Time for new shoes, what do you like?

(Stickin' with mammoth) #42

One thing I’ve learned is that I go through sports shoes so fast, it doesn’t matter if I buy expensive or cheap, I’ll still need a new pair soon, so I just buy cheap. That way I’m enjoying fresh new kicks all the time and I’m still paying the same amount at the end of the year. Don’t tell me about your $200+ specialized Nike Whamajams with outer space anti-roll technology and glow-in-the-dark arch supports, I’ll still find a way to shred the bastards.

This especially works with hiking boots. I used to spend several hundred dollars on good Vibram soles but when my favored companies dropped Vibram, I dropped those companies. Now, I slip into a nice new pair of Hi-Tecs every fall and enjoy the hiking season like a boss. Old footwear graduates to gardening duties, it’s all about recycling.