The Science of Carbohydrate Restriction and Nutritional Ketosis - 22 expert talks

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If this was posted earlier I missed it and not in similar topics, but 22 fantastic talks from the Virta/OSU conference that was pitched more to the scientific and medical community. There are 7 talks that touch upon cancer. Also sports performance, diabetes, etc Many speakers you may have heard often, but some of these talks are more 'sciencey".

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I worked my way through the two keynote luncheon speakers and most of the cancer related talks. This is a large resource of the latest keto information. If I have placed it in the wrong category of video resources, moderators feel free to move it.

Gary Taubes’s talk was relaxed and funny, covered some of the quotes from his new planned book about the doctors who have been doing LC for a long time in clinic. He gave a big shout-out to Dr. Eric Westman; here is his quote:

If you do this, it will work. But I can’t make you do it.
Word on the street is, I’m too strict, but maybe strict is the answer.

His diet has never changed in the years I have worked with him. 20 g total carbs. Simple and Strict. No macros…explained here:

What should my fat intake be on a KETO Diet? - Dr. Eric Westman

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That’s an impressive group of presenters. My problem: I rarely have time to watch videos.


Thanks for posting that. Lot’s to watch there, thank you.

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Wow that is quite a list!

”…When something seems stupid, but happens anyways, it’s usually us who are stupid for not understanding. So we need to try to understand it rather than dismissing it as a freak of nature. …” - Dr. Jason Fung The Paradox of Cancer’s Warburg Effect

I have a little hypothesis about the cancer and treating it with ketosis? For some people it works others it does not? Why is that? As cancer cells can live on just about anything or switch metabolisms and catabolise what it needs for cellular senescence but nature has mechanisms to stop this process all by itself by killing the cancer cells in their tracks!

There are many theories of anti-cancer properties like for example sulphoraphane (oxidizes glucose rapidly) that can help (mimicks extended fasting without really fasting) in this apoptotic process or cellular death without killing the host etc. What ever you eat the cancer cells eat or don’t eat which causes them to proliferate?

Two of the most important components that I feel are missing in the “how do we kill and beat cancer” scenario is:

  1. Organic vs. In-organic forms of sulfur (and other organic vs. in-organic forms of nutrients) missing or depleted from the ground soil missing from human nutrition?

  2. Glutathione levels in human nutrition; because without glutathione even cancer cells will die? Gutathione is the master anti-oxidant of the body (and all anti-oxidants and compounds) that other anti-oxidants need to make them work including cancer killing compounds on an atomic and bio-molecular level. WIthout it any attempts to create a “cure for cancer” will be futile?

Lastly the complexities of various types of sugars and forms of glucose on the extended molecular chains & the fermentation (sulfur inhibits this?) of those sugars (saccharides) needed in the gut flora for cancer cells to proliferate and what triggers apoptosis and causes cellular senescence to take place in cancer cells?

…or maybe I’m just stupid?


[1] “…This phenomenon is known as “replicative senescence”, or the Hayflick limit. Hayflick’s discovery that normal cells are mortal overturned a 60-year-old dogma in cell biology that maintained that all cultured cells are immortal. Hayflick found that the only immortal cultured cells are cancer cells.[4]

[2] “…Studies have identified over 60 diseases that have low glutathione levels as one of their characteristics, including breast cancer . And yet, despite the thousands of studies done on GSH, science still does not know exactly why this is. Research has proven, however, that as a cancer preventative, glutathione can protect healthy cells from free radicals which can cause cancer mutation. One expert explained glutathione as the place where sulfur and selenium meet up to protect us from cancer.” In addition, there are simply so many vital immune support functions that glutathione plays a part in that the immune system itself simply would not be able to function properly without it. …” …More



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I’ve watched several so far. Dr Cunnane’s was really positive for the future of preventing and treating early AD or MCI (Moderate Cognitive Impairment). I have one apoE4 gene which increases my risk of AD. So my interest is very high.

This slide got my attention