There is no keto rulebook


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Thanks Brenda! I’m about a year behind in podcasts so just heard about this forum. Have no idea how it works so just checking it out. I am also Brenda and also enjoy weight lifting.! Thanks for the post!

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Brenda, I joined this forum just to respond to your post. I LOVE YOU. You’re an inspiration. I’ve known about “low carb” diets for almost 50 years (Dr. Stillman’s Quick Weight Loss Diet came out in 1967 and I own a first edition of Atkins’ Diet Revolution) when I tried it for the first time at age 13. I got brainwashed in the 70’s and 80’s by the rabbit food pushers that said, loudly, how unhealthy it was and have taken way too long to return to the fold. I loved your story and this post is just what I needed. I’m starting the Keto diet now, and was pretty overwhelmed by how complex it seemed and by the conflicting information and advice I’ve gotten. It’s good to hear “there’s no rule-book”. Thanks for your post!

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Sugar is so toxic it must be antimicrobial. So that makes 3 uses for sugar. (1) Generating revenue for dentists (2) Making people fat and hungry. (3) Killing skin microbes.

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Can I share this post to my FB page? Or is this strictly for this Forum?

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You can share this post. (The posts that cannot be shared are in our medical section.)
Here’s the link:

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Ouch what on earth was that about :grimacing:


This is probably my favorite thread here. I think “keeping it simple” is so important because if you make it too complicated you probably won’t stick with it. Good news! Keto is pretty simple to begin with.

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There are several horrid nazi-like keto facebook groups. I became entirely burnt out by their bullying and dogma. Garbage.

I know of which she speaks, which was the direct cause of the birth of this topic. :zornface:

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@Brenda, just popping in to say hey! Saw you on the MN Keto page on facebook. :slight_smile:

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart :heart: for this post @Brenda I sincerely needed to hear this! Wise words!

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I have been through all of them it seems, before I came here.

What sucks is, that especially here in Germany it seems impossible to find decent keto people who are not nazi-like (wait… german keto nazis… do I get away with that? :thinking::open_mouth: )

anyhow, glad things are different here :heart_eyes:

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@Fiorella , so in a sense you could say you are very highly evolved, right? :wink:


OH NO. Keto newbie here who eats peanut butter chocolate fat bombs and they are delicious. I didn’t know peanut butter was a forbidden food! I’m going keep eating them (in moderation, gosh that chocolate is tasty). And right now I am having a bone broth coconut milk soup with ONIONS (duly carb counted in my macros). I haven’t had them in weeks and they taste really sweet. Great to read this post, because there are certain foods I will eat. My only rules are these – limit (net) carbs to 20, keep my macros in line, stay away from processed foods and eat only what I cook 95% of the time. It seems to be working for me.

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It isn’t forbidden. Lol



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Definitely not forbidden. Peanut butter chocolate and coconut butter fat bombs are some of my favourites. Great for a treat during the holidays or when away somewhere with a fridge. How do you make yours?

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Me too, Daisy. Since losing on keto, I have had to resign myself to the fact that my bra size has gone from C to B cup and my backside has gone all flat and sagging. Sigh…but my health is better and my skin glows.