Too much food

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I found the squeeze tube lasts longer w/o molding than the tubs you spoon out of. I guess it keeps the air out.

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There’s a joke in there, somewhere, but I’ll spare y’all. (Aren’t I nice?) :laughing::rofl:


Ours come in buckets :smiley: Well there are cups too… Even I buy smaller ones now (325-450g) as we use way less nowadays.

IDK how people figure out things with such labels… Mine says 3.2g (the other - as I have 2 different sour cream now - 2.9g) carbs/sugar for 100g. Maybe it’s not so important for sour cream when one uses a little but still, I like to have proper info on my labels (while one of my few staple items has no such info but it’s fresh meat so at least I can know the carbs are very low… I just don’t know the fattiness).

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I buy Gay Lea gold sour cream from Thirftys/Sobeys/Safeway

Ingredients are:
milk ingredients, bacterial culture, microbial emzymes

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Thanks, @Elliot-W. I didn’t shop at those stores where I lived before. But there is an IGA here, which is Sobey’s. I’ll see if they have Gay Lea gold sour cream.

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@Elliot-W Found it! Thank you.

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Awesome! Hope you enjoy it.