TripleAAnimaliciousApril Carnivore


@Karen18, ohhhh on the crazy now on your paperwork and process! Someone NEEDS to truly get this settled for you…wishing you the best and fastest way to get this done done done for you.

I cook my steak like you. I put it on a very very high heat pan, sear the hell out of the outside, cause I love dark crisp char and flip fast and take it off and the char dark outside looks like it is well done and overcooked but when ya cut it, damn near raw inside and to me that is the most delish!

@Shinita, for the ‘health food stores’ think about your bigger supermarket that is in your bigger city…then reason they are kinda called ‘health food stores’ is that they gear more at all organic products, organic produce, they also have more products that are like 'fancy and pricey from companies that work with chefs and more to offer ‘quality organic products’ and all that jazz…so just a jacked up supermarket with fancy organic products and boy oh boy the prices can be very high. I avoid our stores like Whole Foods, or EarthFare and others cause I just can’t afford to buy in those stores.

Mow the weeds :100::crazy_face:
I gotta mow the weeds around the pool and fence lines here too!

@JJFiddle, that is wild, our Plugra is more a taed more than our KerryGold in my area…what? lol Stores sell alot of Amish butter around too and it is pricey. I tell ya my cheapest butter from my local chain is best to me :wink:

Eat the chicken or the egg, ya had me laughing on that one! great pic!

my dog never liked treats like milk bones and all too. nice to not buy that junk anyway, they are pricey for what they are, feeding crap to them. I remember when he was a pup the vet gave him a treat and he wouldn’t touch it, I said, hey he eats meat only and the vet said it ‘wasn’t a good balanced’ diet and I laughed all the way home thinking omg my vet this it isn’t good to feed a dog real meat? wth? I tell ya…

I bet you have to be happy to be home and off the road even tho your wedding gig seemed real cool. But it sure is nice to ‘land home’ and relax a bit I am sure!!

-----------SO SO LOOK AT THESE RIBS I bought that were absolutely horrible. Ate only 3 and in fridge, probably to throw out. Hubby tasted one and said he ain’t eating them LOL What a waste!
I hit a new store on way home from running errands/banking etc. and saw this rack of smoked ribs and thought yum. No fat on them. Dry as a bone literally. Smoked bark is shoe leather to the ultimate. I love the rub, very very mild, easily good for zc me, but the meat itself is just toast. Over smoked to oblivion. I am never ever ever buying ribs again. Make my own. Last few times on this product I just found they suck rocks so no more. My own ribs, simple as that here on out.
It breaks my heart I am gonna end up throwing out most of this but in the end, when meat sucks, I just can’t eat it…and I learned now…done deal bothering trying to buy something I can cook better at my own home! ugh

Today I got a big ol’ value pack of chicken wings going into the oven.
Will sprinkle a little cajun spice on a few, lightly :slight_smile: and sprinkle a small bit of rotisserie chicken mix on a few and cook some plain. So I get 3 tastes of wings from this pack…All for me :wink: Good to have in fridge for fast leftover eating.

got burgers also to eat today. chicken and burger is a fine zc meal combo in my day.

OK that is my zc and pics for the day! Everyone eat well!!


I guess people get so used to dogs and cats eating carbs that they forgot what their original food is supposed to be…? Still, it’s so weird from a vet. Yes, the dogs changed during the time they spent with humans, I’ve read dingos can’t eat/use kibble and dogs can but I don’t think it means that meat wouldn’t be the best food for a dog…

And how anyone can mess up meat? Ouch. I feel so lucky I very rarely have that. Never for normal meat. Sometimes I buy a not tasty sausage with too chewy gelatin cover and this almost head cheese smells off (it tastes fine so it’s not spoiled, it would smell even worse than anyway and I wouldn’t taste it… but I don’t like it. the taste is meh) but these are small processed items. Okay, once I bought a slightly bad tasting (not spoiled, never bought spoiled “fresh” meat, Alvaro’s Mom did once, ew) chicken, just a tad worse than nothing… There was the chicken frame that made a bad soup but the meat was okay… And that’s it. I don’t like the meat I buy the same every time but it’s always very much edible and enjoyable.
I almost didn’t eat the homemade fresh sausage with a ton or rosemary, I can’t forget that, I talked about that one a few times here and it was quite a few years ago… But the meat itself was very very good, lovely home-raised pork, it even tried to fight off the rosemary, unsuccessfully but made a valiant effort and I kind of could taste it…

The smoked stuff here is softish, I never bought a truly hard, dry one. Even the smoked ham that was lean where it didn’t have the fat layer, was quite soft. I actually would have preferred a very traditional, harder one. Still lovely and not too hard but firmer.
And I only buy the fattiest smoked pork from the pig farm and that is soft too. And very yum. We need to go and buy more this weekend if the weather allows it (we will have rain, weather forecast says. we actually need some).
It’s so good I can buy cheap wonderful farm smoked pork. I don’t have a way to smoke meat and anyway, theirs is superb. And I don’t understand their pricing… Smoked ribs for less than supermarket fresh ribs…!

It would bother me too but it’s not throwing out food when our body just can’t consider it food :frowning: So I wouldn’t feel guilt at all, just sadness. Messing up some originally edible meat, it’s sad. But if poor thing would have been some plant, the chances of spoiling would have been greater… And how bad is that? All that land, water, energy to go to waste… This fact was considered in a video I saw about the various kinds of cost of food, meat vs plants, and with good reason. It totally matters.

I wonder if I made many thighs (or wings if they go on a great sale, maybe), could I use it as a nice bite in need? I usually roast a few and don’t have peace until I ate my share in its entirety… Maybe if I made more pieces and more often, it would get better. I just very much enjoy tender, spicy chicken sometimes. It’s so easy to eat. It’s irresistible when I make it.

Odd day. I had 2 meals this far, not even close to each others but I ate very little before I couldn’t anymore… What is with me?
I suppose it doesn’t help that I don’t like my egg stew particularly much now… I had problems with the pork liver too (I forgot I have a bit - only a bit as I fried not very much and it was Alvaro’s main dish), I think I will avoid all kind of liver for a while, I got bored of it and it affects its perceived taste, apparently.

But no problem, I just have more meals today again and I surely will use new items for dinner. I already made my jellied fluff. I opened a box of cream today so it will be the really good stuff, butter is nice but cream works best.
Sometimes I eat dessert because I want dessert. Sometimes I eat it because I don’t have something better (now I had to use up some days old raw egg whites in the fridge too). I really need to buy some meat tomorrow. I forgot that I actually have proper meat, pork shoulder with skin but I don’t want to roast that alone, I want 3 chicken legs next to it… 2 for me, 1 for Alvaro. Whenever I make 2, I eat up one, he takes his sweet time and I get envious as I want more… So I will use 3 in the future. I still can fit a little fatty pork into the small oven pan.

Sunny day but cool. We still heat a tiny bit. I walked in a t-shirt but walking generates heat. I saw a swan today and an egret yesterday.
The garden changes every day and probably the forests too but I don’t notice that so quickly. The walnut trees have tiny leaves now, only the black locusts are bare at this point. That tree is super late. But it will bloom soon, Alvaro says, he remembers time related things way better than me. Our strawberry plants are blooming since some time, it’s early. No problem, I can resist them very, very easily in May, not my favs and Alvaro appreciates fruits more anyway. Except I totally adore them and watch the developments in my garden. It’s fun. It’s apple bloom time right now. Our still young Granny Smith is the biggest fruit tree in the garden (it can’t compete with the very big linden tree, the pines let alone the silver birches… but the linden is wider than the others) so it’s quite pretty now with many big white-pink flowers. It doesn’t have much fruit for some reason but it has many flowers every year. The quinces are getting ready, oh that is spectacular as those flowers are really big. While the trees (the accidentally happened young one is more like a bush :D) are small. Now they have lots of pink buds. And I need to enjoy the tulips as long as I can, they all bloom around the same time in my garden so I don’t have them for long.
Lilly of the valley season has just started. And I see very very many lilacs during my walks, they are everywhere next to the road and almost everyone has them. It’s like walnuts, they are absolutely everywhere. We have 3, 2 white and a purple one. Maybe more purple, I don’t remember but only one kind of purple… There are light, dark and pinkish purple lilacs, I love them all but I love variety the most.

Sorry I wrote so very much today again, I try to keep myself from commenting again today…

(Karen) #203

@JJFiddle and @Fangs the email suggesting another OH assessment on my current health was from the Govenor ! I spoke to an online solicitor today and he called me on the phone. Agreed totally with what i had been thinking, that it was a breach of contract and agreed i should decline the OH assessment on my current health. He gave me some pointers for a response to the email ending with the possibility of going to court and the court taking a very dim view of the situation! He was so helpful and i felt so much happier knowing my thoughts on this were well founded. Written the response and just waiting for my daughters valued opinion before I press send.

Woke up a bit sore from the back clinic and looked at the CF workout and quickly decided it was not a good idea to go… all bar work … hang snatches and overhead squats and normal snatches. Too much above my head and weighty on my back! I will go tomorrow and friday. As it happened i then had the time to resource solicitors and get the letter written. Still did the stair runs and they loosened my back up but wouldn’t have been loose enough to tackle the workout.

Ate 2 chicken thighs (same as yesterday) for brunch then after putting the letter together picked Raymond up for a cuppa in Long Eaton. Dropped him home via the Company Shop and picked up a few goodies. Got stuck into some italian ham and a bit of cheese when i got stuck in road works ,3 way lights … couldn’t wait any longer, was hank marvin :smile:

I’ve got some Chicken legs to stick in the oven and will no doubt eat one of the sirloin steaks i picked up at CS for dinner. Picked up 2 double packs for £8.


Been fighting with cravings and impulse eating. Back on track, but 4 birthdays coming this weekend. Determined to stay clean. Made a beef brisket, hard boiled eggs, and taking L-Carnitine to help stave off the cravings for sweets.

Not much to report. Just trying to clean house, freeze dry, hatch chicken and turkey eggs, and play w the doggies.
@Karen18 . Praying that your case is resolved most favorably for you! Hugs!
@Fangs - Sorry you have to go through all that work and cleaning. Praying you and hubby get through it swiftly.
Cheers! SB


Birthdays are very innocent here. Alvaro’s will be on the 1st.
And tomorrow is my nameday but it’s just a nameday.

I ate 3 times today. barely IF. I just couldn’t eat at one sitting, I didn’t even want any of my available food. Except the eggy-creamy coffee and cottage cheese. I tried out cottage cheese just some weeks ago (maybe it happened 1-2 years ago too…? I don’t remember) and I LOVE it since. Useful lean protein source, dessert, last bite and others. Lovely, really.
I am kind of okay now but won’t track until the day is up for multiple reasons.

The local supermarkets will have a great chicken thigh sale on Friday and Saturday so tomorrow I will just pick up some pork. I really need meat. Today was saved by a sausage and a bite of fish when I realized I just won’t eat eggs and dairy anymore. Why I let myself to run out of pork, again…?

(Michael) #206

All beef breakfast this morning. Can you identify everything from my other photos?

Marble-ous Meat Munching May! - ZC Carnivore 31-day Challenge - 2023

I tracked my problematic yesterday when I ate all day and missed some proper meat. The two are probably correlated.
Almost 180g protein and fat and pretty high carbs (liver and lots of dairy and eggs do that but I had stew too. still keto, good enough and I had no better options anyway. I will try hard never to run out of ready to eat meat ever in the future but if my rare off days would be like this, that wasn’t superb).

0.7 pounds of meat (felt like nothing, actually but it wasn’t proper just organ and processed and I didn’t even like them much), 10.5 eggs and some egg whites, lots of sour cream and cottage cheese, I kept the cheese down this time.

Oh well the next days surely will be better! I will roast some pork shoulder with skin! And some lean pork as that is the stuff I can expect to get in the local supermarket. But one can never be sure. But at least I have my fatty pork so today will be good. As long as I can survive without problems until it gets ready. That will be quite late but I can have some fun scrambled eggs with everything I have until then.

Now I am curious if I can keep my protein “low” (around 130g a day, the lowest I can do without a ton of fat but even then, it’s tricky) for 5+ days if I just don’t let myself to run out of meat to eat…

(Karen) #208


Plus some lovely cornish cheddar and some sausages. Yesterday and today.
Yesterdays CrossFit also went dancing in Ilkeston in the afternoon plus stair runs first thing

Cancelled todays CrossFit at 5.30 this morning as i had had a bad night and felt exhausted. Did my stair runs first thing and went dancing this afternoon to Lichfield. Super afternoon and plenty dancing. Raymond did very well yesterday and today. Think he is finally building up his stamina again … he managed 2 fast cha cha’s, a quickstep and a fast jive amongst all the slower stuff so lets pray he doesn’t suffer this evening. He has had a 24/7 monitor fitted that he takes back to the hospital next tuesday so that might show something going on with his heart… we’ll see :thinking:

Thanks @SecondBreakfast good to see your post.

Had the sliced chicken breast pictured above as soon as i got home early evening, i was starving. Had a bit of cheese too and may have a steak in a little while. I feel i really need refuelling with beef!

Came home this afternoon to a confirmation letter from HMRC re my tax rebate … i was starting to wonder if it was going to arrive :scream:… if i had heard the chap right that they did owe me … so i tentatively opened the envelop and yes it does say they owe me … phew :grimacing:

Right lets get this steak in rhe pan :smiley:


Yesterday dinner. I haven’t eaten all the quiche and ate other things as usual… Eggs and dairy as I had no more meat ready to eat yet. So it was a lowish-meat day.
And then I had some meat (and quiche) at night… And it became a TMAD 160 day (160 as fat and protein was around 160g)…

Today I ate before noon and dinner. What is with this crazy timing these days…? Haven’t tracked yet but I was only somewhat off compared to my very cute plan so it was a more modest day, probably. Or who knows? I can’t even guess the fattiness of my pork shoulder but the last piece was over 50% fat… So I cut off most of the fat and will make lard from it. I will have so much lard!

FINALLY, I kind of enjoyed my meat. For some reason, I don’t really enjoy most of my food these days. No idea why. Oh well, it doesn’t bother me yet. And I surely eat enough… But not simple enough. I aim SIMPLE in May. But I happened to buy a bit too many kinds of quickly perishable dairy… It’s good Alvaro helped with the quark, what do I do with it normally…? I won’t buy it again for a long while, cottage cheese is similar but much better, a perfect dessert. The cheeses are fine as Alvaro eat them up, no problem. And I probably won’t have problems with the Greek yogurt, it’s just a lighter, more fluid sour cream to me… And I have time to eat it, I couldn’t do egg and meat only anyway. But I try to avoid processed meats next week. Seems very easy now.

Today I had roasted pork, lean and very fatty together (they balanced out each other nicely) with 4 sponge cake muffins, that was the vast majority of my food. I had small amounts of other items, dairy, sausage… I try to use up the whole box of cream all by myself (Alvaro has milk. it seems buying 1 liter every week was a good method, my milk phase ended. it’s not as exotic when I have it so often. and it’s not so good in coffee either - the thing I am supposed to quit already -, cream is way better. but I don’t have that so often). It goes well just slowly despite I put it into everything generously. 200ml is a huge amount, it takes a few days of intense effort to eat it up. Because I keep forgetting about cream quiches. I tend to use sour cream but we bought 1600ml of that stuff and I am sooo trained to use little of it (the big amount on top of the scrambled eggs in the pic was special, I had little meat for the day)…

Maybe I overdo buying dairy a bit… :thinking: We have a ton of cheese too but Alvaro is to blame too and they last almost forever and he will eat them. My cheese whisp phase ended too, by the way.

Today I was in the little town again. Bought 4 huge chicken legs (with part of the back), chicken frames (for soup/curry/cat food, it costs almost nothing and is very much edible! I just won’t play with the bones all the time BUT I can just grab the biggest meat pieces in the back, eat the soup and toss the rest to the cats, they will be happy. but I don’t need soup all the time so 1kg chicken frame for 2 weeks is enough) and the biggest pork green ham slab again. 1.1 kg, 1kg is the limit but they pack a bit bigger ones sometimes… 1kg is so minuscule but we went 2 times this week so got 2kg.
But that’s why I shouldn’t forget getting a bigger amount from LIDL when I can… I will probably visit the little town supermarket 2 times a week from now on (once on food, once by bike - it’s a bit of a struggle to bring the bike over the stairs at the wildlife park as I need 2 hands to hold it and another hand to grab something to keep myself steady but it’s but a lame minute) but I still prefer bigger slabs. Not these tiny ones. But even Auchan don’t have 3-5 kg ones nowadays.

And I still don’t know how to roast pork with skin on. If I don’t fry the skin properly as scratchings are made, it gets crunchy but too hard for me. Maybe I should smear fat on it at some point. I will do research. I put a piece into a pan and it got nice there.
I am still such a beginner when it comes to meat recipes… I normally just toss my meat into a pan and hope for the best. It works well most of the time. And I can make stews too though I almost never do that.

I am very very tired all the time and it must be the brain fog people talk about so much… (The real one. Not some differences between days, of course we aren’t the same sharp every day. It never changed with my diet changes, I still had my normal and a bit different days.) It’s AWFUL. I think I need a better stamina, I have this after longer walks and other more than usual exercise. If I get physically tired, I tend to have problems mentally too. And especially mood wise. I am super lazy when tired. And I can’t afford that, I am lazy enough to begin with.

(Karen) #210

Yesterday evening i cooked a muntjac haunch, never cooked one before and didn’t even know what it was. It cooks very quickly as it is meant to be cooked rare. Seared it on the hob and then straight into hot oven for 15 mins… never cooked a roast that quick before. Anyway my thoughts, especially after realising it wasn’t lamb but young deer, okay-ish… it wasn’t quite as delish as what was written about the joint on google. I think that may have been due to it being very lean … i missed fat :joy: i ate nearly half and put the rest in the fridge. I will try some cold but may have to re heat in the fry pan with some lard to get the taste i need!

Up early this morning before the alarm went off. Stair runs done meds, BP, coffee and books in the garden then off to a very sweaty CrossFit teams session. It was great. My daughter couldn’t be there today so i joined 3 guys to make a team of 4.

Returned home after a good natter with some peeps, via The Company Shop where i picked up some lamb mince, chicken wings and some cheeses.

Eaten some cheese from the selection box i bought cheap this morning and 3 sausages remaining from the pack of 6 i opened yesterday morning. If Raymond is okay from yesterdays dancing we will be out again this evening. Resting this afternoon.


quickie post, got some busy busy on me going down here.

zc going very well.

but can’t remember or find what ‘Carnivore May’ thread title that @FrankoBear spoke of…meatmadnessMay or something of that nature? We need a new title sooner than later now, april just flew thru.

@Naghite, I wish I had a second to look back and quess that but…hmmm, thymus, heart, hmm, kidney?? very red cuts seem too ‘thick’ for liver? doesn’t have a liver look for me on that one…hmm… I know I am guessing a bunch wrong here but darn good looking plate of carnivore I know you sure enjoy!!

@Karen18, super happy for ‘rebate’ went down for ya…whew LOL
If Raymond is doing some fast Cha Cha steps I take it he is doing ok! Tell him his online thru you friends are hoping he does ok :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

@SecondBreakfast, :wave::wave:

------------today got a nice Tbone steak defrosted for later. got graduation stuff for kiddo happening to be outta high school and heading into college soon. Weather is horrible, got sinus/allergy issues going down definitely. Live with that LOL Having to deal with some financials etc with hubby’s mom and her estate and more and getting confusing on it all. With SO much rain we are gonna be mowing for days on end to catch up with double mowing of the acres cause we can’t catch a break to mow…ugh…lol…yea big troubles right? but all a PIA for sure :slight_smile:

got usual burgers and have to hit store for way more burger meat. me and dog in competition and I tell ya, a little sucker like him can GO thru darn burger faster than I thought he can :wink:

No zc meat is drawing me right now. Just on zc cruise control. Good place to be actually!!

(Karen) #212

Yes Raymond just have to work on the stamina and hopefully if he is good for this evening we will be doing a modern jive night which means he will have to work through the heart pounding/breathless stage quite quickly. He does tend to come down hard on hinself and doesn’t appreciate just how good he is for a ripe 85 going on 86 year old. Even with all his medical issues he still dances better and for longer than a lot who are younger than him. I keep telling him …Don’t beat yourself up … you’re okay! I keep telling him for all I am really physically fit i still have to go through that breathless heart pounding stage when i get moving on my stair runs in the morning and then again at CrossFit! It isn’t easy.

Hopefully it wont be long before you have got through all your financial bus y ness. It is so time consuming. I have sent for the tax refund online today so expect to see it in my bank by end of the week. Though we have got a bank holiday this weekend so that may delay it a day or 2. At least i can feel secure in the knowledge i can get through to the first of my state pension payments at the end of June without the need to dig into savings. YAY! :smiley:

Decided to try the munt jac haunch cold spread with some blue cheese and yay it was a good call much tastier than eating on its own … must be the fat in the cheese that improves the flavour… didn’t have any lard in fridge… need to buy some and forgot the other day. It takes me quite a while to get through half a pound of lard but all of a sudden whoa! Where’s it gone :confounded:


Super great. I know talking financials is crazy among us all in that we are always SO diff in our needs, but you got slammed with your med issues also so I am thrilled to read that your finding yourself NOW in a good older age financial situation!!

Yea Raymond is thinking like a 20 yr old here HAHA in that of course age acceptance for alot of us means, well, we are on that path of so much older and don’t wanna cave into that thinking, but if one ‘gives allowances’ for how darn great they truly are at ‘this age’ then we can truly bring our brains into true reality of it all!! Sounds like he is doing very well for himself when one is knocking on the door of 90 yrs old!! More power to him!!

(Karen) #214

Yes he thinks he’s still in his 20s. I have to be really careful how i word things so as not to make him feel old because all the time he feels like a youth inside then he will carry on believing in himself. It is very easy to critise or do some one down and he is definitely one who needs his ego boosting to keep him going… not making excuses for his forgetfulness with the dance steps but just making sure he understands there are good reasons for that… covid lockdown did a lot of damage… some didn’t come back afterwards because they felt they had forgotten everything and didn’t think they would be able to re-learn and he was scared and worried about feeling foolish but soon saw that everyone was in the same frame of mind. It came back … then i was out of things with my Stroke so again not dancing and losing his confidence again … we got back … then he has been in and out of hospital … then did the groin injury and was off the dance floor a good 12 plus weeks … so he has to see that for all that he bounces back, so he has forgotten a few things … so what, he is amazing and inspiring… especially if you could see him dancing.

Heres my Raymondo this just came up on fb memory from 10 years ago… we haven’t changed … of course :joy:20230429_145229


Interesting :slight_smile: Btw I knew about muntjac, I had to look up what “haunch” is, never met this word before.
The deer I can buy here is always delicious despite the leanness but it’s true I never roasted it. I noticed very quickly that I prefer to roast fatty meat. I do roast green ham but it has a tiny bit of fat layer on it and I usually need to pair it with something fattier.
It worked well with my very very fatty slab of pork shoulder and today I had meatless scratchings with it. Then I run out and had to add some sauce…

I am working through all the very perishable dairy items now… Fortunately Alvaro helps a lot. And cottage cheese is wonderful (but I had none today as I had to eat quark. and drank milk too. I will skip next week for sure).
But I still didn’t started to eat the Greek yogurt with the expiration date of 2nd of May… :roll_eyes:

Still super low energy. My brain is as okay as it can be when I feel very low energy. I try to go to bed earlier as I get up early no matter when I go to bed (late as always) and it’s not good. I can’t function with 6 hours of sleep, it’s all day zombieness for me.
But I napped after my 2nd meal (I had 3, I started early and always got satiated quickly) so my slight sleep deprivation is no more. Still very low energy though. So I postponed my workout again (forgot about it anyway and then I ate. I almost only do it well-fasted).

I definitely wouldn’t be happy with just being great for my age at 86. I want to be completely healthy when at that tender age. I plan for more than 130, after all… I don’t expect big (for a natural female) muscles or any crazy things but health, that’s super important for me… We will see, I try to do what I can! And it’s so very far away. But as I see people with problems, I do appreciate I am fine at 46, not everyone is. Some people consider that age old as so many start to have problems earlier, well that’s bad. And I wasn’t strong or any healthier at 20, only a tad leaner as I always was chubby, my back pain (okay, okay, I am not 100% healthy, I am aware but I have it good enough) was WAY worse, I had headache all the time… So I expect getting healthier and stronger for a while at this point :wink: And then I try to keep it as much as possible. I just want zero pain and no big problems, no need to visit the doctor ever… I know it’s a tall order but maybe I get lucky beyond my good genetics and hopefully better and better effort at leading a healthy lifestyle. Whatever happens, I don’t want to feel I didn’t do what I could! So many people damage themselves with their lifestyle…

I wish a lot of more dancing and feeling young for Raimond and of course, you, @Karen18 ! :wink: He still should be careful, not reckless, of course… Actually, young people should be somewhat careful too if you ask me… So it’s NOT an old person thing :wink:

(Karen) #216

We went to the modern jive dance night last night. Raymond did incredibly well… it was a bit of an experimental night to see if he could press through the puff and he certainly did that. He didn’t have to stop through any dances till the end of them and although he did rest in between, those rest periods became less and less as the ladies kept coming over to ask him for a dance :joy: it was lovely to see as i could tell it was really lifting him up mentally. I hardly stopped dancing until the music became drab bluesy stuff … i lost the will to live :confounded: when i returned home at just after midnight i was a bit hank marvin so ate the rest of the munt jac with blue cheese. I needed it and when i went to bed at 1pm i dropped to sleep fairly quickly. My fitbit tells me i woke up a few times during the night but i must have been half asleep as i can only remember getting up about 6 for a loo trip! Then i went back to sleep till between 7 &8 and finally got up at 8.30 after 6hrs43mins sleep… not nearly enough for me but if i slept any later i wouldn’t probably sleep tonight.

Got straight on to the stair runs and then outside in the garden to have coffee and read my books in the warm sunshine. It is bank holiday weekend and lovely to have beautiful weather … it is the normal thing to have rain over a bank holiday here in UK but this, i think, is the 2nd sunny one in a row! We have 3 bank holidays this month (usually 2 for May but we have King’s coronation next weekend) so hopefully the next 2 will be lovely also.

Oh i am not a fan of going out for a late night these days as i hate the weary feeling the next day… feels such a waste … age is a funny thing isn’t it?

I am just cooking up the lamb mince and turning it into a meat loaf… we will see what it turns out like. The mince looked quite fatty and i added a large egg to bind it together. It probably won’t last too long when it comes out of the oven. Can’t smell it yet and it has had half n hour… not sure how long it needs bit i will do a skewer test.

It went down well :joy:

Just eaten chicken wings … all of them … blimey i don’t half get hungry/picky the day after a late night! It’s that tired -hungry - picky thing :roll_eyes:

(Judy Thompson) #217

Okay, suddenly Sunday night, we made it through another weekend. After the New Mexico trip last Fri-Monday, then a quick spin through the week, we felt out of shape for the 3 gigs each of those 2 nights and the early church today! Yesterday afternoon and this afternoon there was some heavy napping going on here. Mimsy went to church today and behaved well. She’s there at the request of the pastor for the benefit of his 8 year old grandson, and for Mimsy it’s a big holiday getting out of the house (and into the car! :rofl:)

The 72 hour beef brisket finished sous viding lastnight so we had slices of the buttery tender and unseasoned meat for lunch, mmm! I just threw the whole 15 lb package in the bath at 135 deg, cut it into 2 hunks and froze one this noon. I just added smoked salt while cooking, and no complaints for sure!

Yesterday and Thursday, I air fried chicken thighs. Crispy and lovely. Late lastnight we had eggs and bacon, and Friday too. Thursday night was liverwurst and smoked Wisconsin cheddar. I love to not scrimp on cheese, @Karen18 I’m right with you there!

@Fangs I hope your hoarder-house cleaning goes well and quickly and you’re back to everyday business soon. And a big congrats to your little girl making it through high school! Time to prepare for the empty nest!
@Karen18 I LOVE reading about all your daily activities. I hope we can all be as active and fun loving as Raymond at his age, but I don’t see why not!
@Shinita 130! Yep that gives you what, another 84 years? Until the year 2107, what might the world be like then!! I always expected to live about as long as my mom which would give me another 20 years. But now, reading that carnivores can expect to make it to 120- that gives me 50 years instead of 20 more! Darn. I hope there’s still social security then, not sure I want to be strolling tables asking requests at 130 LOL :joy:
@SecondBreakfast don’t leave us again, keep us posted :+1:How did you do this weekend with the 4 birthdays? I know how important this is to you, are you still consulting with Dr Cws? Yeah you’re my hero with the sous vide oven and the magic slicer, and all your wonderful animals. I’ve missed you :pray:
@FrankoBear It was marvelous marbled meat may, or something similar right? I loved the “marbled”
Here is some more food over the past few days:



You’re SO SWEET, I could dunk you in my coffee!

I did pretty well, thank you! Ate the pizza toppings, drank ALOT of Fresca and black coffee. Ran myself out of enegy. Pooped out. Out of habit, I licked me fingers when I got the fluffy no-no on it- Tasted too sicky sweet.

Ended up eating a salad today, and drank more water. My kidneys hurt. Clean up is ongoing but did pretty well.

That brisket looks insanely delicious!!!

(Judy Thompson) #219

@SecondBreakfast you’re doing great, you’ll be all back soon enough!
Most of us would blow it of and try something else. For me I’m afraid it’s the end of the line. ZC has to work!

And yes the brisket is awesome! Come on over, there’s plenty left!


My, my, May!

Without reading all the posts, I realised that we are in May on this side of the world. So, I started the new chat. Let’s take our discussion over there:

Maybe @robintemplin could switch this one off, please?