The Old Folks Knew It!

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Caraluzzi’s has it. Stone Gardens Farm has it. Not sure where else you can get it locally.


:nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:


Was literally JUST grossing my wife out with that crap at the supermarket yesterday. Do you have Wegmans where you are? I think a lot of meat stuff in my area may be because of the high Mexican population, not sure.

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I’ve made that myself. See here:

If you want it to look good, you’ll need the “pink salt”.

I prefer mine baked after curing. I tried his braising technique, and it was OK. Baked is better. We bake all our Saint Patrick’s Day corned beef now. Usually, with a mustard sauce added to the outside.

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I think the diet was key, but they probably had a lot of exercise too?


Then there is SCOUSE a stew from Merseyside

And in Dominica there is a dish called SOUSE

I guess this is came about because of the triangular trade.

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I don’t think exercise causes weight loss. Or at least I was able to gain 90+ pounds, while riding centuries (100 miles) on my bike every year.


Pickled pork tongue is fairly common here, in Quebec. It’s so tender and yummy, though unfortunately usually pricey. We’re right across the border, eh, c’mon over and pick up some langues de porc marinées, tête fromagée, and cretons :wink:

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Attendez-moi, j’y viens!

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Neither do I. But exercise likely helps maintain a healthy metabolism and weight.


Oh my, it’s complicated… I would try if I could buy some but making it? I like simple, I can have perfect meals that way too. But it’s interesting to see what people do with their meat :slight_smile:


Never heard of such a thing but sounds very good!
By the way, I heard about pickled eggs in this forum some months ago the first time… I almost always have some in my fridge now, impossible to get bored of it… Vinegar and me, this love story won’t end soon. But I never ate pickled meat, ever.

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It is a thing in the USA, especially the Southern areas. I grew up eating it, my Great Aunt made it every year. She raised hogs and chickens and had 5 acres of plant foods.

Chicken feet are awesome. I freak out the local dim sum employees when I go in and have two orders of them, I can’t find them locally in the markets, so when I want some comfort food, I go there and load up on them.

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It’s a difficult one. Was exercising on a treadmill and a guy next to me started telling me about how he lost a lot of weight by walking on the treadmill. Then, at some point, he said that he also cut out sugars and breads. Which one (or both) was it?

To me, exercise seems to make me hungrier. I always eat more on the days I exercise (which includes working around the house). And, there’s quite a bit of evidence that exercise does not really matter in terms of weight. See this, for instance:

Alas, until we can sequester two groups, one which exercises, and one which does not, for a lifetime, we’ll never be able to answer this.


I am the opposite except heavy exercise but then I eat in a big deficit I never could without exercise.
My SO eats exactly the same, no matter the exercise and his weight change clearly shows the difference. So it helps us.
[CORRECTION: Well, he knows better. It seemed as I wrote as he never stopped exercise for more than a few weeks - and he always started to gain fat as crazy then. But eventually, super slowly, his appetite follows the smaller energy need. But if there is more exercise, the appetite immediately shoots up. But he is used to eating the same every day, hunger be damned. More food causes quick fat gain, less food fat loss, he could be a simple CICO example. He can’t do low-carb but only numerous calories satiate him, it doesn’t matter if it’s 5% or 95% carbs. We extremely differ at that. So he never stops exercising, not even for a day if possible, to avoid fat gain.]
Even so, we shouldn’t overestimate the power of exercise, of course. It’s still up to how (much) we eat, exercise may just help a bit - or not. We never could lose any fat just due to exercise, no wonder, we CAN eat and love it too… But it still helps a bit, if it’s fat gain vs. maintenance due to the exercise, it’s still very valuable… Some people even lose fat solely with more exercise, I am sure it’s not very common but possible under certain circumstances.
If the lifestyle (both exercise and eating matters) is enough to make our muscles bigger, that should help even more. And bigger muscles are cool anyway, I actually never exercised JUST to help my fat-loss (it never did except maybe lately but no results about that yet). Exercise is simply needed for a healthy lifestyle, to keep my tiny energy (no exercise is worse than high-carb to me energy and well-being wise) and keeping my currently tiny muscles. It’s pretty sad for me to read that we shouldn’t exercise when we want to lose fat (I saw that a few times in this forum, I don’t remember who wrote that). I rather would stay as fat as I am now for sure! No exercise is HELL.
(I am very lazy and still quite enthusiastic about this topic, it seems.)