There is no keto rulebook



Yeah, I’m there with you, sister. I went through years of listening to accusatory rhetoric. I was also accused of eating more food when I’m alone and faking the “eating like a bird” thing when around others.

I’m an extremely disciplined person. I did what the “experts” told me to do. So, it was very painful to be lectured to and no ammunition to fight back.

Then finally one day, I told everyone to fuck off. I tested all sorts of eating protocols. Ketosis won hands down.

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Holy hell @Fiorella
Your story sounds like mine


@Fiorella and @Brenda

I think I need to clarify what I mean by control (and loss of it).

To me, keto would seem to be an amazing way to have control over your weight, health and mood. Pre-keto ‘loss of control’ simply means that you do not have control over these things - what you ate controlled them, rather than you. Losing control does not just mean over-eating or bingeing or not having a tight rein on portion size. Maybe a better way to express it is that when you find keto you also find control - maybe for the first time. So it is not necessarily something you ‘lost’ in the first place , but rather something you never had.

It seems that ‘loss of control’ is seen as something to be ashamed and guilty of but I would say this is categorically not true. I certainly felt shame and guilt in the past because I never felt I had control over my health, mood and weight. I don’t feel that way now, either about my current state of being or how I was in the past.


Yes, @Daisy. I certainly see what you are saying. If someone does exactly what an “expert” (doctor, nutritionist, gym trainer, dietician, etc) and then see little or no results, I can see how that qualifies as having no control over the situation.

To make things worse, the burden (and blame) of no control is transferred to the victim, and not the lame-ass “expert” who’s advice had no control in the first place.

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YES. And I thought to add to my comment:

even if it IS about bingeing, I do not look at that as a person’s fault if they have an eating disorder. I will not pretend to know what its like to have an eating disorder any more than I would want someone to pretend they know what it’s like to be a diabetic.

No judgement here :heart:


I don’t think even that. Who or what would you say had control over your health, weight and mood in your pre-kets existence? Regardless of external influences.


Actually. I did have control. It was cancelled by lame-ass experts. When you are told “eat healthy grains” and “bacon is evil”, my desire to ignore disgusting styrofoam roughage qualifying as bread and eat bacon instead is perturbed. I was told I had “bad” eating habits. And the list is long…non fat cheese, only one egg a day, avocados are too fatty, olives are evil fat bombs, don’t add olive oil to vegetables, use margarine instead of butter, lard is the devils work, etc. Had I not listened to the stupidity, I would have “listened to my body” instead.


Yes but you see I would argue that the food you were eating controlled your health etc. I think you and I are at cross purposes with the word ‘control’.


Here’s what I believe.

I was born with perfect…yes…I’m using that word…perfect control over my eating habits.

I was “schooled” by the asinine stupidity in the modern western world that I live in. It fucked up my biochemical processes, and scarred my perfect eating control that I was born with.

Luckily, I was very perceptive of the weight I was putting on, and other signs, and observing the contradictions in advice from “experts”, that I delved in deep looking for an answer.

I’m happy to say that I reversed the bullshit SAD way of eating before diabetes got to me. My growing Jennifer Lopez ass was my warning. The sore knees was my warning. The asthmatic symptoms were my warning. The drowsiness in the afternoon was my warning. The cloudy mental state was my warning. I believe I got behind the issue before it gave me a life threatening disease.

So, that is what I believe. I was born with perfect control. Societal dogma bullshit screwed it up and scarred it. I’m making it healthy again.

FYI…please, I don’t want to get any hate comments for say “Jennifer Lopez” ass. I’m of italian decent. When I put on weight, it goes to my bust and ass, and my waist barely changes. That’s all.


I’ll take the unwanted J-Lo arse please!


Yeah? Good luck finding a pair of jeans that fit. No matter how fat or slim you are…it is a freakin nightmare.


Yes I suppose that would be an issue although my lack of arse (or maybe waist) means that mine always seem to slide down unless they are high waisted with a belt.

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And I am still angry about it. My doctor questioning me: " have you been eating whole grains?Exercising? How often?" in an accusatory way. I knew she didn’t believe me. I was following the ADA’s diet PERFECTLY given to me at “diabetic nutrition classes”
I was only getting sicker, hungrier, and heavier.
the ADA is!!
They know there are ways to eliminate the disease:

Dr. Jason Fung’s fasting protocol.
The ketogenic diet.


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@Fiorella :frowning:

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@Daisy, you want my thighs?


Yeah, it’s hard to find jeans when you have a small waist and wide butt. When I find a pair, I buy multiple, wear them out, throw out the pair, and start wearing the next one that still have tags on them.


mine are what I would describe as thunderous!

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Body dismorphia!
Your thighs look GREAT


Yes. I have always loathed my legs top to bottom!

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