There is no keto rulebook


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I still haven’t tried it yet. Is that it’s real name???

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Yes. You have to ask for it as Oprah Chai Tea and specify not as a Latte. They like to sugar it up. I like it straight.

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I buy the bags from them

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Yikes! Judgement doesn’t get any one any where! My Zero Carb definition means some days I eat meat only and other days I eat something like roasted veggies or some chocolate thingy. That’s reality. I can’t do the extreme strict approach to ZC and I don’t have to because I’m not metabolically compromised. It’s all context and relative.

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I can’t believe none of the HP folks caught on to this?


The end of your post was just as much of a scare tactic as the people you’re trying to warn new keto’ers against. You absolutely will NOT gain all the weight back by switching to a high carb diet; not if you eat differently and not a ton like you did before you needed to try keto to begin with. To say otherwise is just silliness.


@KetoFabulous, If I revert back to a high carb diet, I will regain all my weight back, and more. This will happen even with a moderate or low calorie diet, as well as eating high carb whole foods (unprocessed). I’m not speaking theoretically…I’m speaking from actual experience.


CICO? I think most of us here are enlightened enough not to swallow that garbage anymore.


Can’t figure out if this is


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Poe’s Law perhaps?

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I might not regain weight, but i have absolutely no intention to return to being a diabetic. I am so happy to eat all the bacon I want and not worry about my BG or stabbing myself with insulin!!!


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Good luck with that.
Scare tactic or reality? Lol

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What we’re really talking about here is simply this:
If you can eat it and remain in ketosis, whatever you eat is fine. There are people who eat grain based Joseph’s pitas and remain in ketosis, for example. Some people have a much higher carb tolerance and can eat as much as 50 grams carbohydrate per day and remain in ketosis.

So it is true, there are no keto rules. Let’s not get extreme here. If you want to remain in a ketogenic state, you would naturally avoid high carb foods.

But as much as some would like to show you a list, there is no authority on keto.
Do what works for you.
There really is not a rulebook. Would you like to follow Volek and Phinney’s guidelines? Great. Decide Jimmy Moore or Dr. Peter Attia fits you? Great. Atkins? Fine. Everyone has a choice. Some of us have grown tired (from facebook armchair experts) telling us right from wrong. You want artificial sweeteners? Have at it. Peanuts even though they are a legume? That’s ok.

And THAT is the point of my post :slight_smile:
Nobody led astray here. Just encouraging everyone to relax.
Because there really are no rules.

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Oh. One more thing @KetoFabulous
I didn’t eat a ton before keto.
I was insulin resistant, so what I did eat was stored as fat. I was sick many years before I was even overweight. So there are many reasons why high carbohydrate was an issue for me and any type 2 diabetic. We can never go back without incurring the same ill health.

As for those who are not metabolically challenged (perhaps you?) Calories in/Calories out is a myth. You cannot restrict food and exercise more to lose weight. You’d be eventually screwed too. The body readjusts to the energy deficit, and eventually you gain it back. Worse- now your metabolism has slowed, so you gain even more.
A paradigm shift in thinking worth looking into. Try
It’s where I began my journey 3 years and 80 pounds ago.

Eventually CICO fails.

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Fantastic article by our very own :richard: dude about CICO:


The problem is that switching back to high carbs will absolutely lead to weight gain for the majority of us. That is a fact that majority is all too familiar with. I am one of them!

You counter it by saying that you will not gain weight as long as you don’t overeat and if you eat differently from before. Well that is all very well but that kind of control goes out the window when you eat high carb - for most of us. Do you think if we could have stuck to the tired old “all things in moderation” we would have found ourselves obese, IR, T2D and any of the other issues we found ourselves in?


Actually, @Daisy. For me, it wasn’t losing control with high carb food that was a problem. Increasing weight with high carb wasn’t a CICO issue at all.

In fact, my friends used to comment how I “ate like a bird”. I would eat a fraction if what my friends ate, and I would be very efficient at storing whatever I ate. While someone can eat a turkey sandwich for lunch with two slices of bread, I ate half with one slice of bread.

I had extremely good control on portion control, and managed to ignore my hunger pangs. But the weight slowly increased with time, and was nearly impossible to take off. I would have to eat practically nothing all day and do exercise everyday to take it off.

Being a glucose burner simply doesn’t work for me. I need to be in ketosis. Otherwise, I flip into fat storing mode. This is the body I have that I inherited from my ancesters. I guess it was a survival mechanism…eat carby fruit before long winter comes.


Totally. It is not necessarily about quantity. It is the food itself in any amount.

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I love you for that @Fiorella!
This is something I attempt to explain to non IR folks often. IDK if you are or not, but I am…
And it had nothing to do with binging, overeating, or self control. The fact that I became a Type 2 diabetic WAS NOT a result of my behavior, but a direct result of genetics, and my body’s inability to process the SAD diet amount of carbohydrate!!

Keto has saved my damn life.
It WAS NOT my fault I got sick and gained excess body fat.
I was athletic and NEVER overweight as a child/teen. It happened gradually, signs of it in my 20’s. Steady uncontrolled weight gain for 2 decades. The doctors blamed me as well.
I blame an inherited insulin resistance!

For the record, year 3 of the ketogenic diet for me (strict, no cheats)
I am no longer diabetic.