There is no keto rulebook


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You’re very welcome :zornface:

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Glad that was said. I was in another Facebook thread and they are full of keto gods that attack people for asking questions or using a low carb food that they deem a no no. Everyone is different and will reach ketosis doing different things.


I’ve left ALL Facebook keto groups and just come here now!

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I’ll be doing the same. I think I already have :zornface:


This emoji is for you… :nofb: : nofb :

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I seriously love this post and this part specifically hit home for me.

It hit home because I did the n=1 for this. Serveral years back I started eating low carb strictly for the purpose of losing weight and I succeeded by most measures (went from 300lbs down to 220lbs) in about 8 months and managed to run a half marathon. I celebrated that run with a burger ON BUN, fries, and beer. I mentally told myself I had crossed the finish line and started right back to eating the “normal” things and that was the last finish line I crossed. Weight started steadily rising and running got increasingly difficult to effectively train for and I recently hit that 300lb mark again. I feel I’ve experimented enough to prove to myself that only a lifestyle change will allow me to continuously improve my health and overall wellbeing.


Love it! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I’ve been there,…Too many times


Funny, I just got kicked from a certain group on Facebook. Someone said they were a keto purest and wouldn’t touch a certain food and all I said was that there was no keto purity.

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Thanks I was really happy to read this. I’m new to this whole forum thing still trying to figure out my way around and how to reach out etc.

I’m Kimberly, Keto WOE since October last year. getting easier every day… don’t miss anything I have left behind either. However I do still have so many questions about things like electrolytes and how I feel sometimes though this may be a good resource. I am member of several Keto facebook groups but getting tired of them, or tired of no answers maybe.

Looking forward to meeting you all. Thanks :slight_smile:

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We would probably in the same boat when I replied “Well, good for you Skippy!” :laughing:

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Welcome,keep calm and Keto on

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Air is not a Carb, a Protein or a Fat… so not Keto
10 Burpees for you :smiling_imp:

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Welcome, you landed in a great place to get answers.

You a truck driver?


I doubt you will have the problem of no answers here. Glad you are here :grinning:

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FOUND IT!!! :rules:

Thanks :richard:


Burn it, burn it now. It was not supposed to survive the destroyed Viking ship!

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LOL :joy: easy cheesy. Thanks :blush:

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Thanks me too.

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Thanks. No not a Truck driver. I’m Ops manager for heavy machinery freight forwarder. But I work with lots of truckers :wink: