There is no keto rulebook


(Kipp Howard) #183

I’m somewhat weird in that I’ve never dieted in my life. I have tried to eat less and work out more at times but never did follow any specific diet. Those approaches only work for a short time, obviously. After getting close to 30 BMI (226 lbs), started following the LCHF lifestyle in early September 2016 and am down 39 lbs. Will hit my high school weight in 1 more lbs and I never thought that would be possible. For me it was the science which convinced me to do a 6-week trial.

(James storie) #184

I’ll have to check Scott out, I too am a truck driver in ketosis!

(Dan n Tabitha ) #185

New to this forum. LOVE LOVE LOVE the 2KetoDudes, LOVE LOVE LOVE the podcast. First post done. Keeping calm and Keto’ing on.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #186

Welcome @KetoKouple!

Happy you enjoy the dudes. Me too. They have hearts of gold. They are my true friends.


OMG I forgot all about that! That was way back when when we were trying to figure out tags!

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #188

Well hell. You can leave it. It’s nice. Lol

(Cheryl) #189

Yikes @Brenda , I was trying to see what the little dots were for and I might have accidentally flagged your post. I keep hitting the flag but it won’t go away. Sorry Cheryl.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #190

No worries. I think one of my admins removed it. Thanks for letting me know.

(Susan Mark Guthrie Covarrubio) #191

Hi, I’m new to to the group but not new to keto. I agree with you. I’m doing keto for life because I too am off diabetic meds. Keto on!

(Candra ) #192

So … if my eating a Quest bar or using a smidge of soy sauce won’t make your heads spin, what will? (Just inquiring for a friend who has a slight sadistic side :smiling_imp:)

I think my new name from here on out will be Keto Hippy! Because I feel so free here! There she goes! … running naked through the keto forums!

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #193

I can change your name. Just say the word sweetheart.

(Dustin Cade) #194

So drinking water? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

(Candra ) #195

@Brenda … Yes please!

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #196

You likey??

(Candra ) #197

I lovey!! Thank you!! You are awesome!

I have always been a closet hippy! Whenever I watch “Grace and Frankie” on Netflix I say, “I so wanna be Frankie when I grow up!”

(Sheri Knauer) #198

Ugh! Yes. There are a few FB keto groups that are sooooo militant and “my way is the only way” I had naively joined a bunch of keto groups when I first went keto 9 months ago. Im still slowly unjoining those that have a bunch of jerks. The other day I read a post by this young woman saying she was so hungry and she was exercising and mowing the lawn and all the other things she was trying to do to not be so hungry. I was the first to reply to her (forgetting to look at the group name before I gave my very unwelcome advice) and I told her to just eat something if she’s hungry and we don’t need to starve ourselves anymore like when we adhered to the SAD diet. Well, the shadow of my fingers were still on the keys of the keyboard as I was lifting my hands away from typing my reply when I got a reply to mine saying “Bad Advice”. Of course I inquired as to why my advice to eat something was soooooooo horrific. The answer I got was ,“Did you not read the pinned post? We do not eat when we are hungry if we have met our macros!” So damned snarky and righteous. So you think its a good idea that this girl is exhausting herself trying to “control” her hunger by doing all kinds of physical activity instead of grabbing an ounce of macadamia nuts or some other keto food, or say, a cup of bone broth? Just ridiculous. I immediately unjoined although I probably should have waited just out of curiosity to see what other advice people gave this poor girl and how many other people told me what horrible advice I was giving.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #199

This is the main reason we closed our FB group and moved here. FB can be a cesspool of nasty crazy dogmatic fools and trolls.
Me no likey.
Welcome to our forum.

:nofb: :nofb::nofb::nofb::nofb::nofb:

(Julie Pegler) #200

I never tried the tea bag kind of this brand. Can you only buy it at Starbucks? I created a huge drama filled stir by posting a pic of my chai “bullet proof tea” on FB. It was funny really. I lost friends over it! IT was redonkulous.

(Tim) #201

Keto friends?

(Mike Glasbrener) #202

Because of Keto I joined some fb groups. Holy crap! They’re crazy. Anywhere from militant keto’ers to trolls to “I’m new to this. Is this twinky Keto?”