The Old Folks Knew It!

(Sophie) #1

Found this today…

(*Rusty* Instagram: @Rustyk61) #2

What is it?

(Sophie) #3

Umm, everything but the oink in this case. lol I remember my Dad loved it but I was grossed out by the “Head Cheese” part as a kid… I saw it today for the first time in eons, so decided since it was total keto I’d give it a whirl…and no, I haven’t had any…yet. I just know that the old folks loved this stuff and with good reason. They knew what it took to fatten livestock for slaughter and they stayed away from it.


Haven’t had that since I was a kid. Great Aunt Mary used to make it when they killed the pigs.

(*Rusty* Instagram: @Rustyk61) #5

I’m curious how you like it. Please report back. I’ve never had it.


Went to a place in Irmo today called Ole Timey Meat Market and look what I found!

Bought 2 packs, 5lbs of cube steak (kids love cube steak), 5lbs of pork chops, and a nice slab of pork side meat (homeade bacon to be).
I will definitely go there again… with a bigger cooler!

(Sophie) #7

Nice, and it’s made in SC too so you bought local! :+1: Would love to purchase 1/2 a pig for the freezer, or 1/2 a cow for that matter.

Let us know how you like the souse. I haven’t tried mine yet…that’s the thing about keto, you’re never hungry. lol

(*Rusty* Instagram: @Rustyk61) #8

@barefootbob Did they let you in the meat market without shoes?..LOL, couldn’t resist that one. Sorry!

(Sophie) #9

We had some of the souse for lunch today and it was really nice. I was pleasantly surprised and I thought I heard my dad say, I told you so! lol I’m glad I found it. I think it’ll make a nice addition to lunches.

(Keto in Katy) #10

My grandparents had a farm in east Texas, raising nine kids there, growing crops, had livestock, etc.

They ate butter, eggs, bacon, beef, local game, full fat milk, some vegetables, and my grandmother cooked with lard. They were lean and without metabolic problems.

I eat like them now.

(Ken) #11

I’m lucky. I live 15 minuets from a locker where I buy hogs heads to make my own Head Cheese. I also buy pork hocks and 50/50 pork trim by the case. I also make my own bacon. Nothing like homemade!

Making your own terrines is awesome, the varieties seem to be endless.


They had something similar in North Carolina that they called “C-Loaf.”

(Rick longest ) #13

Co-lead is made with chitins, or intestines of the hog. Not bad either.

(Tracy) #14

I’m from West Virginia. This is a staple in every grocery store. I’ve never had the nerve to try it. I’m sure it’s not bad. Probably the only difference in this and bologna is they have the decency to grind the bologna up so you can’t identify the parts.

(Bob M) #15

What does one do with this? “Sandwiches”?


Head cheese is a thing here in Hungary. I would eat it more often as it’s totally awesome but expensive too and I can’t not eat it up right away :smiley: The same price isn’t expensive for dry sausage that I use in moderation… But this thing… I just eat it alone for a meal! The really good one has lots of meat in it and of course, it has paprika so it looks like this:

Some people dislike it for some reason, I don’t know why to be that unnecessarily choosy, it’s a very tasty thing using perfectly edible animal parts… I am way more wary with almost everything in the supermarket… People are weird.
(And I am choosy too. I don’t join the super weirdness in my country: eating chicken feet galore. What is to like, I have no idea but many people LOVE it).

(Bob M) #17

Thanks. I did not know you can eat chicken feet. We use those for stock (they add a lot of “thickener” to the stock).

I’ll have to look for this (head cheese) in the “fancy” local store. I know they have things like cow tongue, and other odd-ball items. I’ll have to see whether they have this too.

(Laurie) #18

I was sometimes given headcheese sandwiches as a child, and it was okay.

But years ago I had something called souse at a fair or festival. A Jamaican guy was selling it. It was best described as meat pickle–lumps of meat in mild brine or vinegar, with a bit of veg (cucumber I think). Very nice.

I lived in northern West Virginia for 3 years and never saw headcheese/souse there. Maybe I just wasn’t looking.


I never ate cow tongue but that is a proper food item too.
I never saw a ribeye in my first 44 years, though, as far as I know (I saw it in a supermarket not long ago! we eat beef but we don’t cut it the same way, it seems so we don’t even have a name for that part). To me, ribeye and burger patties are the unknown, mysterious things I don’t know the taste of… :smiley: Head cheese is basic, every proper butcher’s shop and meat market should have it (not like I ever go to a butcher’s shop, I think I was in one once in the last 30 years).
We all have our special things. If I lived in some other part of the world, maybe I would know all about the taste of goat testicles or duck fetuses :smiley: But I am a Hungarian who likes and easily can buy head cheese but has no idea what corned beef is like… That actually sounded interesting when I learned what it is some weeks ago…

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #20

It’s delicious and is almost impossible to find in the U.S. these days, more’s the pity.