Too much food

(Gail Salik) #1

Hi. Just joined this forum, very informative.
I find that I cannot possibly eat all the food! I have greek yogurt and strawberries for breakfast…and by the time lunch arrives, I am still full? Can I pop a boiled egg in my mouth for lunch and call it good? I plan to have squash, cod and kale salad for supper.( the salad is super hyped up with all veggies ). Thanks for any answers.

(Laurie) #2

If it were me, I’d prioritize the protein foods and cut back on the berries and vegetables. Then see how you feel.

Also, many of us eat just 2 meals a day (or even one meal a day). No need to force down 3 meals. Good luck!

(Joey) #3

A bit more info/background is needed to offer meaningful advice.

Meanwhile, here’s a brief cautionary note when eating “keto” … Don’t eat so little that you remain hungry.

If you’re hungry, you’re not doing it right.

(Gail Salik) #4

Thank you! I was hoping that was the case…

(Gail Salik) #5

Thats the thing, I am rarely hungry. I am good with one good meal and a snack. I drink so much water that it fills me up but good. Will focus on proteins instead of the veggies.

(Joey) #6

Well then, there you go. If you’re not hungry, don’t eat :wink:

I’d offer this advice to anyone on any kind of eating path… Although I’m assuming you are not a sumo wrestler… who would need to eat regardless.

(Gail Salik) #7

Mu sumo days sadly are over :wink: Thanks for the reply.

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #8

Eat when you’re hungry stop when you’re not. Don’t eat between meals.

That said. The rule changes depending whether you’re trying to lose weight/fat or maintain. Which is it?

Also, I agree with @islandlight: fat and protein should be your priority. Fruits, berries, veggies, etc are not necessary for a healthy diet. All that stuff is just exogenous glucose and you don’t need to eat glucose.


Yeah, it’s may be tricky sometimes, no matter what people say… Hunger isn’t even reliable for many of us (I often need to eat without hunger and sadly, appetite - and sometimes I can’t, doesn’t feel like or really shouldn’t eat when hungry) but in good cases we have some other clear urge. Or just knowledge that we should eat…

I am usually the opposite, I tend to eat a bit too much on keto but very good food choices help tremendously. Most of us have more or less satiating or tempting items. I use my experiences when my natural energy intake is simply wrong (it’s usually too high but I had undereating days too. 1-2 isn’t a problem but longer term is). Timing may be important too.

When I get satiated super easily (though I hope it’s in the past already), I simply eat a lot of food after reaching satiation (I have skills at eating so it’s ridiculously easy unless I focus on some very satiating meat, that gives me a clear stop sign) or if I can handle the annoyance, I eat several tiny meals. I need the energy and satiation (even if a tiny meal satiates me, I just get hungry again and again and again), it can’t be helped. But the latter is very bad, I do my best to avoid it.

Maybe experiment with different food? Certain items are too satiating for their energy content, at least on keto when carbs don’t interfere so much.
But it’s individual. Your breakfast would make me quite hungry immediately (and I almost always am very satiated until 3pm if I just eat nothing before)…
Can’t you add something very fatty but not very satiating but tempting so you can eat it easily?
If you can’t avoid eating very low-cal (though that’s bad), at least focus on nutrients and protein.
1 egg and almost nothing else (some veggies, berries and yogurt isn’t really food in my eyes, it’s mostly water), that sounds some serious starving - though of course I don’t know the amounts and what else you add (but the amounts must be small if you do keto, these are all carby items).
I would imagine you need way more protein and some fat for energy…


I agree with what Michael said here.

Where are you at?

height and weight and what are your goals.

not to diss this but if I ate what you ate I would be dead HAHA This is just a very personal difference in our lifestyles of what we require so don’t think I am getting on ya, I am not :wink: I am 5’8 and almost 60 yrs old and I eat 2 lbs of meat per day and I thrive on doing that but thing is I am carnivore, but even when on ‘just a low carb menu plan’ I ate more than what you ate and you seem more fruit/veg based then meat/fat based…meat and fat is what the body requires for total survival…all plants/fruit are not required to live so it seems like you are very low in your eating but if you are like ‘petite and small and not overweight and more’ I can see your eating more towards this but can’t say truly cause don’t know your stats on it all and how long you been eating this way etc.

So yea more info is good LOL

(Gail Salik) #11

I have never been a big eater, I am 64 yrs old 5 '10 and 225. I am love fish and seafood, chicken I can do, but red meats just not my thing. I eat breaky, love the greek( which does have good protein) yogurt, added blueberries instead of strawberries now. That will hold me until supper really.I drink ALOT of water, so I stay pretty full. I can do an egg a day with cheese, I do love cheese. So just add more of that.I will up the fish intake more for sure, shrimp is on the menu as well. Thank all of you for your kind replies. This is all new, and the more I ask, the more I understand:) My goal is 150, but realistically, 160 would be fab. Cod with butter sauce is on the list for supper tonight with blackened chicken strips. :wink:

(Joey) #12

Sorry, I assumed your concern was losing your appetite (“too much food”) when switching to keto. My mistake. If you’ve never been a big eater, then has anything changed recently?

More confusing to me is this: If you’ve never been a big eater, how did you reach 225 lbs, now seeking to get down to 150-160? :tipping_hand_man:


Cheese is better, more calorie dense and it has protein (and it’s not very satiating for many of us I think. it surely isn’t for me but on the other hand I can’t eat much of it). I looked up greek yogurt, indeed it has some decent protein content but you can’t afford much if you eat vegetables and fruits too so you need some other (preferably less carby and nutritious) protein source as well. One egg is nothing. I eat 6-8 on most days and it’s still very very little, a fragment of my protein intake (I eat high protein, way over my needs but still, my eggs wouldn’t be enough alone).

If you don’t like red meat, okay, there are so many options on keto. I did vegetarian keto (on/off) for years. You have seafood and chicken, that can help with protein and variety but they are lean (though skin on chicken helps) so you probably need something fatty too (but if you eat enough cheese, that may be enough).
I don’t know what butter sauce is but sounds fatty, that’s good :slight_smile: Of course, it’s all about amounts and your personal needs, they are very varied. Some people can pull off eating quite low-cal when having lots of fat to lose, others can’t, they just get hungry, no matter what.

So it seems you go into the right direction. Good luck!

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Years of eating crap food without thinking. I didnt eat alot but ate poorly.Plus I drank beer( drinking Molson Ultra now…two cans a day. 2 carbs, 70 Cals), stared to happy hour with Blackfly Vodka drink…and that has been tossed out the proverbial window l) Took about a year to really get up in belly fat, but it sure did.

(Gail Salik) #15

Thanks for the info! Cheese will be upped for sure, thats an easy one as its my go to for alot of meals.

(Joey) #16

Well yikes, no wonder you’re not hungry… alcohol itself takes priority in metabolism (like refined carbs), but two cans of beer is going to go a long way in quenching most any appetite.

If your goal is to lose another 50-60 lbs, drinking two cans of “ultra” is not likely to get you anywhere fast. Just my $0.02 (offered freely from a guy who drinks 1-2 glasses of red wine with dinner, but who is not trying to lose any more weight).

(Gail Salik) #17

There is only 2 carbs per can…Now that I know the veggies are not helping, they will be about the only carbs I ingest…? And its only 3%. so its what I will do for now, lol.

(Jane) #18

Uh, I resemble that remark. I trashed my metabolism so bad following LFHC and then “6 small meals a day” it was unbelievable how little I ate and how big I got. I’m sure the diet coaches figured I was lying about how much I ate.

When I weighed 118 lbs in college and I saw fat people I couldn’t IMAGINE how many calories they would have to consume to get that big. They must be eating 24/7!!!

Ah, my ignorance in how insulin plays a role. And hormones. I was never fat until I birthed my first son. Something “switched” and suddenly I was a lot bigger eating the same food. Wish I knew about keto in 1984. Would have saved me decades of frustration!

But at least I discovered it before it was too late. I’m still here and healthier than ever!!!

(Joey) #19

Let me try again… it’s not the carbs in beer per se, it’s the alcohol. A shot of bourbon or whiskey has 0.04 grams of carbs. If you have 50 shots of bourbon, it would equal the same 2.0g carbs in your “Ultra” beer.

The alcohol has its own effect on your metabolism, quite apart from the beverage’s carb count.

As for veggies, I’m not suggesting they’re “not helping” … in fact, if we’re talking about above-the-ground green leafy vegetables, they’re likely helping quite a bit! :vulcan_salute:

(Gail Salik) #20

Thanks for your input! It Means alot…