There is no keto rulebook


(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #307

AH HAHAHAHAHA! @devhammer
Sounds like your “purse fight” quote!


(Dan Dan) #308

Cool, run with it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Rob) #309

You need to spell out “wankers” and then blur it so the yanks know what quaint swear word you used that isn’t even rude to them. :thinking:

I love how mild British swears get through to US broadcast tv (usually PBS) without edit where the US equivalent would have been bleeped or dubbed.

And any tosser who disagrees can knob off, ya wanker!

(Jay AM) #310

Thanks for that. I couldn’t figure out a swear word starting with “w”.

(Raj Seth) #311

witches, wussies, wannabes, whores, waste of protein, …

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AH hahahahaha! I methinks me likey you

(Joel) #313

I’ve never cared what people think. I’ve lost over 30 pounds in 3 months. I must be doing something right.

(icky) #314

I love this thread - yay! : )

I’m the same about fasting - have done it successfully for 10 years and LOVE it.

Have seen fasting-police style people fasting and feeling MISERABLE cos they were too inflexible to pragmatically “do what is needed” to make it work.

Thank you for the encouragement to go with the flow and find out what LC works for me! :kissing_heart:

(Jessica Barton Hayes) #315

Thank you so much for this! I’m just starting out, and while I am doing some things that are “Keto” (and definitely think I am in ketosis…thanks migraines and muscle aches), all my research is showing how I’m doing “this” wrong, and “that” wrong. It is overwhelming and exhausting because what I was doing is working. So, I really appreciate this. Like A LOT!

(Terence Dean) #316

Love this thread its so refreshing…thank you people!

(Terence Dean) #317

Great post @Brenda this post is so true, thanks for your wisdom.

(Pete A) #318

Love this thread! In an experiment of one, N=1, that’s right, no rulebook. In which case beware of any herd mentality or need for validation…

I enjoyed this little story, a reminder to learn from and listen to my body, and keep my own focus and attitude in check:

(Candace) #319

That brought a single tear of joy to my eyes!

(JamieC.) #320

Yes! Yes! Yes!

This sums up everything I’ve been trying to tell myself about my Keto journey. I’m a baby in keto years (tomorrow is my 4 week keto-versary) but this post was 100% of what I needed to hear in the exact language and tone and attitude I needed to hear it in. I’ve been trying not to let the keto police scare me by their condemning fingers on facebook. I don’t dare ask a question or post a picture of my broccoli salad with mayo. Lol

These forums and this site is where it’s at for me, moving forward. Ya’ll are my kinda people!!!

Thank you for this amazing post. :heart::heart::heart:

Ps. I’m down 17 pounds and off my BP meds in just one month. Who knew?! My body has been waiting for Keto all this time. #notgoingback #SADnomore #keto4me

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I fucking hate Facebook with an all consuming passion.
Facebook: the CESSPOOL of the internet


I would rather be ignorant than have to trawl through the drivel to get the tiny kernels of useful info you occasionally find on FB.

(Rudy) #323

Thank you so much for your post. I am new to Keto…started by forcing a sugar detox and ‘fell into’ keto because my cravings were no longer there and figured it was the best way to live since I was pre-diabetic. I have already run into the ‘elite’ that somehow still manage to ‘cheat’ and swear by their methods but ridicule mine…which are based on looking at the keto lifestyle from many angles. Thank you.

(Benj) #324

Thanks for the reminder, 4 weeks in and I’m turning into that flee carbs at all costs type, when I should just relax and kcko

(James Guthridge) #325

Good to know this.


This is good to know.