There is no keto rulebook


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Thanks, messed up on my first post :slight_smile: really looking forward to learning lots on this forum

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Thanks, I need to learn how to use this forum and stop being paranoid :smile:


I was reading past posts and followed your link to the CICO blog post. What a great post! The example from Bloob was fantastic in providing a concrete example of how excess insulin effects us. Thanks for providing the link.

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Why wd you ever want to go back to HC?


I have only just read the initial post and love it. Thank you so much for these encouraging words! :kissing_heart:


These Words from the Warrior Goddess, YESS !! So true.:grinning:

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I’m new here and love the dialogue…so many dif wts ppl are doing things! Must confess I love Stephanie, tho. If what u re doing is working for u, that’s great. If u can’t seem to get into ketosis, she’s a great source to get keto-adapted. Yup, I actually gave up coffee, and I thot it’d kill me, but it was fine. I drink herbal tea and prolly prefer it now. Thank you for having me in such a great group!

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Glad to have you here as well.
Stephanie is alright but she’s on “my way or nothing” mode.
She has great info but makes keto sound like some rocket science type.

(stacey kersting) #252

Well, everyone gets to do Keto how ever they want. If you’re happy, who are we to argue. I think Stephanie is a great person to go to for those who can’t get into ketosis. Just because you’re peeing out ketones doesn’t mean your body’s using them. I’m a 65 yr old female, not overweight, who’s just interested in reversing the catabolizing effect of being normal ‘sugar burning’ person. My quest is for the ‘fountain of youth’. If you just want to lose weight, and what you’re doing is working for you…hey…congrats!

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How I needed to hear this. See so much bullying on the Facebook sites! :blush:

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Geeez. I am so glad I avoided Facebook. Am I the only one here? I’ve never opened an account. Various reasons that aren’t really important. I just keep seeing references on here about how unhealthy, negative, adversarial, bully-ish, etc, that Facebook is. I can’t believe it. It’s like middle school cliques have followed us all into adulthood with this crap. Why are people tolerating it? Anyway, every time I see reference to it I’m so thankful for this particular forum and that I’ve found it. Clearly it has attracted a different caliber of people allowing us all to benefit from the time we spend here rather than being hurt by it.

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Have spent literally years of my life on internet forums, never found one as good as this. I think a good bit of that is due to the importance of the issues - health, longevity, feeling better, reversing damage, etc. - almost none of the participants have a primary mission that’s trollish or ego-driven.

Facebook has so many advertisements now, plus all that other bad stuff…

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Most of the “mouthing” done on the internet can’t be pulled off in a face to face situation. It’s a perfect hideout for tough guy/gal wannabe.
The world is full of keyboard gangsters these days.

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Cloaked in online anonymity, we become even more of who we are.

(Ernest) #260

More like “who we dream of being”

(Doug) #261

Sometimes. :slightly_smiling_face:

Or the lessened inhibitions lead us into other realms.

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OMG, this is scary. Ugh.