There is no keto rulebook


(Guardian of the bacon) #102

So you’re in Logistics…I was close :sunglasses:

(Kimberly R Shawe) #103


(Molly Allwein) #104

This is exactly my goal too! Best of luck!

(Tom Seest) #105

Can I get the Rule Book on Kindle? As someone who married a Rule, I really like rules…


(Erin Macfarland ) #106

So when the ZC folks make me look like an asshole because they only eat beef and water and I want chicken with hot sauce or mustard on my burger or some kraut with my pork…I’m not really a zero carb sinner??

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #107


(Sondra johnson) #108

Thankyou! It gets confusing and some times intimating. Just want better health. And I’m a happy person😋 Just need ideas to succeed because life gets mixed up.

(Julie Pegler) #109

Thank you for this. As one of my former Weight Watcher friends says to me " You’ve found what works for you!" I literally lost 5-6 friends ( I booted 5) on FB because I posted a picture of a Pumpkin Spice tea- that I put heavy whipping cream, KerryGold and one Splenda in. I was offering it as a WAY better alternative to Starbutts pumpkin spice 50 grams of sugar drink. This one girl jumped all up in my pants about “Splenda” . DELETE. BLOCK. BYE!



(Julie Pegler) #111

That’s what @Brenda calls em :stuck_out_tongue:

(Mark Bousquet) #112

Is it wrong to mention that sucralose is disruptive to your gut flora? :smiling_imp:

(Derek I. Batting) #113

OUT! :point_right:

(Mark Bousquet) #114

Strict! So much for there being no rule book.

Going to go eat a cake or two 'cause that’s keto and no one on here can tell me otherwise. Nyah nyah. :slight_smile:



(Mark Bousquet) #116

Nah. I’m ON fire!

Keto ON! :wink:

(David K) #117

It messes with my gut flora a whole lot less than sugar does. Ask my wife, kids, the dogs, the cats, and I know my old roommate has an opinion on the matter.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #118

Not if you provide science…

(Derek I. Batting) #119

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #120

Yes. Because I prefer Minnesota based Caribou. Or my privately owned hometown shop, Monkabeans!!!

Starbutts is only used if I’m desperate. I think their coffee tastes like shit.
Their passion tea is FANFUCKINGTASTIC though!

(Tom Seest) #121

I like the Oprah Chai Tea at Starbutts…