it’s all mine.

(Judy Thompson) #80

Pretty little kitty @Shinita! Ginger is also a spice in English, not just a color by the way. Maybe the same 2nd definition as Hungarian?

@SecondBreakfast yeah, grassfed beef cooked has very little fat. @Fangs has said her taste for fattier ground beef has dwindled over the years, interesting. I only eat grassfed hamburger now. It tastes completely different than commercial burger, which now I can’t stand the smell of, especially raw.

So all I’ve eaten this week were eggs except the sausage yesterday, and lastnight I had a bad headache and sciatica flare up followed several hours later by some nasty diarrhea - at about 4 am, with no sleep til afterwords. So probably the sausage. And after it I was all better, went right to sleep.
And a good day today although I sat around a bit!

Eggs and bacon today for lunch.

Tonight I craved some beef and defrosted a pound of grassfed burger and ate ¾ of it raw with Real Salt. Oh my did it hit the spot!! And raw hamburger is easy on my temporary crowns so it’s the perfect food!

Tomorrow night we have the 5 hour restaurant gig. I’m defrosting shrimp and the other pound of burger - surf & turf.

We’ve been traveling since the last weekend in March so it will be nice to be back to work.