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I go back to lunch skipping if possible. WHY I eat lunch just because I am a bit hungry since an hour? Bad idea.
It was hard to get satiated TWICE today. One is enough for me. My satiation isn’t an easy thing and I didn’t want more meat in the end. Good I had mascarpone so I had a very nice mascarpone/sour cream filled pancake. That did the trick.

Alvaro wasn’t elated from the smoked cod liver but he isn’t nearly as enthusiastic and expressive as I. I love it. But I am fine with only a tin once in a blue moon. Nice, lovely but I can live without it. I just need my pork, eggs, sour cream and cheese. And sometimes something else but mostly these.

I got smart and grabbed the teeny-tiny slab of leanish pork from the freezer. As I could fit it into the oven pan, next to the leftover (not so much) pork shoulder. That way I can put some back into the freezer so I will have good emergency pork.
I will go shopping tomorrow and Saturday anyway.

I will FOCUS to simple from now on. It’s so very elusive…

And I remembered wrong, I only had 65 eggs. Now less. I probably could buy some but as I wrote, egg isn’t my top satiating item and I like challenges… So I try not to use it up for at least 8 days. I did better once, it merely needed focus.
Focus is tiresome but short term is fine. I couldn’t do a woe where I need focus all the time (when food is involved, at least).


@Karen18, such a wonderful daughter to get ya thru the nightmare paperwork and more…you guys have a great relationship!
I bet you sure wonder what day you get your pension checks happening and ALL the paperwork is handled and you are DONE! red tape nightmares are just that, hope it all settles fast for ya now!
Nice food pics as usual but yea, living on chicken too much I am like you, throw me a big steak please :wink:

@Naghite, very impressive plates of carnivore!!

80 eggs is a good haul to have available but are ya saying you guys go thru about 80 eggs in like 2 weeks or so? I go thru a dozen only a week :slight_smile: just curious on that.

-------------------oh boy my head is still on eating crap. Yup I am under stress times with a ton of BS crap happening around me…cancelled beach trip which truly made me in a very blue mood, and other stuff and I am hanging on and having to have ‘alot of damn chats’ with myself.
Ahhh, emotions, such a PIA! PIA of course is pain in the azz. :wink:
wish I could run on animal instinct and natural life at all times but heck then we wouldn’t ‘be human’ would we :scream_cat::crazy_face: …ugh…but some life times are just a hard row to sow and we have to get thru them and I keep telling myself that!

OK just some mind games and emotions flying around but what after all these years has taught me and how I ‘chat with me’ is HOLD the ZC line at all times come hell or highwater…remember back in the day the crazy times to get here, do not repeat those times HA bleck! Just chatting out the hard times we all walk thru sometimes and just hope for the best thru it all and come out the other side in good zc form.

defrosting nice siroloin steak for first meal…will pair with some shrimp.
second meal, probably burgers, been relying on burgers alot lately whcih is fine, I love them.

ZC rock on all!

(Judy Thompson) #43

@Fangs so much stress for you, pvcs, burning car, canceled trip - no wonder your mind is jangly right now! Glad you’re holding the line. You’re our role model!
@MeganNZ loved reading your honest and complete report. Sometimes we get into the “ZC cures (and prevents) all maladies” and nothing really does, plus as @Fangs says, it takes time! Depression sucks but you’re handling it, and pain has improved. Glad to read your story!
@Karen18 sorry Raymond still has these events! Scary. Good of you not to try to push him into our woe. It is what it is. Hard to watch.
@FrankoBear your BBQ sounds perfect!

We’re nearly through this east trip, leaving VA tomorrow morning for the 3 day drive back to Texas. We got a lot done here. Tuesday my dental cleaning and then 3 emergency (unplanned) crown preps. Worst cleaning ever, most calculus, she says step up the cleanings to every 4 months. Add more water picking in addition to the flossing and extra brushing I already do.
Crowns will be ready to install next time we’re here, probably August or September. Temps until then. Back molars - my ribeye chewing teeth!
Lacerations from the high speed drill still make it hard to eat and swallow and leave a taste of blood.
I’ll be eating some eggs and burger for awhile!
Some recent food - we have been in restaurants quite a bit, not sure what I have here -

The $50 restaurant steak:

Porterhouse, sous vide then grill -


That is a low-egg 2 weeks but it’s doable I guess…? I don’t think we ever went that low for so long in the last 13 years. We use 70 eggs a week on average, 7-8 per day for me, 2-3 for Alvaro. And it’s surprisingly hard to change, it needs very much focus to eat significantly more or less. For a whole week, I mean as I have quite meaty days with 1-3 eggs sometimes. Rare but happens.

I imagine it would happen much more often on OMAD. I just need a big fresh pork chuck roast after some not very meaty times! :smiley:
But with multiple or longer, more complicated meals, eggs add up so very easily if one is me!

Alvaro can go into an egg sparing mode a bit easier as he isn’t so much into eggs (even if I eat enough meat and whatnot to make me satiated, I miss eggs if I neglect them) and he has all his carbs, he can have a big plant-based meal if he wants - but it’s for some days only as very many staple dishes of him contain eggs. His breakfast cake (one of his breakfast options, he has about 5 in total though one has variety) requires 3 eggs. His cheesy puffs (carnivore. it sounds better and easier than cheesy baked whipped egg whites) require 8 whites but that’s for 2 meals… And he loves his scrambled eggs, tomorrow he will start the day with one with smoked ham! But he likes sausage in it too. And if he don’t have meat or don’t want it, sunny side ups are his protein on top of his carbs. It wouldn’t be nice for him to avoid eggs for more than a few days. But he isn’t into eggs. I am.

And he decided to try to buy eggs on Wednesday and I go too and my bicycle basket can hold 90 :slight_smile: If we manage to buy eggs, this remaining 57 pieces are for 5.5 days (and it’s Alvaro’s half, not mine, I eat later so it’s even better), that’s good. But one can never know around Easter. No problem, I will have quite meaty days.

There were times when I liked to keep 200-250 eggs at home… Then I realized it’s a tad much for my cupboard in summer. Just a wee bit. Or it was accidental, eggs from one house sometimes were bad, not everyone can collect them perfectly from tricky hens… Oh I remember when I went to egg hunting at Grandma… I so loved that, finding a little gift here and there :slight_smile: I liked hens anyway, they are hilarious, eating food out of the beak of another who definitely isn’t the sharpest in the coop… (Btw, Coop is the name of a supermarket chain here, Coops are usually in villages and small towns and they are sometimes the only ones there, except maybe tiny, a few square meter shops far from the center. Our village has one in the center, the neighbour tiny town has one too, it’s where we go to shop locally. They have the lately very good sales on meat :slight_smile: And the best price for chicken liver, the city can’t compare).

Even I got it (though English is my most important language at this point. I started to make my notes in English as I just can’t remember the Hungarian words quickly enough. okay, it was notes of fanfics in English so I was in English mode already… those times are tough, Alvaro wouldn’t understand me if he wasn’t almost as good in English as me as I dislike waiting for half or a few seconds for the Hungarian words to arrive when I already have the English ones. and anyway, certain expressions can’t be translated as only English has it).
Pia means booze in Hungarian, by the way. A perfect translation, both are slang words.

I stopped tracking as I can’t anyway and maybe resume when I will eat super simple OMAD meals.

Today my IF broke apart for some reason, I have such odd days. Had some food before noon. I had lots of cheese whisps, some eggs, smoked and roasted pork, milk… And I take a break because it’s holiday and I miss some variety especially regarding pancakes (I always favored the walnut ones). I won’t go crazy as I don’t particularly desire carbs, my normal food is better.
I even made coffee in the evening (and had my non-carni pancakes. only an off meal, not an off day, I do new things, wow).
Let’s see, I bought the coffee, brought it home, resisted a bit and I lasted for… 3 hours! But I use it in moderation this time! Hopefully. I had almost 4 days without coffee…

I have my roasts:

Left: farm pork shoulder, right: supermarket fresh ham.

So I will focus on these beauties tomorrow. They all have some nice amount of fat (I probably will end up with the lean middle of the right one but I have dishes starting with that).

Today I bought raw milk, chicken thighs (finally, I missed them!) and 1kg chicken liver. We will eat them all very soon.
Alvaro is planning a very much keto food, it’s a traditional one, I just looked it up, it’s pretty low-carb to begin with though it uses a little flour but why would we need that? Makes no sense, sour cream does the thickening all alone just fine, it’s not apple soup! It needs a lot of pork (and I just made the roasts but I wanted to put some into the freezer anyway and they don’t spoil easily anyway) and as I run out, we will buy some on Saturday. Hopefully the supermarkets won’t go too crazy, KetoKoala talked about panic shopping and fighting over Easter eggs in Australia, oh my, people does so weird and needless things… But we go on the very last day :smiley: We will see. We only need a few items like some proper sour cream. I managed to use up most of the 850g 12% one (a not insignificant part went to the cats, it seems ours all handle it well, what are the chances? :smiley: but they always get a little bit only, just several times during the last week), I don’t think I ever buy such a big one from that inferior stuff again… But it’s edible and cheap. Better than nothing, even. Just not good. There is a reason I always bought the 20% ones (except when I have found the rare 25% one, not like the difference is so great) and not just that I prefer the highest-fat dairy items possible (as long as it doesn’t mean way more expensive without me feeling a positive difference), among their own kind, of course.

I suspect as I can overdo milk, after all… Or I feel odd because I ate too much or without hunger… I am not happy with my timing today, at all. It all started with a tiny milk and I wanted something solid afterwards… Sigh. I will try harder.

And I NEED to bring back carni biscuits. And not to run out of something dry like my sponge cakes (they are a bit moist but the eggs do lose a lot of moisture and if I bake them for a long time and eat them immediately, they are dry enough). I really felt the need for something like that today. Good that I dislike Alvaro’s bread (even if I had problems with resisting it in the not very distant past) and that I am very stubborn about not having really carby stuff for a looong time if possible.

(Karen) #45

Up early stair running, meds, BP, coffee and books then CrossFit. Why is it when i say i am just ging to plod it I end up going full blast? The music hypes up and whoah there i go!!! Puffy one today but enjoyable as per.

I had put the Ox cheek in slow cooker before i left and it carried on cooking on low till my evening meal.

Brunch was a spatch poussin (small french chick split to open up flat on roasting grill) it was really lovely.

The Ox cheek was definiely a no no. It was more the texture than anything. Lots of fat which was what i wanted but it wasn’t really nice fat , again it was more the texture. I have 3 more packs so i may cook them, chop them up and freeze them for when i go walking with doggos again. They can have them as treats.

(Michael) #46

TWO pounds in one steak? That was my breakfast yesterday. With 2 ounces of tallow, 2750 calories on one plate, mostly raw, took 45 minutes to cut up and eat. If you are not jealous, you are not carnivore.


ain’t that the wicked truth!!!
I am smacking my lips over that steak and that is how I cook mine too. But I do a harder vicious crispier sear in a smokin’ hot pan to crust my both sides and damn near raw inside…but you sure posted a mouth watering pic! Yes you can tell I am carnivore, :wink:, I want that steak now!!

@JJFiddle, a role model, yea, a role model that has big issues flair up from time to time :100::crazy_face: Believe me there are days I fight like a demon to hold zc. other days, more than the other, I cruise easily but it is what it is for me!!

Safe travels when ya hit the road tomorrow for TX. UGH on the crowns and all…omgosh I hate dental stuff :frowning:

and as much as I hate the price on that steak, the pic of it looks super delish!!! 50 on that steak is better than 50 on meds or towards Dr visit I guess, right :sunny:

WOWZA no idea it was this much for egg count for you guys for the week. definitely something you guys rely on daily,

do you own a place where you can have your own chickens for your own eggs? can ya do that. I farmed and raised about 400 egg layers for sales in my years farming and like, 10-20 chickens to supply your daily eggs would work very well for you…ever consider it or can ya with the land you have? Just chatting and wondering if you ever thought of doing it?

@Karen18, spatchcock chick…I like it too. I swear it being cut that way it tastes diff then just reg. old chicken baked…why? no idea, lol, but I sure enjoy it too!

why full blast for ya? Cause you are a full blast kinda gal :slight_smile: no doubt about that!!

------------keeping zc simple today. ribeye and shrimp meal one. meal 2 cheeseburger patties again. Luckily still loving my burger patties. Such a simple staple for me.

ZC on in fine form all!

(Karen) #48

@Fangs guess you’re right but i have curbed it to a certain degree to be kind to myself … that degree is getting smaller by the day though lol still listening to my body and being kind to my health when i have to be.

Gloriously sunny warm day today, i have actually got my shorts on… first time this year!

Had a very off the cuff message from my ex sister in law last night asking me to call her. I haven’t spoken to her since splittng up with my ex hubby in 1991! Yes we have replied to fb messages and sent birthday greetings but i haven’t see any of her fb posts since probably lockdown so i thought it must be urgent whatever she wanted me for so i called her…Oh wrong move! She was drunk and all woe is me and telling me the lowdown on the family and how they are all feuding … didn’t really need that at 9pm when i had just settled down in my bed! I had to cut the call short in the end else i guess i might still be listening to her now! I mentioned it to Sian and she said oh she is always drunk … you can tell she is drunk from what she puts on fb! Oh dear … i just hope i don’t become a bit of a target for calls now! :roll_eyes:

So i was up just prior to half 7 this morning, meds, bp, coffee and straight outside to read and enjoy morning sunshine. Then to CrossFit for the Good Friday workout, happy Good Friday everyone! Paired up wth Sian and had a great workout together.

Back home and back out pottering and reading in the garden.

Brunch at 12.30 was 4 (out of family pack of 8) reduced priced beef burgers with some bacon. Very nice and just went down well then just a moment a go (2pm) had a small side plate of some strong cheddar.

Need to go in doors shortly to dye my hair back to it’s obviously natural colour of black hahaha and then get sorted to go out to our CrossFit Box 5 year anniversary party. Being not a party person i am pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and going along for an hour or so… maybe less if no one speaks to me :rofl:

Funny when the lovely girl who is helping organise it stands there full of zest, big smiles, saying It should be fun! :thinking::thinking::thinking:

My idea of fun is the nice big rump steak sitting waiting t be cooked up and eaten before i go :grinning:


@Naghite: I am not jealous, it’s too much for me, too raw and I am super satiated now :smiley: (And I still don’t know what a steak is like, maybe that helps…)
But it’s impressive :wink:

Nope. The thought crossed my mind a few times but no, my place is small and there isn’t any big enough flat place, it’s the north-east part of a hill… One end of my garden has a different climate than the other despite the tiny distance :smiley: As one end is in the valley and the other on the hilltop (it’s a tiny hill, yes). The only flat place we had contained a pool and we sold that and put my very small veggie (and flower. and a walnut tree now) patch there. We have zero place for chicken. And we have foxes here so it couldn’t be a too simple coop either.
We don’t even have a garage or any place for it. Unless we sacrifice a lot of things besides the thujas which already are dead or dying.
And I don’t want to sacrifice the veggie patch, no matter how useless it is, we put many years of effort into making the soil somewhat okay… Still far from good but we have the tiny walnut tree there too…

And anyway, both maybe potential places are just too small. A coop would fit the place but little else and the hen need their place to run around.

Originally we wanted to buy the land across ours, it doesn’t seem the owners do anything with that. But I don’t know. That is flat, in the valley, I planned a garage there, it’s even super close to our water house with the pump and electricity, it would be easy to water the plants and mow the lawn without anything done on the place, okay, the garage would need its own stuff but we could do something before it would get built…
We didn’t think about it since, our income is tiny, we have money though but we like safety so we just keep it… The house is still unfinished… We will do something about it moderately soon. I am so not looking forward to it… I have plans inside the house too, DIY stuff.
But there is still no news about my inheritance, I only am not worried because they know about me, my phone number and address, they notify me if there is something.

I got hungry at 1pm but I was a bit busy and it went away, yay!
I think it’s good I don’t drink coffee early as that could easily ruin my fast, it triggers eating way too easily…
I made coffee around noon but didn’t drink any until I had my lunch, around 4pm (I started at 3pm but had to help out Alvaro with something so I finished after 4).
I had pork roast, eggs with smoked ham and milky coffee.

Then 1 hour later I got hungry again. Okay, I will go for OMAD in the future. Why I try smaller meals? :smiley: They rarely work. But I did lose my hunger when stopped…

I had more meat, more eggs. Wasn’t full carni in the end but still keto, only added small extras to my eggs. Good enough for me now.

Tomorrow we will visit Alvaro’s Mom, we will see but I want a simple, meaty day afterwards! Today was eggy. We went below 30 eggs, it would sound very wrong if this rapid decline wouldn’t mean that I have lots of simple egg dishes now. Nothing I couldn’t eat in a few hours but it’s not that little… And I don’t need so eggy days. I have various nice meat! I just wanted scrambled eggs with ham and sponge cakes… Pancakes too.

I didn’t do my workout this week, at all. It was a strange week and had no mood or energy for it :frowning: Even when I tried, I was weak as a kitten and rather stopped :frowning:
But I will do better in the future!


Oh the red is very much fading from mine (I dyed it last summer. I don’t do it every year but I like my hair red now) so I will buy some dye soon. And probably will wait for several months to use it again :smiley: I can be super lazy when it’s about tiresome things like dying my hair… But I always enjoy the result. Especially since I use the proper amount (not one dose) on my long hair. It’s almost waist length again, it grows super quickly so I will ask Alvaro’s Mom to cut it quickly :slight_smile: So wonderful, a few minutes and I am okay for a year! It grows back quickly though, that’s why I need to ask for a big cut, I will say 10-15cm only because I like it being long. But I can’t comb it in a few minutes anymore, I had enough :frowning: And the ends are split anyway, I can;'t do anything about it, my hair is this lame. But silky and dense and shiny… And very much hair dye resistant (I buy the most bright red to get some crimson tint in my dark brown hair. but it looks very good, even months later so I have no problems with it). And gravity. My will. It resists everything. Once I got curls into it but not permanent ones. I went after school and when there was the party a few hours later, it was straight again. Alvaro loves straight hair while I like soft curls. I have straight hair, he has soft curls :smiley: But my hair is way more dense and colorful and pretty and silky. And still I dye it… He did it in the past, he was very light blonde when I met him, he was orange afterwards (like Leeloo from Fifth Element), tried black (bad, bad, bad idea for almost everyone but his mousy brown hair was the absolute worst)… Once he had striped eyebrows, accidentally…
I only had deep reddish brown and once purple. Of course, the purple was only a tiny hint on my brown hair too but it looked good. I mean, I loved the color, don’t remember if it suited me or if I managed to dress accordingly though I think I almost exclusively wore black at that time so probably (I have a few non-black items now :)).

Why I write this much again and where are the others? This thread is so slow lately and I feel bad when half of it is mine…


I have recently begun to eat liver, that’s my first step into the organ world, as I was fortunate enough to locate a grassfed butcher in the vicinity. So I got some grassfed ox liver to try and will try the lamb liver next time. These have been my recent meals. Grassfed ox liver with fresh pasture eggs. Lamb patties/burgers which I made from grassfed minced lamb. Am keen to try other organ meats as well. But I only eat 2 meals a day now and don’t feel any hunger between those two. First one is in the morning and the second one in the evening. All my body wants to eat these days is beef and lamb. Our bodies change so much on this WOE, and I’m sure I’ll go through further changes. This morning I didn’t fancy my quarter teaspoon of raw, local honey. It’s too sweet. And I’m not sure what benefits it would bring me at quarter of a teaspoon. I do still drink my portion of raw milk daily which has replaced all the heavy whipping cream. It’s also nice in the coffee. Looking forward to the warmer months coming up ahead!

(Karen) #52

Yesterday was up early stair running and the usual reading etc then to CrossFit again and another pairs workout with my daughter … easter weekend workouts …

first thing she said was shall we plod though today … i said okay and what do we do???.. blast it out!:rofl:

Food yeserday 4 beef burgers and bacon again som anchovies, a big rump and some cheddar. Think that was it … i have somewhat of a large appetite at the moment.

It as another sunny day albeit a slight bit cooler.

Today is a little cloudy but is supposed to get a little warmer than yesterday.

Stair runs done and read outside and eaten some bacon and wating for buffalo wings to cook in oven… yum. Catch up later…

Food for this lazy day … bacon, chicken wings, tuna mayo, small thin sirloin steak with 3 small fried eggs and some cheddar.


Bought some meats from my favourite butcher, 3 packs of grassfed water buffalo mince and 2 packs of grassfed ox liver. They were all out of their grassfed lamb mince and lamb liver which was a bit disappointing, but I will hopefully get it next time. All the meats I got this time were from their freezers so I will defrost them in the fridge for tomorrow, as I only bought enough to last me through this week. I saw they were selling minced venison in larger packs and next time I might get a couple of these. Their cows were out in the neighbouring fields munching happily on grass, which was lovely to see. My children loved seeing that as well.

I also bought 24 fresh pasture eggs from the local farm, so my first meal today will be 5 eggs, I’ve gone rather egg mad of late. And my second meal will be a couple cans of wild caught salmon, though I’m not all that crazy about fish. Then tomorrow I shall enjoy liver and eggs and water buffalo burgers that I will make myself. Rainy day today, so we cancelled our planned family walk, but yesterday it was lovely and we enjoyed the gorgeous nature we have around here.

(Karen) #54

Up earl today . Was awake just after half 6 but stayed in bedtill 7.15am. Straigh into stair runs, then meds, BP, coffee and books. In the lounge today for reading as it is raining. Then off to CrossFit for bank hol workout. Teams today so Sian and I were joined by a lovely young man to make up team of 3. Great session this morning and feeling tip top.

Afterwards went to do a walk through dance practise with Raymond and wow he had remembered everything since last Monday! He never ceases to amaze me and he was absolutely ecstatic at recalling it all. If he is feling okay tomorrw we will be going to an Easter theme tea dance in the afternoon.

Was hungry by the time i got home and had a pack of 6 larged cooked chicken wings i had bought for £1.25 in The Company Shop last week. I started yhm cold but it wasn’t cutting the mustard so i chucked the remaining 5 into a frying pan with butter which crisped up the skin and wow they were so yummy crunchy tasty!

I have a small portion of belly pork slices in the slow cooker for late plus a small thin sirloin steak waiting in the fridge.


Hi Karen, I’m impressed by how active you are, and how fit. I do way too little exercise apart from walks. Both family walks, and with my SO and on my own. I love walks, but am pretty sedentary otherwise. No wonder you were hungry after all that activity. I tried to fast yesterday, well I did fast except consuming some butter and half a cup of coffee, but this morning my body felt absolutely rubbish. Which required two cups of coffee soon as I got up, then an hour later a small glass of my raw grassfed milk, and by the time we had paid the farm and the farm butcher a visit and were home again, I was absolutely ravenous and ate 5 of our fresh farm eggs. That was delicious. But I’m a bit surprised at just how bad my body is at fasting, I simply can’t do it, not even a full day. IF is fine, one meal in the morning and one in the evening, but nada in a day and my body goes☹️. Maybe fasting is something we get better at the longer we’ve been doing a ketogenic WOE, or maybe on carnivore/ketowore, it just isn’t the thing to fast, but I certainly, for whatever reason, can’t do it.

(Karen) #56

The only fasting i do is from the time i go to bed to between 11.30/1.30 the next day… occasionally i don’t have my first meal till later in the afternoon early evening but that is generally when i have been squishing in a dance in the afternoon and haven’t time to eat anything. I am only ravenous on the odd occason. Don’t be too impressed @never2late i can be very lazy when i want to be :wink: also i don’t drink alcohol, don’t smoke cigs or do drugs and i make sure i give myself a good window of opportunity to get at least 8 hours sleep! I don’t have to consider anyone else as i live alone so i am not kept awake by anyone or anything except my bladder and my sometimes over active loopy brain :rofl: and i love my life this way.

I tend to be pretty disciplined for the most part.

I like to watch a fitness personal trainer (fem) on fb and she just posted the other day about walking being a great way of burning fat. I don’t have much fat to burn but i do enjoy walking … but not on my own particularly. I prefer to walk n talk with someone. Shame you don’t live next door! :wink:


Fasting is individual. The less carbs I eat, the worse I get but I won’t give up. But I have mental things in the way too, I do love to eat every day… And I do get hungry every day… So my goal is just OMAD for now.

Hi people, I totally went off, I didn’t know Easter is just as dangerous as Christmas when we visit Oti… :frowning: She followed someone else’s example and baked the stuff I can’t resist despite being not good for me. I am determined ever ever touch it again and to make my chances way better and help my family members (the stuff isn’t good for them either), I will make my own version in the future.
Alv made his keto meat dish, it was nice but would have been better with fatty meat. But I have no problem with fresh ham with some nice fat in it and had my roasted pork shoulder anyway so I was fine.

I am back now, for a while, trying to do Simple No-Coffee Carni OMAD. (TMAD works too as long as I do it right.)

We had 3 ugly days and one nice sunny one, I went for a walk, Alvaro went for wild garlic hunting (I would have gone too but it has a very steep and long climbing and I can’t do it now. I never can do it, I stop like 6 times but my quads has problems after some stationary bike riding… later. the flower buds are already there, in 1-2 weeks there surely will be very pretty floweing wild garlic plants :slight_smile: I like the flowers. I even like normal onion flowers, I actually keep a ton for their flowers. I got them with the house and they exist without any care, sometimes they get some water but they seem to be okay anyway. they are some tiny kind of onions, not big bulby ones, more like lots of thin leaves and they already have their flower buds…).

I really need to resume my lifting tomorrow and I still need walks, I only had a decent one today since days…

@Karen18: You can say whatever you want, I can’t stop being impressed reading about your activity… :wink:


Tonight is surf’n’turf, beef ribs and fish.

Autumn mists and paragliders at a local beach.

(Robin) #59

Wow. I bet that sun Ray burst thru the clouds was spectacular in person.

(Karen) #60

Glorious sunny morning turned into drab rain after midday but was nice for my coffee and read in the gardrn first thing. Did the stair runs first then off to CrossFit and a good session.

Straight home to squish a bath and hair wash in before driving over to Cannock for the afternoon tea dance. Lovely afternoon and Raymond survived without incident … may that continue through tonight :pray:

Hadn’t eaten today till after the dancing at 4.30pm when i had some Italian ham on the way home. Sian had picked it up at The Company Shop and because there was a lot of fatty rind on it she thought of me … ahhhh… it was delish! :grinning: also had some cooked sliced chicken and now i am a bit full so will maybe have an omelette later as i have some mussels defrosted in the fridge that need to be eaten up today.

(yesterdays food.)