There is no keto rulebook


(Jim Russell) #223

This is my baby.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #224


You are a coffee nut job like my pal @richard
The dude has a fancy one too.

…Mine is a Krups, but Ima get me one of those Cadillac models in my life someday…

(James storie) #225

My father-in-law has one, I’m going to have to talk him out of it! I’ll play on his love of his daughter!

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #226

Good plan. Go for it. I hear some of the better espresso machines are $2000. Lol

(Jim Russell) #227

That’s what I paid for mine. Fortunately, it’s built like a tank. Bought it as a christmas present for myself in 2008.

(James storie) #228

I’m not sure how much he paid for his, all I know is he got a deal. The construction company he works for was remodeling a church and they were replacing theirs.

(Cheryl) #229


(Jan) #230

Amen and hallelujah, Sister! Spread the word!

(Mary) #231

I love that! No rule book but your own! I am just five weeks on my new lifestyle and I’ve lost 8 kilos! More importantly I’ve lost my craving for carbs. I’m an RGN who had gestational diabetes with my last pregnancy, it resolved after delivery but I was aware of the fact that I now had a 50% chance of getting type 2 diabetes later in life. I was also obese 106.8 kgs and 5"7 tall. Roll on 12 years since delivery and I’m still the same weight despite every type of low fat diet available and in that time I also did a diploma in diabetes. During an up date for this course they gave us all a blood sugar monitor to go and see how it is for a patient to be told to check their levels every day. Day one my fasting blood sugar was high normal 5.9 and day two and three! This gave me a fright as I knew that on was on a sloppy slope! Five weeks on I am getting fasting am readings of 4.9 and 5.1 being the highest, I have pushed myself away from the brink! I’m not hungry, I enjoy the diets so much! I buy the food in my home so now I am influencing the diet of my whole family almost without them noticing!
I’m in a happy place and I know that understanding the science helps so much to keep me on track! It’s just by accident I am upon and Keto Christina who directed me to this forum. Sorry for going on so much but I’m so excited!

(Diane) #232

So you are fasting… enjoy

(Dave) #233

That girl is annoying isn’t she… I admit I don’t feel bulletproof all the time, my circadian rhythm must be all out of whack… I wander if this girl ever has a bad day or if she is perfect all the time…

(Mary) #234

Sorry, just feeling enthusiastic, will have my bad days too. Didn’t mean to be annoying :frowning:

(Mary) #235

Thank you :slight_smile:

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #236

My story was recently posted there.

And, I wrote THIS post too. You are very welcome. Glad you love it.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #237

@DJTaylor was not talking about you sweetheart!!! He was talking about Stephanie Keto Person.

(Dave) #238

Yeah what Brenda said… Your not annoying :grinning:

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She’s enthusiastic and great to have as a member!!

(Ernest) #240

No @Moll it was about Stephanie Person on You Tube.

(Peggy Woodson) #241

Gotta figure out how to post in here. Can you tell this is my first forum?

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You’ll get used to it @Tamalequeen.
It gets easier. I was completely lost when it opened. I’m still learning. This is my first forum too.