Time to add something else?

(jr bob dobbs) #1

Beef, eggs, butter, shrimp, and very small amounts of heavy cream (coffee) daily since Feb 2022.

Initial adaptation period was without much drama or pain, maybe a headache for a day or two, probably because I was low carb prior to starting. I replaced Tylenol with salt and was immediately better.

However, performance in the gym literally took a step back in time two or three years, not hyperbole. Strength has still not recovered. A 465lb deadlift went to a 245lb deadlift on a good day.

Started at 185lbs bodyweight (I am comfortable at 180-190) and got as low as 167lbs (NOT happy there). Added pure fat from the butcher and am now at 175lbs, wanting to gain a bit more.

Energy in the gym is better, strength is not.

Wondering about re-introducing something, maybe an avocado a day, maybe a half cup of oats, I dunno. Something. I’ve watched all the youtube videos and read all the books, I know there is a religion around meat only, and there is a religion around veganism, and there is a religion around paleo…

I do not wish to belong to a religion, I wish to optimize my health and hormones and maximize my performance in the gym. Physical fitness is one of the only ways I have to improve my MENTAL health, and its of paramount importance in my life.

Having read about glycogen filling in muscle tissue, affording stronger and more explosive performance, etc., I’m wondering if I should think about re-introducing something with the specific purpose of addressing physical performance.

FWIW, my initial foray into carnivore was for the sake of curiosity. Although I have certainly recognized some health benefits from it, I was not attacking any single issue (autoimmunity, obesity, etc) with the diet, merely satisfying my desire for knowledge and personal experience.

Presently animal only, and wanting additional physical performance and mild weight gain, what should my next strategic step be?


(Bacon enough and time) #2

Then eat as you please. The strict plant-free diet attracts people who, for whatever reason, find that their health problems are resolvable only on such a diet. If you don’t have to avoid foods that come from plants, then there is no reason to do so. You’ve been eating a carnivore diet for five months, now, so it would seem you gave it a good try. No reason to stick with it, if it’s not giving you what you want.

When people embark on a ketogenic diet, their athletic performance takes a similar hit, and we have had forum members who were not willing to take the time to fully adapt, because of their running schedule, or other competitions they were involved with. There’s nothing wrong with making that the priority over any other benefits the diet might have brought them.

It sounds as though your performance in the gym is your priority, more important than any other benefit a carnivore diet might provide. But that’s your decision to make. We can’t make it for you.


I’d go back to what I was doing when I was 185 and lifting decent weights. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

(jr bob dobbs) #4

That diet included an absolute ton of fruits and veggies as well as some oats.

Diabetes runs in the family and I’m trying to stay as far from it as possible.

I was contemplating adding back some low-glycemic carbs. And chicken.

(Little Miss Scare-All) #5

Same. I choose not to go the big pharma route. Workouts are the best mental stabilizers for me. I recently broke my shoulder skateboarding, and I had to abandon the gym for a month. My mentals took a real beating. I made myself walk very far distances to feel like I was doing something physically active, but there’s just something about walking into the gym that settles my brain.

If I’m being honest, keto has declined my gym performance. I’ve been keto 3 years. For a while I added in some servings of quinoa, and this gave me an extra push that I wanted, but triggered my hunger, which kind of didn’t end well.

But sounds like that may be what you’re looking for. I would find the lowest glycemic carb that you can enjoy, eat it at the end of the meal, and chase it with some raw apple cider vinegar. The ACV will help insulin from spiking from the carbs, but you’ll still get the fuel benefit at the gym.


Sounds like you might want to try a CKD/TKD regimen.


A lot of people go the big pharma route and it would be hard to blame them.

For me, working out provides significant health benefits too.

  1. Listening to Tool
  2. Working out
  3. Writing
  4. CBD/THC

Some of my favorite activities that present the most impactful mental benefits. Working out just seems to dissipate any stress and yields an enhancement to my mood only rivaled when I went keto (and whenever I listen to tool, which is basically all the time).

(Little Miss Scare-All) #8

#1 combined with #4 is a great combo. Big Tool fan myself, especially Opiate through Lateralus. There was such a vocal leap from Aenima to Lateralus, almost an arabic undertone. All those albums are on my gym playlist.

(Allie) #9

@lfod14 suspect you may be able to advise here.


The Cure and Depeche Mode do it for me. And New Order.


(Little Miss Scare-All) #11

Also all very good choices. Not only do I like New Order, I’m also a Joy Division fan. I think they’re acquired taste because Ian Curtis’ voice was oh, how shall we say… special. :rofl:

(jr bob dobbs) #12

CKD I assume is “carnivore keto diet?” I’ve heard of it, but have no idea what it is, technically. TKD I have never heard of.

Your discussion of music leads me to believe that I have definitely found my people in this forum.


I love Joy Division as well…and the film.


(Little Miss Scare-All) #14

You come for the Keto, but stay for the drab UK goth pop :revolving_hearts:


Search (Ytube) Letterman Show for live performances of; Depeche Mode, and maybe even Snow Patrol.

Just innocuous advice


(Little Miss Scare-All) #16

You know what’s cool about Depeche is they’re still relevant. I love their old stuff very much, but I gained new respect for them when they released Playing the Angel in 2005 or so. Greattttttt album (aside from the track called Macro, it annoys me).


Watch their UK YT stuff…you’ll be amazed.


(Joey) #18

As noted by others, knowing your goals and aiming for them is going to serve you best in the long run.

But oftentimes we can’t have everything we want - which is where priorities and choices come to loggerheads.

Given your original post, if you haven’t read this Phinney/Volik book yet you might find it to be of great interest:

(Allie) #19

Cyclical ketogenic diet

You may also like to read about TKD - targeted ketogenic diet, carbs strategically placed before workouts.

(jr bob dobbs) #20

Thank you for the replies folks. “Targeted keto” sounds exactly like where my mind was beginning to take this… Stick with carnivore except at one or two specific times a day, at which time I would add a specific and small carb load. The quest now will be to find one that is as low in oxalates and fructose as possible.

I had read about folks experimenting with what times of day worked best for them with regards to adding carbs.

Its nice to know that its called “targeted keto” because now I have something to research.