There is no keto rulebook


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It is. My fasting glucose was up at 6.5 a while and the doc was going to call it (with dx of diabetic and put me onto medication). I convinced him to give me some more time (planning to get srs with keto…). Fasting glucose now at 4.7 and feeling great on OMAD most days and two 5-day fasts so far. Woohoo

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That’s the spirit! Brenda you’re a rock star ^^!


Beautifully put, @Brenda. I was in the same situation. Perplexed I was so overweight, when I only ate three meals a day, and I didn’t snack in between meals!

Funny how much more we understand about biology, eating keto, then we did on any other diet. :thinking:

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I’ve only been #keto for one month come the 5th, and have only lost about 4 pounds, and frankly, I do not care what anyone says to me about it. I’ve had a few naysayers, but I’ve also had positive peeps giving me compliments. I may have only lost those 4 pounds, but I went from a size 12 in pants to a size 10 since keto. And, even better, keto has helped with TOM (time of month), has completely reversed all my food allergies, and is doing wonders for my #hypoglycemia. It is also the first thing I’ve had truly help me with my #ibs. I feel better since doing keto, than I have in years!

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we love cheese and then all of a sudden i see this !!

are there any rule on cheese ??


Some people might be sensitive to cheese, but this article is bunk. I’ll let someone else chime in to explain the science.

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Saturated fat is bad… salt is bad… blah blah. No science to back up her opinions and she doesn’t even have any credentials to back up her wrong-headed opinions.

Slaughtering calves for rennet is terrible. What difference does it make in the age of an animal raised for food?

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It is amazing, how it makes you feel so much better…I agree. I can hardly wait for the knee and back pains to be history (I know I need the weight off for this to happen, but it will happen!

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Thank you @Momma_Bear
What is this 3 years you speak of?

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As a daughter of a longtime anorexic I just want to say if you were told from a nutritionist or dietician please do listen to the need to eat more overall food.

My mom would often make excuses for it.
So please be sure you are getting good levels on blood work or good overall health from routine check-ups, I just need to say it because my mom was sometimes the type to start a diet when she was going into a period of anorexic behavior so maybe it was just someone overly concerned from personal experience and not meant as cruelty or criticism.

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I cannot say enough good about this post! Everyone bodies are different! One person may be able to have diet soda, the next person can’t. I know my body allows me to stay under 50g of carbs a day and maintain a solid state of ketosis, my wife even thinks about 20g of carbs and she falls out of ketosis and the mere idea of it. Definitely do not judge people on their journey. Fitness, and weight management is a life long process, and everyone is a different places along that path. Instead lift each other up and be proud of one another for simply being proactive and doing SOMETHING. Honestly that first step of going from thought to action is absolutely the hardest more times than not, and is something to be commended rather than judged. I come from a bodybuilding background and whole heartedly believe in the IIFYM mind set. I personally probably practice “the dirtiest keto” but it’s ok for me because I know my body, and I’ve learned what I can and cannot get away with. I know where my line is that brings me from losing weight, to maintaining weight, to gaining weight. The point is, it takes time to learn to listen to your body, and know where your lines are. Once you learn those, the world gets really simple. Thank you Brenda for this amazing post!

J.P. Wells

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That is exactly why I started keto!

I went from doctors wanting to fuse my back, to playing 3 seasons of semi-pro football, training as a bodybuilder, and running around with my family! Keep at it and I promise good things are to come :wink:


I agree too. I had a strong IIFYM mindset though I kept my previous personal restrictions (no processed food, almost zero lactose, avoiding most sweeteners and so on) but I ate quite carby stuff as well if I found them useful and I was able to eat them in the necessarily small amounts. I ate sweets every day as they helped to keep my carbs low (I ate everything but my sweets with lots of vegetables and vegetables are too carby) but they had other uses as well.
It wasn’t ideal for me, just the only option at that time (but it was still nice). Time passed and I changed but without those times I wouldn’t be here. And when I need to relax my ways, I still have the remnants of my IIFYM mindset. Amounts matter a lot, I actually don’t care so much about ketosis, I just want to be fine and I happen to need very low-carb for that almost every day. I may eat less then ideal food items sometimes but if it’s very rare and/or very little, my body can handle it so my health-consciousness is fine with it. But I usually eat food I consider okay. Too much carbs still harm me so I am careful.
We are too different and we need different styles of keto, it’s normal.