Tired of bacon already


I do apologize in advance if this post is being repetitive or been discussed in the past but I am new to this site and it’s a bit overwhelming for me to find the answer to my question.

I started Keto very recently i am only on my 3rd day and I am already tired of bacon and also eggs. I signed up to This keto plan diet and have set menus and it have bacon practically on 3 meals a day. What can I replace the bacon with and also eggs? I can’t afford to stop this diet but I already feel sick about it.

Please help any tips or comments are welcome I am kind of desperate

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Hey, first off, welcome to the forum. Ive been Keto for a little over a year. Whats funny is Keto (and the ppl here that know me can confirm) made me HATE bacon! After the first 2 weeks, I couldnt even look at it. It made me feel so sick that I was having dreams of rotting bacon, rotting fatty meat; it was awful!

It took me almost a year to enjoy bacon again. And at that, I can only have the thin-sliced, cured to all heck bacon. I cant eat thick cut uncured because its so terribly gross to me, still.

You dont need to eat just eggs and bacon. How about chicken thighs smothered in ham and swiss cheese? Burger patties with cheese. Theres sooo many options. I made it thru without bacon.


Research a list of keto foods and their carb content. Becoming familiar with what is “low carb” and what is not is the most important part of adhering to the diet. One wrong food or too much of certain foods can throw off progress. Remember Total Carbs - Fiber = net carbs and keep net carbs under 20 grams starting out. You don’t have to eat the same thing everyday. Tired of bacon, eat something else. If anything this is not a diet that you need planned out with set menus.

Drink some water with added salt early on to combat some side effects that some people get coming off the carbs. This diet works and will be the easiest to stay on in the very near future. Hunger cravings will go way down from what you are used to in just a short time.

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Check out this monster thread for keto meal ideas!!!


Hi Dena thanks for the welcome wishes. I do eat everything else cuu hi I j’en meat etc but I have a set menu and so far there is Bécon on it 90% of the meals. I just read it and feel sick already. I am new to keto so I have no idea what to eat yet so I am doing my best to follow this plan but i am already tired of it


Why is the menu set if you don’t mind me asking?


Hi Bob the thing is I am not hungry I am just wondering what I can eat as a meal to stay on the keto plan and I don’t want to overeat also so I need to be careful


Because I wanted to do the keto but I had no idea what to eat so I signed up to this plan to make it easier for me. I am realizing it’s always the same hi no over and o we again every 2-3 days


Dont worry about overeating. It probably will not happen . Very shortly you will probably have a harder time eating enough than eating too little.

Just Google meals you like followed by the word Keto and it will give you some ideas or Google a meat you might like “keto meals with chicken ex. .” and you will have more than enough options. After a while you will have a few set meals that you really enjoy and can make with little effort. The main thing is to get familiar with what to eat and what not to eat. Give this thing a little bit and you will like it. My advice is don’t make it so hard that it becomes a big chore. Keep it simple on most occasions.


I am also having more hot flashes since I started. I thought cutting all sugar and carbs would help me but it’s actually making it worse. I also do cardio 45 minutes a day which I thought would help but it’s not.


It takes a while for the body to adapt to the change. It’s a big change trying to switch from one fuel source to the next. Unless you end up being in a small minority this diet will have you feeling the best that you ever have.


Thank you very Bob I do want to stick to it. I will search for the meals idea that is or the tips. How do I know what quantity I should eat?

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Don’t feel you have to keep eating endless bacon and eggs - you could substitute chicken wings, chicken thighs, ground beef/pork, steak, lamb, salmon, tinned fish… the list is long! Why not have a look at the ‘what did you keto today’ threads on this forum for loads of meal/food ideas. Good luck!


Also do I have to eat all this fat it’s making me feel really sick. I have an average of fat for every day of 150g, 95g of protein, 32g of carb and 10g if finer. Is that Ok? Can I cut on the fat?


Ok thanks Natasha I will do that. I admit I am totally overwhelmed right now.

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No need to be overwhelmed. Keto is simple but anti-establishment when it comes to dietary guidelines LOL

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Butter and cream cheese are your friends early on.


Also, watch YouTube for a wealth of information. You can search the grocery store that you go combined with the word keto and more than likely someone has recorded themselves shopping for keto appropriate foods in a similar named store. There is so much information out there now that there should be no excuse to fail…


Thank you so much for the tips I really do appreciate it.

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Welcome to the forum, Coco =).

I would try to get a refund on that plan if you can? You can totally do Keto for free, and we are all here to help you accomplish that.

You could totally do Keto successfully without ever eating any bacon and/or eggs if you don’t want to. When I started Keto I didn’t like either so didn’t eat much of either. Now I actually like Bacon at times, and I can tolerate eggs sometimes, but not often.

I agree with all the great ideas you have been given above. Just keep your carbs at 20 grams or less (I use a free app called cronometer.com to monitor this, and I find it helps a lot to keep me on track).

You can eat any meats and fish you like for the proteins, you can totally avoid bacon and eggs if you don’t like them. The only key is to keep your carbs low right now and to eat enough, and keep your electrolytes ups so that you don’t get the awful feeling that many get when they first eliminate all the carbs and sugars.