Time for new shoes, what do you like?

(Scott) #21

I opted for the Hoka Clifton 6 Wide 12 2E. It is a wider shoe with a bigger toe box and so far it is helping.


I’m a fan of New Balance and ASICS. Both seem to be comfortable for my feet while walking or running. I don’t know if the memory foam insole helps, but both have thick soles. I guess that helps a big guy that’s pounding some pavement.

(Annette ) #23

Maybe try lacing them differently to keep your toes from hitting the end of the show. That’s generally why you’ll lose a toenail.

(Scott) #24

It is not the toes hitting the end of the shoe but the way I tend to curl or clench my toes while running. Anyway the larger toe box seems to help.

(Jeb Bower) #25

Called Morton’s Toe…https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morton%27s_toe

Your second toe longer than your big toe? My shoes always fit correctly but I would still lose toenails because my toes curled under when I ran.

(Scott) #26

My son has this but I don’t. It is always the two toes closest to my little toe. I feel them curl under but it is hard to relax and stop. It is also difficult to get feedback on what works as I am several hundred miles into a pair of shoes before my toes grow out enough to confirm success. My old nails have been jettisoned and are clear now so I hope it keeps up.


Luna sandals. I never run in shoes anymore.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #28

Wow Jeb, thanks for that. I have this and always knew it was something some people have in my family but I didn’t know it had a specific name. I only have one foot and it has pretty bad neuropathy. I always assumed it was from circulation and being on dialysis for a long time as that can cause issues with some vitamin B absorption. But I have the Morton’s Toe on top of that. I have had problems with hammer toes too. A larger toe box seems to be helpful as well as wearing a size over.

Also I am a poor guy. I have tried lots of different shoes over the years and used insoles from a podiatrist. I also have fat pad atrophy and had just accepted that my feet would always hurt after some significant walking. Recently I picked up some higher end ASICS that are in great shape at the Goodwill. They are the most comfortable shoes I have worn in memory. I have some ASICS GEL that are okay but my feet will start hurting after standing for a while. The new ones (now discontinued) are FluidFIT. Best $8.50 I have ever spent.


(Susan) #29

My new shoes that were very kindly gifted to me from @PetaMarie are ASICS and they are very comfortable and I love them. I have walked back and forth to the Medical Walk-in clinic with them on two different days; and I do shorter walks with them daily as well, and they are terrific.


It appears that I’m also in possession of a pair of Morton’s Toes. I don’t have any problems with my toenails, but do have a problem with running. :joy:

(traci simpson) #31

I found HOKAS a bit bulky for my taste. I’m a die hard ASICS fan with a wide toe box so that your toes can spread out.

(Jeb Bower) #32

Now that I’ve started running again, I’ve been able to put some miles on my shoes. Even though they are like 5 years old, I had a brand new pair of Hoka Cliftons and Brooks PureFlow 2’s in my closet.

The Cliftons are much better than the Bondis I had tried years ago. I’m not sure how a shoe with that much cushion can be that light. I think the PureFlows fit my feet better because they have a nice wide footbox but are more “minimalist”. Based on my last few runs, I’m a bit faster in the PureFlows as well, maybe because I don’t have to “fight” all the cushioning…

I like both. Not sure what I’ll do when it’s time to replace them since the PF’s are rumored to be going away. For now, I’ll probably stick to the PF’s for my hilly morning runs during the week and use the Cliftons for my longer flatter runs on the weekends.

(Cindy Rogers) #34

I love my Hokas: been running on them for several years now. They fit my foot so well, and feel like a slipper! I am faithful to replace them, since my feet let me know when I need to do that.


It’s crazy how expensive these sandals are considering the very little material.


Has anyone ever tried on running shoes? Thoughts?



My everyday shoe for work: Rykas They were the only one narrow enough for my long skinny feet- with Morton’s toe. Good for work, walking, jogging or a short run. Nike used to have a great one, but I can’t find the model that I had years ago.

I recently purchased a sweet pair of Vasque hiking boots for the late summer and fall hiking adventures. They have tremendous support all around, but much higher around the ankles than other boot - shoes, so there is more confidence in climbing. They were a pretty penny, but I have a feeling these will last a Loooooong time.

I’d love to try a pair of those fivefinger shoes for walking around the house or whereever. They look so comfy!!!

(Scott) #38

I am stuck on Hokas currently a M Clifton wide. I only wear for running and retire them at 350 miles. My knees will alert me if I go over that.

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #39

You said something in an earlier post that once you find “the” shoe, they discontinue the model. That happened to me, too. Adidas used to make a model called “Country,” which is the only running shoe I’ve ever been able to run in. They used to cycle it in and out of production, and I would buy multiple pairs when they were available, but they haven’t made any for at least the last two decades. Athletic shoe store employees always look at me pityingly when I go in to ask if they’re back in production.

I have a similar problem with dress shoes, as well, because of my arches.