Accidental Fast, maybe?

(Cassy Downs) #1

So, I am week 4, but more like 3 weeks into Keto. I say that because the first week I don’t think I was COMPLETELY doing it right. So I just kept reading and reading and reading, til I finally had a handle on it.
I love keto! I have never felt better. I am sharing it with people they are commenting on how amazing I look, it’s good stuff.
Today I feel like I am in new territory and I am looking for guidance. I have searched the forums, so please forgive me if this as been asked already.

Yesterday I woke up and had my Keto coffee (it’s my fave) then around noon I had another Keto coffee, it was all I was in the mood for. I looked in the fridge, but eh. Then dinner time came. I was NOT hungry. I cooked for my family and then sat down. They were all eating and my husband is like “Are you going to eat?” I informed him I was not hungry. I said I haven’t really eaten today I am good. Well he kind of went all Papa Bear on me and was like NO EAT. So I ate. I had carne asada with cheese, sour cream and hot sauce. It was good, but I just had a little. Ok now today I woke up, Keto Coffee, lunch Keto Coffee it’s now dinner time and I am NOT hungry. I will not get bullied into eating again either. He’s not really being a bully, he is just having trouble understanding this Keto thing and he cares and he is just the old mind set, people have to eat. Anyway, I really feel like I can keep going I want to try to go til like Friday at dinner! Or at least Tomorrow’s dinner. My question is this a true fast since I had the Keto coffee? I read that a true fast is no caloric intake. I am going to just do coffee with MCT oil tomorrow morning and try that with just water, but did my fast start from my Lunch Keto coffee today? Can I not eat and just do two Keto coffees til I feel like I need food, is that another type of fast?

Thank you for any advice or experiences you share.

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Hey there. Congrats on your success. There are many opinions on this. In my view, it isn’t really a fast since you are consuming so many calories in keto coffee. I would stick to one per day, if not cutting them out completely, and focus on having more nutritionally dense meals, and then moving to a fast.

When I started fasting I would have a bit of cream in my coffee to get me through the morning. Now I’ve progressed (slowly) to black coffee.


I like Dr Jason Fung’s approach of; don’t get too hung up on the ‘rules’. It reads like you are fat adapted and your body is good with the current regime, when ready ‘mix it up’ as Megan Ramos says and drop one of the Keto coffees. The longer you don’t ingest fuel the body will supply from fat stores, watch out for metabolic slow down.

(Cassy Downs) #4

Thank you so much for responding! I kept it going last night and only had water. I weighed myself and I was 2lbs lighter then I was that morning!!! My family was very snack happy last night and I was NOT hungry, but felt some temptation from just habit I think, so I went to bed. I did not sleep as well as I normally do because I was so anxious about my fast and was afraid to wake up feeling nasty. [quote=“Robert, post:3, topic:16020”]
Fung’s approach of; don’t get too hung up on the ‘rules’.

I like this idea, feels less stressful. I woke up and I feel fine! I am drinking my Keto coffee this morning, I added some salt to it and I am going to try to go the rest of the day with just water and cut out that other coffee as suggested.

As of now, I am not hungry, not even a little bit. I am at 35 hours fasted and my goal is to make it til dinner tonight, but if I am not hungry I will just keep going. If I feel like I can keep going my goal will be to cut out Keto coffee completely that next day too.

Thank you so much for the advice and guidance!


Fasting, like keto, means different things to different people. Also depends on what your purpose is. If you haven’t read this post by Brenda Zorn, it is enlightening:

I’d say you are a good candidate for doing IF with a 24 hr or 20-4 hr. window, since it was so easy for you.

Dr. Fung says a little HWC or tsp. of coconut oil in beverages is fine. He also mentions in a podcast, if eating 3-5 nuts will get you to continue do it, and finsh your fasting window.

Some say under 100 cals you are still fasting, others say under 200 cals you are still fasting.

Some say you can fast eating only fats or only eggs, just depends on what you are trying to do.

Others say only liquids with no add ins is a fast.

Personally I find that a small amount of HWC with a small amount of coconut oil in coffee helps me through the rough spots, I also have Himilayan salt, if I feel really hungry. And I have been known to drink pickle juice to get me through 100hrs. + fasts. YMMV.

(Mike Glasbrener) #7

I’ve fasted a few times 1-2 days at a time. I have not given up my Americano with heavy whipping cream… It has a minimal insulin response so I’ll live with the effect. The fast still brings very good benefits of lowering basal insulin results. However, I might not get quite the autophagy improvement.

Read more about fasting to understand how to avoid some pitfalls. salt, magnesium and postaium will help avoid cramping since you’ll tend to dump more electrolytes.

Lastly, don’t be disappointed if you gain some of the weight you lost fasting back in 1-2 days following your fast. Losing 2lbs of fat a day isn’t really possible. Some of the loss is inflammation (water) which will bounce back little.

(Cassy Downs) #8

Well, I couldn’t go as long as I was hoping. 38 hours isn’t bad. Next time, it’s 48!!! Thank y’all for all the information. I tried the Reddit chat groups and the folks in there were so cruel! This place DEFINITELY makes it easier!!!