There is no keto rulebook


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@tdseest You mean, you’re putting your body in starvation mode??? :scream:

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Me too. On day 2 of 7 fast. I did a 33 day fast in November and December. Someone told me I’m turning anorexic…this “pattern of not eating” as evidence that I’m becoming anorexic. Say what??? That’s not what anorexia is. And all the meanwhile I’m succeeding in bringing my hunger levels lower, breaking through very stubborn weightloss plateaus, and improving my energy levels!!

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So nobody made it to the grocery store at your house either, eh?


Preach @Brenda! Dirty keto 4 life! :heart::floyd::corn:
:corn: :corn: :corn: :corn:

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@Brenda, I agree with almost every word you have written!!! :sparkling_heart: “The only criteria is to remain in a state of ketosis” , and eat :bacon: :wink:

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Thanks for saying what needed to be said, that will help a lot of people get over the fear of doing this perfectly, I’ve only been doing this a few months and and have tried lots of different protocols, involving types of foods,fasting, exercise, just tracking my blood sugar alone has made a huge impact because before that I never even knew what was going on in my body,I don’t use a fitness tracker,or fitness app or write all my food down but I do find the glucometer beneficial because I have seen the numbers inch up and I can adjust accordingly through,food ,exercise or fasting,and I can tell you say it like it is Brenda and if you want to see another person doing keto who gives the no nonsense approach to keto and has done all the different experiments on himself, go watch Scott the truck driver on YouTube,however I will warn anyone else ,if you are offended by foul language do not watch his channel,because he does love the F-word so be warned if you have virgin ears he won’t be for you,but he has done the testing on himself and has lost weight and improved his numbers,thanks for sharing your success with the forum Brenda


Sounds like a great endorsement! I’ll check him out.

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Learning to “eat to MY meter” is what I attribute all my success to on this journey!!! It has truly been my North Star! I wasn’t ever diagnosed diabetic, although I’m certain I was very close, so using a glucometer was all new to me when I began. It has been VERY enlightning on several occasions! So, I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about finding out how their body responds!

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Watch his video he did on that NUSI study,he has many others but that’s a good one it’s called,Is the ketogenic diet a complete failure?new study vs regular diet, he usually makes me laugh watching his videos because he doesn’t care what anyone thinks,he’s just putting the information out there and if people find it helpful great if you don’t that’s fine too,he doesn’t want to debate anyone because he knows not one thing works for everybody


Hey, @Bacon…please share this Scott rampage link you mentioned. I’d like to see/hear it, too.

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Hmmm, like a snipe hunt!

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My ears are so godamned unvirgin it’s a fucking crime. Only the highly intelligent truly appreciate the fuck word, including one of my favorites Dr. Jason Fung. Now Ima go listen to this fucker the trucker. He “gets” me.

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Just type in Scott the truck driver,he has a channel on YouTube and likes to test out different modifications to his diet and as he says, was very addicted to sweets and pop tarts and even tried having carb re feeds and cheat days and talks about what a disaster it was,and he talks about stalls and how he tried to out exercise a bad diet,just like I did for years,just hearing Brenda talk some truth made me think of Scott’s opinions on keto


@Brenda…hearing Dr Jason Fung use the F word only made me respect him more. It truly shows how it comes up from deep down rage for the cognitive dissonance in the medical industry he has to deal with and the compassion he has for the multitude of patients he has successfully treated in his Toronto clinic.


Here! Here! Well said and I needed the reminder. Virtual hug :hugs:

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Yes yes yes!!! Watching some groups on FB is like watching vultures circling waiting to jump in and correct people and get on them for not being 100% what they believe is the rulebook!

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DID you see my rant here in the forum? It’s under
category “Health”, title:
F (spoiler) UC (/spoiler) K YOU ADA


Oh yes, my kindred keto sista…heard you loud and clear…and you have my full respect for your defiance and wisdom!!