There is no keto rulebook


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I still say you should be a comedian. You are such a great writer. You make me laugh all the time. Thanks for the chuckles.

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Thank you for this! Very helpful!

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Brenda, if you lived down the street, we would SO hang out.

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Hella easy to alter those to fit, though.

But when you are apple shaped, you have to buy clothes three sizes too big just to pull them up, then you’re left with yards of fabric flapping around your butt and legs and you’re admonished for “hiding your body behind clothes that don’t fit.”

Um, no, Mr. Gunn, not quite. Go take Logic 101 again and get back to me.

Finally, I just gave up and learned to sew.

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Even Stevia, does that have an effect on you?


Oh yes, it does.

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Oh wow, like a spike in bg levels, I’ve wondered if mine spikes on Stevia but I still need to test?


Yeah, best way is to test. I’m not diabetic so I don’t test regularly. I just used to test regularly a few years ago (both BG and ketones) blood testing just to see how I react to different foods. I wanted to see what would knock me out of ketosis, or spike my glucose levels. Today, I don’t test regularly, but will notice what effect the food I ate yesterday had on my body.

Blood glucose meter newbie
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Thank you for the information Fiorella, that’s good to know, I appreciate the info on your experiences. Yea I’m not a diabetic as well but for the same reasons would like to know what would knock me out and what foods cause a spike on myself also. Thanks again for the info!


Yeah…if only our bodies came with an operators manual, right? Like they say…knowledge is power. So, collecting data on how my body responds to food gave me the power to make better decisions. Wish you lots of luck on your journey :slight_smile:

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When’s the best time to test? 1hr after eating something? 2?


Somewhere between one and two hours.

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The “Keto in a Nutshell” has a detailed section with pics on the testing periods starting on page 8. A link to the summary is in

The link @Fiorella provides above to “Blood glucose meter newbie” includes a discussion string with Richard Morris answering questions that is helpful too
Testing helped me eliminate one of my fav treat beverages Bau, which was causing an extended pause in weight loss.

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Is tgat the same as BAI? I have that sometimes!
Thanks for pointing me to this info!

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Yes @Lueloff I meant Bai :joy::wink:, spelling is my Achilles heal.

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LOL - mine is no better! [quote=“Lueloff, post:177, topic:4418”]
I had one today -& checked BG -pre-drink ( morning fasting today) = 89 & 1/2 hr after BG =111.
I guess I don’t know what would signify a problem… :woman_shrugging:

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Nice post - people can get too wrapped up In the technical side of ketosis. It’s highly individual and people struggle with and respond to entirely different things. FB is the worst - you get kicked off so easily - no discussion allowed.

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Thank you @Maried
YES they can. I’ve been on the ketogenic diet for three years and facebook support groups that entire time. I lost count of how many I was booted from. Such nazi dogma bullshit. It was unreal.
The 2KetoDudes Facebook group allowed discussion. So did my Keto Ninjas group before it. I am hoping many groups took that open discussion idea and are dropping the bad habit of trying to control members from doing critical thinking. It is how issues are solved!!
There definately is not one true way :slight_smile:

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I agree. At least for me it was that way. I started searching over 10 years ago and now have found keto. Best I have felt in years.