Starting Today (Yet Again!)

(Nikki) #1

Hi folks,

I am starting keto again today for probably the 20th or 30th time. In 2015, I lost 50 pounds on keto and was able to achieve my goal weight of 135 pounds. It was truly life changing for me and I felt so confident and free. Unfortunately, I was fired from my dream job about 6 months later. My identity was completely wrapped up in my work, as was my circle of friends. I lost all of that and wound up alone and thoroughly ashamed of myself. Life spiraled downward for me as I became depressed. I’ve always had problems with alcohol and they were exacerbated to such an extent that I figured I’d wind up hospitalized or dead, and I was truly ambivalent toward either outcome.

In a year I gained back all of the weight I had lost. I’ve only in the past few months decided that I need to get back up and make some changes and focus on positive outcomes. I am working on trying to be hopeful, but frustrated that I keep stopping and starting again. I was keto the entire month of February and lost 20 pounds. I gained that all back in March.

I am setting my intention of taking care of myself and getting healthy again through this way of eating. At this point in time, I have stage 2 hypertension and an obese BMI. With a history of early heart attacks and heart disease in my family, I know this struggle goes deeper than my vanity. I seek to lower my blood pressure, reduce my symptoms of depression and, of course, to get to a healthy weight. I am hoping to find other like minded folks and that we can motivate and encourage one another!

Be well!

(Michelle) #2

Welcome!! We can help you, just don’t be afraid to ask!!

(Newimprovedme ) #3

@pizzapartysicko you are in the right place, welcome. You’ll find a lot of support without judgement here. A lot of us have been in your situation. The key is to keep your eyes on your goal and keep moving forward…progress not perfection. You’ve done it before, you can do it again.

(Daniel) #4

your story sounds just like mine! I had to cut alcohol almost completely, because it made it too easy to get a case of the f**k-its and eat pizza. good luck!

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #5

This area of the forum may provide insight.


My favorite part of keto is feeling in control and not having food rule my world. This translates into other parts of your life which is so liberating and empowering…you can do this! Come here for inspiration and support :sparkling_heart:

(Bacon for the Win) #7

wow, I could have written this. I know exactly what you went through. Crazy. But some how I got my shit together again and you will too. Keep coming here for support. I wish this forum had been around three years ago for me.


There is one big plus with having managed to get back on keto before - you know you can. What you need to find is the motivation to stick with it long enough to start seeing the real benefits and what I mean by that is the impact it will have on your depression and other health issues. For me, the impact on my depression and migraines is the number one driver that means I am keto for life. I have found - finally - a place of safety and strength I never knew I had.

I have attacked this from other angles too though and one of those that has really helped me profoundly was finding a great counsellor. You need a support system and a multi layered and pronged one at that. Family, friends, support groups, online support, counselling. Until you find a way to truly value yourself you will likely keep sabotaging your heroic efforts. With support, those sabotage events will be mitigated or, even better, prevented from happening in the first place. Can you access different support? You are already here - great. Do you have a friend you could chat to regularly? A great old friend of mine and I have a regular slot every Monday evening when we talk on the phone or Skype as an informal two way counselling session - just to let off steam from the week. We have both benefitted from it enormously. For me, it has also taken off some of the load from my counselling sessions so that we can get down to some proper real deep work that is more productive.

Think about ways you can set up a system that means your chances of keeping this thing going this time are greatly increased. I think you can. I think this time is your time. What do you reckon?

(Nikki) #9

Wow, I needed to hear this today! Thank you! Maybe it IS my time. And here I was contemplating taking just oooooone more day off before I “really” re-commit to keto. I’ve got this!


You have SO got this and we are right behind you. xxx

(Daniel) #11

woo hoo today’s the day! Reward yourself by going to the best burger place in the area for lunch, and throw away the bun. pile on the bacon, cheese and mayo! get a salad and pile on the bleu cheese! do it up! :slight_smile:

(Aliesha Barnett) #12

Hey Nikki!

I have literally just started on this forum and your message is one of the first ones I saw… to be honest reading it made me feel so much better knowing I’m not the only one going through a similar situation as you!

I absolutely know what your going through, I have been struggling with the on and off ketogenics lifestyle for the last few months. I look forward to hearing how you are getting on

Aliesha x