Time to add something else?

(Little Miss Scare-All) #41

I can see you’d be a lot if fun to talk to.

(jr bob dobbs) #42

Tool is easily in the top five greatest bands of all time, or at least of my generation. Tool is effectual on levels the human brain can only minimally comprehend. Meditating to Tool takes considerable practice, but is very rewarding. Listening to it is a spiritual and contemplative experience, rather than one of entertainment.

I’ve done some math and can get 47-50g carbs from a simple meal pre-workout, and I will probably start with that. I have major bloodwork this week, as a capstone to my carnivore experiment (will be compared to the same markers pre-carnivore). Once that blood draw is done, and my data collected, I will add the carbs.

If it looks like I’m burning all the glycogen during workouts, I may add additional carbohydrate in 25g increments (50g pre-workout and the remainder afterwards) until I am on the edge of ketosis. I have read anecdotal evidence of some folks getting by with 50g, some with 100g, and some with more, and still remaining in ketosis.

I do like glycogen filling in t-shirts a bit, I have to admit. This carnivore thing has gotten me extremely lean, a little more than I’m comfortable with, to be honest.

(Little Miss Scare-All) #43

How old are you?

(jr bob dobbs) #44

Undertow came out when I was in high school and I knew even then that Tool was something… different.

I was listening to Nirvana, 311, Cypress Hill, Pantera, and a LOT of electronica (the golden age of rave, techno, d&b, and trance) and Tool absolutely knocked me on my ass.

(Joey) #45

Is this actually a thing? Sounds like someone in black turtleneck at night going through the cupboard tossing out pasta, rice, potatoes, …

(Little Miss Scare-All) #46

I’m 39 :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Same. I have a wide variety of tastes, but my deepest loves are punk, metal of the darker and brutal varieties, and 80’s bat cave gothiness.

Pantera has been a huge love since I was 12. I have an undying attraction to Phil Anselmo and follow all his projects lol.

(Bacon enough and time) #47

What songs are they known for? :grin:

(jr bob dobbs) #48

I can hang with all things 80s, esp the synth pop stuff, and all the modern re-inventions (“synthwave” is what my youtube algorithm keeps hitting me with). Dark metal, yes. Death metal, black metal… Yes. And all of the different “-core” suffixes, none of which I understand the meaning of, but all of which I enjoy.

I always tell people when they ask me in the gym, “what are you listening to?” – “Music that makes me want to eat babies.”

Well, its true. That’s how you get a PR on squat day without carbs.

(Little Miss Scare-All) #49

I’m pretty much a sucker for anything with a synth or moog. I love it.

Same. There are just sooooo many sub-genres that it’s out of control at this point. I have a 26hr and 25min long custom hand-picked playlist of brutal stuff that I named “Rawwwwwr”. It’s cute but effective. I have all the metals and cores on there. Death Core is a particular favorite of mine. I’m a sucker for that layered black scream/death growl combo.

Facts. Lift days are usually rawwwwr playlist. Cardio is usually melodic hardcore punk, fast paced and catchy to make me happy in the feels.

Fun fact: I have a full size squat rack in my bedroom. I live in an apartment and it’s ferociously extra. :nerd_face:

(jr bob dobbs) #50

Ah the moog. Yes. And the 808. The classic synths of my childhood.

Lorna Shore, or Strapping Young Lad lately, works for heavy days. Cardio is usually melodic death or some kind of psytrance. Or Ministry and NIN.

I am fortunate to have a couple of gyms at work, however the bed-wetters closed it during the coof. I ended up buying some equipment to have at home in case my access to those gyms was once again compromised because of cowardice and prejudice. I usually take a lot of time off in the winter, and so this affords me the ability to continue to train without having to commute to work on my days off.

I too have a rack and a bench, but I need to get a legit four-post cage or power rack. I have very high ceilings downstairs and my equipment will sit in what is basically the living room once I get my rubber floor laid down and some platforms built. When I open the front door to visitors, its the first thing they’ll see.

Who am I kidding, I don’t open my front door and I don’t take visitors.

(Little Miss Scare-All) #51

I gave up on Trent once With Teeth was released. To me, With Teeth was the NIN equivalent of Metallica’s Load drop. But Pretty Hate Machine through The Fragile are all winners in my book.


I did the same thing. I saw where everything was heading and said I’d better start stockpiling equipment because I knew they were going to close my gym. I had to buy a freaking black market olympic barbell. I have a commercial rower in my living room. I didn’t care how ridiculous it would look. Luckily the guy downstairs from me is half deaf and never home, so my walking lunges down my creaky wooden hallway went without notice.

Right now I’m looking to buy a property so I can do all my workouts from home and build up a sick home gym. So when round 2 of shutdowns eventually come, I won’t be hindered in the least.

Same. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Undertow still consistently knocks me on my ass. Their last tour they played Undertow and it was phenomenal. Some of my workouts are best accompanied by Undertow.


My “real” nickname (well, one of the two, the other is my oldest proper nickname, I used it as a demoscene coder and even my SO calls me that) is shiNIN. Trent Reznor is awesome though I don’t like all albums, well okay I only hear most of the newer ones because my SO is a fan too. But my fav songs? I am listening to them very regularly and they still blow me away… So I am mixed, I wouldn’t even recognize so many songs but my few favs are HUGE favs…
If I had to choose a fav genre, it’s somwhere around melodic death metal. But I like good songs, almost no matter the genre (it’s super hard for a rap song to be enjoyable for me but not impossible).
The last time when pop hits somewhat aligned with my taste was the 80s. It happens nowadays too but it’s an exception while I can listen to 80s hits for days.
I don’t even know the genre of many stuff and these zillion subgenres are confusing so I just don’t care, I just grab what I like.
Pirate metal is fun too :smiley:

Good music entertain me, moves me. I typically feel light and nice, no matter the genre so I don’t have this eat babies thing. And when I am down (I think I am immune to depression, I just don’t work that way but I can be down), I have a Hungarian song about suicide and it never fails me to cheer me up, it’s crazy :slight_smile: I feel good and come out of my bad mood. Sunshine works similarly if it’s not summer.

I don’t have music for lifting, I use the radio with the retro music (80s and later too but not the super bad modern things. usually). It doesn’t matter what I am listening to as long as it’s not annoying, it does nothing to my lifting.
And I only built a bench, that was easy enough. I need help with chest presses as I can’t put down the big bar. It’s unfortunate but the object that would help isn’t so easy to make stable as a solid wood bench… So it won’t happen.

I don’t have problems with neighbours as I don’t have any. Winter is the best because no one is here in the whole “street”. I am not very social, you see. Not just personally, I don’t have social media either.
It’s so wonderful that I look out from my window and see zero humans and thousands of trees… Just what I need. But it’s fun to talk with someone occasionally if it’s on my terms.
(My SO doesn’t count, he is a cinnamon roll and I love him. We have our own rooms anyway and I have plenty of alone time.)

Thanks guys to reminding me to listen to complete NIN albums again, I usually just use my phone with my top fav songs… Pretty Hate Machine contains some of them but the others are nice too.

Rammstein is very very important for me too (and my SO, our taste has much in common but I like metal better and he likes Touhou better. that’s a wildly popular game series but the creator made them to make his music popular. and yep, the music is the best, he can’t draw but he does it and it’s good enough…), we even use some lyrics as common sayings and stuff.

Doom style music is lovely too but that’s my SO who listens to them.

And I have my fav youtuber singers and they are awesome. Most do metal covers and that’s just perfect.

(KM) #54

:rofl: I heard about it - casually mentioned - here. As I say, I haven’t done deep research on it, I’m not into working out and for me it sounded counter productive - storing glycogen anywhere isn’t going to get me in ketosis if I’m not doing something significant to burn it off quickly. But if it does what it says, I can see it enhancing a workout.

ETA: My Hubs loves Rammstein. I get very anxious about it for some reason, although I understand the messages are subversive and not what they appear to the causal observer.

(Little Miss Scare-All) #55

Till Lindemann is a very bizarre man. Whatever the messages appear on the outside, are undoubtedly perverse, dark and far worse when dissected thoroughly. AKA my kind of music :rofl:

(J) #56

Nuthin’ gets me goin’ in the gym like a little Merle & Possum crankin’ thru the speakers.

I’m diggin’ the music diversion of this thread. Y’all keep it now, ya hear?


Not a bad cover artist on YouTube…‘Mazzy Star’.

They cover a lot of big tunes from many genres- rock, pop, country, rythm and blues etc.

Female lead singer with blue hair and her band. Check them out- good background music.

(Little Miss Scare-All) #58

Fade Into Me… middish 90’s in all its glory. Gets me feeling some type of way every time.


I’m also a bit partial to Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbot.
(Of Housemartins and Beautiful South fame).

Known for many tracks including:

I Need a Little Time
Happy Hour
Old Red Eyes is Back

Clearly they like a tipple or two…which isn’t why I listen to them! But I can understand them nontheless.


Well, even I don’t listen to EVERY Rammstein songs… It means I totally avoid some, no matter what.
But there was a NIN video that I got when I was a bit too down on a party, along with a Marduk CD :smiley: Never watched/listened to them though. I have my limit.
I love Rammstein’s “Mein Teil” to bits though… And Heirate mich. Stein um Stein. And Du riechst so gut… That level is okay. In these case, I dont’ necessarily get the light and easy feeling I wrote about before as I am very much aware of the lyrics and meaning but it doesn’t disturb me too much.
And I used to listen to Dalai Lama in a loop while sleeping once, that is a masterwork with a unique atmosphere…
And most Rammtein videos are pretty great.

And Rammstein is the most obvious example of music I can’t use as a background. While I am fine with listening to songs in English without having much idea about the lyrics for decades (it happened… considering I am pretty good at English now, that required much screaming and/or extremely special vocabulary… oh my, I had a time when I tried to understand Cradle of Filth lyrics, I barely knew English back then :D), it just doesn’t work with Rammstein, I can’t not to focus on the lyrics and everything else, it’s intense… And it’s easy to understand too.
I consider German my second language, I learned it before English, I just almost never use it since decades and I can’t use it at all but I easily understand simple texts. I am loads more comfortable with English after using it every day for decades (quite a few hours a day) and now it may be my more used language, even if it’s thinking (I usually think with words and they are very often English ones).