This forum is about Cheating... intentional or accidental

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So you had a bad day, don’t let it turn into a pattern - get back up on the horse.

Starting Today (Yet Again!)
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Um yeah I think I’ll hang here for a few days …

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Long story sorry:
I have an Aunt struggling with early onset Alzheimer’s and I spent the day with her Sunday and cooked food for her on Monday. Sunday after a long walk, we went to SB’s so that I could get a coffee because I was getting hungry and didn’t want to eat yet. After that we went to the grocery store and I was tempted by all the goodies and I made a conscious decision to get a pretzel. She wanted chips and wine. Once we got home, I set her up with her chips and wine. I didn’t drink but I had a few chips and one bite of the pretzel, which was gross and I just threw it away. Not a bad day for me. Monday, however after our walk, we sat on the patio (she needs sunshine) and had wine. I had to cook for her and I hadn’t eaten yet so I did have about two swallows of wine and some peanuts. Later that evening I made keto pizza but I wanted something sweet, so I purchased that gross halo ice cream. YUCK so I went to get soft serve!! I can’t believe I did that. Slept like crap; however, I can’t tell if it was from this or not since I sleep like crap anyway.

Woke up ravenous.